Be a Three Rivers Extra?

Just some interesting tidbits about Three Rivers…Alex’s new pilot show. It starts filming tomorrow and will be filmed through April 10th. The show is apparently looking to cast extras for the show as seen in this article.

It basically states that some agents are charging a $5 fee to book extras and that this may be unethical but the MAIN thing I took out of the article was that for only $5 you may get to be cast as an extra where you can sit and watch the cast…maybe even Alex. Sounds like it would be worth $5 to me!!! Wish I lived in Pittsburgh.

Another small tidbit I picked up was that Julia Ormand has also been cast in Three Rivers.

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  1. i dont know wat i gonna say but i know that i like sooo much alex loughlin u are the best i love u xxxxxxx i hope we hear something soon darling xxxx

  2. if i could i would be a three rivers extra just so i could say i was on t.v. with ALEX O’LOUGHLIN! i really hope cbs like it, i cant live without a show with him on it!

  3. Hi Everyone – it’s funny to read this article regarding the fee for booking extras. That was one of the stories on the Pittsburgh news stations tonight. So far, no mention of “Three Rivers” or anything else being filmed in Pittsburgh right now, just talking about the film bureau there. Hope we hear something soon. 🙂

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