Happy Friday!

Happy Aloha Friday everyone! Although it is the first Friday without a new Hawaii Five-0 to watch, it still can be a good Friday. In order to fill the void and to help out, here is another unpublished photo of Alex. This one falls into the McGarrett look category so that is why we chose it for the day. It also happens to be one of our favorites so far. Is it yours? 


Alex O'Loughlin photoshoot

Taken by Nino Munoz for CBS Watch 2017



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  1. Bad boy badboy, watcha gonna do when we come for you………

  2. OMG! Yes I love this one. The scruff,the sunglasses and the look. That look right there is a look that would make me bare my soul to him. Love that they put home in a white t-shirt an holster on top. ??? So sexy. This is even more proof that he needs to grow his hair back out and stay away from the trimmer, even though I’ve gotten used to it I do like it long enough to run my fingers through. Best Friday ever.

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