Hawaii Five-0 Renewed for Third Season!

Booyah! Hawaii Five-O gets a third season as confirmed by CBS yesterday. I am happy for Alex and the cast and crew. Congrats!

I know many fans have felt lukewarm about season two so what would you like to see in season three?

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  1. I don’t get a chance to comment very often but I am very happy too about Hawaii Five-O being renewed. It is very, very sad what Alex is going through but thank God he is getting help and will overcome this! He knows how much his fans love him and support him. As far as having Catherine as a regular on the show – I think it’s a good idea. I like the chemistry between them and I think the writers will keep everything between Steve and Catherine at a certain romantic level and not go overboard and gradually work towards building their relationship if that’s the direction they want to go in. I’m a fan of Castle and the attraction between Castle and Beckett has always been there but it isn’t until this season that they are finally getting them “together”. So I wouldn’t worry about Steve and Catherine’s romantic involvement overshadowing everything. It just gives us the opportunity to see Steve without clothes on! And on another note, I love Sophia Myles, still watch my DVD of Moonlight and would love for her to join the cast but if that doesn’t happen I would happy to see her guest star as a love interest at least! Thanks Tiffany for keeping us in touch with Alex – it’s much appreciated!

    Peace 🙂

  2. Hey ladies if u havent read or heard I read some good news and bad news on Alex and the upcoming episodes. The bad news is that Alex wont be in either of the crossover episodes. The good news he will be briefly on the Max episode and he will be in the season finale. Peter L told TV Guide.

    Let me write his exact words. Someone ask him I guess about Alex for the upcoming eipisodes due to his problem and this is what peter said about him and the 4 remainng episodes;

    “Good news. Just one full episode will be McGarrett-less. When Alex went to rehab in March, citing dependency on prescription pain medication due to a shoulder injury, the Hawaii Five-0 team did have to do some last-minute scrambling. But according to executive producer Peter Lenkov, Alex’s absence fit in well with the story arc he’d already mapped out. “Things happen; that’s the business,” shrugs Peter. “We rewrote it.”

    Alex appears briefly in the April 9 episode, when we learn that McGarrett suspects Joe (Terry O’Quinn) lied to him about being Shelburne. “He ends up leaving a ‘Dear Danno’ letter before taking off to find the real Shelburne,” explains Peter.

    Unfortunately, the actor is absent entirely from the next original episode on April 30, the big NCIS: Los Angeles crossover with guest appearances from Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. When McGarrett reappears on the May 7 episode, he will have located his arch enemy, Wo-Fat, and toss him in the slammer.

    Alex also appears in the action-packed May 14 season finale, which begins with the death of a familiar face and also sees the returns of Terry O’Quinn, Tom Sizemore and William Baldwin. And for the record, Peter assures me Alex is “doing great.” Good to hear. What’s 5-0 without McGarrett?

    I am very happy Alex is doing great and I am sure he is very well aware of it. 😀 :p :heart: Welcome back Alex!!

    So here we go again lets start our bets and speculation haha!!. Shelburne may be a person after all.

    My theory is it is Steve mom

  3. Muffie or Tiffany hello. Is this site having problems as my comments are not getting posted on the site when I write them over here on the site and neither I cant see new comments either. Thanks for ur prompt answer

    1. Cinthia, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page…just above where it says “Leave a comment” it says “newer comments” click on that box and it will take to to the second page…you should be able to see your comments there. 😀

  4. As far as I can remeber, Catherine is still stationed overseas; I think in Singapore on the episode about the Governor’s $5K-a-plate & silent auction. Prior to that, she had been shipped out to Turkey after helping Steve check on Joe about some video footage. And prior to that, we noticed that she would spend the night at his place (Tsunami episode, season 1). This last appearance at the governor’s shindig, she was in a hotel room packing her bag to go back to Singapore. That doesn’t actually scream “girlfriend” – just “the girl I sleep with when she’s around.” We really don’t know what their relationship, if you can call it that, really is.
    The show is about action and crime drama; I think some of the guest stars don’t work; I was disappointed in James Caan’s appearance – I just expect more from him – he’s one of my favorite actors. I blame the writers for that, though. I think the show needs better, more solidly written scripts. Sometimes, it seems the writers just get a little lost in the storylines. It’s a good show, but it does need to get better & stay more focused on the main characters, quit added new but temporary 5-O team members (Lauren German – couldn’t wait til she was gone – her character just seemed so stupid by the end – Homeland Security??? I hope the real thing doesn’t hire people like Lori Westin!). Max was a great addition. I do think they need more focus on each team members’ personal lives since they keep intertwining them into the storylines.

  5. Ohh well the spoiler I was going to give had already been mentioned but it is OK. The odd thing is that I do not see the messages fans are posting on this site, I just see then thru my email account.

    Regarding the spoiler, Peter Lenkow just tweeted that the Wo fat/Yakuza, etc episode is not the season finale, but the one before. Now I get more confused because then the final episode has a totally different storyline and not even related to the Wo fat episode?

