Alex and Holly Split?

alex and holly

The Daily Telegragh is reporting that Alex and his long time girlfriend have recently split up. 🙁

LA stars Holly Valance and Alex O’Loughlin have split after being an item for nearly four years. The couple, there for each other throughout their careers in America, have unfortunately grown apart.

Former Neighbours star Valance has seen her fortunes change as her recording career gave way to acting.

Most recently, she was in the thriller Taken with Liam Neeson, but she has also scored guest roles in television shows including Prison Break and Entourage.

Although O’Loughlin’s vampire series Moonlight was taken off the air, he used it to catapult himself into film roles, starring in the forthcoming Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale.

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  1. can anyone tell me where can i find pictures of his son??? 🙂

  2. I am so sorry if this is true. We never know what the problems may have been. I understand she has a career going in Australia, something to do with singing. I have to be honest, if I had him I’d try every trick in the book to keep him. Handsome devil that Alex.

  3. Alex você é tudo que uma mulher sempre sonhou, gostaria eu de ter tido a sorte de ter sido sua namorada, tenho 22 anos e sou muito bem casada, nunca senti isso por nenhum outro ator, você realmente é cativante, que meu marido não leia isso mais eu te amo.

  4. I agree with Tish. Alice You have no right to bad mouth Alex. You don’t know the story unless you were there. Were you??? I don’t think so. So. get over it. You may have had something bad happen to you about men and baby’s. that is you. Alex does what he does and he is a good father. But also he fallowes his dreams too.

    1. I agree with tamara and tish…

      Alice, you had no right to bad mouth or insult Alex…who are you to stand there and say he isn’t a good dad? How do you know? I think he is an awesome person, and no one is perfect…we all have our faults.

      I wish Alex the best in his career and life…although I would love to have a boyfriend like him! 😀

  5. Excuse me, alice, but I believe you just insulted Alex… If you don’t like the man or have some grudge against him, I think you are on the wrong fan site cause this place is for fans who DO care about Alex…

    Furthermore, for your misguided information, Alex was about 20, no older than 21, when Saxon was born… He was still in drama school, if my math is upholding… The mother of his child, who has always wanted to remain anonymous chose not to marry Alex… And let’s be perfectly correct here, I think both Alex & the woman consented mutually to their intimacy… Understand?

    And to continue, Alex just did not decide to leave AU to run from his obiligations… As a matter of fact he has open time to see his son anytime & is a very devoted father, unlike some deadbeats that have their children raised by the government under Welfare programs, even when the male parent is actually living in the home & chooses not to get any gainful employment…

    Don’t quote economy in the doldrums to back to me, cause a man can take the most menial job paying next to nothing just to show an effort… Many unfortunately don’t… And what about the ones who never even acknowledge their parent status & skip the scene altogether? That is NOT Alex…

    He was a fine actor in AU, but money loomed more lucrative in America, so to the U.S. he came… And he does support his son, and is indelibly in his son’s life…

    Now as far as Alex having had a live-in relationship for a few years with Holly Valance, he is not an adulterer; he never was married to begin with… But as far as this now year old breakup of him & Holly, it is best for him, IMO, not only for his career but for his self-esteem…

    I wish Alex all the best to find a wonderful lady who will be his forever lady & who will love him, & he her, unconditionally, in an unselfish way that one knows the other will be there when the day is done…

    1. You are spot on Tish S.
      I was his girlfriend in 1994 when he was in Canberra and he was always a beautiful person. There’s no way he would abandon his child. I know this for a fact as I actually know him personally. I feel privaledged to have been part of his life at some point, even if it was 15 years ago. Al as I used to call him, was a sweetheart and my god he was full of charisma. Trust me he is nicer in person, and one smile from him can melt an iceberg. Iam so glad he’s made such a sucess of his life. He had a really hard life growing up, and never blamed anyone else for his mistakes. He’s an inspiration to me and it’s still weird when I put on the tv and there he is!

  6. Alex has a child and is a really hopeless dad
    get over it ladies
    he deserves no respect
    have a child and live on the other side of the planet to serve your big fat ego
    go get him girls!

  7. It is totally beyond me how anyone could ever cheat on Alex. He is the most perfect man there is. I know he must have some faults but so far I can’t find them. I would love to see him and Sofia get together. That would make me very happy and I have a hard time thinking of him being with someone else even tho I know it would never be me seeming that I am old enough to be his grandmother (71). Believe me I am not dead and in all of my years I have never been so “aware” of any movie actor as I am with him. my family says I am obsessed with Alex. I guess I am but then I have been alone for 20 years since my husbsnd died and have nothing else to think about. Alex is everything I would ever want in a man.

