Fated to Pretend – Moonlight Episode 1.13

mick and josephAt the end of Moonlight episode 1.12 Mick used Coraline’s temporary vampirism “cure” and was transformed into a human again.

In episode 1.13, Fated to Pretend, we pick up with Mick St. John describing his adventure in mortality…how it feels to eat and to sleep in a bed. Having not tasted food in many decades, he has a voracious appetite and we see him munching away on hotdogs and doughnuts with abandon.

He and Beth meet up at the beach and she tells Mick that mortality suits him and that he seems to have found happiness. He insists that the old Mick has returned as he used to be very happy before he was turned into a vampire. They discuss all that happened with Josh and Beth puts it behind her. She tells Mick she would not have married Josh, and when he asks why she says that she has feelings for someone else…deep feelings…and that HE must decide what to do about it. Of course we all know she is telling Mick she has feelings for him and he needs to step up and address that.

Joseph also tells Mick he must face his feelings for Beth and Mick admits that he is in love with her. Joseph correctly assumes that vampirism was not a barrier between them..Mick is afraid of getting hurt.

Mick’s carefree dance with mortality is interrupted by another case to solve. Beth’s boss gets murdered and she and Mick must figure out which case it was that she was working on, that got her killed. There are 3 major leads and they pursue them all with some interesting turns and twists. We also meet Josh’s replacement in the DAs office. Another straight laced but very cute guy. Beth immediately takes a liking to him.

They end up finding the killer only to be find he is a vampire. He turns on Mick, Beth, and the new DA and attacks them. Then he abducts the latter two, assuming that Mick is dead. Mick visit his coroner friend to get patched up after the scuffle and to find out where he can find this vampire. He then goes home to fetch some gear when Joseph confronts him and tells him that if he goes up against a vampire in his mortal state he will die. Joseph attacks Mick to make the point and helpless against Joseph, Mick admits defeat. He cannot save Beth from the clutches of another vampire unless he too is a vampire.

Mick reluctantly asks Joseph to turn him into a vampire again. A single tear streams down his face as he loses mortality once again. He is not willing to let Beth die when he can save her.

Mick and Joseph go on a rescue mission and save Beth and the DA, leaving the new DA scratching his head over what happened of course. Later on Beth and Mick are hanging out at his apartment for a “date” they had planned while he was still mortal. Feeling that he is withdrawing from her once again she decides to leave. He grabs her and they share one heck of a kiss. Mick asks Beth to give him time and she tells him not to take to long…he has forever on his side but she doesn’t.

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  1. Stephanie, Welcome to AOLO…

    We all miss Alex’s Mick as well as the entire ensemble of cast in Moonlight…

    Our worry now is about this contract Alex signed with CBS with a promised project… The contract in effect 2, possibly 2+, months & no project has hinted to be surfacing… Read SonjaMUK post on Alex’s Latest News & see if you get the same odd feeling I did that there will be no project at all… Nina Tassler, CBS Entertainment Exec & the woman responsible for presenting this contract to Alex’s Australian locale agents, is up to dirty again as she has been since before she cancelled Moonlight for her own reasons but certainly not for lack of ratings or popularity of the show… If it were not for Nina we would still be watching Moonlight & it would have already begun it’s 2nd season…

  2. i luv moonlight and it respects all vampires and i luv vampire since i was a little girl i adore them so mick is great and he is very hot as well!!!!

  3. Hi Donna,

    I had to dig this one, Fated to Pretend, from the AOLO archeives as Tiffany put it to rest, but I wanted to make sure my ML family, on this thread, got the word…

    So we will put this FTP to rest again and the new thread is here at AOLO & is called “Alex Asks for Your Support”… I hope others from our ML family will follow suit & join over at the new thread…

    BTW, since you seem to still be as devoted as I am about ML & I do like chatting with you, but know you work & can be only occasionally, I am going to give Tiffany permission to send you my e-mail address… She has done this with several of our ML sisters & I who have asked for my address…Does this suit you, since there are somethings in friendship better not stated on a public site?

    Hope This gets sent to you right away, Tish

    We all have, more or less, become sort of a family, the Moonlight Family, predominated by the Moonlight Sisterhood…Long may we all remain so for Alex…

  4. The message is from his blog.

    Where is the new thread.

  5. Hey Everyone at this thread,

    Please head over to the new Thread on this site cause Alex sent us a message… plus I got a gift link from another ML sister for the neatest Moonlight screensaver…Thank you, Christie, I really love it… And, if you don’t mind, I am printing the link for the free ML screensaver over at the new thread Tiffany, our wonderful hostess here at AOLO, posted yesterday

  6. Hi Elizabeth,

    Sorry for not getting back to you quicker, but dealing with somethings in my own life right now…but, I will survive…

    I cannot believe all of this pertaining to ML, it is so unbelievable, it is a NIGHTMARE… But don’t give up the fight yet Elizabeth & everyone, there are other venues to approach like a series aired, from start, on DVDs, just to mention one way of getting out Moonlight… this one seems great because we could watch each of the episodes as many times as we like to….

    The source for MLL says, “Moonlight is not dead yet”, so we just must keep the faith & continue to fight, probably evwen harder than ever… I know I am…

    Head on over to http://www.pca.com, Elizabeth & everyone, to vote at new polls which contain many questions pertaining to our Moonlight… It may seem redundant & monotonous, but we can’t stop or be stopped now… Please especially answer all to do with ML & its cast… For more of a voice leave comments… To do this flip the question by hitting the # in the line for the question. the inner small screen will flip to reveal others comments and then you click below to post your own… Extremelt important as there seems to be a few ML Bashers at this site that need to get their comeupins from all of us fighting so hard… it is the ML Haters that are making our fight all the more stressful… I am there commenting as well as MsTish…

    I need to sign off for now as we are in for heavy monsoons this afternoon, norm for this time of year in AZ, and make sure all is secure out there before they show their scary elecrical wetness…

    I am still your ML Sister, Pat

  7. Hi Pat,
    I’m still “mooning” over Moonlight. I read on moonlightline that the meeting has not taken place yet between Direct TV and Silver Pictures. There is still time to say a little prayer that we get renewed or that something good happens. I’ll settle for a movie at this point.

    I bought the script “Click” and I can’t wait for it to get here! I have never seen a genuine script before with all of the revisions so it will be very interesting. I’ll let you know what I see. I’ve always wondered if the script contains all the prompts for the actors or if they improvise most of them on their own. It will be fun!

    I am booperrn on Moonlightline. I don’t input very much but I read it all. I read every blog that has to do with ML so I don’t miss anything. By the way, Carl is played by Brian White. He’s the cop that is always at the crime scenes. As I watch the reruns, I admire the cast more and more.


  8. Elizabeth,

    My Gosh, those are small bales of hay… The ones I get weigh between 100 to 125lbs, occasionally the store gets in lighter bales, but never changes the cost from the amount of the lager bales… Do you think I am paying for the fedd store owner’s new car???? But I can never remember paying any less for hay even back 20 years ago when hay in CA sold for approximately $5 a bale… No this time of the year I do not grain… With my horses not being ridden, it will only agitate them… besides when I had an episode with my Katie in December of getting something caught in her thoracic output, my vet put a stop to giving her grain for now…I think I may have to have her teeth floated at her age, but she seems to be chewing alright… In reality, she is very hyper & when she 1st came into my life she had an ulcer from stress; former owner’s fault… there are people who should own animals and then there are the ones that need not even pet an animal; he was one of those When I got the courts to release them to me for good instead of caring for them to put them in jeopardy again with him my horse back then had more rib showing than BBQd ones on a plate… It took me a very long time, lots of care, love, & patience to get them looking healthy again… Luckily, Holly had not been around him that long to suffer his damage… but my others have come along just fine since them nearly 8 years ago…

    Ah, yes, Elizabeth, there are so many stories that lie in wait for ML, I pray we will eventually get our reprieve to see them come to life on screen with our familiar cast of characters…I know this would probably be the most horrible of thoughts about Beth and the mortal cure… but what if Beth is Mick’s own flesh & blood…what if, when he was courting Coraline, the latter was under the influence of the Mortal Cure, so she was normal in everyway 7 could complete that with the ability to bear a child, human Mick’s child???? I know that would be bad and heartbreaking for us all…

    BTW, do you go on the message board over at MLL??? What name are you under??? I am spiritedangel, now a Willing Freshie….

    Well, it is almost 7PM here & my tummy is growling, so I am going to get a bite to eat & relax…

    Later, then ML Sister, Pat

  9. Hi Pat,
    How much do your bales of hay weigh? Ours weigh around 40 pounds and cost $3.75 per bale. My two horses eat one bale per day – 1/2 bale each. They also eat grain. Beau gets 2 quarts twice a day and Baily get 1 1/2 quarts twice a day.

    In one of his interviews, Alex stated that there is a story behind his ring and one behind the fleur de lis pendant that he wears. I love that pendant. Wish I could find one like it. I have searched but none are like his. I didn’t know Beth was a key to the cure. Wow! That would be a great twist to the story. I know Mick saved some of his blood from when he was human so maybe Beth with have her friend at Bioanalysis do something with it! I wish I could write an episode. I have a million ideas!

    I am so impressed by Trevor for coming up with this idea and then selling it and putting it on screen. It’s amazing to me. I just know he has tons of stories in his head that would help season II!!

    Night, Pat. Talk to you tomorrow.

  10. Hi Elizabeth,

    I’m still online; I was ordering “Eclipse” at a lower cost than Barnes & Noble, came to $15.44 with shipping… Have to say sorry to our Tiffany here, however, but this was through Alibris, not Amazon… It’s brand new and hardcover to boot… Since Breaking Dawn is soon to be released I will just pick that up at a local store selling new books… Only balk of Alibris is that this book is coming from the seller, A-1 Books, and won’t be here until July 14th… Can’t wait!!!!

    BTW, Elizabeth, how much is a bale of hay going for back east now??? Out here I pay approximately $14 a bale and multiply that by 3 per week as each horse eats 1 bale per week itself… I do not feed grain in the summer heat, to hot and they do not need the hype when not being ridden… The horses get other treats from me, I get them all sorts of veggies and fruits… they love it all… Holly, my mustang, is willing to try anything she sees me eating; now that is trust for a horse so young(9 yrs)… SunDance(Sunny) comes a close 2nd to being inquisitive enough to smell then take what I offer; he’ll be 19 in August… Now Katie, my 21 year old no-color Appy alpha mare, who is also Sunny’s full sister, is not that easily convinced about anything… However, since she has become rivaled against my Mustang mare, for whatever reason is beyond both Holly & me, Katie will just accept if she thinks Holly is getting something special… Katie has been this way since I allowed the young woman who won so many blue ribbons on Katie’s mother’s back since both were young, to keep Sugar Butt for the rest of her life(has a full body blanket of black speckling on white)… Mom Sugar is going to be 32 years old and still going strong; she now plays Mama to other younger horses in her corral up in Northern AZ…

    One day, Holly was following me around outside of the corral… I was, as always, eating on the run… I was indulging in a piece of fried chicken when along comes Holly sticking her nose up against my face to get a whiff of what I had in my mouth and in my hand… So, for the heck of it, I broke a good size piece of chicken off and gave it to her… She didn’t drop it out of her mouth but instead gave it a few chews then swollowed the meat… Afterwards she threw back her head, curled her lip & snickered… Still not sure if that was an approval or what… Holly has tried the likes of raw eggplant, fresh pineapple and usually is the lead for the others to try something new aside from carrots & apples or any common veggie & fruit…

    Horses do not flinch at too much, except if they know it would do them harm, like their arch enemy a mountain lion or maybe even a rattlesnake… One AM I was outside and it was so funny and wish I had a video camera for the shot that was before me… Across the road from me is open land that is normally fenced, but occasionally cattle come in and somehow find a break in the fenceline… On this particular AM my horses seemed preoccupied with something coming down the dirt service road that abutts their corral, so I stood there for a moment to watch, too… This had to be special since nothing coming through that road would normally get their attention… Sure enough, here comes a herd of cattle that broke out of the fenced open land and were strolling about to check for fresh vegetation… What was so funny and comical were my horses; all 3 standing there side by side & as the cows passed all in unison my horses moved their heads from left to right simultaneously as if they were choreographed into doing that… I don’t think I have ever seen any group of animal act so uniform in motion at any time but then without being formerly staged…

    Whoops,you lost me… I know Logan, & Jason’s Josef &, of course, Sophia’s Beth, but who is Carl???? And I still feel their is more of a storyline there for Coraline/Shannyn, especially for a Mortal Cure sequel& the Royal bloodline…Also there is Mick’s ring, it is “old” and I feel there is a story behind that and why he wears it as well… I read that Sophia’s Beth somehow holds the key factor to the mortal cure, definitely have to fine out how!!!!!

    I am not sure yet how from here we can get Moonlight a pick up and needed attention before ML fans attention wanes… So I am hoping that others will throw in their 2 cents to help… Perhaps Tiffany can run a Thread devoted to this topic… How about it Tiffany??? PLEASE!!!! we can also run this subject across to other message boards and see what they have to say… Be careful on doing so on MLL, as they all feel Leeser is the Annointed One and should be the only one to tell them what to do… No free thinking, I see, over there…

    Great chatting with you today, Elizabet, but it is 2nd feeding time for the horses and then I have some things I need to d like balnace my checkbooks and check my stocks online… Hey, could do a Stock Block against Time Warner(owners of Moonlight with Silver, but some rights with CBS,,, don’t know how that still works with cancellation… think CBS is reason 1st season not on DVD yet, too)… Their stocks are low in cost right now, although my broker does not really care for this stock as he says company shabbily run…But buying into this corporate stock could give us a winning hand of sorts to hold as an ace in a hole with clalling some sort of bluff like, “We will take away the block, if you first find Moonlight suitable home and keep it going for more than one more season”…

    Have a great night & the beginning of a good work week, Pat

  11. Hi Pat,
    I just finished the third book of the “Twilight” series and I think it was the best. I have the 4th book on order – it is scheduled to be released in September. I can’t wait to read it. Meanwhile, like you, I find nothing I really enjoy on TV. I re-watch the episodes of ML that I bought and downloaded from itunes. I know every word by heart!! Tonight I start book 1 of the vampire chronicles by Anne Rice. Alex mentioned that he enjoyed them and I’ve been a vampire fan longer than he has been alive so it’s a good bet I’ll enjoy them too.