  6. Sorry for double posting; had some technical difficulties.

  7. Possible spoiler alert: Just read this on-line, “When the war between Wo Fat and the Yakuza ends with a federal employee dead, Five-0 and local police will be completely stonewalled out of the case. Fortunately, one agent decides to go all Deep Throat and inform Danny of everything his boss will not. But Danny may want to ask himself this: Is this informant going rogue to help or hurt Five-0?”

  8. Possible Spoiler-Alert:Just read this on-line: “When the war between Wo Fat and the Yakuza ends with a federal employee dead, Five-0 and local police will be completely stonewalled out of the case. Fortunately, one agent decides to go all Deep Throat and inform Danny of everything his boss will not. But Danny may want to ask himself this: Is this informant going rogue to help or hurt Five-0?”

  9. Muffie, May I post again my comments here? Thansk very much for your help

  10. Ohh I read have some mild spoilers for the season finale. If I cant post it here just let me know so we can all comment.


    1. Of course you can Cinthia. This site wouldn’t be as interesting without all the comments (no disrespect, Tiffany – the info you provide is very much appreciated). Thank you again, Cinthia for editing your comments so we can understand what you are trying to say. I think spoilers are fun so share away. 🙂

  11. I hate the fact that I’m getting involved in the negative nasty remarks on this site all of a sudden.This was one of the better sites, were we were from the same family (Alex lovers) I loved reading updates and others ideas, now we are bashing each other and half the news written can’t be belived. What happened here? Muffie I’m talking to you incase you haven’t figured it out. Please keep your remarks focased on Alex, and quit picking apart every other post. thanks

    1. Annie, I appreciate your comments but to put the record straight, I have only made three comments and of those three, two of them had absolutely nothing that could be misconstrued as negative or nasty. And the third comment was mild compared to some of the others that had been made before mine.

  12. I apologize Muffie for my comments I was just trying to give my point of view in my own way, all fans on this site may have difference of opinions, we may not agree the whole time, we may agree or disagree, as each person see things differently. I was just giving my opinion and in any way I discredit the presence of Michelle Borth as a new character, I just said the things I do not like her character to become. That is all I said.

    1. Apology accepted Cinthia, and thank you for taking the time to edit and spell-check your comment. It is much easier to read and understand the points you are trying to get across.

  13. Thank you Linda, for understanding why a devoted fan of Alex’s would want to know about his condition and if not, sooner or later we will hear he’s back with us! I try not to irritate some people but ya can’t win ’em all 😀 We all have our opinions…mine are not meant to hurt….I just say what’s on my mind and hope it flies okay. A good day and a day full of love sent to Alex from all of us to heal him quick! :heart: :heart:

    1. It’s all good Suzanne. It’s the nature of the beast. LOL/. We all get passionate about things and people and some agree and some don’t.
      I am in an animal rescue and I am the diplomatic one. I guess part of my character.
      I just read this so sorry answering so late. Peace.

  14. I think Katherine would add to the story…she is beautiful as well as has what it takes to be a good match for Alex. Being a romantic I hope there is more of that in the next season…they could still have a shot ’em up for the main story but we ladies like to see Alex being sexy! :love: Have a good day and all my love and prayers to our Alex :heart: :heart: :heart:

    1. Well she could add to he story sure I do not doubt that but too much love on a crime fighting cop drama in my humble opinion is not my cup of tea if u ask me.
      This si not a romance novel. I know many fans are very happy now that finally she is cast (like im Peter got many fans dream come true with these news) and finally Steve will have his gf with him most of the time. I am not going to discret her in any way but as long as her character keep the relationship professional is all good, meaning that we do not have to see her flirting, kissing , making out, or opening and closign sequence steve and cathe, cathe and Steve all the time,

      I mean they are a couple of course but we dont have to see public display of affection constantly just throw that kind of scenes once in a while and even more that she will be stationed in Hawaii permanently and she will be more important because she is the team leader girlfriend who may happen to join the team, who may have more power now than any other girl in Steve life (romantically speaking).

      So far we dont know what will be Catherine role of course but we all assume it will only relate to the gf status and the favors status since that is how we know her but if she got cast as a series regular it is because we will see her more as a naval officer doing her job in Naval intelligence and helping the team on that department, not just because she is Steve girl and that is why I like to see her in the series, developing her job, not overshadow any other cast members or interfering in bromance, carguements, she has to be an independent woman, who may have her job disagreements or agreements with the team and even with Steve from tiem to time to put a balance on the storyline. Maybe she will be like Max, that she is not there the whole time just once in a while.

      1. Cinthia: didn’t you use to post comments under the name “Maria”? You rant on and on about the same old things just like her. If you aren’t she, you sure could pass for her sister. Personally I think we would love to see the softer side of McGarrett…it would be a welcome change. Michelle has more than likely been signed on to be McGarrett’s girlfriend..we will have to wait and see so get over it. One other thing…please read what you write and check for spelling as it would make it much easier for us to decipher what you are trying to say. Thank you.

