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  1. Dang, Alex is SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE when he smiles!!!!! I just noticed that after watching the 2nd interview… Wow.

  2. Alex you are simply the best, sexiest and most delicious I’ve ever seen, the Oscar for sure you will get 2, for best actor and sexiest of the world, ai ai would like to be an actress.

  3. Alex is adorable, as always, and I agree with Jeanine – love to see Alex get to talk! Can’t wait for this movie.

  4. Hey Alex!! I’m available anytime–anywhere!

  5. My god Jennifer is actually letting Alex speak,and he’s looking so hot in that colour shirt it really suits him,what more can a girl ask for smart,extremely good looking,funny,a hopeless romantic it takes a hell of a guy to make you laugh and Alex has it all. I also think that when Alex travels the world to stop him feeling lonely all his girl fans should invite him out to dinner one at a time of course and for us to pay I’m sure he’d accept !!! LoL
    Love you loads Alex XX

  6. Love the second video better with Alex alone. But at least JOL let him talk this time. Date night where and when. Won’t be long now for the movie. Love ya Alex, you roc.

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    Oh yes, videos of Alex are always sooooo welcome. He is just so adorable in interviews and it definitely is great to see him get a chance to get a word in edgewise! Only 23 days to go. Go Alex.

  8. I hope he doesn’t loose any more weight either but with promoting Back Up Plan AND filming Hawaii Five 0 I have NO idea how he gets any rest! dont wanna see a skinny Alex….he’s so perfect the way he is. His spirit and personaliity always shine through. A true one of a kind. Alex’s Forever Fan Suzanne

  9. Thank you! Thank you! His eyes are SO blue and SO beautiful in the second one! OH MY!!!!!!

  10. JLo lets him get a word in occasionally. Alex’s shouldn’t loose any more weight. what is he doing with himself.?

  11. I would go on a date night even just go out and get a coffee with Alex. You will not get any arguments out of me.

  12. HE SPEAKS!! Thank you THank you!!.. We FINALLY get to hear his side.. He seems like a VERY sensitive guy; VERY aware of his surroundings. ITs a tough business Alex, hope you can cut through it and come out a much better person, not that u need it but it can be an imposition to the soul.. Good luck to you. Love ur personality and ur work!!

  13. oops mean May 27th lol – don’t think will get to see here before the states!

  14. I absolutely love the second one. He is the focus and not sharing the questions. And I love to see him when he is explaining something because he becomes so animated!! I love it!! And as always, he is a living doll!!

  15. Am so loving these new video’s – and agree with Jeanine that it is nice that Jen is actually letting Alex talk this time!!! Getting so excited about seeing this movie – tho not out in oz til march 27th:( Thanks so much Tiffany xx

  16. loved the first interview they’re cute, and he looks particularly gorgeous on the second one.

  17. hi thanks for the video the first one nice but the second one was better just alex

  18. Now there is the Alex we all know and love!!! Funny and gorgeous. Thanks Tiffany

  19. Thank you Tifanny!
    Alex is perfect!

  20. love it they’re interview together is really funny, i love their chemistry even in interviews.

  21. Thanks, Tiffany! Finially, a video where Alex gets to speak!!! Lovin’ it! 🙂

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