When Will Alex O’Loughlin Return to Hawaii Five-0?

TV Guide has all the goods about how much time Alex will miss due to his rehab stint and how the story will evolve around that. They also have some finale spoilers!

Okay first how much of the show will be McGarrett-less?

Just one full episode will be McGarrett-less. When Alex went to rehab in March, citing dependency on prescription pain medication due to a shoulder injury, the Hawaii Five-0 team did have to do some last-minute scrambling. But according to executive producer Peter Lenkov, Alex’s absence fit in well with the story arc he’d already mapped out.

How will they explain his absence? Hey what do ya know Joe?

McGarrett suspects Joe (Terry O’Quinn) lied to him about being Shelburne. “He ends up leaving a ‘Dear Danno’ letter before taking off to find the real Shelburne,” explains Peter.

Sadly Alex will miss the big NCIS crossover episode on April 30. That is a total bummer! But for the finale:

Alex also appears in the action-packed May 14 season finale, which begins with the death of a familiar face and also sees the returns of Terry O’Quinn, Tom Sizemore and William Baldwin. And for the record, Peter assures me Alex is “doing great.” Good to hear.

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  1. Cheri/anna I just found the site it is called Fans of Alex O’Loughlin and it is page 6.
    This is the site that had the pics of alex in the chair while they were working on his arm.

  2. Hi Fans, I was posting under just Linda but will use last initial just in case I say something that is not liked or liked. LOL. So far it has been great and a few of you have been so nice to respond to things I posted especially explaining alex in rehab. With that said..
    No surprise I am happy like all of you that Alex is out. Spending family time is so important especially with a son. I know the relief when you see the weight on and the wonderful healthy look again. Prayers and best for continued success in aftercare and the series. Ladies we have our Alex back. Yippee! Hope Alex gets told of all the prayers and support that is important also for him. Hope you all had a nice Easter.

  3. Yeah, sure is true ….some fans go on and on and on…boring :sleep: I try to keep my comments brief. SO glad to hear Alex and saxon were having dinner together and that is special for father and son during this time. AND especially that he looked healthy …yeah!!! I’m still sorta confused…Alex won’t be on any show until the last two?? :angel: I get confused with all the comments. Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

    1. Suzanne. Indeed Alex wont be on any show until the last 2. That means he will be in episode 2.22 and the final one 2.23. He wont be in any of the NCSI/H50 crossover episdoes, neither in Los Angeles or hawaii.

  4. I read from a fan that had seen Alex and Saxon at the grocery store this week and he was lookin good. Great news, we’ve all been waiting to hear this. I’m glad his son is back in the states and that they are together, also happy to hear that Maylia was not with them

    1. Hello sissy I read that too Maybe we were reading the same site? HAHA!! And I was also happy to read those news that Alex was with his son and he looked good and healthy. Bummer that fan could not take a pic just to see have a tiny glimpse of him now., but the fan said she was afar from him but at least she spotted him and share that he was looking good 🙂 :heart: :p

  5. To K. If you dont like them do not read them then. I like to give my opinions and points of view like the rest of the people do here, that we all have a voice, we all have freedom to express ourselves Each person has a different points of views we can agree or disagree on things but still we say what we think I have never said anything bad to the people here, I just write what I think. So do not read my comments if you find them annoying, boring , etc etc.

    I never like to come to this forum and say bad things to people, but I did not like what u say of me that give it a rest and ” you don’t need to know every single thought that comes from me. I found it very rude.

    I come here with the same purpose that you all have to share comments about the show, the stories, the actors, etc, etc

  6. Cynthia: You said what I was also saying….more detailed but exactly the way I felt. The producer was a jackass for trying to make us fans think we would “see” Alex last night…big fibber!! And you are so right about the cast seemed to lose something in that their leader wasn’t there. I felt sorry for Scott…I’m sure in real life he really cares about Alex and missed him a lot…don’t we all! First Moonllight, then 3 Rivers now this physical problem….hope bad luck goes away and the good luck stays…couldn’t happen to a nicer man! Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming people!! :love: :heart: :heart:

    1. Suzanne I know that for teh majority of fans the old footage was nothing and it did n ot mind a thing for that it was used an old footage it was just a way to make Alex character absense more believable and part of the story as to why he was absent.