    It is very hot and humid in Connecticut this weekend. You’re right about how it feels to be on the back of a horse. I just can’t get enough. My horse, Beau, is 22 and he’s “been there and done that”. Nothing bothers him and that makes it more fun because I don’t have to worry so much. There is nothing like riding through the forests and watching nature unfold. One time we rode through a group of 9 deer that were just lying down on both sides of the trail. We didn’t talk and they stayed where they were! That was one of the coolest things that ever happened to me!

    Back to Moonlight. I am with you and will help in anyway I can. I just need to know what to do next to help. I hope the cast is as dedicated as we are. I would hate to see anyone of them drop out. I like Jason, Carl, Logan and Sophia, too. They are so great and they make the show as we know it.

    Keep in touch! Elizabeth

  12. PS: Forgot to mention that both paperback “Twilight Series” novels I have read were 500 & more pages, so worth the price…And once you begin reading them you’ll wish they were longer…

    PPS: I still feel we are all missing one important item that we have yet to do to influence TPTB to resurrect Moonlight, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it right this second… I still have a deep gut feeling that WE can bring Moonlight back eventually… It is most important, however, that we boost the moral of the masses of fans so that they just do not give up the fight yet…And right now, our moral is lower than it has ever been in this fight…
    Perhaps this is due to the fact that Leeser’s contact for ML info has yet to respond more postively that the article in the Hollywood Reporter was nothing more than a rumor… All that this source told MLL when the article hit the news was that “It was PROBABLY incorrect”, WE HAVE HEARD NOTHING MORE FROM THIS CONTACT TO AFFIRM THE CONTACT’S ORIGINAL STATEMENT….


    If any of you have any other ideas that could further our efforts to perhaps bring Moonlight back with more new episodes at a later date than the Fall season PLEASE feel free to verse them here & We CAN carry this through from this post here on Alex O’Loughlin Online….

  13. Elizabeth Hi back,

    Sounds great a trail ride on a mountain side… where I live, no mountains to speak of, or not close enough… And I no longer ride the horses as I said due to the accident with a semi… Don’t think it doesn’t bother me no to, it does… There is nothing so peaceful as being on a horse; it is like not being a part of the human race. You are one with the equine & one with the universe, a universe that has no place for the world we know, but as we should know…

    I think more people feel as I do about Holly(the majority I have spoken with as well as some Alex fans on the message boards, especially MySpace) & more of us would like to see Alex with someone far more worthy of his genuinely loving nature… Perhaps not Sophia, but someone as close in personality & affection…

    I do not think we have to fear about Alex taking care of his son, don’t believe I see him as someone who could be considered a Deadbeat Dad… And I do so hope the boy gets to have fun with Alex personally when Alex is back in Australia; it would be so sad if Alex & his son were deprived of that bonding together… Can you imagine how this child must feel now with the fact that “Daddy is a big American TV star & he’s a vampire”? It may be impressive to Saxon’s friends that his biological father is a big TV star, but, at that age, it is probably more to all their liking that Alex played a vampire; a very popular genre of that age group… Even Alex has admitted to enjoying vampire stories since he was very young(& even now as he reads the tales of Anne Rice); so the apple may not fall far from the O’Loughlin tree…

    When I came back from running the dogs in the desert this AM, after a cool shower as this desert is cooking again so the little reprieve we did have with rain showers was shot lived… I then finally opened my new copy of “Oyster Farmer” and sat back to watch… I thoroughly enjoyed Alex in this movie, and there was one very explicit scene in OF that left little to the imagination, very, very steamy…. Definitely colder shower time!!!!

    Since I find little on TV that I enjoy watching, now with summer hiatus of shows on ABC(which was the usual channel I watched on Sundays–not much else during rest of week), and mostly with the cancellation of our most favorite of all on TV, Moonlight, I guess I will be watching more of my DVD & VHS collection of movies when home or heading for the movies in town…

    Oh, am definitely going to buy the hardcover copy of “Eclipse”, the 3rd of the “Twight seried” of books… I finished “Twilight” & “New Moon” in no tme flat as they were good reading that kept my interest and flowed easily… Both of those come in paperback for approximately $11+tax in a book store that sells new editions; “Eclipse” still remains $9 more in hard cover… In August the 4th of the series, “Breaking Dawn” is being released for sale, yes in hard cover only for awhile…

  14. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for getting the scoop on the People’s Choice Awards. I just voted for my favorite vamp. Hope it helps. I just got back from trail riding. It was so beautiful out on the mountain.

    In an article I read, Alex has one son, Saxon and he’s 10. There has not been any word on the child’s mother. That is private, I’m sure. That would mean Alex was 21 at the time. As long as he stays a part of his son’s life, that will be good. That young man is going to have a very famous Daddy some day!

    I like Holly. I think she did a great job in BC. I’m sure it was fun for Alex to have her on the set. He said that he doesn’t get much time to spend with her and that makes him sad. If she makes him happy then I’m happy. I’m sure it must be a little hard on Holly now that Alex is hitting it big. I hope things work out whatever way they are suppose to!

    Alex said he has no romantic interest in Sophia. He says they are friends and he loves working with her. When one of the reporters asked him about their on screen chemistry, Alex replied “it’s called acting!”.

    I am happy that you found an address for Alex. I plan to write so he knows that all of his fans are not young and hot for him! I want him to know that he has a lot of people of all ages rooting for him. I hope he writes back to some of us. That would be fun.

    Take care.

  15. Everyone,

    Yes, get on over to http://www.pcavote.com , time is of the essence to do so… There are many questions dirwcted toward voting on Moonlight on the Buzz Poll…

    Thus far,

    Pg 2: Favorite Male TV Actor/ all are Alex, but still vote!!!

    Pg 3: Favorite TV Program/ all Moonlight, but still vote!!!!

    Pg 4: Favorite TV actress/ all Sophia, but still vote!!!

    Pg 6: Best Moonlight Vampire Villian/ Lola, Donavan Shepard(guy who was in prison, escaped, long blond hair, manical in looks, flung Beth across room), other, VOTE!!!! so far Donavan winning at 44% to Lola’s 31%

    Pg 8: Tired Of polls on Moonlight & Buffy, the Vampire??
    Go vote now on this one; its not good so far for uss
    64% voted yes…

    Pg 9: Moonlight Fans Only:
    What do you want to happen between Beth/Mick?
    59%, so far, have said, stay as human and vampirin opposition to turning Beth

    Pg 9: Moonlight Emmy??? all Moonlight and, so far , voted to 62%

    Can’t recall the pages for these 2 as there are 21 pages to go through, BUT THEN ISN’T EVERYTHING WE DO FOR MOONLIGHT WORTH IT??? I hope the was a resounding YES

    a) Of the 3 major Networks, CBS was chosen for the WORST TV FALL LINEUP 49%

    b)There was a question about if “We would watch ML w/o our actors?” and I think it was winning at NO

    Please get over there and vote everyone on all of the threads here at Alex O’Loughlin Online… every vote is important, to try to change minds about ML’s future, or should I say getting a furture for ML… PLEASE ALL VOTE NOW OVER AT http://www.pcavote.com

  16. Hi back Donna,

    As I still say, hopefully Alex will stop & think, but with his “higher” brain and dump Holly; in the long-run she will only do same to him if she finds another door open to shed more light on her; Holly is all about Holly, I can see it in her eyes and the eyes are the window to the soul…. I does not bother me if Alex does stop by to read blogs that state this because maybe he will realize others see more than he does or sexally blinded by…

    I can understand Alex being family-oriented since he came from a broken home. By the time he was 2 years old his parents divorced… I read somewhere also that Alex has a 10 year old son in Sydney, where did you read this news also??? There is never any mention of the boy’s mother, if the child lives with his mom or Alex’s mom? Was he ever married to the mom or what? Whatever it was, he was very young when he became a father and probably wasn’t ready to settle down… Do not think he is now, nor should he be with his career blooming as it is… fans need their fantasy, just back in my teen days and my mom’s teen days, or their own sex symbol, whether male or female, being single and available…

    Getting back to Holly, sorry for bringing her up again, but as I said there is something about her I do not like and feel uncomfortable for Alex with her in his situation… Please do all of yourselves a huge favor and watch the clip on YouTube of Episode 6 BC… What I see of her Lola is
    1) that she could not act her way our of a paperbag
    2) she got the part because of her association with Alex.
    3) She wants all the limelight in a scene, and upstaged, disrespectfully, both of the lead Moonlight stars… If it weren’t for Alex’s popularity it would be a death sentence in Hollywood

    Hopefully he will get wise soon; most of his fans are…
    And it has absolutely nothing to do with wanting our “sex symbol” single… first of all, I am old enough to be his mom and if he were my own son, I would voice this issue with him personally, 31 years old or not…

    He’d definitely would be better off with Sophia,and she would honor him more, be devoted to him more, & love him more than herself…

    On the visit to Australia, that interview was in 2007; was he referring to now for visit like in the future after ML, if on hiatus? He went to Au in December, I believe, for the Holidays with his family… The interview in the People’s Choice Awards was taped there, the beach scene behind him is nothing like anywhere along the CA coast… e owns a palce in Coogie, a suburb of Sydney, that is like a beach resort town… Holly owns one in Brighton, a suburb of Melborne, where, I might add, residents find her snotty and stuck up…

  17. I read in a paper about Europe I think Darko and I knew about the visit back home from awhile ago. He mentioned in an interview in a magazine 2007. He has a son and very family oriented. He visits when he gets a break.The secretary at AF cannot give info like that since she may be quoted and her job is to take care of the company’s client. Very nice woman and professional.Again she doesn’t know stuff we actually know more. However, even if she did cannot reveal anything about her client. TNT people were rude on the phone. They need to be taught professionalism.I think they can’t stand us now because of all the calls, letters, etc.
    Pat, you see what I see about Alex & Sophia. She defintely has a crush but he says they have a brother & sister relationship. I don’t think Sophia really wants that. I could be wrong but she does light up with him. as for Holly, I can’t say I don’t like her but there is something about her that I don’t care for. I read up on Holly’s history and I wasn’t impressed at all. But I can say Alex loves this woman.he doesn’t hide the fact of his girlfriend and said she is a sex symbol. His quote who wouldn’t want to be with a sex symbol, she’s gorgeous. Who knows maybe she really is nice.I just like chemistry between A & S. She seems real.It would be nice to see them hook up. One never knows….

  18. Donna, Elizabeth, & Everyone,

    Please do not think that I am ever giving up on ML, but it now a far away dream in as much as Alex is definitely moving forward… And as Joel Silver said:


    Alex and Sophia’s chemistry is what made the show a hit quickly…Does anyone know what Sophia is doing right now???

    Did anyone see the original Beth in a video clip, I think, at YouTube??? It was from the original pilot that never aired on TV.. Do not know who the actress was who played Beth in that; she was a pale, thin, blonde who had absolutely blank for expession in comparison to Alex’s always expressive face…if it was allowed for this original Beth to be in the series itself, the show would have flopped big time… There was just no chemistry and Alex just could not carry all of this alone, even though he did during the pilot,but not for the whole series with this other actress…

    Sophia Myles and Alex O’Loughlin are locked in chemistry more than they themselves know…One day I hope that Alex honors that in other ways as well as in acting, because I saw something as did some other ML friends did during Alex & Sophia’s combined interviews, especially at the Paley… It is quite obvious that Sophia has a crush on Alex herself by the way she looks when she glances over at him… Alex may only think of Sophia as a friend or a kid sister, though she is a 2 or more years older than Holly; Alex, like most men his age, level headed or not as he was described, may not even realize he is not thinking with his top-side brain when it comes to Holly… I definitely would like to see Alex take more than a side glance at Sophia in real life, she compliments him in many ways when they are in the same room, she is not stuck on herself as I see elsewhere…

    Anyway, back to what info Donna gave, Thank you, Donna… When did you call AF’s office??? This may all have been brewing in the pot when I spoke with them… Is that the S.Darko film, posted here on this blog, that Alex went to Europe for??? Wonder how long he will be staying in Australia for a visit with family??? This length of stay would be the determining factor in deciphering if negotiations for ML are still in progress, I would think…

    I’m going to head over to pca and do some voting…

  19. I know I am suppose to be working but I couldn’t help taking a trip to some of the other websites around to see if there is anything new on ML. They say that no one is interested in paying for ML and it is officially dead. I don’t think I can accept that. I know that life goes on but if they let this cast go, they are making a big mistake. I will keep praying.

  20. My concern is should our ML get picked up what if the actors are involved with other projects? I wonder what is going to happen. I know both Alex & Sophia are already have projects they are involve, I don’t know anything about Jason. The show would not be the same without anyone of them. I’m sure about Alex & Jason are up for the show but I don’t think Sophia might be. I do remember reading somewhere she was very upset because she really thought there was a 2nd season and picked up and went back home to England. I know you can’t believe everything you read. Sophia & Alex have such a great chemistry which I have not seen on tv in a very long time. It was very natural.
    I just can’t believe Fridnight night lights got picked up we haven’t so far. I really wish some good news come our way soon. Even if it’s a pick up for January. I don’t think September is realistic.I keeping reading in all the sites that Direct TV is very interested and they are doing the poll for users. I just hope

  21. Hi Donna,
    I feel exactly the same way that you do. My husband loved the show, too and we would sit together to watch it and then chat about it. It was nice.

    I’m glad Alex is off on a new adventure. I hope someone smartens up and gets Moonlight going again. I wish I was wealthy. That would be a great investment!

    I have decided, like you, to keep hoping. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. It would be like getting half way through a novel and then having it stolen! I need the rest of the story! Doesn’t any one realize that ML won a People’s Choice Award? If the show won that in the first year, who knows how many awards lie ahead. Any station that picks them up would be a shoe-in for another award. I guess they aren’t too bright out there in Hollywood.

    Take care, Elizabeth

  22. The site for people choice awards has many catsgory’s on ML to vote for http://www.pcavote.com

    Pat, I spoke to the woman at AF and she is very sweet. She told me the same about his mail. I have sent several letters but I don’t expect any reply right now. He is very busy going on my appointments and he just left for Europe for a movie and then going to Australia for visit.If there is going to be a ML I don’t think it would have by the fall maybe in 1/09. I’m being hopefully. I just don’t want to let go of the show. There is so much garbage on tv with reality shows this was my escape on Fridays. I never went out Friday nights because I couldn’t miss my MICKBETH.
    Maybe your friend can share some light about the show. I don’t understand how Friday Nights came back since it was cancelled. It didn’t have great ratings not even close to ML and it will be back in the fall. I just don’t get it.

