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  1. thank you a thousand thank you for everything you do you know its been a good
    crazy to see you in series that allows us to forget our day
    workloads oh I know you work more than us and better your
    efforts are rewarded I adore you do not drop your arms and
    continue to make us dream I ‘looking forward to the Series Three
    reevers I am concerned because I am o + I give my blood for both
    time to be able to help you here I looked forward CELINE CAMUS

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    I like you so much,in the Moonlight is fabulous,is the best,is a vampire very beautiful in the universe. Congratulations for your job.
    Moonlight is my new love. In Brazil not finish the serie. I waiting a lot for episode 16.

  3. this show is so awsome it get better every week i cant wait to watch it every sunday alex is so awsome in the show and some is everyone else i wish it is on every night believe me it is the best show and i cant wait to watch more very good job alex like always you are the best

  4. I missed it – working. Did anyone actually get through? If so, tell us about it.

    1. Was online late at night from Europe and yes!…I was so lucky to have 2 of my 37 questions answered. It was really fun and also great that Alex took time out of his schedule for us fans.

  5. “Three Rivers’’” star Alex O’Loughlin and Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez-Stawinski, one of the nation’s leading heart surgeons and the inspiration behind t he character O’Loughlin plays on the new CBS medical drama, appear on THE DOCTORS, Friday, October 2nd, to discuss the importance of organ transplantation and how organ donors save lives.
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  6. Help! Where is the chat at???

  7. I am not able to watch this from Turkey but I am sure Tiffany will find the way 🙂 thanks Tiffany

  8. Thanks so much for the update!!!!!

  9. Thanks so much Tiffany for telling us about the change. I was wondering about that.

  10. Dang! Im gonna be at school during that! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks for the heads up. I’d be really upset if I had missed it.

  12. thanks i will tune on

  13. Thanks for the update Tiffany 🙂

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