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The Blind Justice fan-fiction is back for those that have been patiently waiting since last week. Based on the many comments we are seeing on the FB page and here, it seems to be a popular story. Glad everyone is enjoying it as it fills the drought while we wait for actual new episodes at the end of September.

We last left off with Steve in the hospital chapel after finding out he is not a match for Maggie. She is in dire health, on her last legs of life, and her little body can not fight too much longer, so Steve is fraught with emotion.

Will Maggie be able to hold on and make it? If not, how will Steve handle it? and how does Danny fit in to all of this? In this next part below, some of those answers will be revealed.  


Part 6


Hawaii Five 0 fan fiction fanart

Maggie lost her struggle for life the next morning. Two hours later, the hospital received a message that they’ve found a matching bone marrow donor.

In the late afternoon Danny picked Steve up from the hospital.

He found McGarrett in his room, sitting on the bed, head bowed.

“Hey, princess, ready to leave?” asked Danny. Then he proudly presented a teddy bear he’d hidden behind his back. “But not without giving this to your partner in crime.”

He nudged Steve’s shoulder gently.

“Hey dude, what’s wrong?”

Steve looked up.

“She’s gone Danny, she’s gone,” he whispered.

“But you’d been telling me about a probable donor and that the odds were good.”

“It was too late, Danno.”

Steve got up, a single tear running down his cheek.

Awkward silence filled the room.

Danny took the bear and swallowed hard. Just as he wanted to grab Steve’s bag his eyes fell on a crumpled piece of paper.

“What’s this?” Danny asked curious.

“A drawing Tristan made, kind of Maggie’s parting gift.”

Danny unfolded the drawing. It was a stunning portrait of Steve wearing dark glasses. Underneath it was written “Blind Justice.”

“Is there anything we can do for Tristan?” Danny said, biting back the tears.

“I left him my number and told him to call me whenever he needs anything or just someone to talk.”

Steve reached for his duffle bag.

Gently Danny shoved his hand aside.

“Usually I’m not your personal manservant, but today it’s okay with me. So allow me.”

On their way out, Steve said: “We need to stop for beers on the way home.”

“Yeah, right, like that is what’s good for you now. Given the state you’re in, I don’t think so, Steven.”

“Maggie needs a proper wake. And a proper wake needs booze. Humor me, Danno, okay?”

Yes, Maggie needed a wake and Danny needed at least a small celebration for having McGarrett back – even if he was the one celebrating and Steve was the one mourning, there was nothing wrong with a few beers serving a dual purpose.

Commemorating a little girl who had lost her heroic fight against cancer and saluting his crazy-ass NinjaSEAL’s return to the fold sounded like a great plan for the evening.



Stay tuned for Part 7 (the conclusion) tomorrow


Story and fanart credit writingcreature



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