Moonlight Is No More

There are hardly words. 🙁 Our lifeline to the charismatic Alex O’Loughlin is gone as word reaches us that the CBS show Moonlight, where Alex plays Mick St. John, has been cancelled. Yes….CANCELLED.

I am so hopping mad right now because it is not hard to see that the writer’s strike dealt this wonderful show a fatal death blow. After a long hiatus and a hurried script and production it just couldn’t compete. Where will we get our weekly Alex fix now???

As always I will keep you updated with the latest Alex news but with his show being cancelled it may be awhile. Stay tuned and I will bring you news whenever I can.


In the meantime….check out his filmography for links to buy Moonlight episodes and his movies.



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  1. Hi Elaine H, Christie White, & Alexis,

    Hope you are still in there fighting for Moonlight, well Christie i know you are as we correspond on my ISP mail… I can say I find myself rich in new family since this campaign began and I am proud to calle each of you Sister or Brother… Where once we were strangers, we are now a Family drenched in Moonlight… Except as of late and we have to continue our fight to do something about that…

    If you are not yet aware, DirecTV had shown an interest in assisting the Sci-Fi channel in funding to bring in new episodes of Moonlight since that network does not have the capability for that type of funding… Hopefully, we have all written snailmails/emails to DirecTV to cajole them to follow through with this proposal… Now they have asked Leeser at Moonlightline to run a ongoing poll, which is under the Save Moonlight thread as a sub-thread subject…. Pleas head over there to register first, if you are not, and vote as to whether you would subscribe to DirecTV or not if they followed through on their propsal… They re only watchin their backs as this is going to cost them millions of dollars in the long run and they want to be sure we mean what we say… each new episode cost like 2 million to bring it to us…

    If you are saying what’s the use or thinking that the fight is over… DON”T!!!! Joel Silver, according to Alex O, yes the one & the only to our knowledge, told a very lucky lady calling herself racerlvr who posted over at MLL, pix and all, that “Joel is still fighting for our show”!!! check Save Moonlight, TNT Interested

    While you are visiting over at Moonlightline check out a sub-thread I posted thi morning called “Moonlight Investment Group under Save Moonlight… It is an idea I have had stirring for sometime, now I just gave it its own space… Hope you will read and comment… Thanks

  2. Hi Elaine H,

    And a warm welcome back to us here.. Thank you for your info about the Living channel, though I, myself, am not familiar with it, perhaps some of our ladies & gents at this site may be… It is probably not on regualr channeling, but possibly it could be, again as in the UK, viewed on a cable or satellite channel..

    I do not have that viewing capability as of yet as I was perfectly content watching the basic channels, mostly shows on ABC, but only tuned in CBS to watch, faithfully, our Moonlight…How I do miss it…

    Please Elaine, you stated that you were going to e-mail Living, would you so kindly leave all all here another post with that e-mail address so that we can do the same?? And folks stateside googling may find it available to us already…

    But, Elaine, on the board under “Fight for Moonlight”, here at Alex O’Loughlin Online, you can get a little more update in our Moonlight news.. We all need to keep e-mailing, writing regular mailings via PO, and calling if you can to DirecTV, Sci-Fi Channel, the producers of Moonlight asking them not to give up this fight, and if there should be an actors strike, we will remain loyal to Moonlight & continue to our campaign unflinchingly..WE WILL BE THERE WHEN IT COUNTS WE MUST INFORM THEM ALL…WHEN IS THAT???

    Please Elaine write to the DirecTV, the Sci-Fi Channel, Warner Bros, the show’s producers, the actors we loves so who brought their characters so vividly into our homes,(here in the US) and any other network you may deem is of importance to reach our goal..

    Elaine, we have been without the Moonlight since May 16th & it is so dark without Moonlight..

    Help it rise again, Elaine, help us make it the Moonlight rise again for us all

  3. Hi all, Elaine in the UK here again. Have just watched the very last episode – sob!

    Sorry been quiet – lot on.

