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  1. Have any of you seen this? Alex to Star in “Three Rivers” Pilot at http://www.alex-o.net

  2. OH! I forgot to thank you for sharing that pic with us!

  3. Omg what a good pic of Alex! He looks great. I love his hair…oh poo, I love everything about him. ;D He is sooooo missed! I sure hope he follows CM with his own show. I wanna see him every week again!

  4. Hi Linda,

    How are you? Alex does look great, doesn’t he?

    I believe I read somewhere that it would be shown at the end of April, like the 29th…


  5. Hi Everyone – WOW!!!!!!!!! What a great way to end a Monday, seeing Alex’s handome, smiling face again. He has definitely been missed. I can’t wait until he shows up on “Criminal Minds”. If anyone has an actual “air date” for that episode, please make sure to pass it along to us. Until next time friends, take care, and stay well.

  6. Oh that smile!!! How missed has that smile been folks?
    He looks great ans sometimes, even this old woman, me, wishes she was 30 years younger!!!!!

  7. I am so sorry that Holly and Alex broke up it must be hard of an brake up with on what they do…Bless their hearts.All though I would not brake off an relationship when you have it that good….
    Alex is just damn do *HOT* snd smart.

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