Hawaii Five 0 Episode 8.24 Ka lala kaukonakona haki ‘ole I ka pa a ka makani Kona Sneak Peeks

Some sneak peeks just popped up for tomorrow night’s episode in which Alex has the “story by” credit. The SEAL side of McGarrett is back and that is exciting as he has not been around much this season.

During the sneak peeks below it is revealed how Steve learns about why Junior is missing and that someone that is very important to him is also in trouble. We all know that Steve will not sit back when someone he cares about is in trouble and that is how the SEAL will return to our screens. We are so excited to see that again.

The second sneak peek teams up Grover and Tani with the unexpected duo, Kame and Hirsch. Hirsch expects that something is off with an art deal and he is right. See below what goes down as they discuss it.

Here are the sneak peeks.



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    Can not wait until I see my SuperSeal Steve Friday night

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