    To answer some questions, Moonlight started here in the UK in February and was shown on a cable channel here called Living TV. That same network produces a show called Most Haunted (it’s a paranormal ghost hunting show) and I know that went stateside last year so the answer to your question could US viewers still see it is I can’t see why not – I just don’t know what channel Living uses in the US.

    I don’t know for certain that the show would have to be filmed here. I’m pretty sure it was Living who bailed the last couple of seasons of Angel out and that was made in the US so I can’t see why it can’t work again. I’ve emailed Living TV already – no reply – but I will do so again.

    We have to save this show and have some decent television rather than constant reality rubbish etc.

  4. Hey guys from this message Board, there is some new news I just learned from a lady with Moonlight direct contact that you may like to read at “The Fight for Moonlight” here at this sight… right now that board is the most active so come joine all of us there

  5. Okay, I am going to try to kill 2 birds with one stone here.
    Christie White, I read something about CW also, can’t remember which sight it was on as I have been all over the net trying to put my 2 cents in about this travesty against Moonlight. I will go again to pcavote and vote again, I did yesterday

    I have e-mailed Peter Roth of Warner Bros twice today. First this AM and just a few moments ago when I read that Warners is beginning to tear down the set of moonlight. This totally ticked me off and I told him again how the cow ate the cabbage using these words exactly: It seems to me that you are putting ashes in the urn and on the shelf before they are cooled.

    A question and I hope this does not sound ignorant: What is the CW channel? Is it a network on cable or satellite? Since I do not have either I would not know, not all can afford their monthly fees.

    I have not had the time to find the Alex page on MySpace yet today, I read this here on what he wrote under the tile Fated To Pretend.

    Okay next to Elaine H of the UK.
    I was not too familiar with Angel, I watched it a couple of times, but did not find to my liking. most assured ly Angel character did not have the same charisma as Mick St John which only can be portrayed so convincingly by Alex O’Loughlin.

    Secondly, Elaine, will Americans be able to see Moonlight if it were broadcast on a UK channel on our basic TV channels, not the like of cable or satellite?
    But if this will save Moonlight than so be it. Would the show then have to be filmed in the UK as well?
    Try rounding up all the fans of Moonlight in your country to see if they can make contact with this UK channel and help Moonlight all you can.

    Isn’t Moonlight fairly new to UK viewers? Didn’t Alex O’loughlin just recently visit your country to promote Moonlight?

  6. Hi This is Christie again I just wanted to share with all of the Moonlight fans the letter I have wrote to the CW Network Please read it and send one to them yourself thank you. Feel free to tell me what you think.

    The Letter
    Hi I heard from Neilsen ratings that there is a rumor going around that the CW network might be picking up the CBS show Moonlight which CBS cancelled. Well there is a huge fan base for this show we have had petitions going and even contacted CBS several times trying to save Moonlight they would not listen. So please if this rumor is true please please save Moonlight your network would acquire an extremely huge amount of new fans who will be devote to your network if you pick up Moonlight we love this show and we do not want it cancelled. CBS did not care what the fans wanted or felt please CW care about the fans. We are now counting on the CW Network to help us Moonlight fans save our show. Just think of the hits you had with Buffy and Angel please give Moonlight a fair chance. They never got a fair chance with the writers strike and all. Please prove that at least one Network cares about the fans. I have never fought so hard to save a show before Moonlight that is how much I love this show. Check out the People’s Choice awards for 2008 over 10 million fans voted Moonlight the Best New Drama for 2008 and Moonlight won the award. Over 10 million fans that is what your Network would be gaining by simply picking up this show and keeping it going there are so many ways for the story line to continue and I bet the cast of Moonlight would be greatful to you to. Please I beg of you save Moonlight for the fans and for the cast. The Fans of Moonlight are counting on you. The fans love this show so much they even started a nation wide Blood drive to show their support for the show that in and of itself should tell you how devoted the Moonlight fans are. Please save Moonlight I can not say that enough CW WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU. Thank you for your time. Please email me and let me know that you a least read this email if you say nothing else just return and email saying you read it please. I appreciate your time. Thank you.
    Christie White (Devoted Moonlight Fan)

    If they email me I will let you know.

