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  1. It won’t play for me either, probably due to the fact I am in Australia.
    I have the translation fo the titles for all 19 ep, that is including the one coming Monday
    No.2 Family 3 Respect the Land 4 Victory 5Forgotten/missing
    6 Nth SHore of O’ahu 7 Accept 8 Belief 9 The Seige
    10 Race 11 Paradise 12 Desperate Measures
    13 The Beginning 14 An Innocent Man 15 Tidal Wave 16 To Protect
    17 Pirate 18 The Long Goodbye and unaired 19 due the 21st
    Heroes and Villians.

    Hope that helps somebody.

    1. I’m in Aus too and it stinks we can’t see these vids.

  2. um.. I am a subscriber to this page and the vid won’t play for me..says it is private and wont let me see it… What do I do?

  3. That was so cool!
    I love Hawaii 5-0!!!

  4. Love your website! Thanks so much for the updates and videos about our beloved Alex!!!!

  5. Alex seems to get better with age. Like fine wine, he gets better with time. 🙂

  6. Thanks Tiffany, for your hard work to keep us informed about Alex. Still have a huge crush on him, 68 still isn’t too old to dream. The show is great and so is the cast, I wait for Mondays but keep it on my DVR so I can watch over and over again. I will buy the season as soon as it becomes available. Still have to watch Moonlight and get my fix of my favorite vampire. I hope this show works out for him, he certainly deserves it. I look forward to more movies from him alsol Back Up Plan is so enjoyable to watch. Love him

  7. Enjoyed watching this video …… thanks for continuously feeding us wonderful features on your website! Alex must be so thankful for your tremendous efforts to keep his fans aware of what’s happening in his career …. blow by blow, so to speak.

  8. Great video! Perfect casting.They are having a lot of fun! Thanks Tiffany for this and the recaps that you do very well.

    1. Yes, I agree. Thanks Tiffany. I am so glad Alex is doing well.

  9. Hey, Tiffany–great video!! I agree we need to get together a fan club trip to Hawaii to see an H5O shooting! For those of you who haven’t been to Hawaii–I swear you’ll be in love. The Islands are Paradise. And the fact that Alex is there makes it even better!! I’ve been having withdrawals and itching to get back to Hawaii since H5O became a reality.

    1. hey cheri, the annual fan club trip sounds great, Maybe we should plan one every year.( even in europe, if you guys feel up to the trip’)

      Oh by the way I m lucky in that i get to see ´´ alex´´ everyday, as my professor at university ( and close friend) looks extactly like him. Im serious he could be his brother.

      1. Yeah, Sophie! If there are any travel agents out there that could help with that–WOW!! I’m still looking for info regarding the shoots but not being on the inside it’s hard to get anything. I’ve never visited a set before and would LOVE to see Alex in action!

        Maybe you could find a way to post a pix of your professor–I bet Alex would get a kick out of seeing himself!!

      2. Really? Could you show a picture of your professor? I would really love to see a dead ringer for AOL …. Many thanks !!!

  10. I love Hawaii Five O and and the entire cast except the girl. I think she was miss cast. The actor playing Danno really compliments Alex’s part. It’s perfect. I believe this show will be on CBS for a long time.

  11. Thanks Tiffany, I have so much fun with video, beautiful moment of relaxation for all of Hawaii 5-0.

  12. They al look so relaxed, as if they were having great fun. Alex always looks good wet. He is such a joker. I wonder what they think lkooking at the stills of themselves?

  13. Tiffany, thank you so much for all the great stuff. I look forward to them. I am saving all of them in a special folder because I look at them over and over again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the good work.

  14. Thanks tiffany…..Looks like they were having lots of fun …they all look great wett!!. LOVE ALEX,,,SCOTT ..DANIEL AND GRACE theyy all keep me coming back for more…Just watched it again online.again thanks for keeping the updates and videos coming……Lucy from Tennessee

  15. Thanks Tiffany, that was an awesome vid. It’s nice to see them relaxed and having a good time. Now that I’ve seen all the episodes numerous times I can’t wait until Monday again. Oops, I’m on vac. for the next two weeks in gay Paree so I guess I’ll have to settle for recordings when I return, thank goodness for PVR’s (DVR in the US).

  16. One thing….could we get English translations for the episode titles? It would mean more, since I have no idea what the Hawaiian word refers to, or how it’s a good title for the episode.

    1. I did some research on this and here is what I found. I hope they are correct, so don’t quote me on these.

      Ohana – family
      Malama Ka Anna – respect the land
      Lanakila – Hawaiian girl’s name that means victory
      Nalowale – missing or forgotten
      Ko’olauloa – Northeastern district in Oahu; Ko’olau means windward
      Loa means long

      I hope this is correct but all I could find.

      1. Ella, thank you!!
        I ‘Googled’ ‘Lanakila’ got several sites in Hawaiian…helped not at all. I did get a few sentences someplace and deducted it meant ‘victory’. Also found a site of a female singer who uses that as her name.
        I saw ‘Respect the Land’ someplace for that show.But that was the only transalated one I saw.
        I’m writing all these down. (Until the DVD set comes out and they explain it all to us then.)
        So, now I’m depending on you to be our researcher and giving us the English titles.
        Thank you so much for going to all that trouble.


        I’ve never been to Hawaii. I think we need to get a ‘fan field trip’ up and all go!

        Thanks again!!


  18. It’s good to see them having some fun and Alex looks real good wet. Thank you Tiffany for all this great stuff.

  19. Tiffany – how do you get all this great stuff on H5-0? This is why your website is on overload – you do it the best – thanks for keeping us posted on all things Alex and his #1 hit show.

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