      I will give the benefit of the doubt to some fans where they say Scripts are written weeks in advance, they rewrote parts of Max’s episode, and 2 shows had to scramble and change things in the crossover episode.They did niot t think Peter were trying to decieve anyone.

      Peter did not mislead anyone. He was asked how many episodes Alex would miss. He said he would miss one episode. He also said Alex would make an appearance in 2.20. He did but Peter never ever told the media the way Alex was going to make the short appearance on last nite episode. All the fans assume Alex really shoot that scene for the particualr episode, but it was never said the how to he was going to do it, of course we never expected the way was to use and old episode from season 1 and accomodate it to look like it was a new scene. Peter just said Allex was going to be briefly in the episode, that is all we know from Peter words.

      They accommodated Alex and his situation, and they did it with class.

  7. I was so sad to see last night’s episode without our Alex…tears to my eyes. Alex is the heart and soul of that drama and if anything happened and he couldn’t be on it, I wouldn’t watch 5.0 anymore. His crew does such a good job of trying to fill in but to me, it just doesn’t mean the same. I am praying like everyone that we see him soon. It is amazing one man can make such a difference….love You Alex…..come home soon. :love: :heart: :heart:

    1. It is unbelievable how one man presence or absence changes everything in a TV show, in this case Alex OL. Watchign last nite episode made me think how important Alex character is for the show, his presence is irreplaceable. He has strong leadership, tough presence and personality and work so well with each team member.

      Some shows have characters similar to Alex where their lead character cannot be subsitituted, something in the actors personality, character made the actors presence on that particular show so important that his/her absence will be like a total unbalance .

      I know the producers did a great effort and I thank Peter and the crew to fill his void with all the rest of the cast, and they did their best, they could under the circumstances, but you can tell Alex absence was felt because there were times the team was a bit disoriented and off, like they need an upper hand to lead them in the case.

      From the episode I did not like the last scene. Old footage to be used as a replacement of Alex absence and made all the fans think, Alex really shot those scences recently for this particular episode.

      I mean Peter or whomever was in charge might as well never informed the media weeks ago Alex was going to be briefly in the episode when in fact he never film any scenes for yesterdays episode, it was not necessary that final scene. I got all excited that I could see Alex once again with some recent film scenes but then I found out it was an old footage of an episode from Season 1

      1. MARIA/CINTHIA: Give it a rest, ok? “I mean” we don’t need to know every single thought that comes to you.

      2. K..if you come to this forum often you should know by now that Maria/Cinthia loves to hear herself talk…and talk she does..on and on and on…re-hashing everything over and over..You are not the only one that gets tired of her tirade. I know of others who feel the same. I never read anything she has to say anymore..I find it exhausting.

        We used to have very intelligent conversations here and we developed a Ohana amongst us, but sadly that is no more. No disrespect to you Tiffany. You do a wonderful job of keeping us informed of anything H50 and we appreciate the effort you put into this site.

      3. Well said Muffie, and you are so right about Ohana. Now it seems that no one has any respect for anyone else’s opinion, and others think that their word is gospel when they’re just looking in from afar: which is really just a sign of the times as Bob Schieffer (CBS News) made a point of saying a couple of months ago on CBS Sunday Morning, about another topic with regard to the Social Media spectrum.

  8. Just for done watching tonights episode. Very touching when scott had the letter and it was alex’s voice while scott was reading it. Did bring tears to my eyes. Note was part of script but the reason is very real. The crew did a great job and it was also touching to see alex in the end shot.
    Cinthia: I read your post. I hope alex is back and ready to go. Yes, we all wished him well.
    Yes, it takes take a long time. Actually, it will be a lifetime now. He has to be careful on anything he takes now. I do have faith in him. Prayers are important too.

    1. Yes I like when Danny was reading the letter in Alex voice very touching and the way he called him Danno twice and partner. It means how much he cares for Danny as he trust him to watch the fort for him for a while and at the end did u notice Alex face? I noticed 2 things His hair was combed differently and his cheeks were a bit rounded, for me it means he gain some pounds, which is good I guess he had to gain weight as part of his treatment perhaps.