    2. I’m with you suzanne faith…I love Katherine and Alex together. CBS just teases us with short clips of their relationship. This is a “modern” day H50 ! All the shows even the CSI gangs have there romances. Go Alex and Katherine !! :heart:

    3. Yes suzanne faith I’m with you about Katherine. Hope CBS brings her back… :heart:

  15. Newsflash and update that I just found out. Steve will have his gf all the time now on the show in the 3rd season. Michelle Borth AKA Catherine has been added as a series regular on H50.

    I like Catherine but I do not think it is a good idea, She was ok showing up sparingly like Max, I dont know if being called series regular means showing up in each episode or sparingly.

    I just do not want H50 becoming a romance novel for the next season, now that we know his leader will have his gf at all time with him If she has this opportunity why they wont cast as a series regular Chin Hos wife, Malia, I mean she is a wife, Catherine character was just a gf.

    I guess Peter L do really heard fans voice, many fans were asking him for so long that Catherine will become series regular, that now the fans got what they wish for.

    As long as the show remains with action, bromance, carguements, suspense, etc Im ok.

    I guess Michell Borth series Combat Hospital was not renewed. I mean I do like Catherine, beuase as Steve they both are into the military stuff and she can help the team in cracking codes, or when the military can be use to solve a case but maybe if she becomes regular maybe, im just hinting for the future, the writers will like to marry Steve with her?, but i dont like H50 to be a romance novel and also I dont want Michelle character to take over in scenes like Lori did with the team. Just my humble opinion.

    What do u think of this?

    1. Personally, I’d like to see Sophia Myles on the show permanently. They had great chemistry on Moonlight. Does anyone else agree with me?

      1. I actually agree with Cinthia and with you Christy. For Cinthia I always felt the same way. I’m not sure an every episode romance is a good thing. I do like them together and on more often okay. I think the being single left something to be desired. Kept the character of steve focused but, when catherine was around they hooked up. I agree also, that they did push Lori very hard.
        Christy, I agree with you. I still watch Moonlight reruns. The way they used to look at each other in the show was really convincing. I think the show was beyond its time. Now there are so many vampire stories. However, I think your right. THey did have a great chemistry. Only My opinions to both of you. 😀

      2. I guess each time a new female character wil come to H50 we all start to give opinions. Maybe Michelle B was cast because fans already know her from Season 1 and now season 2 and the history she has with Steve already, she is not a total stranger, unlike Lori that was poorly introduced and came out of nowhere.

        I just dont want her to shadow the work of the rest of the team like Lori did. It be nice to really see her character develop as a naval officer, and not just Steve gf/date. We need to see her potential and how she does her work in the Navy, setting aside that she is Steve gf.

        Mayeb they can bring a new male character who can work with Fong on the lab, he is always alone there. hehe

        I do wonder one thing Chin Ho has Malia, Danny has Rachel, Grace, Steve has Cathe and all those female characters started in season 1 and part of season 2 but Kono has not have like a steady bf or steady date in any of the seasons so far and now Michelle Borth is cast as a regular.

        I read a comment from another fan in some internet article, where she said that “any female character put in the place of Steve’s love interest as regular is doomed. There’s too much Steve female fans. If Cat starts giving too much love and flirting …petitions around internet will kill her”

  16. I haven’t been on this for awhile and just read alot of the comments back and forth. I hope this sums it up for all of us. I agree with the person that said “we all love alex” when someone we care about whether we know them or not is in trouble so to speak, it is human nature to want to know how that person is doing. There is alot of compassion I believe amongst H50’s fans especially for Alex. I’m no spring chicken and I am deeply concerned. I also agree with the person who said, him and his family are going through alot now. If anyone knows someone who has gone through this not even the family are allowed to see the person for quite sometime. The person has to focus on detox and they also work on balancing nutrients. Hence the weight loss and overall condition. Once he is allowed to see just a select few because he has to work on his mind now. I am sorry to say I have first hand experience on this as someone extremely close in my family (I won’t say who) had to do this. Unfortunately, once you have a problem with this he is always going to have a problem. Meaning, he now will have to watch what he takes from here on in. There are non-addiictive pain killers out there. He can get triggered again if he is not careful. Now with all this said. I and all of you I am sure wish him the best, want him to come back better and hope he has a healthy happy life and look forward to many more episodes with him in H50 or whatever. I can watch him everynight!!!LOL! I have a son only 1 year younger who believe it or not kinda looks like him. Other son is few years younger so as a parent and fan our hearts go out to anyone with this problem. Happy watching and great news about another season. They do have us wondering who is going though. From one H50er to you others happy watching.

    1. Linda: Well said! Thanks.

      1. Thank You Shirley, I try.

  17. Shirley old buddy: I DO get that this is getting ridiculous. I love him, you love him, we are just the millions that do. Everything else is beside the point…..take a chill pill and have a good day now that you have “ventted” to me. No prob…… 😀 We just all want him to get better no matter who knows what. Okay?

    1. Suzanne: Your message might have gone over better had you not thrown in the ‘chill pill’ remark; it is insulting and you know it.

  18. Niecie – sorry for not recognizing you as a legitimate TV producer.
    Shirley – my spelling is fine – check a dictionary.

