Alex to Guest Star on Criminal Minds!

alex oloughlinMichael Ausiello of announced today that Alex O’Loughlin, is returning to CBS in an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds. Woot!!! It looks like a juicy role too!

The change-of-pace hour, which is tentatively scheduled to air in April, will track a case from the POV of a serial killer, played by O’Loughlin.

This is O’Loughlin’s first leap back into TV since Moonlight was laid to rest nine months ago. At press tour last month, CBS president Nina Tassler — who signed the Aussie hunk to a development deal in August — hinted that we may see him back on the network “soon” in a new project.


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  1. hii everybady alex playing a serial killar he will de the part proud… i am very happy that everybady love alex cause hi is the best actor and nice man hi is extraordinaire .thank you hope to hear from you soon ….xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Tiffany,

    Did you get my private email sent to your diapermama address yet?

  3. Hi Mary Dee,

    And welcome aboard… we here at AOLO all welcome your input and will enjoy being friends with you…

    Now for your quetion on where to amil a gift to Alex… I have mailed gifts as well as cards to the following address as I know he gets these items personally…This agent’s office never opens his mail…Alex or one of his representatives picks up the mail and delivers said mail to him personally unopened… Alex, as time permits, will send you either a note, or an autographed photo to thank you for the mailed item… He signs all of his fan pix prior to endorsing again with a personal salutation to the benefactor who so honored him with a gift or letter… Know it will not be sent immediately because I am sure Alex is quite busy, but he will not forget… I am told that Alex is as genuinely sweet in person, privately, as he is in public…

    You can send his gift, which I am certain he will be honored to receive, especially something homemade, how very thoughtful. to the following address:

    Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Andrew Freedman,
    Personal Manager
    20 Ironsides Street,
    Suite 18
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

    Ph# 310-827-4319
    FAX# 310-822-0940

    Let us know when Alex sends you his autographed photo or a note for his gift…

    And, when you say you are a “Friend” of Alex on MySpace, can you tell me if this has to do with an Alex site page by a Female 33 from New York or is it his actual page he leaves us all messages upon? If it is the page he posts on, can you tell me how you did this… I have a MySpace page and have requested him as a friend but got accepted by the Female 33 from New York… What did I do wrong? How do I get to be HIS friend on his own page to comment?

    Thank you, Tish Schau… Hope to hear from you soon…

  4. Hello- I am new to all this but am “friends” (what ever that means) with Alex on Myspace. I want to send him something via mail and have a terrible time navigating the Internet. Its nothing significant but something hand made… I’ve had it a while and finally have the nerve to send it out. Alas, I am unsure where to send it in the hopes of him actually getting it. Can you help with this request, please?

    Thank you so very much!

  5. Tiffany,

    Yes I am, but I will send you a private e-mail…

  6. Patricia,

    I agree. I think Nina entered into a contract with Alex just to keep him from going elsewhere, not to provide him with a show or to do anything else for him. She could care less about Alex, his career or his fans.

    Alex should never have signed. I’m sure he is regretting it now.

  7. Pat, are you saying that someone is taking content from this site and posting it on another? I am confused. Can you let me know where this is?

  8. I will only watch the designated show guest starring Alex on CBS because Alex will be in it & for no other reason as I have my own misgivings as to why we are being granted this reprieve to see Alex…

    Seems awfully weird that this show, which was apparently filmed already earlier (& Alex just returned from AU, so filmed more than 2 months ago), will be shown…Unless, folks, Alex’s agents are finally getting wise to the deceit of Nina as Alex’s fans, myself included, already are… Perhaps the Queen B was threatened with a Breech of Contract, since Alex’s Holding Contract was supposed to give him appearances in other CBS productions, as well as, making movies for Paramount, a subsiderary company now belonging to CBS Corp… Strange, very strange indeed…

    Perhaps Nina will get her portion of self destructive poison eventually…

    And whomever is hacking this site to post upon another with user names, at that site, of NightAngel & Mick’s Baby you are perpetrating a crimal act yourselves, especially when you hack into my persoanl emails at my personal email address… BTW, such acts are tracable, so do not think you have covered yourselves enough from being discovered…

  9. Hi Everyone – Wow – this is good news for Alex and all of his fans. I have watched “Criminal Minds” a few times and find it to be an intense program. Getting into the mind of a serial killer and seeing things from his POV sounds very intriguing and with Alex as that character, it will definitely be a program worth watching. I hope he steals every scene he’s in! Can’t wait until April. Until next time, stay well friends.

  10. Alex playing a serial killer, he will do the part proud… Let’s face it, Alex can play any character and make the role seem very believable…

    If you don’t think so check out Alex as Michael Carter in his co-produced Australian movie called Feed… He was magnificent, brillant & so real… He played the part to a T, but with more feeling… Actually felt sorry for him in the end…

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