    2. I thought my comment about Alex gained weight during this episode was true until I really saw the episode once again, his cameo was just and old footage of an episode of Season 1, I think it was 1.07 or 1.06, it was just digitally enhanced and changed to make it look like Alex really filmed yesterdays episode. 🙁

      1. When you go into rehab you will gain weight because you are detoxed and they take blood work all the time. They give you vitamins and supplements to bring your levels back to normal. He will look like the alex we started with and feel healthy again; He obviously is a strong minded person to have even put himself in for help and worked with this script to remove himself smoothly.
        I commend them all for carrying this show but he was surely missed.
        Yep we are h50ers for sure aren’t we.LOL!

  9. Director Larry Teng tweeted today about Alex and he tweeted: “Crew gave a nice round of applause when Alex stepped on set this morning.. Welcome back McG!!”

    He didn’t give anything away he just made a simple statement he did not mention was he really back at work and healthy or not? Since he just gave that statement. but then just minutes later after posting that tweet, the tweet was not on twitter anymore, he deleted.

    I will give Larry the benefit of the doubt and Im being positive Alex stepped because he was ready to start working again today. But I have read, other fans are speculating again as to why larry deleted his tweet just mintues after he posted that if has something to do to the fact CBS likes to keep everything hush hush and not inform the media or fans yet about Alex date return to the set or too many fans jamming crew members timelines

    Others say that if we ever think that maybe Larry T. had to get back to doing his job, directing and episode of H50 and he probably got word they were ready to start taping and he had to direct a scene and had to delete his original tweet.

    Either way, if Alex was on the set ready to shoot again Im very happy and I wish him all the best and I hope he really recovered 100% as all the fans really missed him and we all prayed for his recovery and be healthy again as Im still not quite sure if really a pain medication free treatment really takes only 1 month for the person to really be 100% cured and back to itself again.

    Aloha and Mahalo to Alex :heart: 😉 🙂

  10. Happy Easter to all you H50ers and to Alex and family.

  11. I’ve been watching my H5O DVDs while on the treadmill :p and I think I see when Alex injured his shoulder. It’s in the 2nd episode when the computer geek was kidnapped and held by Serbian terrorists. Alex does his own stunt in the rescue scene. YEE OUCH!! Alex, we all get older and can’t do all the wild things our bodies used to let us do 😉

    1. Hi Cheri, I sometimes float around and look at pics people posted and I did come across him sitting in a chair and they were working on his shoulder. It was real obvious he was hurting. He had pain all over his face including the eyes closed as they were raising his arm. I wish I could remember where it was to tell you.
      Happy Easter.

      1. You might be right Linda. When I “googled” about Alex’s injury it came up with a story about Alex injuring his arm in real life when doing an H5O stunt, but for a different episode. They mention the one where he and Danny are hiking in the mountains and find a dead guy. Steve loses his footing and breaks his arm. Danny has to get him air-lifted out by the military.

      2. 😀 😀 hey linda i just came across those exact pictures youre talking about on a tumblr account set up by another alex fan but i got the link from my Facebook page and cant remember where i saw it lol i will try and find it again

  12. Well, I’m glad to hear he is going to only miss one episode. I really miss the new episodes and I’m sad that basketball was on instead of even a recap episode. but I’m realll in action again!!!<3y excited to see them al

  13. Thanks Niecie, Shirley and Muffie, you never know how someone is going to react to your statements.
    I do hope Alex is being told positive things about his fans.
    But, I would like to Thank Tiffany, Good Job Tiff.
    Have a good day. 😀

  14. Thank you Tiffany for the post. So glad to hear Alex is doing well. I figured he would. Was just waiting patiently for news since I know he is very private and this is very personal. I sure hope it is not one of the four that is leaving. That would be so sad. I like Kono but she might not be happy in Hawaii away from home since some think it might be Grace. Like someone else said maybe they will make it look like Steve died and then bring him back. Maybe someone outside the circle. Will have to wait and see. Well, take care Alex and hope your shoulder is much better and be careful – I know you love that physical stuff. All the best to all of you.

  15. JO:
    Cualquiera puede caer en las pastillas,cuando el dolor es grande y se convierte en cronico buscas y tomas lo que te parece necesario para calmarlo asi pierdes en un momento dado ,la nocion del limite.Por suerte Alex se dio cuenta antes de que fuera demasiado tarde.

