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  1. Hi Everyone – TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT – IT’S FINALLY HERE! I was watching Criminal Minds last night and practically every commercial break was a promo for “Three Rivers” – each one looked better than the one before. This is what we’ve been waiting for – to see Alex back on TV every week. Hope everyone gets to see the premiere of “Three Rivers” and that we will all have great things to say about it and Alex tomorrow and many more days to come. 🙂

  2. By the way – Alex is sooooooooo much bigger than any rock star! One more day to go! Love the blue shirt in the promo. So hot! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Kudos to CBS for the fantastic promos that they’ve been running for “Three Rivers” We should send comments to the CBS Feedback line and let them know that we love the new promos and hope that they continue to support Alex and TR. The latests ones show the caring and compasionate side that WE all know Alex has – it’s wonderful to see that Alex is finally getting the recognition he deserves. After the loooooooooooong wait – It’s only a day away. I love a man in scrubs and a lab coat, especially when that man is Alex! 🙂

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    I was able to sit in on the live Chat with Alex today and it was so awesome to see his on the spot comments and answers to a zillion questions. As usual he was candid, humorous, honest, and in depth…the Alex we’ve come to know and love. What a guy. And thank goodness TR is only 3 days away…can’t wait.

  5. Wow, a fantastic commercial, Barbara, Sandra, your comments are right on!!! We have been fans of ALex since the very beginning and let’s hope CBS recognizes the huge fan base ALex has… THis commercial is all ALEX and what a way to introduce to Three Rivers.
    4 more days and our wait is over!!!!YIPPEEEEE

  6. Alex you are the best !!!!!

  7. Hey, thanks Barbara and Pinkeva, so glad you all appreciated what I wrote. Better wtch my head in door ways. LOL

  8. I agree with Barbara, Sandra said it best. This commercial was super!. Thanks Tiffany.

  9. Sandra, you said it best. It’s about time CBS figured it out that Alex is a great rising star. And they should pay more attention to the fan reactions and take them seriously. Everything we’ve been saying for a yr they are finally recognizing as real and true. When this promo appeared on my tv I jumped off my chair cheering. My hubby thought I lost my mind. He’s right.

  10. Zomg, I was on icanhascheezburger.com and I saw a Three Rivers promo. I was like OMG thats awesome now all the cat fanatics know about the show. Lets hope that we can get those cat people to watch the show.

  11. I like that CBS has increased the TR announcements, it is very good that there is many espectación facing the Sunday premiere, and Alex is seen brilliant and beautiful as always, I would like to see more doctors like him. I cross my fingers so that it is a huge success, Alex deserves it.

  12. Yipee!! recognition, he sure is a major rising star. But hey, still the same man. We can tell them, we were there from perhaps not quite the begining of his career, but before a lot of people even knew who Alex was.

  13. Finally a commercial that makes sense. Alex looks great. If he was my doctor , I would be sick a lot.

  14. if i would ever get sick i hope there is a gooding dr that looks like alex what a hotie

  15. I’d travel all the way there just to see him. So gorgeous… thanks for sharing.

  16. I am on CLOUD 9!! He is finally getting some of the recognition he so richly deserves!! YOU ROCK ALEX!!…LOVE YOU!!!

  17. yeah I would love him to be my doctor 🙂 to feel much better!!!

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