  8. Hi! Alex
    you”re adorable, I’d love to be your Girlfriend.
    I’d always be supported of you. I’m single and I’m looking for
    a guy like you.

    sorry, abt. the breakup! but, Holly wasn’t very support of you
    and her comments were cold.

    Love Terri In carmicheal
    (916) 483-4622

  9. PS: Holly may have come back to her own condo (a former apartment building now units sold as condos) in W. Hollywood… And if the blow up came during the AU holiday, perhaps Alex found out she was not faithful to him all of this time… Holly may have been in LA to make certain Alex moved all of his things from the condo since they have lived together all of this time since they met almost 4 years ago…

  10. Her ex? Alright, Alex lives in LA, but, do remember that he was in AU for the better part of two months after mid-December, 2008 as he spends Xmas with family…In AU that time of the year is also AU’s summer…

    I can’t find it, but someone, I was told , posted a pix of Alex rock climbing (one of his favorite activities) with some friends when back in AU… Have you seen such a pix, Tiffany?

    Now, I am a bit confused, so after she apparently left LA, am I correct this far, Holly was given the engagement ring or was it while she was in LA? Does this Peter live in AU or the states? Since I know only what I read on her, my first knowledge of her came from one of the Moonlight or Alex fansites… I will say that on one of the forums, early on when we still had Moonlight, there were people from all over giving comments; many really do not like her & one person who posted seems to know of her from Melbourne, AU, where Holly owns a house and she was likened to acting like she owned Melbourne and was very stuck-up… Another person, apparently involved someway in show business, knows her personally & stated Holly was cheating on Alex way back then… Very shortly after that was posted, it was deleted (porbably hoping that no one or not many saw the remarks)…

    I know Holly, who seems to have lived away from her family at a very early age, lived with her then manager in AU, apparently not as his ward either but more a lover…Anyway, Holly took this poor sap to court and won her suit against him and then she came to America…

    As for her connection to Alex, she let him intimately into her life all too quickly (& no, I am not prudish) but then given the chance who wouldn’t?…However, from life I know such things never last forever… And I have never recalled Alex stating he loved her or she was “the love of his life”, instead he explained her more as “A sex symbol”…

    The pix featured above in this thread is of Alex and Holly leaving some airport; do you know when this pix was taken? The style floppy barrett Holly is wearing seems to be the current rage…eg, check out pix of Robert Pattinson as he wears similar head attire…

    Hey, thought of something…no one on other sites, so far that I have seen, has mentioned this…although I have not check Alex’s MySpace Page where I am also a friend, lately… You & I both are on LLOL, perhaps we should bring the subject up there… Another site that is very Alex informed is the Alex O’Loughlin Network, perhaps they know more on this subject…

  11. Tish I think I am going to post on this right now with pics. There is something fishy about the story that Peter (who is her ex) gave her the rock. She is being mum on it and she apparently got the rock after a visit to LA…and we know who lives in LA…soooo….

  12. Tamara,

    I know many did not care for Holly and felt the same about her inexcusable, it seems, conduct in reference to being faithful to Alex…

    Alex is using one of the best therapies for sorrow and hurt: Working as much as possible…know I have used it, relied upon it, in times of grief and the loss of loved ones… Now I am retired and still use a form of work around my property when I am trying to sort a problem out…

    Alex will survive and find another lady along life’s path… I hope this time he finds one deserving of him & who appreciates the man he is…

    I also hope that Alex will never take her back if this “Engagement” she is in breaks apart… Let’s face it, very few such arrangements reach fulfillment in Tinseltown and a rare number who do reach the altar may be sitting in front of a divorce attorney in a year to 5 years… If Alex ever did take Holly back I would lose all respect for him as he would be being used and a fool… He is too nice a guy to take such an emotional beating from any woman…


    Where did you see the pix of Holly with an engagement ring? Was that you who said that? Have you seen a pix of the Peter she is engaged to?

  13. I agree, I think Holly has been cheating all this time. When I learned about her I didn’t trust her and just felt that Alex deserved better. He is doing GREAT! I see he is keeping focused and sharing his wounderful talent with all of us who care and love him.
    Did you see him on Crinimal Minds. He was Awsome! Makes me think of him in Feed.
    Truely talented.