    1. Dear Patrica, I appreciate you commenting to my comment, but i don’t understand your language, can you please write to me again, but can you please write back in ENGLISH. Thank You Very Much. JO


    1. Are you serious with this post?

      1. My guess is that he/she is a troll, looking to stir up trouble.

      2. I think you said it Niecie. Wow!

    2. Maybe he got hooked without realizing he was getting hooked on those prescirbed pills and by the time he got hooked he needed to seek for help in order for his condition not to turn out worse..Perhaps Alex O Loughlin, the person, not the actor, has self control problems and could not self control the pills he was taking for the pain and injury so is why he recurr often to a clinici to ask them to a doctor.

      Thank God I have never been in that situation before so I cant speak from experience, but I assume that perhaps Alex “thought” that he continue in pain for his injury so he needed the pills to feel better, even if that was not necessary. This works similar as the hypocondriacs, they believe they have illnesses and take a lot of pills when the problem is all in their mind .

      Alex the person could have been dealing with self control issues and for that problem he could not really take control of his problem.

      Your post sounded a bit harsh though

    3. PLEASE stop yelling. You’re giving me a headache. :woot:

      1. Sorry, not sure what happened. My last comment was intended for Jo.

    4. You’re not a fan !!! I’m sick of all this crap about Alex. Some people should keep their nasty and uninformed opinions to themselves.

      1. I had the same problem as Muffie. I don’t know what happened. My reply was meant for JO.

    5. Jo: For the sake of not having you misled in your belief of Alex being stupid. Please give me a moment. Addiction, for the most part has nothing to do with being stupid. Most everyone gets addicted because they experiment and then discover chemical balance off and bam too late–addicted. I believe in Alex’s case as in so many, you hurt you go to drs. and get pain killers. Someone like Alex who has a different life of acting and action needs relief to do what he does. Again bam.
      It happens that fast! Many have relapsed because of pain killers. Someone extremely close to me. Clean for 5 years had dental work done took a pain killer and relapsed that fast! So maybe because I have lived it and saw what it does have more understanding for Alex. Think about it. He was on health magazines, athletic, fit condition and it even brought him down. Stupid–no–just another person who fell to the power of the drug. Really, there are people who can take drugs and not be addicted because they don’t have the chemical embalance that goes with it. That is why rehab treats physical, mental and the addiction. Believe me this has been no picnic for alex or his family and friends who love him. I hope this maybe helped you understand the difference between alex being stupid versing finding out the hard way he can never take certain drugs from here on in. I think it takes a real man to stop look at himself and knew he needed help and went for it! Bless him and his family for a speedy recovery. Even after recovery this man is going to be hounded for interviews and have alot of pressure on him. I know his true fans will be supportive I hope the media will be the same. thanks for whoever reads this and agrees.

      1. Linda: Well said–completely and throughout your post.

        I might add that we don’t have any idea of the kind of pressure that he must be under in headlining a prime-time drama. I’m guessing he pushed himself–with the stunts, acting through pain which just made the situation worse and then relying on prescription meds to ease the pain. His lifestyle as an actor is completely different than ours, so how could we understand what he goes through on a daily basis.

        Let’s all be a little less judgmental and more compassionate.

      2. Well said Linda!

      3. Well said Linda. Let’s hope you got through to Jo and all the others that have passed judgement on Alex without having a clue as to what it like for someone to experience severe pain and become reliant on pain killers. I especially like your last sentence about his TRUE FANS supporting him…there are those who say they are Alex’ true fans but then they turn around and tear him to shreds. They supposedly do this because they care. Alex doesn’t need this kind of fan. God bless Alex, his family and his friends who have been there for him every step of the way.

    6. Oh Jo, You do know addition to prescription drugs doesn’t happen in a weeks time, right! He doesn’t do anything stupid, he is simply following his Doctor’s care instructions when he gives Alex fentanyl patches for his shoulder pain. Alex wears the patches and the pain goes away, he can now do his job pain free… Overtime, he continues to use the patches as prescribed by his Doctor to relieve this shoulder pain. Still nothing stupid going on here… He follows his Doctor’s advice and over time he feels that the pain patches are not healing his shoulder pain, only masking it for the time being…. Now he begins to question weather he still really has pain in his shoulder or if it is a fantom pain caused by the pain medication. All this is over several months and not something anyone can forsee in the future.