  23. Hi again Everybody,

    I was planning on being in bed over an hour ago, but here I still sit at my computer checking out Moonlight news… I must have been bitten during the show since i work better at night…

    Why did I drop by here again to night???

    Well, some better news than we have had in awhile… The 6th season of “The Shield” is coming out on DVD on August 26th, 2008… If you recall, “The Shield” is the other TV series that Alex played in prior to “Moonlight”, however, he did not hold the lead in “The Shield” as he did in ML which was Alex’s 1st TV lead…

    We may not yet get the ML 1st Season Moonlight DVD but we can be somewhat soothed by his Tv presense again in our LRs in this DVD series…

    Okay, mean it this time, I am going to bed right now, need to put my feet up as they are swelling from too long sitting at the computer…

    Nighty-night Folks

  24. Elizabeth,

    I have an ever so slight one in my chin as well… My Dad had a slight one, but my Mom’s chin should have belonged to Kirk Douglas…

    As a matter of fact, David’s father, in the delivery room, took one look at his new son(this was his 3rd son & my 2nd, as we both had been married previously before) and teased, “You been fooling around with Kirk Douglas?”…

  25. Hi Pat,
    You are too funny. Thanks for getting us the “inside scoop”! I hope Alex does read our cards. I’m sure they would cheer him up tremendously! I was just looking at a picture of my sons and they both have that cute clef in their chins like Alex does. Three of my sister’s 4 children have one as well as two of my brothers 4 and my other brother’s one child. We are the clef family!!

    Take care.

  26. Alright Everyone,

    I feel like the wandering reporter…

    I just called Alex’s Personal Manager’s office and the woman there, whom I had spoken with before about 6 weeks ago was just as delightfully friendly as she had been on our earlier original phone conversation… I’d say Alex chose an agency that fits him well; they, in turn, consider him a great guy, a sweet guy, also an strong man meaning emotionally; translation as I see it: “he’s got his feet on the ground and not his head in the clouds”…

    The woman I spoke with told me that they know less than we do; they get their info from us, Alex’s fans…not the Internet, or as she put it, “It would make me crazy”..

    In the interim until something is definitely known they are moving forward with Alex’s career and attending to seeking other work projects for him…

    I couldn’t resist joking at that point when she told me they were looking into other work for Alex:
    “Heck, I’ll hire him… afterall he did do construction when he first came to CA… I have plenty of building projects around my property that need doing.”

    Here goes the Sagittarian mind again:
    “WOW, wouldn’t it be great if Alex did take me up on my offer!!!” And NO I did not say that to her…Daydreaming is fine, but not talking outloud, because then you may choke on you own foot…

    I did tell her to tell Alex that:
    ” we would follow Alex throughout his career no matter where it led and that I, hopefully speaking for many, felt that Alex would go far in his career fame and that they/he should just look at Moonlight as his stepping stone to a wonderful acting career.” I continued, I do hope that he will take on another TV lead role as I am certain many of his fans would so look forward to that.”.

    And here is some Good News:

    Alex’s Personal Manager’s office does not open Alex’s mail, they forward every single piece of mail to Alex personally…

    So that address for Alex’s Personal Manager is a safe one to mail those birthday cards too…we know he will get those cards persoanlly… Do not think other of his larger representing agency would go to the trouble of sending him his personal mail; they’d just stuff a 8×10 glossy with a copied autograph of Alex into an envelope and send it on to us… but Alex’s P M sends directly to the man..

    That address again is:

    Mr. Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Andrew Freeman,
    Personal Manager
    20 Ironsides
    Marina Del Rey, CA,90292

    The letter I sent to him about 6 weeks ago Isent Certified Mail with return receipt…No little green card back yet, but he gets 100s upon 100s of mail weekly… And the office gets many calls about Moonlight, but are still very cordial to the callers..

    I have to get offline now, we have an electrical storm coming in…

  27. Donna,

    I haven’t an honest clue if anyone at MLL was told not to pursue, but continues to drag it out for their own walk in fame… I just gather that by the way Leeser is being glorified…

    As far as if we should quit hoping, I never quit hoping for good things to occur, and Moonlight is a good thing; I am a Sagittarian, the eternal optimist…

    If the question of were they rude over at SP meant to people who called, the answer is no… They did sound a little tired of answering the same thing, apparently, like it has been asked many times before, but they were nice… The other person that called asked about the negotiations between SP and DirecTV; they were told on their call to SP: “They had the meeting and it went nowhere.”

    If any of you care to call Silver Pictures yourselves the phone number is:


    I just wrote a talent agent friend of mine in LA, do not know if she can find out anything, and this is a bad time to ask anything… She just came back from our mutual hometown from buryinhg her Mom, a wonderful lady who was 93…

  28. Your right Elizabeth he is going to be 32 and I’m going to be 33. We share the same birthday just a year apart. I am defintely going to send a card since I will never forget his birthday.

    Pat, OMG. I can’t believe that was said. Yes, the man is handsome, talented and most of all a good person. You can just tell from all the interviews he did and besides he is a Virgo.
    I hope it isn’t true about the show being dead. I have been sending all these letters and it is costly but I do it to hopefully save the show. I wonder if Joel Silver said not to pursue any longer and we haven’t been told. I did read on MLL and there was a picture of a woman who met Alex recently through her find. It’s kind of a friend of a friend. She was the one that mentioned Alex said TNT maybe interested. I can’t remember the thread on MLL but I think it’s on the TNT one.
    Were they rude at Silver Productiions like at TNT?

  29. Hi,
    Alex was born on August 24, 1976. He will be 32. I know they have been inconsistent with dates but they always say he’s 31 so that would be 1976. It would be nice to send him a birthday card. I think they are still planning on that keepsake book on MLL. I am working on my letter to submit.

    I’m sure Alex is getting ready for his next project. They did say that he had plenty to read when he went to Mexico for those two weeks. He has to keep working so he will be reading plenty amd making decisions.

    I still believe in Moonlight and I’m hoping this is just a bad dream. My husband and I both like this show and it is very nice to have someone to share and talk about it with besides all of you. I will keep up the fight for as long as I can. You never know what will happen. Meanwhile, life goes on.


  30. Leeser did, Donna, when I spoke with her via phone… I, myself, found it to be a bit immature, to say the least…

    As far as MLL is concerned I feel we are all being led on a goosechase there.. Leeser is not God Almighty, but the suck-ups treat her as such… In my opinion, I feel she is the reason we are now considered a Cult from the way certain events in this campaign have been approached…

    I, as well as, and another MLL member, called Silver Pictures and was informed that SP is counting it dead… This hurts I know… I pray that something may crop up in Moonlight’s favor in the Spring, as I read it had been done with Jericho after its original cancellation, but CBS is only looking for cheap shows to show as they were in dire straits financially just recently by having to buy back many of their stocks…their stocks are dipping drastically, too, since Moonlight was cancelled…do not know if the cause, but nicely coincidental…

    I am also the one, like here, who introduced the thread at MLL about the Moonlight Investment Group, which I might add that someone over there tried to grab as their brainchild and take credit for as her husband’s thinking… very cut-throat, extremely back stabbing, as immaturity reigns free overthere at MLL… My idea, since I see this MLL campaign is being considered a Cult, was to show that we were not, and that we as mature individuals who could unite to buy shares as a group in whatever corporation owned the network who would give Moonlight a new home… The info I gave on a Moonlight Investment Group came after confering with my own broker about the affects and details, I did not offer this as whim or a WIN, just something we could do to rise above Cult status and be more beneficial to our show, Moonlight. We would, hopefully, in the long term, all benefit financially from our bought shares with the dividends they would pay…We may not have been able to control, so to speak, all in that corporation, but just our name would be synonomous with the show and tptb would realize, “Hey they will be on our back if we mess again with Moonlight!!! And we would lose many shareholders in our stocks if we crucify their show again” In other words, they lose shares or they have to buy back shares, it cost them money and puts their corporate standing at risk… Would you ever think CBS could be in dire straits? Well they are, their stocks are dropping in worth like flies dying and they are now forced to buy back their own stocks since split with Viacom… No, not think of buying into CBS, that is a dead avenue, would never have wanted Moonlight to be back there again… Just look what they have done again to Jericho after bringing it back again last spring… CBS cancelled Jericho for a second time… CBS is thinking of their emptyiing purses, so they are giving us crap to watch, mainly reality shows which are cheap to produce…

    I am not saying not to keep trying, but I feel a deaf ear may have already been reached, the deaf ear that would have made a difference if it had a hearing aid…

  31. Hi everyone, I’m able to get in again. I am able to read but sometimes this locks me out for awhile. Yes, I have been reading the updates on all the sites but we really don’t know for sure if the ML is over. In that article there were no references to whom has given the info. So i guess we keep writing and doing our stuff as Lesser from MLL says.

    Who called Alex sex on a stick?

  32. And, I just reread, so I am apologizing for all my typos in the above post… I believe, however, you will get the drift of the message nonetheless…

  33. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for answering back and, yes, I will definitely keep in touch here if Tiffany would be so gracious to keep this site open and alive. Afterall, this is not mainly a Moonlight site…
    This space belongs totally to Alex O’Loughlin….
    AND we are totally his devoted fans…

    Neither am i someone who wants to be taken for being part of a Cult, though this is exactly how it is being seen…thus, no results… thus, no personal contact with tptb, just some source who knows aomebody, who probably knows somebody and so on…

    It has totally sickened me… I am hurt, angry, and frustrated that the fight to save our show was, more or less, taken as a joke, in my opinion, rather than a united effort by individuals of varied ages who were not teenies or teenie boppers standing on a street in front of the studio crying,
    Oh! Oh! Please, just one picture, Please!!! Oh, Alex, please!!!”

    Well, at least I hope they weren’t!!!! But it did come off a little shocking to me when I spoke personally with the head vampire over at MLL and she described Alex as “Sex on a stick!” As I had posted here, it made me blush… I would never venture to express something in that way about someone to a total stranger I had never met, especially in a conversation via phone… Does make one wonder since the HV is in their 40s… I, as well, am old enough to be Alex’s mother; since there is a decrepancy on some sites as to the year of his birth, some say 1975, some say 1977, if is were 1975, my late son, David(also was my youngest), would have been 4 years & 3 weeks younger than Alex… And BTW, my son also had a cleft(dimple) in his chin just like Alex…Perhaps its a Virgo trait??? Adorable, just the same…

    Well, hopefully, we will be hearing some news as to what Alex is doing in the line of filming projects soon… I know we all would love it if this was a bad dream and Moonlight returned in the Fall, or even next Spring… I know I would love it if Alex popped up as the lead in another TV show weekly. I think, however, it probably would be asking too much for my wishes to also include Sophia was his leading lady again; the chemistry between the two of them is the magnatism that makes the show!!!

    PS: Elizabeth, Feed is sick,though Alex is brilliant in his portrayal of a psychopath, almost too brilliant and believable… It was one of the films I purchased of Alex’s at amazon.com…I do not believe that Alex will be staying idle, if he is at this time, for very long in the entertainment field..

    And, everyone, don’t forget that “WhiteOut”, with Alex playing a pilot, is due to be released to movie theaters in September, 2008…

    In the meantime, get your sadness about Moonlight lost within the pages of the “Twilight series” of books by Stephanie Meyer; easy and enjoyable reading… all the books are 500 pages or so; there are now 3 novels out: “Twilight”(which comes to screen version in December, 2008, it is being said), “New Moon”, both of these I just finished reading… The 3rd is “Eclipse” which I am looking forward to buying my next long trip into town, and coming out in August, 2008, the 4th of the series, “Breaking Dawn”..

    I look forward to keeping our friendship correspondence active, too, Elizabeth and, also,to all who use these threads… We are now extended family; and also Alex’s extended family as well, he will be(or maybe his parents will be)amazed at the massive amount of new people they have accumulated into their immediate family since Moonlight rose in Sept of 2007…

    Oh, Don’t forget that Alex’s birthday is coming up in approxiamately 6-7weeks, so I think it would be very nice for us all to send him Birthday cards and let him know we are still there for him… I would send these cards via snailmail to anyone of his agents address, preferably, I would think, to his personal manager, Andrew Freeman, but addressed to Alex c/o Mr Freeman… Addresses for all can be found in this thread or in “Fighting for Moonlight”… The date of his birthday is August 24th, so get those cards in the mail early, no later than the first week in August, in cast they have to be sent elsewhere, like to Alex personally or to Alex’s secretary…

  34. Hi Pat,
    I just read your post and am very sad. I went online to other websites last night and found out about the article in the Hollywood Reporter about Moonlight. I was not sure it was true until I read your post.

    I want to say that I would feel very bad if we are thought of as a “cult”. I am so far removed from that. The youngest of my four children, Michael, is two months older than Alex. I definitely do not look at Alex in any remote sort of romantic way. I am old enough to be his Mom and I look at him more in that light. I feel proud to have found this show and proud that Alex is not your run of the mill actor. He keeps his private life to himself and I like that. I am sick of seeing Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and Brittany Spears in the news everyday. I don’t want to know the intimate details of their lives. Is nothing sacred anymore? I prefer to see a celebrity occasionally and it makes them more intriguing.

    I am an Italian Catholic girl and in no way associate with a cult. I am also a trauma nurse and the only place I like to see blood is at work in the ER. I just happen to be someone that loves horror movies and the vampire genre. So shoot me for that!!

    If Moonlight is no more than I will continue to keep in touch with all of you on this site. After all, this site is for Alex and following his career. I also wish him luck. He is amazing and like you said, Pat, a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. I will tell you frankly that I will go to see his movies if they are nice movies and not ones that will freak me out. I am very picky and I never watch a movie where someone is being abused or tortured (like Feed – I will never see that movie). I have spent so many years of my life trying to save people and cannot watch them being abused. I want a movie to entertain me, not scare me.

    Best wishes from Connecticut, Alex. I hope you are reading this. I wish you and Holly much luck in where ever your lives take you. I’m sorry if we were not able to help you save Moonlight. We tried so hard. I even purchased the script from “Click” and hope to have you sign it one day.

