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As promised the conclusion of Blind Justice is here. Although it will be good to see how this one ends it also is a little sad that the story is over. It has been a fun ride with some great fanart to go along with it, so thanks to writingcreature for sharing. 

In the last part, Danny had just picked Steve up from the hospital and found out that Maggie had passed. Steve wanted to drink his sorrow away and Danny obliged.

In this last part, Steve is dealing with a surfeit of emotions and Danny needs to help him through it. How will he do it and how will it all end? Find out now.


Part 7

Hawaii Five 0 fan fiction fanart

Sometime later they sat on the porch together. A mild breeze was blowing from the ocean, billowing the curtains behind them. They hadn’t talked much and if they spoke at all, they kept it to small talk.

Steve’s protective wall was about to crumble but Danny knew better than to push it. His friend would talk when he was ready. Wouldn’t he?

At a certain point in their conversation Steve jumped up and headed straight for the kitchen. Danny followed suit. Steve was rooting through the fridge for another one of his preferred beers, popped the cap and took a long swallow. He banged the bottle on the counter. Their eyes locked.

“You know, you can’t save all of them, don’t you?” Danny made an attempt.

“It’s my job to save people’s lives, goddammit.”

“It’s okay to grieve, but you can’t let this feeling consume you. You did what you could. You’re no doctor. You had yourself tested that was all you could do.”

Steve took another angry swallow. “No, Danno. I should’’ve… maybe my contacts at the CIA… or the Navy… I should’ve tried HARDER, Danny. She was just eleven years old…”

Steve ran his hand over his stubbled chin. He had never felt so out of his depth. The kid had come to him and he had let her down.

“You know what, McGarrett? I’ve just about had it with you. Your stupid ninja antics alone are bad enough, but now? Now you develop delusions of Godhood? Steve, the savior of the fucking universe?”

Danny paused to draw a shaky breath, then continued.

“I’m sure there’s a long name for what you have – and it’s in LATIN, McGarrett. Get a grip on reality and admit that there are things you can do something about and others that you can’t.”

Steve closed his eyes, pain flickering over his face.

“Daniel, I can’t even do the things I’m supposed to be able to handle. In case you’ve forgotten, I completely miscalculated what Roberts would do and many people died. Talk about the motherfucking bad judgment call to end all bad judgment calls.”

Danny threw his hands in the air.

“This guy was a first class wacko. He acted totally crazy. He would have killed every single one of us, given half a chance. God only knows what would’ve happened if he’d escaped. It was the right decision to challenge him. I only wish you would have been more careful about yourself. Do you have any idea what it was like to see you lying there on the ground all bruised and battered? You scared the crap out of me, Steve.”

The pictures in Danny’s head took on a life of their own. He started to shiver, thinking about what could have happened.

“I waited for four hellish hours before you got out of the operating-room, not knowing just how badly you were hurt, not knowing if you would.. be.. okay again. And I’m not even going to start talking about the days after that. And all I could do was sit there and watch you hanging in this life support limbo.”

While Danny was desperately trying not to freak out, Steve was studying him intently, his eyes dark full with emotions that he was only showing rarely, if at all. But Danny knew they were always there, just beneath the surface. Suddenly Danny felt defenseless, far too vulnerable under this gaze.

“What?” Steve wanted to know.

“You ever do this to me again I swear I’m going to kill you,” Danny said. The light, almost casual tone he used was in no way matched by his eyes. They were dark and stormy, making it very clear that Detective Williams meant what he said.

“I know and I’m …. you know.” Steve took another gulp from the bottle and left the kitchen.

Danny nodded briefly.

Sometimes, you had to listen very carefully to the things McGarrett didn’t say to actually get what he was saying. And Danny? He prided himself on being a very good listener indeed.

Hawaii Five 0 fan fiction fanart




Story and fanart credit writingcreature



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  1. That was really good and I really hope you do another one very soon. I looked forward to every single chapter!

    1. Glad you liked it! Maybe one more in us before the season starts…but we will see.

  2. I really enjoyed this story. Thank you for writing it.

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