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  1. ps – thanks so much Tiffany, you’re the best!

  2. Looks hot, can’t wait for Tuesday, loving the show, and have been hoping and waiting for some sizzle, so bring it on! Still miss Mick and Beth, but this sure does help! Congratulations to everyone involved in this successful show, especially to our deserving and gorgeous Alex!

  3. Next week’s episode will be a hot one for sure – a romp and roll on the beach then a roll in the sheets – sounds like a great way to spend the day, especially if it is with Alex – sorry, fantasy talking out loud again, LOL – This beach scene could rank right up there with another famous beach scene from an old Burt Lancaster movie – I believe the name of the movie is
    “From Here to Eternity” – maybe one of our lovely, more mature ladies out there can help me on this one. Anyway, so looking forward to next week’s eposide. I hope the romance isn’t just for a few episodes here and there but a long-lasting one because H5-0 is going to be around for a long time! Thanks again, Tiffany for the updates, you’re the best! Welcome Back!

    1. Yes it was “From Here to Eternity”. A very hot beach scene to be sure. But while we didn’t get any Mick and Beth action between the sheets that scene in the shower in the “Black Crystal” episode was really hot – maybe one of the hottest I have seen with two people fully clothed.

      1. Faye—TOTALLY AGREE!! I play that episode of Moonlight over and over! That is one HOT AND TORRID LOVE SCENE even with their clothes on!

      2. Ditto about the scene with Mick & Beth !!!
        Notice that Alex has filmed in LA, Pittsburgh and Hawaii. Let’s get him to England to film a small budget, but very eclectic and romantic film with Sophia Myles!

  4. um.. ok well last night/10/13… on the Insider… they said that … the premire – ep. made it into the record books as to 3.4 million viewers dvr it .. and so it is now the most recorded of a “premire episode” in TV HISTORY!.

    1. darn this thing… o’well, i was about to …well …anyways around here 2 stations carry “the insider” & well… double checked it. (posted above).

      “last night/10/13… on the Insider… they said that … the premire – ep. made it into the record books as to 3.4 million viewers dvr it .. and so it is now the most recorded of a “premire episode” in TV HISTORY!.”

  5. Hey Joann….no no…..Steve and Danno interested in the same girl??? that would take the humor and comraderie they have together down to “zero” as two men fighting over the same girl does not make for a harmonious relatiionship. Steve had a lonely and rather loveless life growing up because his dad was trying to “save the world’ before he got shot. Steve/Alex doesn’t need to have someone who he has to hassle over. They are both beautiful and talented enough to get their own separate love lives.! Danno will (and is) if you notice Steve’s grins when Danno goes nutsy, really developing a relationship in their own time. They are alreadyk good “mates” from all I read already… leave well enough alone. Just my thoughts..love from Alex’s Forever Fan.

  6. Jackie – I agree with all your ideas. Danno with Steve’s sister could be a good possibility. I would also think that eventually Danno and Steve will get along better. Also I think they will go back and clear Chin Ho’s name. Alot of possible ideas. Should we help them write the show? Ha Ha. As for Moonlight, I know it is over, but it was one of a kind. The characters were great and Mick and Beth were so good together. It was in Moonlight that Alex stole my heart. But Hawaii 5-0 is great and hope it sticks around for a long time. Love you Alex.

  7. thanks i will watch the show any way maybe he needs a girl friend on tv he had beth on moonlight things like are ok

  8. Tiffany, Hawaii five 0, is the series that was missing to brighten our nights, I pray to God that CBS did not take down as it did with Moonlight and Three Rives, leaving a huge void, with no explanation. Alex is a very versatile actor, is Super D +, beautiful and delicious as always. kisses (Nel).