      He was smart enough to realize on his own, which is very hard to do for most people, and he seeks the help he needed immediately, rather then waiting an additional month for taping to finish on the H5O series.

      Good for Peter Lankov and CBS for standing behind Alex and allowing him to get that help immediately rather then forcing him to finish taping episodes, 20, 21, 22 ad 23 before getting that much needed help. See you soon Alex and best of luck in the future recovery…

      PS – Alex O’Lachlan is far from a stupid man, he is a brillant Actor who graces us with his appearances, though we all wish for more of them…

    7. dear JO if youre on 12 different types of medication and they arent working for you maybe your doctor isnt really treating you correctly!!!! and really this isnt a forum about YOU its about ALEX and for FANS OF ALEX to converse about him as an actor who provides us with an escape from reality. :straight:

  17. Welcome back to work Alex!

    God Speed!

  18. Many thanks Tiffani you are the best Alex will be missed even if it is only one episode He is doing the right thing in taking care of his health and bravo to cbs for standing behind him on this, he is a treasure. :heart:

    1. he really is a treasure Angela. one of a kind guy, and Im glad CBS supported him in his recovery

  19. thanks for the updates tiff, its good to hear alex is doing well. i think i speak for everyone, i am so glad things are looking up for you alex and you are on the road to recovery. much love and kisses to you my babes, will see you in hawaii on sundays nights( we are on ep 14 at the mo in the uk.)

  20. I cant wait to see Alex on the episode of Max even if it is briefly but the “Dear Danno “letter sounds so lovely and tender coming from tough guy like Steve it means how much he cares for his partner Danny and that he only trust him

  21. Tiffany, thank you for the latest update about Alex. Alex, I wish you the best during your healing and recovery.

  22. Thanks Tiffany for the news. I am very glad to hear Alex is doing better. It is a shame Alex was not in the crossover episode,he would have been great in that episode. I know DDK is going to be very good in that episode too. Look forward to Alex return and just so glad he is feeling much better and will return soon. :love:

  23. Glad Alex is “doing great” but what is the news with the “death of a familiar face?” I hope it’s not Kono or any of the four- that would be awful. But I got suspicious when Lori was brought on, and she was awful!!! Kono is great ! Give her more! Don’t mess with the H50 4-Mcg, Kono, Chin Ho and Danno are amazing! So, who is being ousted from the show?

    1. Some say it could be Lori some say it could be Joe, as both are familiar faces. Others believe Det. Frye but all bets point more to either Lori or Joe, since we all know both of them will be in TV pilots for other networks, which means they cant return anymore to H50 in case one of them is the target and end up dead.

      Lori is an officer which means she belongs tothe Federal Governmetn, Joe is retirned but he does not belong to the goverment so that is why most of us are a bit confusing and who it may be. It could be even a total different person and not Joe or Lori but you know how Peter loves to surprise us, specially know that one of the spoilers says that Shelburne was not a code name after all and it may be a person after all.

  24. As all of you , I am delighted to have a date when we can expect to see our favorite Commander. Alex and all of us are blessed with such a quick recovery. We must continue to pray that it is a permanent solution. Truthfully wish that the news coming from the executive producers were more often and more informative. They are providing a very short and glib answer. I don’t know about anyone else but I crave details.
    As far as the show, Terry O’Quinn is being sought out by a different station for a starring role. He is a very good actor. So good that I really won’t be sorry to see him leave.
    The NCIS LA would have been out of sight with Alex and Sam discussing the Seals and the special codes they live by. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for another time. I’m sure that both Scott and DDK will do an outstanding job representing H5O.
    Tiffany, I sincerelly appreciate your efforts in getting this info out. I hope someone is getting this info to Alex. He needs encouragement and needs to feel the love of his fans. We wish him well. Don’t come back until the doctors tell you that you are ready. An extra week or two will not harm your career. We truly care about you as a person and want you to be healthy, rested and happy to go home. Keep up the good work. We are all proud of you.:love:

  25. Hi Tiffany, thanks for the update on Alex. I wish him a speedy recovery and good health. Lisa

  26. Great news..thanks Tiffany 🙂 :heart:

  27. Great news Tiffany.Im just glad Alex :heart: is better .Hope he put on some weight and i dont care if he cuts his hair or not.I am hoping he want overdo when he comes back.Want the man to stay healthy.For we all love him that way.God Bless you Alex.And again Thanks A bunch Tiffany for update you are the best 😉 :angel: Lucy From Tennessee!