    Love always, Elizabeth xo

  35. Karen, and everyone that posts or gets news on this thread,

    I feel we may have lost the war… Please go to “Fighting for Moonlight” and read my post written with sorrow in my heart…

    Your Moonlight Sister, Pat

  36. Pat…just wanted to thank you for your note. I am exhausted and plan to really “write” tomorrow…..



  37. Hi Karen,

    Anytime!!! We may not be close by to you, oh Nancy Reynolds is… but we keep you in our thoughts… Perhaps we should do this on a constant basis to ward off bad luck… However, your luck wasn’t all that bad since you made it home safe with good news about your youngest daughter… I am glad there wasn’t a need for surgery… However, I hope that they will keep her away from any caffine, any dairy products, and the other escapes me, but I am sure Nancy can fill you in on this if you caht with her… Actually Elizabeth, who lives in Connecticut, is also an RN…

    Bit how do I know about kidney problems???? I had bladder and kidney problems frequently as a child and several times as an adult… In 1994 I was diagnosed with a condition called Medullary Sponge Kidneys, which simply put means my kidneys are calcifying, but I am gratful that I have a case that seems to be progressing slowly… What will eventually be the outcome if I live long enough??? Dialysis, and will probably need a transplant in time…

    When you get your daughter back home, you amke absolutely certain that you arrange to get a reference for her to see a urologist for a complet workup… And a kidney stone does not grow overnight, it takes a while for one to become problematic…

    OMG, walking in 105 degrees, and LV weather is probably more cruel than AZ… And the battery dying in your car… this happens to batteries when there is exteme heat or extreme cold; my husband was a mechanic…

    Both of my parents are gone as well, Karen, but then I am much older than you apparently… Dad lived to a few days past his 91st B’day in 2003… My Mom passed on at age 76 in 1998… But recently I lost someone who was like a second father to me on April 10th… perhaps I should have rejoiced instead of cried since he lived to 93 and he had only discovered 6 months prior he had cancer… And the fact he had led a full and adventure-some life should have been a comfort but I still mourned and cried; actually I was the only one crying profusely at his memorial… he had no children of his own and I felt that if he had had he would have been one heck of a Dad…

    You honored me by saying I was a strong lady, Karen, but you, dear lady are very strong… So what if occasionally other things crop up like a skin ailment to test you… we know that is not going to get “under your skin” (pun intended)…

    God bless you dear lady and we are here for you, even if it just to be someone who listens… and, hopefully, in some small way we can also comfort, too…

    Your AZ friend and Moonlight Sister, Pat

  38. HI Ladies:

    Pat: You are welcome and thank you very much for the sentiments regarding my fathers passing. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss him.

    Elizabeth: I am so truly sorry for both of your losses. I can’t imagine how hard it has been for you. My dad was a great guy and died so young (62) I miss him a lot. Being the oldest, I tried to be so strong for my kids and little brother. My husband stood by my side…thank God for that…It’s hard losing a parent. I’m so sorry you lost both.

    As for my shingles, I am feeling much better…but as for my day, I want a “do-over”….

    Ok are you ready ladies for yet another story…..

    Yesterday I sent my kids to camp with the church. They go every year. My oldest daughter (with special needs) has severe medical needs so she is not too limited in that regard…(meaning she’s not in a wheelchair, MR or otherwise) but her medical condition is rare and we have to be careful…my youngest is never sick and she is a hoot. They got to California last night around 4 and then I didn’t hear from them again until about 11:30pm. They were so excited and listening to the speakers and what not that I was glad they were engaging. My youngest daughter wants to be a pastor and is always raring to go. At 4:20 this morning, my oldest calls me from my youngest daughters dorm room. She said my youngest was sick. I asked “what kind of sick” and then the nurse was brought in. I tried to talk with my youngest (mind you, I am no doctor, but I live in hospitals every two months for my oldest and I have picked up a few things 🙂 Anyhow, she awokd with pain and when she got up to try to go to the restroom, she collapsed. They called 911 as they thought her appendix had ruptured. We got in the car an immediately started heading that way, praying all the way. We called my brother in law who was an hour away…he could get there 4 hours quicker than we could. He did arrive at the hospital after the ambulance took her in. Apparently my daughter passed a kidney stone this morning. So, the doctor told my brother in law that unless we really wanted to come get her that she was fine to return to camp. We had made it about half-way there when we got that call. We just couldn’t sit and wait…especially when they thought it was her appendix at first. We knew it potentially meant surgery…however, God was good to us and we were able to turn around and go home. What a long day….did I mention that after I ran to get a hair-cut (the one I have been waiting for for like 6 weeks now) my battery died and I had to walk home. It was about 105* when I started my trek…so, I’m home, I’m waiting for my hubby to come home so we can fix the car, I’m waiting by the phone for the kids to call and I’m in the air-conditioned house ready for a nap.

    Bye ladies…thanks for listening….

  39. This is for Karen..I came down with shingles when my Mom died 12/06. I woke up the day after the funeral and I couldn’t stand anything touching my skin! Luckily I only had one lesion on my butt. My skin hurt so much and I had to take Famvir. It lasted over a month. Good luck. It should get better.

    I lost my Dad in February of this year and it is still so hard. He was great and always made me feel good about myself. I miss him so much. When he died I got a gray streak in the front of my hair. I have no other gray but that. It’s strange how things happen. Now that Moonlight has been cancelled who knows what will happen! I might get warts or something!

    Take Care,

  40. Karen,

    I am so happy to hear you are doing so well since your surgery.. I do hope you also get some relief from the shingles soon as well… My Bobby had a case of them when he was in his youth, he told me they were not a comfortable condition… Do what my Nan did to me with the measles and the chicken pox, tie both hands in white socks. Of course, I was 6 for one and 7 for the other… if you need to scratch won’t be as abrasive…

    Am so sorry belatedly about your Dad’s passing… some of the grief, among other stress, may be bringing on the shingles…

    I gave word to Nancy Reynolds as to where you live so she may write to you here and perhaps the two of you can chat…

    And I thank you for the compliment, it was so flattering and I had to check above to make sure the message was intended for me. All kidding aside, Thank You… I am just me as I am here… and my Mrs Hyde,no one wants to know the other side of when something does rile me…

    Take care Karen and I will keep in touch,

    Your Friend, Pat

  41. Hi Pat…

    I am doing fabulously! I have had wonderful results this time around…only took 5 times. Of course, I’m dealing with “shingles” now, so of course, I’m itching and burning, (boy, if I weren’t around friends I’d think tht was an ad for a feminine product commercial)… 🙂

    Anyhow, I am doing great and I appreciate your asking…I also appreciate your lending an ear. It is truly kind.

    You mentioned that Nancy is a hospice nurse in Vegas….and since I live here I am wondering where? My dad died in hospice here in town 18 months ago and I have so much respect for that profession.

    Pat, you are truly a remarkable woman. You don’t give up, you stay strong, you stay kind, you offer assistance and that means a lot! It is appreciated….thank you. I’d love to lend an ear as well…if you email me on this site it updates me so I will read it as soon as you post.

    Wishing you God’s Blessings …


  42. Hi Elizabeth,

    Good to know and now I learned something new… My Mom wanted me to follow her into the nursing profession, she was an RN for over 40 years… my heart was not into it though I had the above average grades to follow…

    BTW Alex’s mother, I read, is/was also a nurse back in Australia…

    Speaking of nursing, you should get to chatting here with Nancy Reynolds… She is also a nurse and works for hospice in Las Vegas…

    Hope that you are having cooler weather in Connecticut than we are having right now here in AZ… It hit 110 yesterday and got up to 105 today but is coming down and is now 104…

    Negative or positive I would offer a drink to Alex’s character, Mick St John, anytime… I really do feel so bad that I cannot donate blood in the name of Moonlight as I contracted Hepatitus A when I was 17 while in the hospital, of all places!!!! So it would not be wise for me to go there with a donation, though I know there is nothing wrong with me now…

    So I will help in other ways…

    Later dear lady,,,,

  43. Hi Pat,
    FYI – I am a certified trauma nurse for 37 years! I also am O-positive but we are not the universal donor! O-negative is. The reason is because O-negative people cannot receive O-positive blood but everyone can receive O-negative blood. Just for fun, AB-positive is the universal recipient! Sorry, I had to get my “nurse” two cents in!

  44. Karen

    PS: How is your neck doing since the surgery????

  45. Karen,

    You are more than welcome… and if ever you feel down in the dumps this Moonlight Sister has an open ear to always listen…

    There are times, I myself, feel like my world is getting out of hand and it can be depressing… I am the survivor of much, but even I waiver sometime with doubt… Getting on these blogs do sometime whisk me away from the stress and get me in better spirits so I can face my own fight for survival…

    Every little bit you, or anyone does, is one step further we take to victory… I feel since Moonlight fans have done far more than any other fanbase for any cancelled show in history, I cannot see us losing Moonlight forever…

    Thank you, Karen, and please keep in touch… I care…

  46. Pat…you are truly a dear! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

    I’m still a big Moonlight fan and will do what I can…thanks for the info. I will look into all of the info you gave me and will do what I can!

    Thanks Pat….I appreciate your kind words….


  47. Karen,

    Hi, glad to hear from you… I know there is other life beyond this board, and I you have my love and respect for your fortitude with all you care for…

    Moonlight is not lost yet; the fight is still on… There is a poll ongoing over at moonlightline.com to vote on a DirecTV Poll… DirecTV is interested in assisting financially to get new episodes of Moonlight to us… There is hope of either Sci-Fi or TNT picking it up… Sci-Fi is on a low budget so that is where DirecTV would come in to make up the difference…

    Also over at Moonlightline I just added a new thread that I sort of got the feelers out for on the DirecTV Poll about a Moonlight Investment Group… So if you have a few minutes to spare, And that goes for everyone, please read the synopsis of it I wrote & feel free to comment… Thanks…

    You’re a strong lady, Karen, and may you continue to be… you will be in my thoughts and prayers often…

    Your Moonlight Sister, Pat

  48. Pat…..I’m here, but I don’t have time daily to continue to post on the board! I too love and miss Moonlight, but I have so many things that take up my time and I don’t have the time I had to sit on the computer and fight for a tv show. I have to keep my priorities where they should be. I have a special needs child (age 17) , another younger child (15) and can’t just sit on the computer…..I hope you understand that we miss it too, but I don’t know that there is anything worth fighting for anymore. This all began to tell CBS what we thought and really, they didn’t care.

  49. I hope that some people signed into this Thread are still desiring to resurrect Moonlight…

    Karen, Donna, dsa, Christie White, Patty B, everyone, are you out there????

    Hopefully Tiffany will not mind if I steal you away for a bit & we go over to moonlightline.com momentarily… A poll is going on over there at the request of DirecTV, you can find it under Save Moonlight with its own topic… DirecTV wants to know how we feel about using them as our satellite TV provider…

    Okay before you groan and say NO, just head over and read some of the messages as a guest so you will be in the know of why this is going on… If you vote, you must register at the site first…

    Tiffany, not trying to sway our Alex fans away from here, but every bit we can do to get Moonlight aired again is important… I am on more than one site and always come home to this one…

    So all, PLEASE get over there & VOTE SOON, preferably after you catch up reading our message board here

  50. Hi Elizabeth,
    I am so delighted to read what you confirmed above “that you will never give up the fight”, so many of us feel the same way..

    Continue as you are doing, but also snail mail DirecTV as well; Leeser at moonlightline.com said on the radio show that one letter is worth 1000 people, she meant showing up at the front door of corporate execs and network heads we do not want to tune us out..

    If you check these boards you will find where your samil letters will do the most good, plus check,also over at moonlightline.com, moonlightmafia.com,
    and do not forget to click onto heynielsen.com daily
    to leave comments to opinions and to continue voting for Moonlight in any capacity, meaning do not forget to vote on each Moonlight opinion as you see fit and do the same for each of Moonlight’s cast members as well as for each and every writeer or producer that is mentioned who is connected with the show…

    Thank you, Elizabeth for your positive input into this fight, or a nicer way it is described at MoonlightLine, a campaign…

    Hope to be talking with you later.., Pat

  51. Hi Pat,
    We can’t ever give up the fight! I joined the group and played Sonata via the cbs website last night as requested. So many people were online doing the same. I guess we showed cbs we love our show! I tuned into Moonlight Radio but the cast member that was suppose to call in never did. It is now slated for Sunday night 5-7pm est. I am way out here in CT so let me know what else I can do to help. I’ve sent emails to every station on the list including Direct TV.


  53. Donna, I have not forgotten about calling you, time has just seemed to run away from me with this campaign to have Moonlight rise again.

    Send an e-mail to Tiffany, the lady who oversees this site, and give me your e-mail address,I will then send you mine or just send you an e-mail direct. Tiffany did that with another who wanted to get in touch with me personally. Hope your Internet is up so you can read this & know I am not slighting you, not the type to do that on purpose…

  54. Hey everybody form this message board please read what I posted this AM about Moonlight news after having spoken with Lesser from moonlightline.com by phone; she is the lady, and a sweet lady to boot, who has the inside scoop from her contact within the Moonlight “family”

  55. How is everyone today? I just feel so bad about the show.Actually, sad. I have sent every email, letter and calls made and I do hope this is going to work. I won’t give up but when are we going to here about another season?I totally understand how Alex feels in his blog response. I share the same birthday 8/24 however i am 2 years older than him. he gave so much to the show and you can tell how hurt he is in his words. Now, this if he did write it. It was sincere. He was on vacation prior to the news of the cancellation. It was scheduled for awhile that I did get from a contact. However,Silver and the cast were lead to believe there would be a second season. CBS is awful! I have stopped watching CBS since Friday after ML. I will watch the reruns next week and I heard there was going to a weekend long 5/24 & 25. Not sure I read it once in one of the fan sites.

  56. Sounds like a smogasborg to me, Karen. I will be watching and besides it may pick up some of our spirits, which we all need right now.

    Christie had another idea, too, write to Joel Silver, the Executive Producer of Moonlight. She was looking for his address, too. I found it by googling(I’m doing that a lot since all of this began) and realized that wasn’t working too well, so I read up some on him and that’s when it hit me. He is the head of Silver Pictures and his address is the same as Warner Bros.

    Joel Silver
    Silver Pictures
    c/o Warner Bros
    4000 Warner Blvd
    Burbank, CA, 91522

    It can’t hurt to tell him how much you loved the show and how much you want it back on, somewhere, anywhere. Praise the actors, of course, in your letter, etc

    I just finished printing mine out with the last bit of ink I have left in my printer. Getting more tomorrow, like I live 40 miles from Wal-Mart or Office Max so I go to dentist tomorrow and will finish printing the letters to send snail mail.