  9. Thanks Tiffany for the updates. Even if you cannot do them as often some is better than none. Oh yes, I can’t wait for this next Monday. My heart is already beating fast. I am sure going to tape this one. Alex just makes me drawl. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  10. All I can say is that it’s about time for the love interest! I hope they develop this story line and she doesn’t end up being a fly by. I also enjoy the show immensely but I will never forget the vulnerable and passionate relationship Mick and Beth had on Moonlight. I really hope the H50 writers can create something similar. Mick’s love for his gal and his willingness to do anything and I mean anything for her made me melt. Sorry ladies. I know we have all gone forward but I can’t help comparing. I also think it might be interesting if Danny got involved with Steve’s wayward sister. He feels kind of sorry for her because he thinks Steve doesn’t treat her like a responsible adult so he steps in to help out being the nice guy that he is and ultimately falls for her. I also feel as Steve and Danny’s relationship matures, the sharp caustic jabs will be replaced with an increasing respect for one another and a more playful exchange of words as both learn from one another. Going back into Chin’s past could eventually clear his name. The writers have opened up a lot of story lines. It will be interesting to watch them unfold. And what ever did happen to our bad boy from the first episode? The sky’s the limit and the view from Diamond Head is looking better than ever!

    1. Jackie—-I totally agree with your comments. Yes, I’m enjoying H5-0 very much, but the intensity of the love story between Mick and Beth in Moonlight will probably not ever be matched. Alex’s charisma and charm and sexiness in that character will probably never be duplicated. I think that was a once in a lifetime part for an actor. It’s too bad CBS didn’t get it. I’m also truly hoping they develop something similar for Steve’s character on Hawaii-5-0. There are a lot of possibilities for the storylines here. But no matter what—we love Alex! I find it hard to concentrate on the story each week because I’m so focused on this beautiful man!!!

    2. jackie… for sure all of what you’ve said of very much interesting and then extra then some for sure.

      um, I was wondering and well as to scott/danno and that well very well known saying…” book’em danno”… and to say how about this.. alex/steve could sort of speak throw a zinger & instead say something like .. ” danno.. book’em”..
      and um, yup..picturing it as I’m typing this .. w/ grin included. yet hey.. just a thought…

  11. Tiffany, thanks, as I’d like to be in place this girl, that lucky girl, just thinking that she will kiss your mouth delicious, even of envy. Alex you’re all good, kisses (Nel).

  12. Looks one hot beach scene. Jealous heart here LOL.
    But still looks action packed.
    That one guy is the Japanese guy from Heroes, the one that blinks and he can go different times.
    Roll on next Tuesday for me, can’t get to see it on Mondays have to wait for it to come onto internet for streaming.

  13. I don’t know if I will able to stand watching this coming Monday’s episode. I surely will be JEALOUS to watch Alex have a make out section. Boy, I wish it was me; my birthday is on
    Saturday, Oct. 16th….I don’t know, if I can stand seeing Alex doing that.

  14. It’s great to have you back, any news you share is better than none. You do a super job and I love the ladies comments, feels like a family; of a Alex lovers.!! Mondays aren’t coming fast enough. The 5-0 Team makes me glued to my chair. I’m so happy for Alex, this new episode is gonna be hot!! Can’t wait!

  15. WAITING FOR MONDAY AGAIN….Thanks Tiffany for a job well done..Love Me Some alex..And i agree with all the other comments also…..Again thanks tiffany

  16. I think that we all love Alex so much is because he is the “perfect” man. He is definitely one of a kind. There is no other like him. He is gorgeous, love his curly hair, blue eyes,and oh that body. He has the most kissable mouth, he is tall, dark and handsome. I know that the women he is linked with in the show are acting but I get jealous wishing it was me and I have never met the man. I have a gazallon pictures of him and just got a calendar for 2011 that has a beautiful green background and he looks super great. I could go on and on but you get the idea. I LOVE Hawaii Five O and the cast is great but sometimes I feel that Scott Caan gets some of the best lines. They are great together. I tape every show and watch them over and over. Hope this show goes on for several years.

