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  1. I own everything Alex has ever been in. This is one of my favorites. You can get it form amazon. I highly recommend it.

  2. happy birthday Alex i wish 4 loooong live : : : :

  3. Mary Bryant was the first thing I ever saw Alex in – way before Moonlight. I thought then he was someone to watch out for!

  4. I just bought this movie on Amazon. I cannot wait til it gets here! Alex is the most sexiest man in the world, and he’s nice too!! Can’t beat that! :love: :love:

  5. DIVINO !!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :love:

  6. A wonderful job. Super helpful ifnmortaion.

  7. We are your fans here in Brazil, would like to win an autographed T-shirt of his Moonlight, agarradinho in your body. You are an excellent actor and tenderness and that her eyes express senssibidade is not visible to any um.Portanto sure that your path will be a great success and lots of light, think that you were born to make a difference.

  8. Somos seu fãs daqui do Brasil, gostaria de ganhar uma camiseta autografada sua do Moonligth, agarradinha no seu corpo. Você é um excelente ator e a ternura e senssibidade que seus olhos expressam não é visivel a qualquer um.Portanto tenho certeza que seu caminho será de grande sucesso e muita luz, pense que você nasceu pra fazer a diferença.

  9. Saw this movie over a year ago..shows his wide talent and why she should be on the big screen here and he won awards for this show. He’;s “simply the best” better than all rest!!!! :love: :heart:

  10. Just watched this movie for the first time via Youtube . All I can say is wow! I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it (despite the crappy YT quality). However, Alex’s acting in this show was just stunning. The scene on the beach – all the emotions on his face and in his actions – again, all I can say is wow!

    I’ve been looking around for screen-caps from the movie, does anyone know where I can find them? Thanks.

  11. I particularly like William Bryant’s (Alex) facial expressions when Mar Bryant was delivering her baby in the ship …… that’s when I got to notice how good looking this guy Alex is !!! And, of course, Journey …. is an excellent movie !!!

  12. Love it all. But so so sad in parts. I cried when Will got killed. And tossing the children’s bodies overboard on the long voage back to England, Mary certainly lost everything. She ws one scheming, strong lady.
    The story is based on true life, but of course it was tweeked a little to make for more entertainment. Will was a man that Mary could talk into anything and not as strong as her, taking to drink, but Mary did things that caused him to do so.
    Great acting by both main characters. And Will (Alex) was so handsome in those period costumes during their stay in Timor.

  13. for sure more than just 1 moment … 1 right off is when their 1st aboard the ship and um, his way of introducing himself to her… and another is for sure of when the water is coming in where they are and 1 minute Mary is doing her best to keep standing and the next shes down under the water and Will spots her and yup… risks his lfe to save her.

  14. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of this movie. Looks really good. I will have to get it. Alex is absolutely gorgeous in here. But so sad.

  15. My favorite moment also showcases how versatile and what a good actor Alex is when given the right material. After Mary sleeps with the captain so that she can steal the key to the food storage so that they can make their escape–Will comes to the window and Mary gives him the key. The look on Will’s face says it all–he loves Mary, he’s in pain because she had to sleep with the enemy, he understands she had to to do it, but he’s still in pain because of it–his gulit that he couldn’t do something else instead to secure their release. No words needed–now that’s the mark of an excellent actor–all of these emotions on his face in a brief moment. The longing in his look and the outstretch of his hand–excellent acting, direction and editing. I’ve never seen the miniseries shown on U.S. television, and it is a shame–it is an excellent piece of work, even more touching because it’s based on real events. Rent it from your local ilbrary and settle in for a weekend–be sure to have plenty of tissues (my second favorite moment?–when Will sacrifices himself for Mary and the children–once again, no words needed, just his longing look at Mary). Makes me want to rent the miniseries again.

  16. Alex was wonderful in this movie. As dreamy as he was in MB, he is ten times more
    beautiful now. :love: :heart: :love: :heart:

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    I loved every minute of this movie. I have owned it since I started watching ML. I saw it offered by Publishers Clearing House and couldn’t believe Alex O was in it so I ordered it and have loved watching it ever since. Even saw it on a movie channel a couple of times.. It is so true…Alex’s acting talent is superb. He won an award for this film and rightly so..

  18. No one else could have played Will Bryant, but Alex! This is such a wonderful movie. He had such fantastic chemistry with Romola Gari. This movie is a keeper! I can’t say which scene is my favorite, it would ruin the movie for those, who haven’t seen it. Be sure & get “Oyster Farmer” & “Moonlight” on DVD, also! Alex is such a versitle actor, that is why “we love him so much”!!

    1. I loved the whole movie.. I hated the whole movie!!! Too dang sad!!! 🙁 But he did a wonderful job!!!

  19. This is one of my favorite Alex movies. His acting in this was superb. I love the love affair between Will and Mary. My favorite line is when Mary says to Will, I am and always have been a one man woman. Love this movie.

  20. I own a copy of this movie and it is very good. I love it. I watch it at least twice a week.

  21. I love this film and the acting was wounderful, I fell in love with Alex as soon as I saw him getting on the ship, GET THIS FILM YOU WON’T REGRET IT XXX :heart:

  22. How cute! Alex is always so lovely… 🙂

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