  57. Ohh ya, you tell her. Love this letter, it is my feelings also, why cut the throat of the persons you are trying to reach. I hope they listen and give us back our Moonlight.

  58. Ok ladies……some good news??? I was just looking through my tv guide for the week and see that CBS is running Moonlight friday; of course, they are re-runs, but maybe if we STILL tune in and show the ratings are there they may reconsider OR show another network that we Moonlight fans are serious about this show.

    Just food for thought…..but I may be worth a shot!


  59. Hi Pat I am thinkinjg the same as you on Nina Tassler. If what we are thinking is true fine but do not use the television network for it, it is not fair no reason she can’t have her woman show and Moonlight right make room get rid of the reality shows. Here is a letter I emailed to her and I will be mailing her a copy but I need her mailing address does anyone have it.

    Hi Nina

    I am also writing you a hand written letter which I will mail when it is complete. I have been online fighting to save Moonlight along with Millions of other fans of Moonlight. I as well as many others have read your press release and we sincerely disagree with your decision. We the fans both female and male do not want to see shows about women living their lives, news flash we are women we no what it is like, as well as men do not care to watch a show about a women losing a boyfriend or struggling in her job or what have you. This is everyday life that we all live. When we watch television at the end of a hard days work we are trying to escape it for a while and just forget about reality and relax. This is what Moonlight gave to us, it was an excellent way to escape reality for a while, and watch the story lines of the Vampire detective solving cases as well as the love story unfolding between Mick and Beth. There was something for everyone. Men get the mystery of the murder and women get the mystery with a love story all rolled into one. How can a women as smart as you make such a stupid decision as to cancel the best television show that has been on Network television since Dr Quinn Medicine Woman was canceled. But the point being, is for me to fight this hard for a show proves exactly how much I and the millions of fans love Moonlight. After all if I did not like the show I would not be fighting to save it. Now I know you are not a stupid women, if you were you would not be president of CBS, it’s just that this decision you have made is totally wrong. I do not understand how you can say that you are targeting a viewing audience of woman, and not listen to them when are telling you clear as day what they want to see on your station. Also while I have been fighting this fight to save Moonlight I have also found out that a lot of fans both male and female have vowed to boycott CBS because of the decision to cancel Moonlight. That is over 10 million viewers your Network is going to lose, I for one will be boycotting your station, the last time I will watch anything on CBS will be this coming Friday only because there is a rerun of Moonlight on and I will be watching it then I am done. There were many ways left to go with this show and you let a gold mine pass you by. Tell me something Nina why are you so afraid to take a chance? I no if you had made the decision to take a chance on Moonlight you would not have been sorry. Once people boycott, it will hurt CBS terribly. I am going to place a letter here for you to read this is one of the many letters I and the others fans have sent to different email addresses to get our point across. The person who received this email from me felt that they were being asked by another fan of Moonlight to advocate a boycott of CBS, which in return that fan’s question was answered by this person. This person said please do not expect me to advocate a boycott I will not do that, which I do not really think the fan was asking that. I read both the fan’s question and the response to the question and I did not get the impression this person was requested to advocate a boycott. But all in all I felt the need to send this email to the person who received the other fan’s question. This question and answer blog is listed on the internet on a well known magazines web site, that is where I read it and felt the need to send this email in response to it please read the following:
    Now for one thing the fan’s would never expect you to advocate a boycott of any station whether you boycott or not is your choice. But I have also been fighting to save Moonlight and I for one will be boycotting CBS because I sincerely feel that they do not care about there viewers options, they do not care what we want to see. I do not feel that is correct. I work in a business where we count on our customers to keep the business alive, we count on their options, they are our customers and keeping your customers happy is good business. If a customer is happy they keep coming back, you gain a loyal customer if they want something and we do not carry it we make sure we get it and they are thrilled, we have just gained another loyal customer because they know that we care about them and their needs. It is no different in the television world. We the fans, the viewers, are the Networks customers they should do everything they can to keep the viewers (customers) happy and they would have a loyal customer (viewer) base. It is excellent for business without viewers there would be no Networks anywhere. If there is know one to watch there is no reason to air on that station if people do boycott CBS it will hurt there ratings big time no matter what is on, if people are unhappy you lose ratings soooooo not good for business. From what I have read on the internet alone, (that is not counting people who do not have the internet ) their are an extremely large amount of viewers who have vowed to boycott CBS. They have no idea how upset this has made a ton of their viewers. I wish I could say I feel sorry for CBS but I for one am not sorry I too will be boycotting. It is a person’s freedom of choice to boycott or not no one needs to advocate it. It will happen if the people choose to do so. By the way the Networks don’t even listen to the People’s Choice after all over 10 million Viewers voted for Moonlight as the Best New Drama for 2008 and Moonlight won the award. What more do the Networks want. If we voted for it there had to be a reason right? We the fans are not going to vote for something we do not like such as reality shows Not everyone loves them I for one hate reality shows. Thank you for your time.

    Now Nina I copied this letter from my saved sent mail file and pasted it here for you to read because I feel it gets my point across so well I thought you should read, see and hear how passionate the fans our, if you are serious about targeting female viewers don’t you think you should listen to us. After all we are making your job a little easier we are telling you exactly what we want to see. Now no show has ever caused such and uproar not even Jericho. The fans of Moonlight went so far as to form a nation wide blood drive to Save Moonlight can you honestly say that has been done before for any other show I think not. Please listen to your audience and give us back Moonlight. Be the Brave woman and give Moonlight another season, if it should not work out cancel it after season 2 which I promise you it will be renewed for a third season after all look how many people are fighting to save it. I read that Joel Silver is not well liked in Hollywood now I do not know if that is true or false nor do I care but I hope if it is true that had nothing to do with this decision. Please for the love of whatever God you believe in, for the fans, and for The CBS network bring back Moonlight be brave Nina take the chance.
    Christie White (Devoted Moonlight Fan)


    Anyway as I was saying earlier, Karen, before I was rudely interrupted: Thought it was cute referring to me as the cheerleading coach. I will do what I can to cheer our Moonlight and Alex O’Loughlin group on so we can come through with perserverance to victory while you are recuperating. All I can do is give them thought through Ideas of how to carry this out, it is up to us to carry through whatever ideas are given.

    Donna, the box with #s is normal, just type in what you see in the black box with red number above the space Word Press wants you to type into and them another screen will show up and tell you your comment was accepted, I think those are the words.

    Hey PattyB glad to see you back. It’s bee awhile; catch up and please read through again to get familiar with what we’ve been up to. There was a lull abit, too; we were all feeling saddened after the “season” finale (won’t say series finale because we are not done fighting for our show.) Did you catch that show, didn’t it melt you in the Mick/Beth scenes. CBS is loosing it, their execs are not clear in the brains, if they think for one minute we are going to let them take Moonlight away from us for good and our Alex away from visiting with us weekly. Check out how to go about doing this, PattyB, through some of the above messages. Christie White has given us some great ideas as well; she is totally awesome and on it.

    Later, everyone, I have some things of in offline life to tend to. Write those hard-copy letters to the execs of various networks and WB, etc today and get them mailed tomorrow via express mail over night at your local post offices, all the letters must get out this week to all we can send to through snail mail. I READ THAT THAT IS WHAT BROUGHT JERICHO BACK AFTER BEING CANCELLED…..I KNOW IT IS NOT ON CBS LINEUP IN THE FALL, BUT FOR ALL OF CBS’S MISTAKES WE CAN POINT THE FINGER AT NINA TASSLER. I THINK SHE HAS SOMETHING AGAINST MALE ORIENTED SHOWS, AND YOU CAN IMAGINE WHAT ELSE I THINK BY THIS….

  61. OOPS, I hit something on my keyboard when I was trying to compose the above message so I will continue here now.

    Again to Donna: If you cannot do this, but have friends who can as I spoke about above with a Rally at CBS NY Corporation Hdqtrs, which is the main offices of CBS- it’s where CBS began, please look into this gesture to save Moonlight post haste. On this site I know no one else so close to the main decision making headquarters,; they more than likely can fire Nina Tassler who was responsible for this happening to Moonlight.

    Karen, I do hope that you are feeling better today. A speedy recovery new friend. And while you may not feel too perky I will do what I can here to “Cheer” us all on(went back & read one of your messags to me referring to me as a Cheer LeA

  62. I just got on to check as my messages said there were new messages from this site. Oh, I’m curious, who is diapermama?

    From what I read, thankfully, we are banding together again and still up in arms about our Moonlight. Great, great, great!!! WE NEED TO KEEP THE PRESSURE ON:



    BTW Christie White you are doing a wonderful job and I think you’ve got something there with contacting TV Guide, too. PERHAPS WE SHOULD ALL DO THAT, as well as contact People’s magazine, the TV shows like EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, (Unfortunately those 2 are on CBS I think), Jay Leno’s Tonight Show (NBC), Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC), Nightline(ABC), Barbara Walters (ABC) to do a show interviewing the cast of Moonlight, as well.

    Donna, I am so happy to hear of the fight that my native land is carrying on in NYC for Moonlight. Get in touch with people you know and they can do the same to stage a rally outside of CBS Main Headquarters in NYC demanding Moonlight back on the air. I know you are busy with your own job in the fashion industry (ps: I modeled when I was a teenager, studied with Barbizon, did a few runway show, age 16 to 19, over 40+ years ago), but even a lunch hour rally is better than nothing, but it will have to be soon and it will have to be during the week very, very soon. There was a rally at CBS in LA last week, but I have heard nothing more about it. When I do I will let you know. Believe me picketing gets attention fast, THE KIND CORPORATIONS DO NOT WANT.

  63. I hope you really are offline now, Karen. If you are not this is “Mother Vampress” saying go lie down woman!!!! I have permanent injury to my neck and back from being creamed by a semo on the freeway on, of all days, St Patrick’s Day, and the semi tractor was of the color, Kelly Green. So I was “Kissed” by a mechanical leprechaun and had never been properly introduced, just glad I can be here to now joke about it. you better get some proper rest, Karen. I sure wouldn’t have minded anything from the accident if Alex was that driver!!!!

    I’m getting keyboard fever, I’m delerious so night-nite

  64. Good Evening Ladies:

    First of all, I agree with Pat: let’s not put too much private info on the internet. THat can be very dangerous. If you all would like, we can exchange email addresses and that may be a safer way to communicate. Just my over-protective mom mode kicking in!!! 🙂

    I am happy to hear that there may be a possiblity of another network looking into the moonlight set and show. That would really make my family happy; along with the others on this board and the others out there rallying with us are really looking forward to continuing on with the show. It was so unique; and truly, with all of the vampire fad/craze right now, how stupid of CBS to drop it anyhow. . . let another network reap the benefits.

    Ok ladies, I’m getting off of the computer now. Had surgery on my neck yesterday and I am not supposed to be in this position for long, just checking in.

    Have a great night and a wonderful weekend. More later…

  65. hey everybody, here is something else that may help our plight:

    Go to this site where there is an online petition at ipetitions.com for I our moonlight, I did.

    I would have sent it to you all from there but do not know everyone’s personal addresses. So give it a shot, every bit helps; can’t hurt anymore than it already is, especially if we stop fighting and knowingly that will lose Moonlight definitely.

    http:// http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/moonlightback?e

    alright, am headed off this computer I think for the night as I am about to go watch all on ABC!!!!

    I will see tomorrow if I can read anything further about talks between Joel Silver and CW network.

    Oh, go to Yahoo News, click on entertainment, then click TV and see how CBS is describing what and why they are giving us the fall linelup
    they plan…. All I can say before signing off is if I wanted to watch shows only about women and with women as the leads I would change my desire preferences. Women don’t want to watch shows only pertaining to women all the time, we all like some male eye candy. Now that is what my dreams are made of, and so is my reality.

    Been online much too long today…. night night.

  66. I hope that they don’t cancel Moonlight. I have email, called and prayed that CBS or anyone will renew Moonlight. What were they thinking, how could they get rid of a great show like this and renew stupid show and now we have to fight for our show. Make no mistake, we will fight, and not give up on this wonderful show and Alex and Sophie.

  67. Is it only me but I get a box that shows up that I have to enter in numbers in order to send my message. Then fora few days I could everyone’s comments but I couldn’t respond. I wanted to participate but couldn’t. so if you don’t see my postings anymore maybe someone is logging me out. if that becomes the case someone call if that happens.

  68. i live in NYC. I can tell you the fight that is going on here is remarkable.I heard we should write letters in addition to the emails.

  69. Hi Pat, Karen and Donna

    I have been calling and writing to everyone I can. it is hard for me to call because I have to use my cell phone which is a track phone with pre paid minutes. I can not use my home phone to call long distance because I do not have a long distance carrier never needed one before. My family consists of my mom and my identical twin sister Jodi. Are dad passed away when we were five and now we still live home at 31 years old. Our mom lost her job and we are working to help pay the bills so we try not to make to many long distance calls it can get pricey. Since they think we are wasteing are time with our fight to save Moonlight I do not think they would apprciate me making a huge phone bill so I am useing my cell phone. Which is mine I pay for the minutes so they can’t get angry. I will keep calling but at night I can’t no service in the house and to many Coyotes around at night to go outside but during the day I will be on the phone. Anyway I am soooooooo thrilled to hear that the set was not disabled because I was feeling extremely loust on Friday with it being the last episode plus I had read that the set was being disabled on friday it had me soooo dipressed It gives me hope that the set is still standing please for the love of Moonlight fans anywhere please please CW Network pick up Moonlight everyone do as I am going to do contact The Tv Guide and ask them to do a cover story about the injustice that has been done to the cast and fans off Moonlight. Tell them they can title it “For the love of good Television, SOMEONE please listen to us (The Fans of Moonlight). Please everyone write to them hell write to us magazine write to people magazine write to any magazine you can think off lets make ourselves known.
    Thank you.

  70. SPUNKY??? That’s a new one for me. Thanks, cute. I will try to call you once I get another long distance calling card since I choose not to have long distance on my land line. I cancelled my cell phone long ago after I forcibly had to retire due to an auto/semi wreck.
    Where is that area code,718? Giving out too much personal info online is not a safe idea, but I will call you. I used up 2 calling cards making calls for Moonlight so far.

