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  1. Alex darling no one rocks cargo pants like you do you are in deed a knock out. Love the picture…..keep doing what you’re doing doll! your biggest fan Tina

  2. Q/ did anyone happen to check out facebook page /connection.. that of as to Hawaii is to hold its 1st “They Will Surf Again” event on April 30. and w/ it that um… help out .. that of a autographed NSP Surf board of will be given away.
    “read this…. “Get an autographed Hawaii Five-O surfboard! ”
    above everything.. of what they do is for sure giving of for another…

  3. Okay, some homework and voila…

    Can look this up anytime at http://www.honolulumagazine.com And since The Man is holding his own in this Honolulu climate and may for a long while to come, maybe calling the following phone numbers for a subscription would not hurt cause Alex is bound to appear in their editions more than once…

    Purchase This Issue
    Please call our Circulation Department for information on purchasing a back issue at 1-800-788-4230 or locally at 1-808-534-7520.
    If you’d like to subscribe, you may do so online at our online store, or by calling the numbers above. Thank you!

    Order a Digital Edition
    April 2011 Digital Edition
    Top of Form 1
    # Want to read the current issue online? Order the April 2011 digital edition, and you will receive a confirmation email with the link. Read it now.
    April 2011 Digital Edition:  $1.99

    Bottom of Form 1

  4. Love the picture but did anyone take note that there is an article/contest to be an EXTRA on H5O… WOW!!!! Wonder if we can see the magazine online and get the details???? Can’t hurt to give it a look see and try… :woot:

    1. as far as to extra on H50… I wasn’t able to find anything … anyone else find anything?

  5. B4 seeing the photo.. I knew it was HOT.. alex brought what Jt left behind!! Sexy is BACK!!
    H50 is amazing. I tuned in for Scott.. Love him, but to see alex, take charge and Scott be the serious.. Mcgarret stole my heart!! Love the khakis and the Seal in him.. Thank u for Monday nights, andy DVr!!.. Mahalo!!!

  6. Hey, you fans out there. Are we going to let Alex lose the Alpha Male contest to Castle and those vampires? Get out the vote. This round ends on Friday. Let’s support Alex!!!! :kiss:

  7. the man is a god…..just gorgeous

  8. BIG BIG C0NGRATULATIONS ON HAWAII FIVE 0 SECOND SEASON YEAH! 😆 If there is was any doubt!!! Combin Alex and Ian Somerfield from Vampire Diaries (doesn’t have to be vampires) and you will have block buster movie!! :love: :heart:

  9. WOW! Amazing magazine. Alex so indeed gorgeous :love: More lucky in blue. AWESOME! FANTASTIC! So Great look. The other guy? makes me smiling, too. Alex always make us feeling proud of him! He’s PHOTOGENIC! :heart:

  10. He’s got to know how cute he is! Gorgeous! :love:

  11. Alex looks gorgeous as ever :love: :heart:

  12. As usual Alex looking irresistible and what a HOTTY :love: !

  13. great photo of alex i wish i could get the mag i never see him much on any cover of any mag
    he looks so good

  14. What a great picture. Alex looks absolutely gorgeous. I just love him in blue. Thanks Tiffany.

  15. That look!!! Alex could melt butter! :love:

  16. wow this is great alright alex… thanks tiffany for posting this…

    um, q/ in the cover photo there is a guy to left of alex… and caption “this could be you ! be and extra on Hawaii Five-0” i saw something real quick at the very last thing last nite of Hawaii Five-0 mentioning something .. yet didn’t catch it quick enough to write down the info… by any chance may I ask of if you may any info on this? just wondering.

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