Are You Ready For Some Football?


It is the beginning of football in the US tonight and it is also Throwback Thursday so why not have some fun and look back at when Alex O”Loughlin played some football. Actually, to Alex football probably means something different then throwing around a pigskin being  from Australia and all, but to his character, Steve McGarrett it is something that is part of his life.

Not only do we see Steve tossing it around in a few episodes, it has also been on the TV when he has had his ohana over to watch,  he and Danny planned on attending the Pro Bowl until a case got in the way, and he seems quite excited to meet the legends.

Here are a few highlights from the series surrounding the sport.


Alex O'Loughlin and football palyers


alex o'loughlin and football

alex o'loughlin and  scott caan playing football

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