  71. Great Donna, I just came back on to check things out. I live in AZ and it is very hot out there today, so what didn’t get done today can wait until the AM. I really need to sit down & write some personal e-mails as my friends & family have not heard much from me since the ML cancellation. Speaking of which, I have looked all over the net and the only site that gave some mention the show would not be renewed(but not in so many words) was Variety.com, the trades paper, mainly giving CBS and all the stations fall lineup. And little weird not even any TV gossip programs like Extra or Entertainment Tonight not saying anything

    Great, we a banding again, for awhile it was getting lonely at this site. Heard from Karen earlier and Christie White yesterday, but for the most part this board has been kind of quiet.

    Was over at CBS’s message board to check out any news. Another wierd thing one calling herself MoonlightChances originally keeps on getting her posts deleted, I assume, but don’t quote me, by CBS. Aren’t they sensitive, poor babies; my heart bleeds icewater for their plight after they did what they did to Moonlight and Alex.

    Little heads up, keep trying to requests other stations to pick-up Moonlight. I read that what actually got the original results of getting back onscreen for Jericho was written letters sent snail mail. CBS’s thinking,is felt, if someone took the extra time to hand write or type out a letter to them then they really cared. As I said sensitive bunch. Last I heard over at that message board is that Joel Silver is in negotiations with CW network, have not hear true or false to the contrary. One source checking out the WB lot, the sets comprising the backdrops for ML are still standing, so far a good sign as they were going demolish late last week.

    So let’s start writing our snails mails to USA, CW, Fox, ABC, NBC, FX, et al and see where we can let this lead. My advise is to express-next day or 48 hour service at the latest the letters being sent by snail mail. Honestly, ladies and gents, a few dollars well spent, at least for our intended outcome it is, is not going to break us if it brings Moonlight back in the Fall.

    Oh, if you head over to CBS.com, and we still should be putting in as much feedback as we can, last night’s Moonlight is there in full episode form. I would say that everytime we watch it, it is another star for ML. Also if you check out the forums, I am on one of them, only one, as spiritedangel(which btw had been my online name for many years even before I had my own computer.

  72. Pat, here’s my # 718-344-3367
    Lf you want you can give me yours. I would like to speak to you, you are so spunky

  73. I’m not giving up either. I just couldn’t write because I was having problems on the site. My letters have been sent and there was some new info on moonlight-detective.

  74. hi I couldn’t log on for awhile

  75. PS: Karen, Christie, and anyone else tuning into here:

    We, fortunate enough to have the Internet, already know about the cancellation, however, persons without same are unaware of this tragedy. Like my friend down the road, another Moonlighter, wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t told him. None of the rag sheets, or the online gossip entertainment news has yet to post anything about the cancellation. We need to somehow make everyone aware so that they, too, can have a vote and comment at the designated phone numbers that have been given or they can write(snail, but send express post), and e-mail the people that need to hear they want ML to return.

    Okay, gotta go for now, but get back to me.

  76. Thanks, Karen.
    Yes, I read awhile back this episode would be left in a cliff hanger. The one that really stuck out in my mind is the scene after Mick & Beth’s of when he told her he loves her. I loved the hall scene when he had his head against the wall and him saying, most importantly, that he could not let go of Beth. Loved: What was I wearing the first time you saw me banter; Gosh, that is love, even remembering she was in her bare feet. Wonder if any husband or boyfriend can remember what their lady was wearing on their first meeting?

    Anyway, the cliffhanger that stuck out in my mind was the Black Letter D.A. Talbot received containing the list of the whole colony of vampires including ones we are most familiar with, Mick being the last on the list(probably because, in reference to when he was “turned”, he is the youngest vampire). Did you notice that the names of the Monahans had already been crossed out? This could only be known by someone in the colony or had been there. The voice on the call the DA got while he was opening this envelope, recognize it??? I do not know why I feel Lance or Coraline amy connect with this, when our show returns, and may have something to do with this. Any ideas, so we can compare these notes later when Moonlight gets picked up by another network.

    I read on the Message Boards at CBS that Joel Silver, Moonlight’s producer, is in negotiations with the CW channel. I can’t verify it for fact, but it gives some hope. Another hope, too, is that the sets of Moonlight have not been dismantled yet, as I read.

    I spoke, yesterday, with the secretary for Alex’s agent and she told me she will covey to him all I said and that he will and does appreciate all who contact him. She, also, made it clear that we should not believe all that is on the Internet. For instance, I got a Yahoo Alert yesterday saying that Alex and Holly went to Mexico after losing job; I mentioned to Alex’s secretary that I thought it was great that he and Holly were getting away from the stress this has put on both of their lives; that is when the secretary told me what she did.

    Well, I need to get away from this computer for awhile, not getting much else done since all of this happened. Of course My animals come forst in the AM before I begin online; horses can be more demanding than the dogs and whiny until fed.

    Oh, before I sign off for now: What were the other cliff hangers you picked up on?

  77. HI Pat and Christie:

    I too loved the episode last night and couldn’t believe all of the cliff-hangers for another season. I really hope another chanell picks it up so it can go forth and bring us all more joy. I cried to when he finally told Beth he lives her.

    As for Alex’s myspace page; I didn’t leave him any comments. Must have been another Karen. My daughter’s both have a myspace page and I go on via theirs.

    Keep your chin up, we’re still fighting on our end! You’re not alone Pat.


  78. Hi Christie,
    I just got off the phone with another Moonlight fan, a male, so it’s not just us females loving this show. Anyway, he, too, with the comments line numbers we all have for CBS, has been calling also to leave more than one comment.

    Tonight’s Moonlight just took my breath away when Mick told Beth, finally, he loved her and that he remembered exactly what she was wearing the first time they met. And their kiss, so much passion. I began to bawl like a child just then and couldn’t stop crying. One because they stopped fighting their bonds of love no matter who they each were and secondly because I felt so lost all day knowing that this may be the last show.

    Yes, I intend to fight as much as I can, but I am totally angered that no one except you and I have been at this site today; it sort of seems like all of the MoonlightUnited front has disbanned and that should not be, we should be sticking together more than ever now, especially after seeing tonight’s show. I know we are all feeling bad over this, but I feel everyone feels the fight is over. It truly isn’t and I hope Karen reads this, too, as I read her comment left on Alex’s MySpace page. Yes, we all wish Alex luck in whatever he does; we all know he is going to go far with his career, but I feel he also wants to hear that we want Moonlight back with him and Sophia at the helm on the air in the Fall, too. or as soon as possible.

    It is kind of weird about that MySpace page of Alex’s, however,not everyone can leave a comment to his letter; can only be accessed by Alex’s friends. BTW, I belong to MySpace, too. Should not Alex’s personal manager know about this page? Well, in fact, I spoke with Alex’s manager’s secretary today and she said that they had not seen this online letter but had gotten wind there had been one put online. This tells me that it may not have even been put on there by Alex, himself. When I told her how we all feel about Alex, the personna that he brings across both on and off the screen, and that we are willing to do what we can to get Moonlight back on the air. She told me she will tell Alex this and he will be so glad to hear this, he will definitely appreciate this support. I definitely feel that Alex is a genuinely sweet individual and this cancellation of Moonlight felt like a personal affront directed by CBS to his acting abilities. I still feel that Nina Tassler would not recognize talent even if it slapped her in her own face.

    I don’t know if the petition I sent, first to another Moonlight friend, and BBCd others, will make the cirle, but I will go to my own ISP and send it to you, Christie for you to get it passed around. I will gladly keep in touch with you, too, via your personal e-mail and we will see if we can get some recognition by the TV execs to our cause of bringinf Moonlight back. I really do not like giving my personal e-mail out on such an open line, but look for something from me through localnet.com.

    Thanks for letting me know that there is still someone out there willing to keep this battle going to resurrect Moonlight again.

  79. Hi again I just watched the final Moonlight I want more I am still fighting please don’t give up here are some new contacts I have got off of a myspace page


    also go to this link and sign this petition it is an awesome be sure to sign it please.


    please go sign this petiton and tell all your friends to sign it to thank you.


  80. Hi Ladies:

    I too haven’t lost the fight….had surgery this morning so haven’t been online. However, MY FAMILY is still calling, emailing and writing in hopes that another network will steal this gem of an opportunity and place Moonlight on another channel/network.

    We’re happy Moonlight is on tonight, and deeply saddened that we know it is the last for awhile.


  81. Hi Pat I for one am Not willing to give up I too have been calling everywhere and emailing the CW network plus CBS plus Neilsen ratings I even have polls going On pcavote.com I have also emailed almost all Moonlight web sites plus left messages on the comments pages begging for people to help me I thought I was the only one I am glad you are trying to Please email me the petition I will sign it my email is CSItwins@aol.com My name is Christie White I am a devoted Moonlight fan and I am so angry about the cancelation I do not know any talk show numbers I only watch Moonlight nothing else please do not give up contact me and we will exchange information via email. Let’s SAVE are show if Pat and I can keep fighting so can you. Alex, Sophia, and Jason if you see this PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING thank you contact me Pat.
    email the CW network at feedback@cwtv.com
    CW main number 1-818-977-2500
    CW comment number 1-818-977-6878
    Peter Roth President Warner Bros Television

    I have also tried to find a phone number for Dawn Ostroff President of the CW Network with no luck so I sent an email through the CW feedback email and labeled it Atten: Dawn Ostroff try that I still have heard nothing back.
    For the love of god save Moonlight
    Christie White Devoted Moonlight Fan


    This is discouraging that all of you can drop this like this. Just because Moonlight has been cancelled, we hope for just now, does not mean that we can’t fight to get it back on TV again. How do any of you ever expect for that to happen if you don’t keep trying and hounding the network big wigs.
    Start being squeeky wheels people, the squeekier the better, and all in unison as a mass group to turn this ill fate around!!!!

    I woke up in the worst of moods today, this day, the last day that Moonlight will air, not just for the season, but forever. My first endeavor this AM was to make more calls again to the various given numbers.
    Then I got online,and like I was doing last night, I e-mailed various contact sites for talk shows, in hopes they will bring Alex, Sophia, Jason and Shannyn on as guests and to get their vibes on how they feel about this travesty, this injustice. If talk show host show an interest, including Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, & Martha Stewart, perhaps it may spark some interest in bringing the “vamps” and Beth back on the air.

    Com’on folks, I need your help here, I cannot do this all myself. Get those fingers dialing and typing and keep this as a united front. If we don’t stay united, it only shows me that many were not true to this cause. A little bit of flack from the other side and you give up? Sorry, not my nature, as Alex said in his e-mail on MySpace. If we are sincere and loving fans of Alex let’s show him that we won’t let his star fade as it sinks over the horizon.

    BTW, I spoke to someone today at Media Rights Capital and they informed me that what was online pertaining to their trying to secure CW to take ober Moonlight was a rumor. MRC is, in its own right, another type of network and they sell shows to CW from their ownMRC stable.

    I wrote another e-mail to Peter Roth of WB today and then sent what I sent to him out as a petition to be signed by others beginning with my own friends

    Note of interest: here are a couple of more phone# I just noted on the response I received from the WB contact line. Remember, the line where the woman, Julia king, is out on maternity leave?

    Call these numbers at WB and see if any help can be had there:
    Steve Wheeler, WB Portal Programming: 818-977-4948

    Scott Levy- On Demand: 8181-977-3050

    Other Questions, Su Kelsay: 8181-977-6283

    1. Moonlight is the best Vampire series ever and shows that not all vampires are bad. It was the prelude to vampire diaries and twilight and should have had more episodes showing how their love helped them to carry on living and perhaps working together. Why it ended as it did always annoyed me. I have just finished watching the final installment again on Living Loves channel and informed many friends of the programme and they are now huge fans of Alex O’Loughlin and the series. This programme needs to be re run and perhaps added onto and definately a film. Cant studio bosses see where they have lost a really good series, storyline and brilliant actors who made the series so real. Perhaps they can’t admit they made a mistake cancelling the series. Moonlight has my vote everytime and Alex has another fan!!

  83. You go Pat!!!! You’re like the cheer leading coach for all of us……. 🙂

    Some great ideas’s out there……let’s not give up.


  84. Okay, girls, it is up to us to tell Alex’s and the show’s fans that this fight is not over by a long shot….

    I was just over at savemoonlight.com and their initial banner is very encouraging, which we all should read. Scroll further down the page and it gives access to writing to some talk shows where we can ask to have Alex, Sophia, Shannyn and Jason on as guests. I just got finished sending an e-mail(which is how this certain link listed connects you to compose a letter to this show thru your ISP e-mail) to the Tonight Show and then composing a suggestion on a given form at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. There are quite a few listed there to seek out to expose this fight out to others by way of the stars of Moonlight. I think someone at savemoonlight.com hit on a terrific idea and I’m going to write into a few more of there suggestions. Perhaps we shouldn’t write into anyone on the CBS network like Letterman, who is listed there, as well as Craig Fergurson, who I believe had had Alex on his show one other time before(and both with Scottish ancestry in their blood). Craig would be an ideal show for Alex to appear on if it weren’t CBS, because I get the feeling that Ferguurson does not care too much for CBS politics. I must admit I have tuned into his show just for the monologs when I could not sleep late at night.

    Okay, now I need to get back to what I was doing for this cause and I hope you will all do the same and encourage all the other fans to do the like.

    Also, be sure to write to Alex via his representatives.

    Call the President of Television, Keith Samples at Media Rights Capital (310-786-1600, then press 1 for his voice mail when prompted)and leave him a message on his personal voice mail. Heck that is the closest I have come to speaking to someone that could make a difference in this and who probably has more say than anyone at CBS or any network.

    I’ll ask again, does anyone know how the intended rally of Moonlight fans went today, May 15th, went at 4000 Warner B’lvd which is the home of the CW network and Warner Bros? If we can get it through to Peter Roth at Warner Bros we may get him to see the light to get moonlight on another channel. Can’t get through to him by phone but can e-mail him at peter.roth@warnerbros.com via your own e-mails.

  85. Pat…..I think many are feeling like the fight is over. Not everyone is as passionate as you; and I agree, it’s not over till it’s over! We still can give CBS a run for their money. In all fairness, if WB owns the rights, then they can run it on the WB…Maybe someone over there will get the message?!