    1. I did. Several sources in fact. See below. Perhaps you should think before you type, although that was my original suggestion. Some people will never learn.

      This used to be a fun site with like-minded folks sharing in their admiration for Alex.

      1. post horse.
      2. Archaic . a person who travels rapidly.

      World English Dictionary

      — n
      1. a large printed picture, used for decoration
      2. a placard or bill posted in a public place as an advertisement

      Definition of POSTER
      : a bill or placard for posting often in a public place; especially : one that is decorative or pictorial

      poster (post·er)
      Syllabification: On Off Pronunciation: /ˈpōstər/
      1a large printed picture used for decoration.
      a large printed picture, notice, or advertisement displayed in a public place:
      [as modifier]:
      a poster campaign
      2a person who posts a message on an Internet message board or blog.
      [no object] (usually as noun postering)
      put up posters in an area:

      illegal postering in downtown Montreal
      [with object]:
      she defied police advice and postered her neighbourhood

  19. This is a comment I found on the internet written last year around the season 1 ending episode prolly in May. The writer wrote:

    “Now the speculation about which main character will die can begin. It won’t be the characters played by Jean Smart or Kelly Hu. They are both said to return if the series is picked up for season two. Killing off Steven McGarrett, played by Alex O’Loughlin, or Danno, played by Scott Caan, wouldn’t seem right. Those two are the stars of the show.

    That leaves one of the two remaining members of the 5-0 team played by Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim. Will one of them die in the May 16 season finale? With the future of the series still in question, this could be one unsatisfying way to leave fans hanging if the series is not picked up for season two””.

    As u could see neither Kelly Hu nor Jean Smart remained on the show, even if they both say they will return if there was a season 2.

    So as for Grace Park leaving?? I dont know. there has not been any official statement by her or etiehr Peter L. saying she is leaving the show, but then again, it is too soon to tell, as season 3 will approximately starts in September, so there are 4 months left where Peter L will start thinking of new storylines for season 3. and there are 4 monthsleft where the cast may decide whether they stay or go. Hopefully all main 4 decide to stay, I mean H50 wotn be the same without the main 4, unless just unless the cast has stated otherwise since now.

    it is jsut speculations of course but lets be positive and believe neither of the main 4 will leave the show and continue to star in this successful show, if CBS picked it up for another season the cast must be proud to continue to work there, it be not fair if any of them leave.

  20. Ok, lets the speculation begin. CBS has just release a press release of the plot of H50 season ender and you wotn believe what it says. This is what CBS said:”Five-0 goes on a manhunt when one of their own is killed in the line of duty”

    This news gave me the creeps. , I cant believe Peter or the writers are thinking in killing off one of the 4 main actors of that show if H50 had just been renewed for a 3rd season. I mean I wouldn’t think ALex’s issue wouldn’t cause him to quit. But without McGarrett, will the show make it through 3rd season? Nothing official has been said that neither Daniel, Scott or Grace Park or even Alex are thinking of quitting the show but “öne of their own”
    who could it be????

    Fong, Kamekona, Max?? Lori resigned so I dont think she is beause she is already out of the team and she will be in another new show. Unless Joe resurfaces and he gets killed saving Steve from Wo fat.? And that is becaue also Terry O Quinn will be starring in a new show in antoher network for next season. What about Frye?

    The new governor?? Again a governor? Nahh that could not be.

    I mean the show has been renewed I cant believe any of the 4 main characters are thinking in quitting the show because those 4 main characters are the one responsible for H50 success.

    Who could i t be???

    Start your bets ladies!!

    1. Call me crazy, but I’ve said it before, I believe Grace will be departing. I think that is the reason why Lori was introduced and shoved down our throats. Kono’s character was all but non-existant for the first half of the season, until fan outrage forced the producers to bring her back into the fold. Producers also did not anticipate the strong dislike for the Lori character. I hope I’m wrong, but I think Grace is gone. The writing has been on the wall since episode 2. and think about it, there has been absolutely no development of Kono’s character the season.

    2. cinthia= good question…Maybe Alex will be out longer then expected, I’m sure he would want to build up his body before returning. Maybe this a way to give him that time. Writers can make it look like he was killed only to find to the next season he is not. Wow good story lines. 8)

      1. sorry, just had another thought.. “one of thier own” maybe not 5o’s own but one of 5o’s members own. We all know Cathrian is not coming back. Or maybe Chin’s wife, Malia, cus she came in out of no were and hasn’t been much to do with the story line. I hoping its not Kono, she brings alot to the show, and the chemestry is great.

      2. never thought of that theory annie but it is a good point, they make us believe Steve character is dead that way Alex wil be ready and strong for the start of season 3 and in full swing

  21. Annie, rumor has it that Alex will be back on set on April 1. I said detox lasted 21 days, not rehab. It normally takes 21 days to break a habit.

    1. Really? Where did u hear that??

    2. CHRISTY== I read the same about April 1st, but I think he will make apperances but won’t take over the lead role for awhile.

