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It is time for another edition of Real Genius from Bryna. There is good news and bad news and technically it is all the same news so it depends on how you look at it. Bryna has decided to extend her story so we will not be wrapping it up today as we expected. Therefore, you have to wait a little longer to see how it ends but if you are enjoying the story, an addition should be good news and welcomed.

We last left off with McGarrett hanging out with his SEAL buddies enjoying a night out and little did either of them know it but the rest of the team were heading his way. Find out what happens when they get to the location. It just might not be what you expect.

Find out more in the next section of Real Genius. 


Here is Part 5 and 6


Part 5

alex o'loughlin fan fiction


Meanwhile, back with McGarrett at the bar…


“I can’t believe you are still standing, McGarrett,” Tim patted McGarrett on the back as he was preparing to shoot his last shot at the pool table.”


“Why…I can hold my lipator…ah liquid,” McGarrett winked, “Nah, I’m fine,” McGarrett knocks the ball in the socket.


Tim shakes his head, “Well I know I’m a bit woozy…I hate to admit it. I only had four drinks, I guess I’m getting soft.”


“No you’re not….I only had three and I’m feeling the effects…I blame the pain meds,” McGarrett motions to the guys, “Okay I’m out, come on Tim, we can catch the same Lyft. The waitress said they have at least two cars on standby for patrons.”


“Good call…later guys,” Tim walks out with McGarrett.


“Night, Ladies…we’ll keep the party going,” James smiled and waved.


The men walk out of the bar.


“You know what, Smooth Dog,” Tim looks at McGarrett in all seriousness, “….there are so many unicorns that twinkle in the night with blue fairy dusts.” Tim slows his stride and shakes his head and laughs.


“What??? You are real wayyy…ah..wasted…whoa…” McGarrett starts to feel woozy, “I didn’t have THAT much to dr..driinkk.”


Tim falls to the ground, McGarrett right after him. Four men come out from the back of the establishment. They pick Tim and McGarrett up and place them in a van.



Part 6


Danno and Grover arrive at Ke Aloha Bar in Mililiani.  Junior greets them at the front door, “Hello Danny, Captain Grover.”


Danno smiles, “Finally…no more Sir! Nice!!”


Junior smiles back, “Thank you, Sir….ahhhh…”


“Keep practicing, kid, you’ll get there,” Grover pats Junior on the shoulder, ”What’ve you got?”


Junior nods, “Spoke to the waitress listed on the case file, Lei Puawani.  She remembers Mr. Bauer. She said he was very polite, did not over drink, a great customer,” Junior walks through the door and holds it open for Danny and Grover. He points to one of the waitresses, “Ms. Puawani, this is Detective Danny Williams and Captain Grover of Five-0.”


“Hello,” Lei smiles nervously at Danno and Grover.


Grover reassures Lei, “It’s okay Lei, nothing to be worried about. We are trying to find out what happened the night Mr. Bauer died.”


“He was so nice…did not make any trouble at all….even when we…” Lei stopped abruptly.


“Even when ‘we’ what, Lei?” Danno asked.


Lei shook her head, “Even when we asked to check the table can cut them off from the liquor. Normally, guys get unruly, but he and his friends were very kind, and actually cut themselves off….switched to non-alcoholic drinks.”


“I know I would have been upset,” Grover smirks at Junior.


A gentleman waves Lei over to his table.


“Oh, excuse me, I need to check on my last table,” Lei motions to a table near the middle of the restaurant. One of the guys looks up and smiles, “Danno!!!!”


Kurt “Pistol Pete” Peterson stands up and walks over to Danno giving him a bear hug. Danno smirks, “Do I know you?”


Kurt breaks out in a huge laugh, “No, but you know my man, Smooth Dog. You saved his life more than you know.”


Junior nods to Kurt, “Hooryah.”


Kurt answers in kind, “Hooryah.”


Danno looking shocked, “Well I look forward to hearing how exactly I did that…ah…done that”


“He could have told you tonight…you missed your boy…he and our buddy Tim left about two hours ago,” Kurt turns and motions to the guys to head out.


Junior looks at Grover and Kurt, “He was here?”
“Yes, and he said he was gonna win that bet,” Kurt cracks a smile at Danny, “Nice to meet you, Danno.” Kurt and the rest of the guys walk out of the establishment.


Grover’s cell phone vibrates, “Grover….yeah Tani…we’re on our way.”


“What ‘s up,” Danno asks.


“Tani is at Mr. Bauer’s office…she thinks she found something…let’s go.”  Grover, Junior and Danno head out of the bar.


alex o'loughlin fan fiction



To Be Continued…


Story and fanart by Bryna



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