    PS. Thanks for the well wishes on the migraine…..I think CBS caused it! (wink wink)

  86. Hi Pat,
    OMG, No, I am not involved in either the film or TV world. Altho both have been a major passion of mine for many years. I am actually in the fashion world in NY but keep IMDB open on my desktop all day. I & my husband & close friends adore everything having to do with film, music and entertainment. When I saw Moonlight last Sept, I just knew a new star had been born. And ever since, each person I told about it and bought into it, agreed.
    I am so sorry, sincerely, that you have had to go thru the tremendous loss that I think I am understanding from your last message directed to me. I never meant to state that I knew what was best for anyone in a sense of loss.
    I feel for this guy the same way as you and so many others do. I guess I am still trying to get past my dumbfoundedness about this stupid decision to cancel this wonderful show and find a way to express how I feel.
    You are terrific. I love reading your thoughts. I am a neophyte when it comes to blogging ( or wahtever you call this) But what a great way to express your feelings.
    And there are a lot in this particular case. Tomorrow night will be very emotional and I will be thinking of all the fans of Moonlight as it closes hopefully for just a while.
    Relishing the moment once again,

  87. Would someone tell me why no one can leave comments to route on the salvation or resurrection of Moonlight on sites such as MoonlightUnited.com, and any of the listed sites to they have listed to cast a comment or vote?





  89. Hi Karen,
    So sorry to hear you have a migraine, they & I are long time competitors for my cranium.

    Now, here is some news that you may already be awre of, but others may not. I tried calling the 818-954-6000 phone# for the general switchboard at Warner Bros hoping they could pass me onto someone who handles Moonlight over at that studio. Well, this is exactly what I was told: “We have been told by CBS to have people call this number (1-323-575-2345) and then she gave me the phone#.
    Who ansered at that second number, as you may also know, is CBS and they tell you the show is cancelled in kind of a rude manner, but if you want to leave a comment about the show I can pass you through to do so.

    Boy, this rankled me to no end. And yes, I did leave another comment, only along with telling them they were going to lose the viewing audience of millions of people if Moonlight was not aired again in the Fall, I asked them what kind of scam it is that they are pulling. This is how it is appearing to me, I smell a rat in the woodpile. The fact that no one at Warner Bros will speak with people about this seems a little shaded to me.
    I, also, told them that they, CBS, actually did not own the rights to Moonlight, but that it is actually Warner Bros’s baby, so let it go if you don’t want to put it back on the air again at your station, let Warner Bros place it in the hands of another station that will appreciate the fine acting of Moonlight’s cast, will appreciate the pleasure this show gives its viewing audience, and that it is true entertainment as the other shinola that CBS is offering is sickening, referring to the sit-coms and the reality shows. I feel that CBS’s execs are totally in the wrong on this call and their calls will be this corporation’s downfall and it can’t happen fast enough for us all for there are millions of fans that will be boycotting your station if Moonlight is not returned to them.

    Something about this is smelling very fishy; remember what I said in an earlier post: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” and falls into the same catagory as the “casting director’s couch”, if my meaning is understood.

  90. Hi Pat…..

    I appreciate your advice and just wanted to assure you that I have and continue to teach all my children (and I have four 27, 24, 17 & 14) to fight for what they believe in. But I also tell them that at times, when we have given it our all, we can walk away bitter or at peace. So after she has given it “her” all, I just try to teach her acceptance.

    As for Moonlight, I agree….I’m not throwing in the towel…..I am just trying to teach acceptance as well.

    Hope you understand what I am trying to say….maybe I’m not saying it well…(migraine 🙁


  91. Hi dsa,
    I am still online, I was writing a few corrections to my original post of today, as you must have seen, when this one from you came in.

    Tell me, dsa, are you somehow connected to the film or tv industry? That is the impressions I am getting. Tell me if my vibes are correct please.

    Yes, right mow we should write to Alex’s reps to encourage and support Alex all we can. However, since the wound inflicted is so fresh, this is not the time for Alex to be confronted with any decisions for his future; he, as well as his fans, needs time to heal from what CBS and other network idiots have put us all through. You never ask a grieving widow, of which I was one almost 8 years ago and, prior to that, 20 years ago, or widower what they are wanting to do immediately after their loss; they can’t logically give you a stable answer, it takes time. Alex should not push or be pushed into anything too quickly; one since there might be a chance to resurrect Moonlight, and two, because the wound is so fresh for him that right now he may feel like a failure to some degree.

    As far as Alex being still committed in someway to network ties could be referring to the fact that I read somewhere that Moonlight was due for a 6 year run. And as far as the comparing Alex’s scenario to Pierce Bronson’s Remington Steele is amy seem similar in some way but totally unfair to assume. I think Pierce was vying for the Bond role for a long time, so his agents were wrong, or perhaps had no choice for Pierce’s personal life reasons, to commit him to such a binding contract with no room for other opportunities. I believe Alex and the rest of the cast were hoping, as we all were and are, for a long, long run for Moonlight, so I think Alex may not have had anything else in the behind-the-scenes working. And now, if his legal representation is on the ball, they can and should, if, regrettabally, Moonlight is not picked up by another network, be getting him out of the contractual binds with CBS since it was CBS who put the cabash on his show. A show that should not have been cancelled; a show that was pure entertainment, a pleasure to watch, so unlike the other garbage CBS give us on the air.

  92. To Pat and Karen,
    Have been away from the computer battling with a Board of Directors. Just wanted you to know that I couldn’t agree more with your feelings. Especially the one about teaching children to fight for what they believe in.
    I can only imagine how Alex feels. I have experienced the most unusual feelings of grief over the loss of this show and these characters. For some reason they and their story about personal struggles seemed to have touched a chord in me. Sounds silly to the ordinary person that didn’t get involved in the story.
    Hearing Alex say how hard and long he fought for this, yes, he must be in a depression. It’s only HUMAN. And I read on another blog that CBS still has an option on Alex and they, to date, are not letting him take any projects yet. This reminds me of Pierce brosnan of Remington Steele days. The studio would not let him go ( even after cancelling his show) to be James Bond. It took many years for him to be able to play the role he was almost born to play. Am I that much older than you? LOL
    I hope they don’t play the same dirty trick with Alex if he is offered an extraordinary opportunity. Because you know they know they have a goldmine on their hands.
    So when you write Alex’s agent, I think we should all ask them what does Alex want at this point and how can we help him. He may want to cut ties with Moonlight as he has been through too many struggles with it.So I think this empathetic appraoch will be sunlight enough for him.
    Just a thought. Because I feel for him.
    You gals are terrific. Gotta get back to work. Sorry was so lengthy.
    I’ll be sending my letters tomorrow.
    Chins up. I’ll keep fighting too but we’ll be able to support him in the early fall with “Whiteout” I just hate the waiting.

  93. OOPs, a correction, that is the CW Network, not the CB Network. My Hound dog is CB, CayBlue Cowboy and as I was typing this he was howling and I told him to “hush, CB”, so, thus, the mistake. Anyway, the CW Network is the infant of Warner Bros and CBS.

    And, another correction: I do not believe Alex is giving up, but I do believe he is shocked and this has depressed him, is what I read between the line in his MySpace page. We, all ages, need to back Alex and Moonlight and show the big wigs behind this cancellation that we mean business. Once Alex see we are not giving up on his star series he, too, will bounce back from his shock and sadness. Yes, we are all going through one form of sadness or another over this, but try, actually, putting yourself in the Alex’s shoes and connecting with his mind at this point and then you can only half imagine what he must be feeling. We have all read his summerized biography, have all listened to or read his interviews. This is a man that was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, this is a man that is crawling his way up. This, too, is a sensitive Virgo on the cusp of Leo; my late son was a Virgo, who was highly intelligent, could hold his own, but oh so sensitive. Alex seems just as sensitive, hiding his deep feeling behind his warm,contageous smile.

  94. PS, Karen and any Alex fans reading this, excuse some of the spelling as I typed my above reply to Karen very quickly/ There isn’t, unfortunately, a way to edit at this site so you can correct the spelling.

  95. Karen,

    Thank you for the compliment, it is appreciate, but all I write is truly heartfelt. BTW, I am an amature writer, have worked on poetry, short older children stories, and am working on a novel, that is ficiton based upon fact. Not published yet, but maybe one day, hopefully. Actually I am an old lady, and older than yourself, I have no doubt; I am 62. I noticed something on MySpace that Alex also has a 88 year old fan, so we do vary in age.

    Speaking of age, it is time, I truly believe, to teach some big shot network execs that Alex fans are a force to be reckoned with. So Karen, instead of telling your 15 year old daughter that God has another plan, teach her to fight to the finish for what is right. I did with my own and mine are now adults that do not give up on anything or anyone.

    If God has brought us into this fight, He had a reason and God isn’t a quitter. Perhaps God is just as tired, as we are, of big shots with no brains running eerything.
    Karen, I am not about to throw in the towel of bringing Moonlight back on the air with Alex O’Loughlin back in the lead and Sophia Myles as the good vampire’s lady. Do not be feeling that Alex is giving up, so we should, too. What I read in between the lines is a man who is in deep depression over the outcome, so far, of this, his series being cancelled by arrogant idiots who do not know what the public wants nor do they care. If there was even a thread of a chance to bring Moonlight back, do you not think that Alex would not be all for it?

    It is too soon in the game, and that is exactly what CBS is doing with us, playing, to give up. The H–l with CBS and I do hope that is where all those big shots end up. CBS, in the ratings market, is no longer leader in the field of entertainment and when we all boycott the network, it may, with much hope, be the collapse of an empire, eventually.

    What needs to be done now is to contact other networks and plead with them to save all that has to do with Moonlight. Perhaps buy it outright from Warner Bros who surely doesn’t seem to be fighting very hard to resurrect it’s baby. Could it possibly be that they are somehow connect in this plot? Remember I just read online, yesterday, that the CB Network was birthed by the merging of CBS and Warner Bros to create it.

    I know Alex will always be our shining star, no matter where his handsome and talented face appears, the silver screen or the tv. But do remember, also, that, provided his agent and manager are doing the damdest for him, nothing will happen anywhere. We should, which I plan to do, write to both of his official representatives, Chris Hart-manager and Andrew J Freedman-agent to keep contact with Alex and let him know we will be there strong for him. I really think Alex needs that right now and his own help, too, will join forces again with us. And, if his representatives are savy in legalities, there will not be a reason that Alex cannot star in both his own TV series and make movies all simultaneously.

    Yes, I will be watching most definitely on Friday, but I will also be in tears, too. Then CBS is a closed channel on my TV from here on out, no matter who wants to watch something on that channel, it is from here on out banned. However, the only way CBS, the FCC, or anyone to do with the media, will know this is if we have one of those media counter boxes from Nielson. In actuality I do not think there is any other way the networks can keep count. Not unless the newly required TV system in 2009 of every TV being an HD-TV will somehow be better abled to pick up on who is watching what. How this is going to work is that it will be aleviating the mixing of normal bradcasting reception signals with public service signals of fire, police, and national disaster. But then who knows if the government isn’t monitoring our TV choices, too, as we already have been made aware that they can, for legal(?) reasons tap phone lines( more than likely even the Internet is constantly tracked by government as well). No, Karen, this is not the ramblings of an old woman, but just a woman who feels we no longer live in a democracy.

    Anyway, I hope this site does not shut its connections down anytime soon and that we all do our best to the utmost to bring back Moonlight, no matter what channel, time, or day. And definitley keeping this and other Alex sites open to his fans, and to him as well, keep us all connected and wilth hope.

  96. Karen, you couldn’t have said it better. I am in shock and feel helpless. I did all I could with emails, calls, and letters. I to waited each week for friday night. I wrote CBS that I have stopped watching their network and friday from 9 – 10 pm est will be my last time. Even though I like ghost whisper, I’m not going to watch it. I feel so sad because I don’t want all the communication between the fans to stop or the sites to disappear. Writing to one another was a feeling you have people who share a common interest. So I do hope this site will stay and maybe we will have good news soon.

  97. Pat…you always write such fabulous “posts”….. 😉

    You’re right, Alex IS a very talented man. I told my 15 year old (who is into the Twilight Series, Vampire Academy and of course a HUGE Moonlight fan) that obviously God has the master plan and that Alex is on to bigger and better things. Either way, as much as I don’t want to miss Moonlight nor see it go, I know that I will continue to rent movies with him in it. Maybe it’s his turn on the Silver Screen…..it was just nice to see a tv show other than sitcom’s and reality tv. . . it was nice to have “entertainment”.

    I was telling my daughter (ok, I’m and ol lady…:) that Moonlight was like a really intense “Beauty and the Beast” from the early to mid-80’s….the unrequited (sp?) forbidden love story, the “non-human” protagonist who keeps the world safe despite his “struggles” to fit into our society…….Moonlight was all of that and more. It was a truly entertaining love story/drama and will be missed….the point to my rambling is that God has the bigger plan and we don’t always agree with God and must realize, he knows the future, we don’t always have the patience we need: “we” are the selfish one’s 🙂 Either way, CBS will have one more night of ratings at my home…I won’t miss Friday’s finale for anything. After that, we will no longer continue watching CBS for anything. I truly hope another station/affiliate picks the show up; but all we can do now is voice our concern and then move forward to healthy focuses. If only our world was have as passionate as the Moonlight followers; could you imagine what we could get accomplished?

    Anyhow, I’ll miss the show and the gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous actor that made Friday’s worth looking forward to…it was a great end to the week…..but lets see now where his career takes him!


  98. Karen, thanks. I subscribed yesterday so I want to see if I can read any responses for him. You never know if he is going to add more.

    Everyone – Regarding the Alex’s agents send letters do not call. I got first hand info after I called yesterday. The are encourageing people to right not call.

    Pat your comment about CBS had me in laughing so hard.
    Is everyone one doing the post card campaign today? time is of the essence. The info is on Moonlight – Detective. If anyone needs it I can send it. It also has the emails for network CW.

  99. I think Moonlight was awsome, I am looking Forward to the next Moonlight Next Friday, I think Alex o’loughlin is very good at acting like a Vampire…

  100. Thank you, dsa, as I went to the site you recommended and could not get anywhere unless I subscribed.

    I thought it was nice for you to post Alex’s agent and manager info here and I do hope that all who are reading this will, in fact, contact Alex through these sources to let him know that we care. His letter on MySpace and also copied here(by Karen, thank you) was so emotionally deep, it let’s us know how this has really affected him. He is as devastated as we are. I know someone at the MySpace page left a message for Alex to go on and let Moonlight be just sort of an experience; that is all well and good, but this show, I feel, we all feel, has more of a future than what it has been handed. Let’s all write to Alex’s agent and his manager, as well, telling them we will not give up on Alex or the revival of this show, even if it is on another network.