  22. Yess! I knew there would be another season!!!! 😀 I’m glad that this is one of the top shows on CBS! THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!! :heart:

  23. SHIRLEY: One thing to say…”you are rude”…I was merely asking about Alex not being some sort of Inquisitor that was rudely sneaking for some information I wasn’t entitled too! EXCUSE ME! wHEN i want to ask about Alex will…..I’m not some sort of Secret Agent!! :bandit: I love him as much as anyone and realize he’s in “recorvery” but someone close to him could just write a short notice….good grief. Much ado about nothing..Love to alex from Suzanne his forever Fan. :love: :heart:

    1. You still don’t get it, do you? Someone close to him has time, during something this serious, to write his fans? Are you kidding? Obviously, you have never had someone go through anything potentially life threatening or understand that he is not your pal in which you should be privy to everything in his life. He’s in a public profession, but his life should be private. It’s bad enough that the whole world has to know that he’s going through this–talk about nothing being private–but you expect updates about a very personal matter? And yes, when you use CAPITAL LETTERS, that indicates you are screaming, demanding, etc.

      It’s another thing when one is concerned about a fellow human being who has given us such joy through his work, to hope and pray that he recovers fully and better than ever. But we don’t demand to know anything, even a “short notice.”

      As I said, I am speaking for more than myself here as it’s been discussed off-line. I’m sorry you were offended, but you might want to take a minute to let the message sink in and think about how you would feel if you were in the public eye, and everyone knew you had become dependent on medication and had to go to rehab. Would you or your family want or have time to broadcast your progress on-line. I think not. Alex’s job is to get better; his family’s job is to be there for him and no one else.

    2. You’re right, Suzanne, you do have the right to want an update. CBS will come up with something when they’re ready. I don’t think that Shirley was trying to be rude – just possessive. She seems to think that she has some option on all things Alex. No one on this site has a clue as to what Alex is experiencing. We know what networks and publicists want us to know. Alex seems to attract very authoritative women who will use any means necessary to make others agree with their opinions. There is even one poster on this site who is claiming to be a producer. My point is that you have the right to show your concern without being chastised.

      Detox usually lasts for about 21 days, so maybe you’ll hear something in the next few days.

      1. :sick: christy–I think its a little longer than that.

      2. Poster? Really? Perhaps you meant poser or imposter? Checking your typing before hitting submit is a wonderful thing.

        Showing concern and DEMANDING UPDATES CONSTANTLY are two different things.

        I don’t profess to know exactly what Alex is going through. I just know what he has stated in interviews (“rather set myself on fire” re facebook and twitter and also the dickhead comment about supposed fans in his face constantly when not working) I also know what others have gone through coping with something this serious.

        OK, enough said. It’s obviously going no where, so go right ahead and demand updates. Good luck with that.

      3. Cristy that person would be me, and those on this site who know my full name and identity know I am a television producer!!

  24. What a great episode Monday night!! Mary Ann is back and Ed Asner’s character made a great transition from one 5-O to the next. On another note, hope Alex is recovering well. One thing I notice when I watch my ML CDs is the dimple in Alex’s chin. While he’s so thin, it practically disappears! 🙁 Another good reason for him to put some meat back on his bones! 😆 Love that dimple!!! :love:

  25. Mark your calendars because we wll seeing many re runs from now on because there wont be new episodes of what it left of March and in April there will only be 2 new episodes, The first new episode in April is the one where Alex wont be and it it is episode 2.20 and it will air april 9th and until April 30 the 2nd new episode will air and it is called The touch of Death and that is episode 2.21, so that leaves episode 2.22 and the season ender episode 2-23 for May. Hopefully by the time episode 2.21 or episode 2.22 air Alex will be better and at least ready to shoot those final episodes. I pray God that will happen and Alex will be fine. :heart: :angel:

  26. The show last night with Ed Asner was good BUT Alex defiinitely needs the time to put on more weight! Hope when he comes on again he has gained a pound or two. 😀 More to love, as they say. I guess Ed was defnintely a bad character…wonder if they will catch up with him and his diamonds..sure wasn’t the Mary Tyler Moore show character!! Looking at Danny and compairing him to Alex you can tell that Alex is way to thin compaired with cutie “Danno” but he’s still my boy. 😆 AND hopefully he will give us an update…he used to send messages when he was in the Moonlight and 3 Rivers stories…wonder why he doesn[t communicate now. yes, ladies, I know he is busy and recovering but ONE Sentence…please!! Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan. :love: :heart: :heart:

    1. Give it a rest. Alex is a little busy dealing with a very serious condition, one that could be life-threatening. He doesn’t owe you anything. Have you read his comments about dickheads? Read it and look in a mirror.

      Sorry to be so rude, but I and some others on this site are tired of hearing how Alex owes us information, etc., and then the person demanding this signs herself as Alex’s Forever Fan.

      1. SHIRLY== I must have missed those, what did he say?

    2. I was also like you Suzanne at the beginning that how come we did not knwo any update from him and his recovery process and I was bashed by fans who told me that was noone of my business and it was a private matter that we as fans do not have a voice on it.

      Then I learned that Alex at this moment is like Shirley said Ït is busy dealing and being treated for his condition” and for sure he need to be away from things that may disrubr his treatment, whatever treatment it is he is following it.

