Alex O’Loughlin FanArt Whimsical Wednesday


Another fanart day is here and as always we have some nice new material from the creators. Although the pieces are diversified in their own way, they seem to take on more of two types this week. From fantasy alternative universe and the man in a tux. Both types are worth checking out and you can do so below in the virtual gallery.




We will start with Bryna this week as she has outdone herself with another Back-Up Plan poster. The Back-Up Plan is one of many of Alex fans’ favorite movie and it is certainly Bryna’s. She has been wanting to see a sequel come to life for real for a long time now. Alex’s performance in this romantic comedy has captured many hearts as well. Since nothing seems to be on the books she created this dream poster for a sequel to her other sequel she had created. If you have not seen that one, you should check it out on her Twitter page, but in the meantime , here is her newest creation regarding it.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Becoming_Bryna




Moving on, if you have not seen Gaby’s timeless collection that she does, you have been missing out,  She has not only placed Alex in these type of settings that rival the Untouchables novelty but she also has some of Scott, Alex and Scott, and even the old Hawaii Five 0 original core four, so you should check them out too. In the meantime she did this one just for the fanart post and we are glad she did. Alex or Steve (however you want to see it) as a old time gangster is a nice change. It sure would be fun to see him in a role like that and since he has said he likes to play bad guys, maybe his agent will get a hint.  Would you like to see him do something like that someday?

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit H50Europe




Staying with the alternative universe concept this next one is from Sonja.  If you read fan fiction, there have been stories that have Steve as different types of creatures including one that can fly. It looks as if Sonja might be into that concept as she has clearly given him wings here.  With them being black wings, could he be a dark angel? The background seems to lead that way but of course like any art piece you can use your imagination and take it from there.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)




Since we shared some never seen before photos from Alex’s 2011 GQ photoshoot recently and we need to choose from the gallery for Silvia again this week, we chose this one for her. It seems to be fitting and also quite nice to look at.  Alex gazing into the horizon in a tux is a nice sight.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Silvia from the gallery




Along the same lines we took one of the new pics and enhanced it, and then made it more of a drawing as you can see. 

alex o'loughlin fanart




Over and out for another fanart day. Like every week it is fun to see what the creators have come up with. This week was no different and once again a nice surprise. Hope you enjoyed the pieces.


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