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  1. uhm, i just wanna ask what tats of alex had been removed? is it everything? and since when? please someone answer me. 😀 please.

    1. Marinela, it looks like he just had the two forearm tats removed.

  2. Oh this is sheer torture all you guys out there in the US having all the joy of Alex on Three Rivers. We Brits are still waiting and waiting for it to be shown here does ANYBODY out there have any inside info as to when and if we are gonna get it here in England. Best we have is some Moonlight re-runs !!!!! Take pity on us please !!

  3. Great interview as usual. Alex at his very best. Just love this guy to pieces. And about the Moonlight marathon I’m bummed out too, for I got the alert too late. Maybe they will do another one with the rest of the episodes. But in the meantime waiting here paitently for TR to air. It will be late again. 1 hr and 15 min late here on the east coast. GRRRRRRR.

  4. I’m bummed I missed it. Did any one see MOONLIGHT marathon yesterday 10/16 on SYFY.

    Tiffany this is new E-Mail for me.

  5. Women seem to bring out ALex in interviews.
    I believe he did have the lower arm tatts taken away. He must be down to 4 tatts now.

  6. Alex and the excitement he is projecting in this interview are some of the reasons why we love this man! He takes great pride in what he’s doing and wants all of us to come along for the ride. Hopefully TR will find it’s place and the fan base will grow week after week and it will become the success we know it can be! Thanks Tiffany, as always for keeping us posted on all things Alex – great job!

  7. Gee there going to have to clone Alex. He is doing so much. I was just wondering; I notice that he wasn’t wearing his “green donate to life bracelet”. It’s okay I understand. I too hardly wear my pink breast cancer bracelet ; although I have Acute Leukemia. Since there isn’t a bracelet for this type of cancer I still wear it and I’m on the cancer committee. It’s real close to my heart. Good work Alex. Just please don’t over do yourself.

  8. Alex is such a great guy. So personable, down to earth, genuine. I can’t wait to see Dr. Gonzo in Episode 5 especially after seeing him and Alex on The Doctors. I live about an hour from the Cleveland Clinic and they did a good job keeping Alex’s visits a secret. If I had known he was there, I would have broken the speed limit to get there! I even drove to Brownsville Hospital in PA to catch a glimpse but didn’t have any luck. I had to settle with talking to a few extras outside the hospital but knowing he was close by made the trip worth it. I will keep watching Three Rivers and pray they get a full season!

  9. Alex is always a great interview, well spoken, funny and humble. FYI: the syfy channel is showing several episodes of Moonlight tomorrow, 10/16, starting in the morning. Even though I own the DVD set, if I could I’d still call in sick just to watch them.

  10. Alex’s energy appeared to be low at the beginning of the interview, wonder if they are working him too hard. Picked up towards the end, I especially liked the high five at the end. 🙂 Alex appears to be everywhere nowadays, I’m glad. I hate dry spells. I’ve enjoyed him on entertainment shows, YouTube, in print, fans websites, on the red carpets, I’ve been in heaven. Since his appearance on Criminal Minds, through filming The Back-Up Plan, then Three Rivers, Whiteout Premiere/interviews and his work with DonateLife.net, it’s been difficult keeping up with him, but thanks in large part to you, Tiffany, I’ve been able to keep up the pace. 🙂 I only hope that Three Rivers finds a real solid audience to enjoy Alex’s show as we all do. What is the matter with these people? LOL! Can’t they see what we see, or maybe they didn’t get to see Three Rivers yet. All my worrying for Alex probably isn’t going to help, but I can’t help it. Our guy, Alex, is stronger and more savvy about the inner workings of network TV than before, so I’m not so worried about his mental toughness through the uncertainness that’s out there. Remember that Simon Baker had the “Guardian” then hit it big with “Mentalist”. I just hope whatever project Alex is in, is a hit. But, to me, any project that Alex is in will always be a hit with me.

    1. Natalie I couldnt agree with you more. Your observations mirror mine exactly. Thank you!!!

  11. A cutie as always!!! The man has the most beautiful hands!!!!! Are the forearm tats gone????

    1. Kale, it has long been thought that he was getting them removed via laser. They appear to be completely gone now.

      1. thanks for the response Tiffany and the great sight!

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