Alex O’Loughlin Whimsical Wednesday Photo


Here is another unpublished photo of Alex to help pass time and to add some fun into your Wednesday. This one is for those that are into his shirtless look 🙂   

As always we will have the larger sizes in the gallery and on FB. Enjoy!


Alex O'Loughlin shirtless photoshoot


Photo taken by Nino Munoz February 2017 for CBS Watch


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    I had my reaction on Twitter but now I gotta let you know THANK YOU AGAIN here!

  2. How is it possible that you have all of these photos? Thank you for sharing with us ?

  3. WOW……..gulp!

    Didn’t even need coffee this morning to get my heart beating faster.

  4. · Edit

    Oh my thank you for the shirtless pic of Alex he is sexy as hell with the yummy chest hair.

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