  14. Oh, I should clarify what I meant by a good shot at this Peter’s face…I mean Alex should give him a punch in the face and knock him silly…he has every right after being with the cheating B for almost 4 years… I think Holly’s days in Tinseltown have just come to a slim number…but then many fans had no love lost for her especially after she insulted all Moonlight fans stating we should be doing other stuff like helping i disasters…What the heck did that dumb Face think the collect money, food and giving blood was all about?

  15. Well now we know what dear “sweet” Holly was doing while Alex was working his tail off filming Moonlight!!!! I have had a deep feeling she was always unfaithful to Alex… Tiffany, I put Holly in the B…h catagory as is Nina…

    I give Alex this, he held up through all of this hurt he must be feeling… What in the name of all that is holy is wrong with Holly, unless this Peter has plenty of money to support her in style… Alex deserves one good shot at that guy’s face, or maybe his fans should do it because he definitely has been betrayed and, unfortunately, I feel more betrayal heading his way in the tarnished streets of Tinseltown…

  16. Did you all hear? Holly is engaged to marry her boyfriend ( a guy named Peter). Guess their time out might be permanent.

  17. hope you get through it since you split up with holly.

    Lots of love,

  18. So Sorry BethH and Everyone,

    Until you caught it, I did not know I made that typo, was to be Post from Alex O’Loughlin Information Network… slip of the old pinky finger…

    But I see our Tiffany just posted about the new show, or the project being filmed in Pittsburg, PA beginning a week from yesterday, so that would be March 18th & continuing on into the first weekend in April or perhaps even wrapping on April 8th or thereabouts… I do hope it goes into a good TV time slot (Sunday would not be good, hoping it falls into the time slot of out beloved Moonlight) that is when it is accepted by UNOWHO & her croanies… No, I am not putting an “overlook”(curse) on this project but never believe until we see it has been picked to be aired… too much has not come about and I am just praying for Alex…As I said, the only time I will watch a show on CBS ever again will be one with Alex starring or guest starring in it…as far as all else is concern CBS is dead….

    BTW, now gwt another chance to show we are still devote Moonlight fans and check out Tiffany’s new thread just posted above & vote for Moonlight on the Saturn Awards….

    Hugs, Tish (Patricia Schau)

  19. Did you guys see where the Moonlight DVD has been nominated for a Saturn award? Winners to be announced June 29th, 2009!!!! YAY!!!!

  20. Pittburgh!! OMG! I have family all over that area. Home of the Super Bowl Champions!! Patricia, what does “[ost from Alex O’Loughlin Information Network” mean?

  21. Sorry, on those Criminal Minds dates the correct dates thought to be the ones are, April 19th or 29th

  22. Hi Hope and everyone,

    Heads up, got a [ost from Alex O’Loughlin Information Network that Alex is working on a pilot series called “Three Rivers” and some filming will begin very soon in Pittsburg, PA… He will play a doctor (eat your heart out McDreamy & McSteamy move over for Dr Andy Yablonski) who does transplants in a Pittsburg based hospital…So lets all say a prayer is it accepted by Queen B…so we are not out of the woods yet in seeing him weekly in a TV series in which he is a lead actor…

    Recall that the pilot for Moonlight had an altogether different cast, except for Alex who was in the pilot, and then all were changed to Sophia as Beth, Jason as Josef, and Shannyn as Coraline… How I wish there would at least be a Moonlight movie in the Big Screen or a mini-series in TV, for that matter, I just thirst for some more answers about the Moonlight storyline and where it went, or would have gone, after Sonata… I even sent Alex a St Patricks’ Day card (he is Scotch/Irish, but then, for 1 day a year, we all celebrate and show a wee bit o blarney in us all as we wear the green) and suggested that we all would love to see a resurrection of Moonlight, perhaps in movie form and would he please think about it…

    BTW, I believe his guest shot on Criminal Minds is late April, thinking like the 29th or the 29th…

    If Alex’s pilot comes to TV for certain I will watch the show on BS to support Alex, but other than that, my TV will be blocked from CBS…It is for Alex only that I would even turn it on to that horrible network…