      I am sure he knows that his fans are with him at this moment, and I hope the cards we have sent to him he will get them or read some and also the virtual card sent by fans that his rep may give him, wil make him feel better and when he feels much better thru his representative or agent he may give an statement.

      But at this moment we do not anything about his progress, and Im sure that he cant give one if he is busy with his treatment. I am sure that all the wait will pay off soon. We want him to be strong, healthy and ready for season 3 or the last episodes of this season. He will apprecaite all the love and support and care we are all giving him so at this moment we only have to pray and be positive that he is progressing well, there is nothing more we can do. We cant hunt him and finding out or looking for his update, as noone really knows, beause this is a private matter, he needs to be away from the media for a while. so lets give him that at least thta way he will return much better soon.

  27. wow can’t belive no one remarked about last nights show. I belive the original writers were included on this one. the caraguments were great, the sillyness with the cake was great, the surfing bit (although, it reminded me of “her”) also great. everything was almost like at first, except–our Alex was not as buff–still beautiful, just not the best hes been. hurry and get well, we love you so 🙂

  28. has anyone noticed the size of Alex’s feet??? Wow, can you imagine!! 👿

    1. Yeah, you know what they say, “big hands, big feet, big disappointment.”

      1. I don’t know..it always worked out for me! :p

    2. LOL Anne I said the same thing! Ummmmmm 😀

  29. Tiffany, thank you for the news about Alex and the renewal for H5O! Congratulations, Alex on your new season. My best for you and everyone on the H5O team.

  30. Finally Alex has a Tv hit that lasted more than just 1 season, like it happened with Moonlight and Threee Rivers. I hope he is happy for that

  31. Hi Tiffany, that’s great news about five-0 getting renewed for season 3. I had no doubt. I love each episode. This upcoming week sounds interesting with Edward Asner reprising his character from the original Hawaii five-0. I wish Alex the very best with his health and looking forward to season 3. Lisa

  32. Whoops…hit the wrong button…as I was saying I wish someone would give us an update on his progress. It would seem he;s coming along okay Much from Suzanne Alex’s Forever fan :love: :heart:

    1. Yes, sometimes no news could mean good news. But as we all know Alex is a private person and Im sure when he is ready he will address the media on what happened to him or at least write an statement so his rep can read it to the public
      Too bad Alex is not in the first half part of the NCIS/H50 Cross over I hope he can make it to the second half part when it is the turn of H50 .

  33. A big ‘YEAH AND CONGRATS” to Alex and the crew and making Monday night the night to REALLY watch… I agree with some who say more love and romance and story lines…and anyone who advises Alex should go on with that rigorous : chedule that had him in troube is nuts ;-( ANd he did win that contest about sexist guy on TV by a landslide!! Whee! Also renewing the show would inidcate he is recovering from his physical problems or they wouldnt have signed the show on so fast. Good luck all around… I do wish that

  34. I want to see more focus on Steve. I feel like we see so much of the others. I was used to Moonlight where it was all Mick and Beth. I need more Alex.

    1. Well toby remember that H50 is not the same as Moonlight I mean H50 is more like an actionb cop drama that is more intense and has more suspense and if they focus more on Steve and his life like romance and all, this is not a love tv show, there has to b e balance of love, drama, suspense and action. Steve character is more reserved due to his Seal background so I guess is why his character has been that way so far. Although is nice a little romance on the show I dont want to be the main focus on a show that is supposed to focus on fighting crime and has to have action and suspense plus the comedy that goes along with it once in a while also not the whole time. If the show focus on just one theme it may bore people. They have to throw everything drama, romance, family, suspense, action etc. and balance it IMHO

  35. · Edit

    Couldn’t have received happier news, given the recent developments in Alex’s life. I loved both seasons of H50…and agree with many of the above recommendations for future episodes. I know the show is doing well in the ratings but I really would love to see more promos in the media, magaines, tv guides etc. they seem to focus on the same old shows over and over. Hawaii is in the news so much these days. But Hawaii Five 0 needs more exposutre IMHO. Alex and his whole team are incredible and should be given more attention. Thanks Tiffany for the great news.

    1. I could not agree with u more. H50 need more media exposure magazines, TV entertainment shows, magazines, as they always focus more on other old shows especially shows that had been on the air for yearsthat always take center stage. Each show deserve a chance

  36. Yessssssssss! H-50 renewed for the 3rd season. Congrats to the cast!
    I’m Lovin It! :love: :heart: ^_^

  37. I am so happy for Alex and the cast and crew for the renewal this is a wonderful series and show be on for ever. I a serious note what ever people are saying about ALEX PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE Alex is a good man and has to much going in in his life not to screw things up. Everyone has things in their life that should remain private and Alex is no different. LEAVE HIM ALONE we as fans have waited so long for Alex to find his home in the acting world and he has so support him and pray for him don’t lose faith in him he and the cast of H 5 0 need our support now more than ever so if you love Alex and the show stick with him he will not let us down Alex has never let us down and is not going to now. ALEX FROM ONE FAN WHO HAS FOLLOWED YOUR CAREER SINCE OYSTER FARMER UNTIL H 5 0 I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO CHEER YOU ON I love you and your acting and millions of other fans feel the same way SO A BIG WAY TO GO :love: 😀 😮 8) 😆 :whistle:

  38. My friends and I are so glad that CBS has agreed to a Third Series of Hawaii Five-O, as we are all from Australia where Alex was born and grew up, we have always supported his career since he left to go and further his acting career in the US.

