Hawaii Five 0 Episode 8.20 He lokomaika’i ka manu o Kaiona Sneak Peeks

The sneak peeks are out which is really good news because last week they did not have any at all. This episode has Jerry acting as a tour guide to Steve and Catherine when she returns asking for Steve’s help. There is some uranium on another island that some terrorists might have gotten control of so Steve needs to go save all of Hawaii again. Hope Steve does not get any further radiation exposure on the quest. The peeks also include the outcome carrying forward for Adam from last week’s episode. Steve is looking to support Adam when he blames himself for Jessie’s death. Can he convince him to stay? 

Here they are to get you excited for a whole new episode tomorrow night.


 Credit CBS



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    can’t wait to see this episode and Alex looks so cute wearing that blue shirt that sets off those pretty blue eyes of his

    1. Right? Blue is a good color on him.

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