    1. Pat, I agree with you 100%. Sometimes I think I am losing my mind because I love him so much. Obsessed or what? Oh well. How can anybody be so in love with someone that you don’t personally know and will probably never know? Oh well, he keeps me young, if only in my dreams.

  17. Boy oh boy do I wish Alex were landing on top of me on the beach..!!! pant pant oh, well, at least it gives us the feeling we are participating in the lives of all the characters. It would be really interesting to me if someone out there would give an “Alex Profile” to tell us exactly why we all are so nuts about him…I myself think he’s just one of those special people that the Lord has picked out to be not only talented and gorgeous, but a really special human being. Love (as usual) suzanne alex’s forever fan THANKS TIF!!!!!

  18. Love the preview and looking forward to the new episode!

  19. I really like the new Hawaii Five-O, but I do believe that Alex needs a love interest. He is way too hot not to have one. It would definitely make the show more interesting. It would be fun if he and Scott fell for the same girl. Please pass along to the writers. Can’t wait til Alex stars in a new movie. He was awesome in The Back-Up Plan. Your fan forever. Joann.

    1. Steve M. is going to have a love interest and she will be in the episode previewed. I checked and she was a regular on “The Forgotten” a show that stared Christan Slater and ran on ABC last year. I think her regular job was involved with insurance or something boring and she joined “The Forgotten” team for some excitement. Actually I want to thank ABC for providing this show with a decent ending. Thanks again Tiffany.

  20. Thanks Tiffany. I read that Steve’s girlfriend was on “The Forgotten” but I didn’t recognize her from that. I guess I will need to Google. Also while I didn’t watch “Heroes” isn’t the actor from “Heroes.? Anyway thanks for the great stuff.

  21. Alex is my pretend husband. 🙂 man oh man.

  22. Man oh Man, I’d love to be bouncing on the beach with Alex and then a little swim. What a gorgeous man. I have loved every episode and can’t wait until Monday to see Alex get a little sweaty. Joann – I think the shared love interest between Steve and Danno is a good idea but it might create long standing turmoil for their tenuous relationship. We could also use one for Chin Ho and Kono. Oh well. So glad to see the show is doing so well. Good luck and love you Alex!

  23. Again, Tiffany, welcome back – love the promo for next week – is there anyone out there hotter than Alex? Who is this pretty lady that “Steve” hooks up with next week – I have loved H5-0 from the first note of that rocking theme song and haven’t stopped since – each episode just keeps getting better and FINALLY – Alex has the success that he deserves. H5-0 is the only certified new hit of the season – we had no doubt.

    1. Her name is Michelle Borth. I first saw her in an episode of Supernatural.. one of my other fave shows.

  24. Hi Tiffany, thanks for the great job you do by keeping us up to date on Alex!!! I live in Spain and I just now aquired Sat TV to watch the episodes at the same time you all do!!! I just need to know at what time it’s on on Mondays. Keep up your great job and I hope you’ll find someone that can give you a hand.

  25. of to say that of by this clip… and of well… that this H5-0 is for sure is its own 1 of a kind and has kick this re-boot into over drive…and is .. worth every second , and more….

  26. I also tape them and watch them over and over again. I just can’t get enough of that man. I wish I could be “his kinda girl” don’t you?

  27. Hey, Tiffany! Welcome back–we missed you. Even if you can’t do a perfect job with the website it’s better than NO news about our Alex. You do the best job! LUV, LUV, LUV Hawaii 5-O!! Have taped every episode and watched them each several times. Have to–I don’t watch it for the stories–just to drooool over Alex!! Then I have to watch the episodes over again so I can get the story 😉 Mahalo, Tiffany!! As a side question I hope you can answer–how can we find out the shooting schedule for H5O if we plan to visit Hawaii?

  28. Thanks for all your hard work Tiffany-I so appreciate it! The Hawaii
    Five 5-0 team just gets better each week. So happy for Alex and the whole team!
    Looking forward to next week!

  29. Can’t wait until this episode! Hurry up Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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