    We can’t wait to get Series 2 on DVD, and eventually Series Three. Well done CBS.

  39. I am so excited, great news that H50 was renewed for a third season. I enjoy it so much and look so forward to seeing Alex every Monday night. He is so awesome, what a hunk!! I love the whole cast
    such great chemistry. The carguments with Dano are great. I love everything about the show, especially Alex but also the beautiful Hawaiian scenery. Congratulations!!!!

  40. CBS ain’t no fools… H%) is here to stay. Glad Lori is gone, she messed up the dynamic of the team. Alex is hotter than hot and the rest oif H%0 is the perfect team. Bring back Joe and have more shirtless ALex is season 3!!!! Alex needs to to kick more ass those scenes are always good and who ever writes for H5O knows exactly what they are doing because the cast is so perfect and the storylines are perfect…don’t change! Just keep getting better and take care of my Alex!!!!!PLEASE take care of my McGarrett.

    1. Well Dee Dee. Liek u I need more kick out ass scenes and intensity and suspense and carguments and bromance as well but in this case I dont want Alex to be doing most of his stunts to prevent any possible injury. Lori is unlikely she return even if Peter tweeted sometime ago, that since her character was not dead, he just said Who knows. But Lauren German is going to be in a new pilot for a new drama for NBC, called Chicago Fire, so I think she cant be in 2 places at once.

      Knowing that LG will be in another series. it got me thinking that if LG really left H50 because her time at H50 was indeed temporary, there was no need for lots of critics toward her from fans(including me) becaue we thought she was going to be permanent and her character was poor and we really did not know the straight facts that she indeed was temp therefore she started looking for another job as an actress once her time was coming to an end.

      I mean if Peter just have said in the beginning of the season that she was going to be a temp, we all just had to enjoy the show until her time was up regarldess of how bad or good was her performannce on H50, beause we all knew her time was temp and never permanent.

      As for Terry O Quinn I believe is also unlikely he returns as he is going to be in a pilot for another series at ABC.

      Im happy happy H50 will return for a 3rd season!! Yeah!! A good excuse to watch Alex more often hehe! 😀 🙂

      I hope on the 3rd season they change a bit Steve clothes, more colors for his shirts

  41. The show has been great the way it is. I’m so so happy CBS as finally wised up to the fact that Alex is a money maker for them. I hope he lets a stunt man do some of his stunts next year to prevent any more injuries to himself. I love the humor and the action and the beauty of the islands (not to mention the beauty of Alex himself). I would like to see more personal relations with Alex and a love interest. Thank you CBS for another season to look forward to Monday nights.

  42. SO HAPPY! Now we look forward to Mondays. I’m with all of you. Alex has worked very hard and even though moonlight was great I think it was before the times. Now there are all kind of Vampire shows. I am Happy for him and all the cast. Matching up Scott,DDK,Grace and Max with all the guest stars and great stories, mixing in the way they all blend together what a treat for us. Congrats to all of H50. Us fans too! 🙂

  43. Wonderful news! Congrats to Alex,Scott,Daniel and Grace and everyone at H5O for renewal of another season. Looking forward to season 3. :love:

  44. That is GREAT NEWS! I love this show and all the characters, but especially Alex. I’m so glad that this show has been renewed for another season. Alex is the reason it’s doing so good. He is an AWESOME actor and a person. Also, they got the rest of the cast right on. Looking forward to the new season, it gets better & better. Hope it lasts as long as the original. YEAH YEAH!

  45. Congrats to cast and crew on renewal for season 3! Also, congrats to Alex for being the #1 crush :heart: Now we do need more on each 5-0’s loves like agree with Shirley-Steve needs a stable love-life and absolutely someone who tells him upfront “no sharing the bed until we get to know each other,” Kono really needs a guy to fall for, Chin Ho and Malia doing married couple things, Danno I really like with Gabby because Rachel causes too much drama in his life. I read Lori might make a come-back-I just don’t see her with Steve, he needs someone out of law enforcement. Maybe a hot new neighbor who moves next door to him and likes to “skinny-dip” in the moonlight! 👿

    1. Lauren German (Lori) has been cast in Chicago Fire – a new NBC drama, so not likely that she will return to H50.

      1. I just read the news also about LG. So what Peter said some time ago that hinted she could retrun or not return my guess is it is unlikely she return if she has been casted to act in another show at another network. The same applies with Terry O Quinn he will do a pilot for a new tv series on ABC.