  7. I’m a UK fan. Has anyone tried going through one of our networks like Living TV? I’ve emailed them and asked them if they’ll pick it up. They actually bailed Angel out for 2-3 last seasons so I can’t see why they wouldn’t do it for Moonlight (which in my humble opinion is far superior to Angel any day!)

  8. Hi I wrote to CBS four times plus I wrote to everyone at CBS and I called CBS plus I have polls running on please go and vote. Also I wrote to the neilsen rateings company and they replied with an email telling me that today 5/14/08 there is a rumor going around that the CW network might be picking up Moonlight. Everyone start emailing the CW a requesting no make that beg them to pick up Moonlight tell them about all the fans they will acquire by doing so If they pick up Moonlight I will watch the CW and the hell with CBS they want to be idiots let them. I wish we could contact Alex through his my space page and let him know. By the way what is the web page for alex’s my space I would like to check it out. Spread the word keep hasslings CBS and contact the Cw beg and plead with them to save our show I know I will also go to pcavote and vote on all Moonlight polls that are going I have three running on there my looked for authroized by Christie White at the bottom of the polls and you will no it is mine. Please everyone ban together maybe we can still save Moonlight for ourselves and Alex, Sophia and Jason. Cw network we are now counting on you.
    Thank You everyone please help. Notify everyone you know. I can’t do this alone help me please. Thank you.

    Christie White (Devoted Moonlight Fan)

  9. Don’t give up yet, Alexis, we will do everything we can to bring Moonlight back on the air, even if it is not on CBS. As far as CBS is concerned I hope their corporation crumbles!!!! Keeping execs like Nina Tassler will make that come about; you know what the old saying is: What goes around, comes around.

    Although it may be canceled for now there is no reason that it cannot be resurrected, just like a vampire.

    Please read Alex’s Official MySpace page about the cancellation; he is so down right now, I wish I could just give him a hug. I mean look at the facts, he was turned down for the role as James Bond, got Moonlight and entered into fans hearts all over the world, then put on hold for the writer’s strike which did not do the show, him, fans any good (as you will read, they lost giving us 5 other shows due to that this season), came back with applause of their fans and then betrayed by the likes of Nina Tassler of CBS and Peter Roth of Warner Bros.

    Let’s keep on fighting for our Moonlight, Alex and Sophia. Make calls, write e-mails, write snail-mail, ban CBS from your TV screens, don’t buy products that were Moonlight’s sponsers. Don’t give up the fight yet: show all, but most of all our 2 lead stars, Alex & Sophia, that we want them back and will do all we can to get that to happen.

  10. I emailed a ton of the execs at CBS as well as warner bros. The official news shouldnt be out yet at CBS hasnt officially announced their fall lineup I hope that there is still a chance. I started watching Moonlight after the strike because my mom had DVR’d all of the I believe 12 episodes, she said that because I loved the vampire dramas ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’ that I would love Moonlight and I couldnt believe how great this show turned out to be. I honestly didnt think I would ever watch primetime TV again. Even though it was on on Friday’s I made a point to be either home to watch it or to record it. I also never watched CBS before Moonlight and I had at a point gained some respect for that network for putting a show as unique and exciting as this show, I cannot even believe now that there may be a chance that it will be canceled but if it is I hope another network picks it up or that Alex, Sophia, Jason, and Shannon continue to have great success in their careers.

  11. I just can’t believe the stupidity of CBS and the so-called big shots. I think there still may be hope, as was done with Jehrico I read, of plaguing CBS, et al, with protests. I just sent an e-mail to Nina Tassler and one to Warner Brothers. Don’t stop sending e-mails, calls, and letter to these unsympathetic wierdos and, most of all, DO NOT BT ANY MEANS GIVE UP. We are dealing with a show favored by so many about the “undead” and we must make it survive even with this news. It can rise again, DO NOT GIVE UP TRYING!!!!!

    WE Must Bring Alex and Sophia back again as Beth and Mick

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