Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap-Up- Week Of February 26 2018


This week was slow compared to the last couple so the wrap-up will be short and sweet. Most of the pics came from CBS in some way or another so thanks to them for sharing, as it is always enjoyable to see the behind the scenes from the inside as well as the out.


Since it is short we will do it in succession this week.

The first sighting came on off time when Alex was at a health food store and this local fan was out for a run in the right place at the right time to run into him. She said she almost did not recognize him in his incognito look. We are glad she did as she shared this pic.

alex o'loughlin fan photo with baby



On Monday a sweet video was shared by grandmother to be (again), Tammy,  and this was a special message as the news came from Alex. What a guy to deliver such a nice video. Congrats to the happy family!



Alex recently bought a new 2018 Ford Raptor and what a great endorsement for Kevin at Cutter Ford who shared this pic on Thursday of the moment of delivery. As you can see from the photo, Alex was working at the time and he even invited Kevin to hang out and watch some filming.

alex o'loughlin new truck



Also on Thursday, CBS released to EW some behind the scenes photos of when Alex was directing. His episode airs March 30th for those that have been asking.

alex oloughlin directing alex oloughlin directing



On Friday, Hawaii Five 0 CBS handed the keys to Meaghan Rath on IG and from that came these pics of Alex.  From serious to fun, all great photos.

alex o'loughlin serious

alex o'loughlin goofy

alex o'loughlin and meaghan rath



Also on Friday came this adorable photo of Alex with little Cienna. She seems to be a regular set girl these days. She is such an adorable little fan showing that once again Alex fans come in all ages.

alex o'loughlin and kid



Prior Weeks

To round off the weekly and since it was a fairly slow week here are a few from prior weeks. They were either just found or we did not include them last week as they popped up after we were done putting the wrap-up together.

Here are a set from the 23rd at Ala Moana Park

alex o'loughlin behind the scenes

alex o'loughlin behind the scenes



These two are from the Waikiki shoot from the week of the 19th.

alex o'loughlin behind the scenes




Finally posted in August, not sure how this one slipped by at the time. Great shot!

alex o'loughlin on set




That’s a wrap for another week of filming in the life of Alex. They are currently on 8.23 and should be throughout the week. Let’s see what the week will bring regarding some new photos for next week’s wrap-up. It was nice to have the show return Friday night, too. 

The last few years March has also been the month of the renewal announcement. Will this year make that three in a row? Only a few weeks to find out. 

Hope everyone is having a great March so far! Here’s to a good week for you all!





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  1. Can’t wait to see Alex’s director episode on March 30th so proud of him been a fan since 2009

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