  28. Thanks for the update Tiffany! Glad to hear Alex is doing well and getting healthy. I too will miss him in the NCIS episode but knowing he will be back will get me thru it 😉 As to “who is Shelburn”–my vote goes to Steve’s dad John McGarrett. I think he was working undercover and his “death” makes it easier for him to investigate Wo Fat.

  29. Hi Tiffany,
    Thanks for the update on Alex. Am glad that Alex will only miss one episode but more importantly that he is feeling much better.
    Love you Alex, Take care
    Anna :heart: :heart: :heart: :love: 😀

  30. · Edit

    :heart: We are so happy to hear that Alex is doing very well. Alex, Just take all the time you need to get Healthy and then come back to us better than ever. We will be here waiting. We all LUV ya LOTS. :heart:

  31. Ian Anthony Dale will return as Adam Noshimuri to H50 he tweeted some hours ago, but he did nto say when. Good let see who side he chose: Steve or Yakuzas

  32. I am so glad that he is doing well. I have been wondering and could find nothing about it. Thanks Tiffany for the update. Looking forward to seeing the new and improved Alex.

    1. Well Ella as we all know Alex is a very private person and we all were wondering as well, and I was right when I say that he will give some kind of statement on how was he doing eventually thru his representative or in this case Peter Lenkow who is almost like a representative to him, so in this case it was Peter the one who lets say gave an statement that, he was doing OK.

      I mean Peter surely followed Alex progress closely so he perhaps wanted to share the news and also I bet Peter and Alex were aware of the support and love all fans gave to Alex, by cards or my email messages and he had to say anything to the media.

      So far although we do not know or we are aware about any “Thank you for ur concern or your support” or a similar message statement given personally from Alex thru his rep to his fans.

      I also hope he gained just a little weight and I bet he had to cut his hair to film the new episode beause in one month hair grows quickly hehe!! :p 😆

  33. I am very happy Alex will be back, Welcome back dear!! Im glad he is doing ok. Bummer he wotn be in the crossover but Imhappy he will be in the finale, but hey what will be the finale without our SEAL? Dont u think?

    So now the season finale will be more interesting since things now change, so Joe lied to Steve once again abotu Shelburne and after all Shelburne was not really a code made up between Steve dad and Joe and he may be a real person and now Joe is going after the real Shelburne, that sounds interesting.

    Let the poll and speculation begin once again on who may be Shelburne then. My gues is could be Steve mother or Makoto.

    1. I have thought several times now Steve’s Mother was still alive and she was Shelburne and Joe was protecting her from Wo Fat. By not teling Steve who Shelburne is, he thinks he is protecting Steve’s Mother and Steve from Wo Fat. Joe’splan is to kill Wo Fat before telling Steve the truth… But now we se Steve catches Wo Fat and tosses him in jail, which I find odd that the jail could hold him very long (Wo Fat went into the jail to kill Hesse). If he ca walk into kill easy, why not get out easy too… We will have to wait and see what th writers write and I for one can’t wait…

  34. Oh Thank God Alex is doing well. I wish him the best of everything and to get better soon and put on a little weight. His face looked so gaunt lately. I was addicted to over the counter pain killers and know what he’s going thru!!

  35. Happy to have an update. Thank You for that. Good to hear he will only miss the one episode I agree. It seems like he really put thought into what he was doing for himself and the show.
    Not easy to do when you are having the problem he has. I look forward to the time when he is back and feeling good doing what he does best. Peace and strength be with him. :heart:

  36. Thanks for the update Tiffany, the good part is that Alex is on the road to recovery! We all wish him the best.

  37. Nice news to read before going to bed. Great to hear he’s doing well and that he’ll only miss one episode. Not too bummed about him missing NCIS:LA crossover as I don’t watch that show and knowing Michelle Borth has been moved to regular cast member, there’s not point in playing out the flirty story they started when the chick came over to Hawaii in an earlier episode.

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