  23. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I still am not watching any shows on CBS since ML was cancelled but would like to see the show that Alex will be in, so please someone let me know when it will air.I’m surprised that Alex does not have a show yet, because he said before he was working with someone that was with Crimminal Minds and it sounded like a star role not guest role and then he went away for 2 months. I miss the Moonlight show and thats where I want to see him or in a show with the same warm and loving part. signed hopeful

  24. Very nicely phrased, Linda… Thank you… I feel that the majority of Alex’s fans do respect him, of that there is no doubt… At my age, which is 63 (&, to reply to a previous snide remark by one to stay nameless…I am not yet a “GREAT-GRANDMOTHER”, not that I would mind, but my children were busy getting an education, the result of which is being put to excellent use, not marrying young, or whatever cart is being put before the horse these days), Alex is still pleasing to my own eyes, but far from a sex symbol as he is to many. I see so much more than eye-candy in this man…he will, given better opportunities, take the entertainment world by storm & run with it… I see great potential in that vein, it is whomever has his interests to cover his back and show him the respect he needs…he is not just another commodity; for the most part, in today’s Tinseltown, I see other ingenues, both male and female, that are hitting the top already & most do not have the acting abilities that Alex has…

  25. Hi Everyone – I agree with Pat in the hope that Alex will get the respect he deserves. We, his fans, can play a big part in making that happen by continuing to support Alex and make sure that we all watch “Criminal Minds” to let TPTB at CBS know that yes, we are tuning into this program to see Alex. Before I boycotted CBS, I watched “Criminal Minds” a few times and enjoyed it. I think Alex will take this opportunity and run with it. He will blow everyone away with his performance. Remember his performance in “The Shield”? It was not a starring role but he gave it everything he had and as a result, was offered the lead in our much loved and missed “Moonlight”. Good things will come from his role in “Criminal Minds” as well so we need to tune in to make that happen. We can’t let Alex down, so watch “Criminal Minds” in April, the rest will take care of itself. Until next time, stay well.

  26. Alex, it doesn’t matter what you do, just doing what you want to do. Being what you want to be.

    Keep in mind that we, your fans, will always support you.

    Best wish for you from your THAI fan.

  27. It well may be about the career focuses, but I am hoping that the fates lean in Alex’s favor for jucier parts than he is being dealt… The man is top star, Emmy, even Oscar material… I pray that one day he will get treated in such a fashion…

  28. God bless you Alex…you are in my prayers!

  29. Hi Everyone – if this is indeed true about Alex and Holly then the only thing we can do is wish both of them well and hope that they can both move on because it is what it is. Life goes on and so will they. It may take awhile but time does heal. I am sure they will both be putting the foucs on their careers and not trying to dissect what happened. We as fans should do the same, keep the foucs on Alex and his career and not his personal life. We have Alex’s appearance on “Criminal Minds” to look forward to and hopefully, soon, we will get more info on the new project that we are all so anxious to see. Until next time, stay well friends.

  30. you are in my prayers alex..

  31. I loved alex as marcus bohem in the invsible movie..
    They should do a number 2..
    Marcus made me laugh for some reason, but i thought he was cool.
    God bless you Alex..

  32. Lets everybody take a deep breath! and not assume to know what Alex is feeling or thinking! we do know he wants he’s private life to remaim private, so as he’s fans let us respect that! and support our Alex in all he,s future projects…like him being back on tv on
    Criminal Minds that will air in late april;)

  33. Patriacia Schau – I am also a “lady” though no one uses that term any more. Just want to know where you get off telling me not to use Alex’s son’s name as I am invading their privacy when I have done no such thing. Just wanted to remind you that he has a son and is a father – not that “He would make a great father” but that he is already, so he knows the routine. By the same token, he and Holly may work our their problems, how do you know they won’t? To even suggest they won’t is pretty presumptions of you. Actors break up and get back together all the time. Who are you to say they won’t? They made a very attractive couple, don’t you think? And as to my repeating my message, my computer stalled and I believed that the message hadn’t gotten through. Ever have computer glitches?

  34. ya I agree! We are all grown hopefully sophisticated LADYS!!! Le it be.

  35. SonjaMMK,

    I am not about to lower myself as a lady to defend what I know, think, or feel… I am foremost a lady… Your behavior on this forum seems directed solely on me… I do not know you, nor do I care to know you… You apparently, in your manner of presenting yourself, have anger management issues & this panel site is not a place to display them…

  36. We all need to support Alex and let him know that he is loved. Yes break ups are tough. Alex doen’s need to see all of us are yelling at each other about his personal issues. Calm down. He will be alright.

