Three Rivers Episode 1 Tick-Tock Spoiler Photos!!

Spoiler Photos from the first episode!! Thanks to TV Drama Watch for posting these. The first episode is titled Tick Tock. The whole look and feel of the show appears to have changed greatly from the pilot and from whispers I hear the show has gotten more comedic and soap opera-like as opposed to the pure drama of the pilot. Sounds like and looks like some good changes!

Epsiode Guide: Andy (Alex O’Loughlin) tries to save an 18-year-old college student in need of a double lung transplant but runs into a road block that might not allow her to be eligible for a new set of lungs, on THREE RIVERS, premiering on Sunday, Oct. 4 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. .

Andy Yablonski THREE RIVERS

Andy Yablonski at a computer THREE RIVERS

Doctor, Doctor!! THREE RIVERS

On a Mission!






Walking the Halls of THREE RIVERS

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS Copyright 2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. He is so hot!! OMG, I hope I can watch Three Rivers in Spain.

  2. Please call me a Doctor Alex, I think that I’m going to die !!!!!!!
    Alex is so hot

  3. Hi Evi, don’t know about Europe. UK was the first place to get the Moonlight DVD.
    But I know Australia Alex’s place of birth, got it absolutely last. We only got 8 eps on TV. I had to watch Criminal minds Big Wheel on surthechannel months before it came on our TV’s.
    No sign of Tick Tock, or any of TR’s even been planned to be shown here. Oh, well surthechannel for me. I have found rorm previous experience, a show that is on USA tv Thursday will be on surf internet on the Saturday. 4th is Sunday so try on the Tuesday. I will.

  4. 4th October in America. But what about Europe? I live in the Netherlands. I don’t even want to think about how long we need to wait until the show crosses the ocean… GRRRRRR!!!!! Not happy! I’m afraid I’ll need to watch some Moonlight episode over and over again 🙂

  5. Why must we have to wait for October 4th??? Its so unfair! Oh well, still love the pics and will be watching every week.

  6. Jack – I believe that Alex has already taken steps to make people aware of organ donation and I am sure he will be as enthusiastic about that as he was about donating blood. Alex seems to be a person who wants to get involved in causes like this one. He is taking this role very seriously to make sure he does it justice. Let’s hope that everyone gets on board and supports TR not only because of Alex but because of the message of the show – life saving organ donations. As much as we all loved Moonlight, it never had the impact to deliver a message like this.

  7. (repeats mantra) Sin-di-ca-tion, Sin-di-ca-tion, enough episodes for sindication….no mid season cancelation…OMMMMMMM

  8. Did you know there is a medical condition called “White Coat Syndrome”? It’s used to explain the increase in blood pressure many people experience when confronted by a healthcare provider in a white lab coat. When Three Rivers airs and we see Alex in the white lab coat, there may be a significant increase in the number of people with that diagnosis!!

  9. Moonlight! Yes, bring it back! In the meantime, I will watch him on this new show. He is so delicious. I don’t think they would have his character be married in ANY show; they know the ladies would be more apt to tune in if there were some possibility of romance for his character. There won’t be much chance of that if he has a wife at home, and no one wants to see this guy be a cheater. Unless it’s with me………….. 🙂

  10. Could everyone just focus for a minute on what the impact of this show could mean for organ donation in this country? OK Alex is a hunk! Think we’ve established that. Does anyone think that maybe he might have signed up for this show because he thought it might have some relevant social impact? Hopefully, the show won’t tank and it will make people think. It might very well save some lives. I applaud everyone who signed up to do this show.

    1. I believe that Alex decided on this show, in part, because of his involvement in the Moonlight Blood drive. Fans from all over the country took it upon themselves to have a blood drive while also bringing attention to save Moonlight campaign and asked Alex to be a part of it. I think the impact, the enormity of such a group of people doing something so positive had an affect on Alex and I believe he has said so. I think that Three Rivers is a natural progression from that. Organ donation now is a prime issue for him and those who work on the show. I think the fact that his mum is/was a nurse also factored in his decision to do the series. Three Rivers has won an award even before airing one episode just because they are bringing organ donation to light. A lot of good will come out of this show – organ donor cards & donations will probably rise, but it will take someone of Alex’s caliber to bring these issues to TV, for without him, there is no show.