      2. I hope they have found her a role she is more suited for. She really did not seem to fit in the Hawaii 5-0 universe.

  46. Im happy happy for all cast and crew and thanks CBS also. But im happier for Alex who now has a hit series that lasted long than Moonlight and 3 Rivers, He must feel very happy now and I hope these news make him feel so much better given the condition he is in righ tnow

    1. 😀 :love: :heart: :p :love:

  47. Ekkkkk more ALEX omg, luv H50 fantastic show keep it going for a long time please but we do need more of ALEX with his shirt off that’s a must!!! Also start blowing more shit up always looks gud an makes more of a story when one of the team gets kidnapped or just keep us thinking on a who done it type, serial killers etc. they cud actually keep this show going for years. They shud ask us for story lines an see who’s is the best an whoever wins gets to meet ALEX lol mmmmm you can dream!!!!

  48. WOOHOO!! :woot: This is such great news for Alex and the rest of the cast and crew of H5O. Congratulations to all of you!! :love:

  49. maravilloso! yo sabia que habria una 3 temporada ! :love: :love: :love:

  50. I forgot to check below to make sure I see all of the comments.

    This is really good news that, as fans, we all needed. Hopefully, it will bring a smile to that lovely face as well!

  51. I can’t imagine anyone being lukewarm about H50. It’s a great show. What else could anyone want…as long as Alex is there, I’m happy. Yeah! Season 3. Can’t wait to see the rest of season 2 with alex healthy again. Does anyone know what happened to the lastest news site?

  52. Yay! I’m so happy. H5O is my favorite and I’m looking forward to another exciting and funny new season. Congrats to all the cast and crew. You’re amazing!

  53. Yupii yeeeee…..Thank God for that…..good news for Alex renewing the show and wining the poll against Jensen was awsom. That means yesterday was a great day for all of us we…. are so happy for our boy! Alex deserve it! Hope this H5O run at least like the old one…that wod B great. Love them all but in my mind, heart and body always will be AOL :love: :love: :love:

    1. I didn’t check in with the voting. So it’s over and Alex won?! I happen to be a supernatural fan also and like Jensen. I must admit I voted for Alex though LOL!
      I also, agree thanks Tiffany for the sight.

  54. Yay!!!!!!!! I am so happy! I’ve seen too many of Alex’s shows cancelled it’s so great to see H-50 renewed for season 3! I would like to see Lori come back, I really liked her. Also more of Max, he makes me laugh 🙂

  55. I am so glad they are up for a third season. Maybe there is hope for television yet. I love the whole show and all the actors are absolutely GREAT

  56. MORE carguments, 5-0 out socializing as a team, definitely…more Senior Caan & continue with the lovely scenery of the islands. Oops, almost forgot another important one…the team surfing together…that would make me smile!!! THANKS mucho for the news…yall have a terrific week! WE get a NEW H50 on Monday…booyah!!!!!!!! 😀 😀


  58. I am soooooooooo excited that H5-O will be returning for another season!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: 😀

  59. Tiffany: Thanks for this and the opportunity for us to give our positive feedback on Season 3.

    Here’s my 2 cents:

    – Lots more carguments–Can’t get enough of them
    – More Grace and Rachael–Love the family dynamic between them and Danno
    – More personal life with Steve, be it bringing back his sis for some episodes or finding him a love interest. It would be nice to see Alex have the chance to show his romantic and sensitive side of acting in having Steve court a young lady. And I do mean courting. No rushing into bed–let’s see him develop a true, deep relationship and how it unfolds. Lots more sexual tension. And make sure the character is down to earth and just a regular girl. Tons more believable that way, and the average viewer gets more of a connection to the character.
    – More Max–he’s a hoot in whatever he does.
    – More Chin Ho and wife. I’d like to see some of their personal lives.
    – How about developing a relationship for Kono whether it be that tech guy or someone new. I really liked that surfer guy that she knew in high school, but that actor is on Once Upon a Time. No chance of him being on H50. Too bad. I thought they were good together.
    – And absolutely introduce more story arcs instead of just procedural. Tons more interesting and keeps folks coming back week after week.
    – More of the “big guy.’ He’s always good for a laugh.
    – They do a good job of it now, but more of the islands. They are so beautiful. And branch out from Oahu. They went to Lanai last year for just a bit; let’s see more of that.

    Thanks again!

    1. Shirley, out of everything I have read, you hit the nail on the head. I like the orignal team of 4 but bringing personal live in with them would be brilliant. Far more realistic. Lets hope CBS read your comments and take note, perfect for season 3. Well done kid.x 8) :woot:

      1. Sarah: Thanks very much, however, does CBS really read anything that fans post on-line? And thanks for calling me a kid–haven’t heard that in a very long time! LOL 😀

  60. Good news for the cast and crew. I’m looking forward to season 3…and hope they don’t mess with a good thing…season 1 & 2 did not disappoint…and love the show.

  61. I was so happy when I heard about this yesterday. And to think, this almost certainly guarantees a season 4 renewal so that HUGE syndication deal kicks in!!! :woot:

  62. OMG that’s awesome Congratulations to the entire cast, but more so to Alex who now has a series that’s gone more than one season!!!!

  63. :heart: :love: :heart: :love:

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