  37. To patricia schau – aren’t you the little bulldog protecting Alex’s son as though he were your great grandson!! If you’ve seen pictures of him you’re ahead of the game as I have never seen pictures of him so how could I be putting him in damger? Am I giving out his home address and phone number?? As for Alex marrying an American girl, what makes you think he’d want to? After coming to America he met an Australian girl and hooked up with her and there is a good chance this is temporary and he will get back together with Holly. It happens all the time. Don’t make presumptions that this is final by any means. I am sure they are talking still and did not leave on bad terms as Alex is too much of a gentleman for that. Time will tell what happens, not you.

  38. Yes, Sonja, you do not need to keep repeating yourself about Alex’s son, of whom I am well aware… However, it is in the interest of Alex that his son be kept as he wishes under a low profile, also requested by Saxon’s mother…

    I hope you will honor that and, unless mentioned outrightly by Alex in any recent blog, that this matter be kept private & left unvoiced by any of his fans unless Alex speaks of this himself……

    And, since Saxon does not live with Alex, though he has visitations, I feel that Alex, as per pictures I have seen of him with Saxon & with other children, that he would be great being a father again… I think Alex would be a very devoted full time father especially since he came from a home of divorce… I feel that Alex would be a very devoted faithful husband as well…

  39. Pat Schau – Alex has a son named Saxon.

  40. Saxon is about 12 years old and lives in Australia with his mother.

  41. Pat Schau – Alex is a father – he has a son named Saxon.

  42. Alex met Holly about 2 years after he came to America…They did not know each other in Australia and had not association of any kind until they met at a mutual friends’ house where Alex was doing some patio construction work for his friend and she showed up…

    Alex is far more mature, not speaking of age here, than Holly… She has a long way to go in this world to equal his maturity and intelligence…

    I wish Alex a speedy recovery from this breakup because Holly will find another I am certain… Alex seems a very sensitive, but genuinely sweet person, and been told he is just as I felt he is, so it may be awhile until his grief (And grief does come in such a lengthy affair’s parting) starts to mend…

    Alex, hopefully, will date some ladies that appreciate him and not where he can take them and then dump him… He is not dump material, he is a rare and beautiful man… Lucky will be the next lady, & hopefully, THE REAL LADY to capture his heart forever… And so hoping she will give him a family as he seems so right to be a father…

    No matter who caused the split, Alex will one day look at this time & realize he was fortunate and that they did not marry or have a family…

    My prayers for happier endings for you, Alex… Maybe a US lady and one who is not into show biz can work…not me, Alex, as I am old enough to be your mom’s older sister… May check out some NY fan, preferably in Bayside who has the same birthday, including year, s you do… she used to post here and still gets the alerts for the site…

    Or, could you give a thought to Sophia Myles… It was apparent and obvious to all your fans on how much she adored and thought of you… As a mature lady, I think Sophia had a thing in her heart for you as well… She may be like a sister to you; you may have had many laughs together when she was Mick’s Beth, but would it not be such a folly not to see that you equal chemistry from the screen can work in your real lives? Hope you think this one over seriously… Afterall one must be definite friends before they can become lovers, not the other way around… And I think Sophia is so much a friend to you that you have yet to realize it…

    Blessings Alex…Tish

  43. Hey did you all know that Alex is busy doing a guest appearance on Crimimal Minds that is going to air late April. Guess what he is going to be. A Badden serial killer. Have you seen feed? He was Awsome in it! I will let you all know if I hear any more about Alex LOVE the man dearly! OXOX

  44. hii alex i support you and i will follow you anywere.. you are en awesome actor an awesome man! i know everything happen for a reason wish you both success but i am fan and i will always be behind you 10000000% .. ALLMY LOVE XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  45. Alex I support you and I will follow you anywere…you are an awesome actor and an awesome man! I know everything happens for a reasons…I wish you both success, but I am your fan and I will always be behind you 100%

    AllMy Love

  46. alex love u i know u are the beste actor i am happy that u are back to tv love u xxxxxxx bye

  47. I just hope Alex is doing good. He can lean on me!

  48. If this is true that Alex and Holly split! I am TRUELY surprised that it didn’t happen sooner! Example, When Alex first moved to California from Aulstraila. They were together then and he was on his own for about a year.
    So what do you all think? I will be his next gal! I wont leave his side!

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