  11. Jean F -what a great idea! It sounds like a difficult process but if anyone can do it, we know Tiffany can. Look what all she had done with this website! A “TR” countdown is a great idea and will get fans more excited, if that’s possible. If I counted correctly, it’s 48 days until the premier of TR – Can’t wait until October 4th – 🙂


  13. · Edit

    Whew. Am holding my breath….don’t know if I can last til Oct 4th….What great pictures. Thanks so much. Remember: Support Alex…Watch TR

  14. i cant wait to see three rivers in oct alex is so handsome

  15. You know what might be cool for the site-a countdown clock till the first episode shows. Days, hours, minutes, seconds. I mean, at this point I have one going in my head 🙂 but one on the main page?
    Then again, maybe that is too “24”…and probably a pain to get the app working.

  16. Thanks for this great pictures from the first episode of Three Rivers! I just can wait to see it on TV!!!!

  17. I tweeted a link with pictures of Alex to Kirstie Alley. She tweeted this funny line:

    kirstiealley@TalkinToU Ok, Jamie Foxx, I might have to cheat on you with for me, one for you, one for me, one for you

    I’ve converted another fan of Alex. 🙂 She likes him!

  18. It reminds me of the song “I will follow you” whereever you may go. That’s what we must do.
    I still hope for a Moonlight something, I hope Mick St John gets out of his freezer oneday, and of course there could only be on man that could do it.
    But the present is TR, we must all go behind the man we all love. Let him get a season under his belt. actors do other show or whatever in between seasons. So anyting on the Moonlight burner can wait for him, we can wait for him.

  19. I agree – in order to support Alex in all his new work, we must stop with references to getting back to Moonlight. The only thing we should remember is the quality of that show and … it’s how a lot of us got to know Alex in the first place and find that he’s an amazing actor. We’ll keep looking at our Moonlight DVD and enjoy it but now we must concentrate on all the work he’s doing now and give him our best in everything.

  20. Good idea, Alex has excellent comedic timing. And some angst and romance will make the transplant theme a bit less dire. 🙂
    I can’t wait!

  21. Thanks again to Tiffany for these great pics. I think adding a little soap opera and humor is a good idea. And, I like Alex in casual clothes.

  22. So handsome, my heart goes pitter patter. Can’t wait for October 4th.

  23. I agree, definitely looks good. I’ll take Alex over Clooney anytime.

  24. The closeup almost makes it look like he has some salt and pepper going. I wonder if that is lighting, real, or perhaps done with makeup. Are they trying to make him look more like George Clooney? Looks good though.

    1. When I was watching the disk 3 episodes of Moonlight yesterday, I noticed a few strands of “silver” (for the first time). He still looks GREAT!

  25. The close up photo….is why I miss seeing this man……..

  26. Moonlight is over, not coming back – this is about “Three Rivers” – for “fans” like Rhoda, etc., if you truly “love” Alex, then you will support him in TR and stop trying to undermine him. If your heart is not in it to support Alex and TR, then move on to someone and something else.

  27. CBS Needs to put Moonlight back on. We loved that show and loved Alex

  28. Once again, Tiffany has managed to get these great pics of Alex and cast. It is criminal just how handsome this man is. I especially like the close up, so serious, so hot. I like the casual dress clothes too. Doctors do not always wear scrubs so it’s nice to see that option. Blue is definitely a great color for Alex.

    1. The close up of Alex wearing blue oh made my heart skip a beat may need a transplant lmao oh dear couldnt help myself but i have to admit he is the most handsome man i have ever seen

  29. ok…great pics tho lol! i cant wait!

  30. He is married on the show… albeit separated from his wife.

  31. i hope that wedding ring u see in the last pic has something to do with the show?

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