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#JamesCaan and #DennisMiller say Aloha to #H50 2/27 10PM ET/PT @DennisDMZ

Lekio*“ Five-0 crosses paths with Tony Archer, a retired NYPD bomb expert who is now a private investigator on Oahu, when they investigate the death of famous talk radio DJ Bobby Raines, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Monday, Feb. 20 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Academy Award nominee James Caan (The Godfather), father of series star Scott Caan, guest stars as Tony Archer, a private investigator on Oahu.  Emmy Award winner Dennis Miller guest stars as famous talk radio DJ Bobby Raines.  (*Lekio  is Hawaiian for Radio)

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  1. I hope Alex all the best and I wish him a full recovery so he can kick that awful habit 100% :heart: We love him dearly- But one thing above all stays with me. For weeks fans expressed concern over his health, citing his drawn and gaunt appearence. Fans aren’t dumb and we knew long before anyone told us,

    So now we could stop speculating we know the reason. I just wonder since when this started or since when Alex started to get addcited to this pain medications or since when his shoulder was hurting and why he did not do anything back then and until now.

    These news really broke my heart when I read them 🙁

  2. Okay, folks, we have our answer. Another actor going into rehab. Alex is addicted to pain medication – aren’t they all? Maybe it is pain medication, or maybe Carrie wasn’t so far off in her posting about the GF. And, please don’t attack me. A lot of us undergo injuries and surgery and manage to recoup without becoming addicted – what’s with Hollywood. Their lives can’t be any worse than the rest of ours.

    1. If this is the case, may we have a link? I have Googled this and can’t find anything. Also, as one who suffers from chronic pain, I can attest to the fact if can alter one’s life completely and until one has had to deal with it, it is best not to pass judgement. Meanwhile, as I said, may we have a link to information regarding this matter.

      1. Okay, I just found some links. Still, I do not judge. I know what it is like to be in physical pain and it does a number on you. Bless you, Alex, and I wish you the very best and the speediest of recoveries. I understand what you are going through, Dude. I am behind you all the way and wish you the best.

    2. You know Cristy, I was thinking the same thing. Just read it on google. I instantly thought about Carrie. A lot of us were thinking it, but she had the guts to put it out there. I wish there wouldn’t be a quick smack down when someone is thinking the worse. (even when it turns out to be true) I guess it wasn’t just stress and needing a hamburger. Hope he gets well. He’s got a rough road ahead. I can’t imagine what it has been like on that set this year.

      1. Guess CBS tolerated the situation as long as they could, then sent him to rehab. The rapid, progressive weight loss and sunken eyes are a dead give away to most of us who have grown up in the drug culture. Sorry, but pain meds don’t do that. I read somewhere tonight that only 1% of people who have never had an addiction become addicted to pain killers. He’s had the shoulder injury since season one, but has been able to work out, surf as much as possible, ski, etc. The PR people are working overtime on damage control, but it just doesn’t wash. It’s a shame. Seems that it was all coming together for him. Hope he has the right people supporting him.

      2. Something had to seriously occur within the past couple of weeks for them to confront this so late in the season. I find it hard to believe that this problem has been prescripton drug use, but whatever it is, it’s been going on for sometime. And now that it is out of control and he truly needs help and some serious rehab and rest; CBS has got to figure out how do we wrap up this horribly written season without Steve. If they had taken time to develop the other characters on the show, the other three could carry it in his absence, Alex could check into rehab long term and get the help he needs, but I believe CBS will push him somehow to complete season 2 and somehow delay his treatment. What a mess.

  3. Okay guys, I know Tiffany isn’t in possession of all of Alex’s comings and goings and no one should expect her to be. I am just WORRIED …with no info on Alex except what’s going on with 5 0 and no entertainment mention of him, and I didn’t know his son wasnt with him (maybe Saxton’s Mom wasn’t thrillled with Mahlia??) who knows and yes, I know he doesnt share personal stuff or even write his fans an ocassional note, that’s the way he is. It would just be like CBS to make some announcement about 5 0 being in trouble…don’t trust them at all..they just like to make money out of him. Love Alex, want the best for him….the rest is in the hands of the Good Lord. Love from Suzannne Alex’s forever Fan :love: :heart: :kiss: :kiss:

  4. why have we not heard any mention of Alex since November, when he told us about his GF? He was all about having his son live with him, but heard that didn’t happen. Does anyone have anything on whats going on in his life? Before I get jumped about his privicy and all, I relize all that but no talk about his caree either.

    1. It is strange, isn’t it. Even when nothing was going on last year, we saw Alex in occasional pics and interviews. Could it be that something is wrong with him or that he’s given up on H50?