    Yes, Alex will have a long and successful career because he is a very talented man, because he is a very sincere man, because he is a quality man. That commentor on the MySpace page was correct in calling to mind how talented a man Alex is. But that is not the here and now, and that is what we should fight to bring back, the here and now of the series Moonlight to fulfill TV viewers nights of Beth & Mick and all the cast again.

    Let’s try to help this along so much that no network can or will say no to picking up Moonlight. CBS I hope your corporation crumbles and I hope your empire falls, just like Rome’s; it is high time to make way for the public to make the decisions not your over-paid big shots who don’t give a damn about us and what we want.

  101. http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=170074275&blogID=394198055

    Here it is ladies; the myspace link. If it doesn’t show up as a link copy and paste into your browser.


  102. Hi Donna….sorry to not reply earlier. If you are a “friend” on myspace to Alex then you can read his blogs; otherwise, they are private. I can post the link if you like?

  103. I just realized if you’re not a subscriber you may not get the info. Here it is. Hope this helps. dsa

    Alex’s agent is International Creative Managemnet – Chris Hart
    10250 Constellation Blvd
    7th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90067
    phone 310-550-4078
    fax 310-550-4055
    Alex Personal manager – Andrew Freeman
    20 Ironsides
    Ste. 18
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
    Phone: 310-827-4319
    Fax: 310-822-0940

  104. Pat, Just wanted you to know that if you go onto IMDB.COM type in Alex’s name, on the left you should see how to contact. This gives you his agents name and address. Hope this helps.

  105. Karen, I went to his my space and cannot find this message. How can we write back to him to express our thoughts.

  106. Karen, where is it on my space. I can’t find it.

  107. karen, where did you go on my space. I can’t find anything with this message. I just joined my space a few minutes ago.

  108. No, Donna I don’t know Alex or Sophia’s agents, though one time I do remember seeing something at a site pertaining who represents Alex. I will continue to seek out nay info I can to help this cause, to get Moonlight back on the air.
    Was it you that stated something about some Media something or other? What is that and what is their interests in all of this?

    Did your read Alex’s letter, also posted here, that is on his MySpace page? It is so sad and so genuinely showing his hurt and disappontment. I am sure Sophia is probably feeling the same way. Let’s face it both of them gave their entire all to this show, both basically new actors with few credits to their names. If anyone needs a big hug and assurance that we will not stop fighting it is Alex (his letter brought tears to my eyes) and Sophia.

  109. It is time we give the persons responsible for this a blast wit all cannons flaring for our moonlight, your Moonlight, My Moonlight, most of all Alex’s Moonlight. Continue to stand by this man for he is definitely worth all the effort we can put into this. The fact that anyone ever thought he was not the man for the job of being Mick St John tells you right there that it is all about politics: not what you know, but who you know. thank goodness Alex did win out and we will not give up on winning for him again. I am as sick and saddened by this news as our Alex is and wrote.

  110. THE FOLLOWING WAS POSTED ON MYSPACE…….(on Alex’s offical myspace page blog)….

    I’m a sickened by the whole thing……….karen

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Family and Friends
    Current mood: Shocked and sad

    Dear Friends, Family and wonderful, wonderful Fans of MOONLIGHT.

    Well, where to start….?
    The decision to cancel MOONLIGHT… my MOONLIGHT… our MOONLIGHT, is
    as much of a shock and gut wrenching surprise to me as it is to all of

    Really, I don’t even know where to begin.

    I sit here at my computer, still slack jawed even 24 hours after
    receiving the news that my services are no longer required on the set
    of this show. A show we have all come to know and love deeply, and it
    hurts more than I can possibly tell you.

    Since i got THE CALL I have not read anything online or otherwise, I
    have not been following blogs or forums, I have not been reading the
    trades or opinion polls and I have not been calling around to get
    “Why are you not fighting for your show?!” I hear you all scream!!
    The truth is my friends, I never STOPPED fighting for it.
    From the very beginning when I was told time and again that i wasn’t
    the man for the job, having to prove myself to everyone with tests and
    screen tests, to a complete re-casting of the show, through 5
    different show runners at the helm with 5 different artistic visions,
    to a Writer’s strike that took 5 episodes away from us…… oh how
    the list goes on.
    But through all of that, i am proud to say that not once did I bow
    down and allow someone else to come in and do with MOONLIGHT as they
    please. And along the way, if I needed a break and wanted to do that,
    I don’t think I could have anyway because, well, I suppose it’s just
    not in my nature! 😉
    This is all still so fresh for me and I am going to need a little time
    to process this whole thing before i can digest what has actually
    happened, let alone move on.

    Honestly. I really feel lost for words.

    I will say however, that never, never in my life have I experienced
    first hand a level of support from a group of people like that of you
    all who are reading this now, and who ‘loved this show to life’
    alongside me. It has been overwhelming to say the least.

    I am grateful to you all.
    I am extremely proud to be associated with this piece of television.
    And I am so, so sorry to my very core, to lose MOONLIGHT.

    All my love,

    Alex O’Loughlin x

  111. I did the same. I have called NY & Ca all day yesterday needless to say I didn’t get any work done. Sent emails everywhere and now I am composing a letter to Media Capital which may have interest in the show. All the info is on Moonlight – Detective. Send your letters today. if you need the info i can post it.

  112. Unbelievable! Pat, I called the 212-575-2345 number…the gentleman that answered claims that it hasn’t been “offically announced” and will announce it later this afternoon. I left another message on their voicemail and voiced my extreme concern for the loss of yet another incredible TV show. It is truly a loss and I told them that I can firmly say that my family will no longer watch ANYTHING on CBS due to this issue. I hope that all of the calls, emails, and voice messages that our voices are heard and they seriously reconsider the fall lineup’s.

  113. Does anyone have the contact information Alex and Sophia’s agents so we can write to them?

  114. I am devastated
    my fav show
    now what




  116. Just spoke with CBS Corp Hdqtrs/NY, Moonlight is canceled, but we can still make a BIG difference if we pull together and keep calls coming into them to recall their decision and put Moonlight back on the air!!!!

    But do not forget to begin bombarding CBS with calls and e-mails at their Feedback online and DEMAND they return moonlight to the fall lineup immediately. Immediately so that Alex and the cast can begin shotting new shows without any delays to the beginning of the new fall shows. Any delays in filming, thus bringing a finished show to the tv screen, would give CBS another reason to cancel again our favorite show, Moonlight.

    This is not a farfetched plan, fans. Given enough of being hit with all barrels of any fuel we can toss at CBS even a giant can fall to its knees.

    Write the producers of Moonlight and ask them to keep the production of shows continuing and ask them to see if another basic station, like ABC or NBC, or FOX can pick up the show. Many people do not or cannot afford satellite or cable, especially seniors on fixed incomes, I know I am one, so a basic channel available to all would be best for all. Again write to the show’s producers; Also WRITE TO Warner BROS where the show is filmed.

    Also, let us not forget Alex O’Loughlin and Sophia Myles. Find out where to write to them via their agents, not the fan clubs, you write to agents in correspondence with stars. Offer Alex and Sophia your condolences for the shows cancellation and tell them how much you appreciate them. Ask them to please remain here in the states, too, or we may never see another show on US TV with them in it!!! Ask them to fight for their show to be aired again, too!!!! I’m sure they already are, or their agents should be, if they are good ones.


    IT IS: 1-212-975-3247


  117. Please do not cancel Moonlight. This is a awsome show and great action, acting. I will stop watching CBS all together, I gave up TV and Moonlght brought me back to cable tv. I am soo heartbroken and cried and cried like I had lost my best friend.

  118. After calling the # in Karen’s message I also called out local CBS-TV station here in Tucson, AZ. They gave me the main PH# for CBS in NY, which is where the corporate headquarters is located. The nice woman I spoke with made no mention to me, after I told her why I was calling, of Moonlight being canceled. I do not believe that it has of this date, but it is still in jeopardy unless we all call to vote and comment personally.

    If you don’t have long distance on your phone line, go get a $5 pre-paid calling card; keeping Moonlight on the air and on Firdays is worth that small expense, isn’t it? I think it is and I am a senior on SS.

    The woman at the headquarters of CBS in NY gave me the direct# to the Programming Department in NY. This is the department that is most important and you will be speaking with a live person, not a recording. She told me they listen and record what you have to say and want, so call and be heard.

    The best times to call are:
    If you live on the east coast: 10AM to 11:30AM EDT

    Here on the west coast(& AZ time never changes as others do) : 12PM(Noon) to 1:30PM

    The direct# to the programming department is:


  119. I just called CBS….they said that the show has not yet been cancelled and that they are waiting to see how many people vote to keep it on. Call and vote at:



  120. Go to moonlight-detective and cbs message board. also eonline. They confirmed it. We all have been making the calls and sending emails

  121. We are all saddened if this is true, but I just looked on Moonlightline and saw nothing to confirm it has been canceled. The is a page totallu full of info of whom to contact to make the sponsers and CBS take notice that Moonlight and Alex fans mean business.
    Go to this link now and make a difference in everyway possible:


    The above link has an e-mail that list sponsers names and addresses including e-mail addresses, CBS addresses and all needed to, hopefully, make a difference. It is not too late so don’t give up hope, Donna, I’m not!!! Several weeks ago I wrote a lengthy snail letter to nina Tassler and, hopefully, I stated things she and other execs needed to know.

    A couple of more e-mail addresses that may help make a difference are:

    when this site come up onscreen scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Feedback

    Another is Nielson, itself, at this e-mail address:

    With this one keep on flooding their votong polls in favor of Moonlight. Get all who watch the show to get this done,even if it take hundreds of votes per person.

  122. The info is on all the sites. I have been calling CBS every half hour to renew. I just can’t believe it! Do you have the emails, please send your responses to them. I am so sad and very disappointed with cbs. I really am not going to watch their stupid shows csi

  123. Donna, I haven’t heard anything about Moonlight as a definite of being canceled.
    Thanks for the phone #s and sites to check out. I do hope many of Moonlight’s and Alex’s fans will follow suit and send e-mails or call CBS over and over again.
    CBS needs to listen to the fans, not some poll on Nielson or the like.

    For one, I feel that the writer’s strike did all of us, including Moonlight, an injustice. So what did the stations, including CBS, fill us in with? Either more reality shows which, in themselves are a farce. I think most of those contestants on those shows are paid small time actors, not people off the street, so to speak. Or they filled us in with nonsense comedies. There were 2 shows on ABC I liked that could go big and they were “Eli Stone” & “October Road”.

    Moonlight was not a fill-in show, they had a full season of episodes scheduled, I don’t think you do that if you are just a filler. For crying out loud, it won the People’s Choice Award for Best New Drama so why are the execs all so undecided. Instead we get sitcoms that make no sense like Two & a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, and the Adventures of Old Christine that are definitely long past their prime.

    I am so tired of the showing of guts on the CSI shows that watching one is like watching them all over and over. They had a nice run, but we got bombarded with a whole fleet of them. the ony one that seems the most realistic is the CSI:NY and I know because I come from tha area of the country originally.



  125. I just read moonlight decteive that Moonlight was cancelled. Is this true.

  126. I read at another site that Moonlight was going to conclude for this season with a cliffhanger. I also read where Sophia(Beth) thinks the prospects of a second season look good; Jason(Josef) was not so sure.

    I, among all of us fans, want to see Moonlight go into many more seasons, LOVE THAT SHOW AND ALL THE CAST, ESPECIALLY ALEX!!!!

    Of course, Donna, they have to give some spice to Beth & Mick’s relationship; they tried it in the beginning by putting Josh in their way, and will continue to do so for that is what brings viewers returning. I really do not feel that Beth & Mick are done yet, unless CBS cuts their fans hopes of more of this show by stupidly coming to the decision to cancel Moonlight.

    As far as I know, no decision is definite on Moonlight being canceled, so again I suggest writing to CBS or Nina Tassler, who is the President of Entertainment for CBS. The sooner the better, all fans, and keep bugging them until they see Moonlight needs a long, long run.

  127. did anyone catch this. Last week attractions for episode 16, the preview showed Beth kissing Mick. This week the preview after episode 15 showed Mick flirting with a woman when he was playing basketball and Beth crying she can’t do this. I think she is speaking about their relationship especially after she sees Mick taking blood from another woman. I think the writers changed the ending maybe because their is going to be another season? Hopefully, keep your fingers crossed. I am interested if anyone has any ideas from the preview on 16

  128. I think that Moonlight was awsome,

  129. Last night’s episode of May 09, 2008 was absolutely great. I do hope lots of fans and even “I want to see what the hullabaloo is about people” tuned into Moonlight. To me, it is the reason to turn my TV on Friday nights. Alex’s wartime Mick was a new twist to his character in having this questionable affair with his buddy’s wife. Makes one wonder how, for almost 6 decades, he has remained celibate since becoming a vampire. But his acting in last night’s show brought a tears to my eyes with Alex’s Mick wanting so much for this Robert to be his son and the young boy, to be his grandson. The passion Mick displays in his desire to want this family or admitting his want was actually all along to have his own family, his own children; truly felt sorry for Mick having been put in this eternal life situation by Coraline, however, she must have known his desire to have children, thus the young Beth’s abduction. But I loved scene between Beth & Mick when she proclaimed her liking of the name Elliott if they had a son & his expression following her statement. This proceeded Josef’s comment, “if Beth can figure out how the 2 of you can procreate” , both scenes gives one the impression there will be a storyline based upon Mick’s desire to “create” his own family from his own loins and his deep desire to be with Beth in the consumate sense.

    Hopefully, CBS will make sure to keep Moonlight on for the coming Fall season. Except for Friday nights, CBS’s lineup is not worth watching; the CSI shows are getting boring and the same old thing. Only one with believable character portrayals is the CSI:NY of them all. With what CBS has offered us, other than Friday’s current lineup, they may head themselves to corporate suicide. And if CBS screws up for the Fall showing of Moonlight, I do hope another network, but not cable or satillite since not all of us fans have them, picks it up and keeps us fans happy for our weekly doses of Mick & Beth.

  130. I love your show they are very cool, i watch them every Friday, they are awsome. very cool shows, including Alex o’ loughlin, he is very good at acting, when I grow up I want to be an actress

  131. love the shows they are really good

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