Three Rivers Premiere Date in Australia

alex video

Wahoo for Aussie fans!

Thanks to Jo for another update on the Three Rivers premiere in Oz! She saw a promo on Aussie TV which has a start date of Wed, Oct 14, airing at 9:30pm on Channel 10, right after NCIS:LA.

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  1. And in France?????? gghhrrr

  2. Oh, wait a minute I can;t get channel 10. I live in Outback Queensland.

  3. Fantastic, we won’t be left in the dark like we usually are here in Australia, it is about time Australia realised what a great talent we have in Alex and we should be promoting him all the way. I cannot wait for the 14th october. As an Australian I hope all of us get behind Three Rivers to support the show and Alex, he is such a great talent, not long to wait now.

  4. Wow only 10 days after it is on in USA. Oh, wow is me I don’t get channel 10.

  5. I want to talk to you very much :))))))))))))) pleaseeeeeeee 🙁

    ı live in turkey ım turkish 🙂

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