Smile! New Alex O’Loughlin Photos For Photo Month

The first week of hiatus can be really tough so we thought we would pop back in and share a couple more unseen pics. In this case we also tied in Photo Month which happens in May. With the month almost over, we did not want to miss out sharing some great shots of Alex posing as a photographer himself. He has also mentioned it to be a real hobby of his and has been seen around he island toting his camera for real.

Whether it was 2011 when he was posing for a Cosmo spread or 2017 when the CBS Watch shoot was done, Alex looks just as good behind the camera as he does in front of it. Don’t you think? You can be the judge below.



This first one was taken for Cosmopolitan by Matt Jones back in 2011. The black and white smaller version was all that has been released thus far. Here is the color and we will share the larger HQ one on the FB page and the gallery sometime within 24 hours.

Alex O'Loughlin Cosmopolitan photoshoot



This next one was taken during the CBS Watch shoot by Nino Munoz in February 2017. The scenery in the photo is beautiful no matter where you look. The larger version will also be shared later on our FB page and the gallery.

Alex O'Loughlin CBS Watch photoshoot



Happy Photo Month!




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