      I don’t buy that he’s been over- training for Mudders. He started looking thin and tired in November. Mudders was just announced last month and doesn’t take place until Sept. How much training does he need? The fact that two other announcements followed stating that his participation in Mudders was contingent on his schedule makes me wonder if his inclusion in Mudders is just an attempt to get fans to stop questioning his health. Other members of Stray Dogs are shooting weekly series (Kevin McKidd – Grey’s Anatomy and Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds) and nothing was mentioned about their schedules dictating their participation.

      Alex was a cheerleader last year for H50 at the hint of lower ratings, and now while fans are wondering about him and the show, we hear nothing from or about him. Have to wonder if he’s disenchanted with the show or having other problems that H50 is trying to keep quiet.

      1. erin– thank you, you’ve said it all so much better than I did, and I’m glad that someone else is thinking the same as me.

  5. TIFFANY: You are the provider of this great site so maybe you can clean up why Alex is so thin (1) why people are thinking this season isn’t as great as last and (2) I and get scared when I think a #3 season isn’t in the works and (4) WHY isn’t he getting the attention from the movers and grovers of the entertainment works. He’s missed the top rating (5 0) in the TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly…..Could you please clear some of this up….I hope and pray he gets a movie and more promotion in his career. Ithe U Tube videos of him are really good and we all love him….ANy feedback? Please”? Thanks for all you do Suzanne Alex’s forever Fan :love: :heart:

    1. Suzanne: I agree that Tiffany does a great job maintaining this site but she is not Alex’s agent. How could she possibly be able to give you all the information that you have asked for. I think you are asking an awful lot of her and unless she has psychic powers, I doubt she can tell you what other people are thinking. When she HAS access to any new information about Alex, she always shares it with his fans, but she can only work with what she is given.

      BTW thanks again for a great job, Tiffany. We all appreciate your effort. :love:

      1. I agree, Muffie. If Tiffany could answer all those questions she would be in hot demand to answer all sorts of other questions regarding the economy and all the Lotto ball numbers! 😉

  6. This episode was special because James Caan was in it. I just watched The Godfather (for the umpteenth time) and can see Scott all through his father as a younger actor. Unfortunately I had a little trouble following the H5O storyline–maybe cuz I’m getting old 😆 But I definitely see a recurring role for James since his character and Danny were getting along so well at the end. Can’t you see those two “Jerseys” ganging up on our SEAL? What a hoot that would be! :p

  7. I dont wnt to commetn so much about last ntie episode but I believe im one of the few people that did not enjoy the show that much, becaue I have read many H50 forums and so so many people loved the show from yesterday, I guess it was good then if the majority voted it as good one, I did like some parts like the bromance and cargumetns of Steve and Danny about Gracie and the line where Stgeve said that if he is a shrink Danny can go to the back of the car,, the Book em muscles, the marraige counselor, the 5 what??, etc those lines they were hilarious then add James Caan and his character of the old school.but again the plot is very simple. I like more heavy intense episodes, that all cop series shoudl have..

    A fan told me that H50 is very different from others cop shows out there that wwe currently have, because H50 emphasizes more the on the character, the camaradery of the characters Both Alex and Scott said over and over and OVER last season that they weren’t overly interested in the crime procedural aspects of the show, even though they realized H50 was at least nominally grounded in that realm — that it was the character development, the character relationships, that really drew them to the show. So maybe the writers is why they dont write so heavy scripts or heavy y dramas becaue maybe is teh way the actors like it.. And perhaps is why the plotlines are so simple in H50, not very difficult to understand.

    I dont want to compare shows as each show is different, but I do like intensity, suspense of a show even if it is H50, something that during the episode I always get surprised by the clues the team are searching to solve a case, nothing predictable, it has to be a balance on things, not too much of one thing because it may bored you. Like I dont want too much comedy on H50 or focus a lot on romance, from time to time those thigns are good, I dont object that, but not make it recurring and so often in just one episode. I want episodes like 2.01 or the one when Steve went to N Korea, those episodes had just enough hints of comedy not a lot of bromance or carguments and still there were good episodes.

    But if people say that H50 is different and they dont like to follow police normal procedurals like other TV shows I guess we have to accept that fact and enjoy each episode regardless how they turn out to be and hopefully ratings get high. Maybe as the season ends the episodes could be darker.

    A thing I did not like about it was I don’t tend to enjoy the “overemphasize the guest stars” deal as much. Felt the same way when they did the Sean Combs ep in S1. but it seems . That appears to be the way the writers like to do it these days.

    Another thing I noticed was that Chin Ho had less time While I do think that Steve and Danny’s relationship is the heart and soul of the show, there’s also no question that Chin and Kono are being woefully underutilized..I do think it would be cool to maybe have Chin and Kono take the lead on a case some time, or mix it up every once in a while. Maybe Steve is in meetings with the governor all day so Chin and Danny work the case together, or Kono and Steve work a case together while Danny and Chin are busy with something else. That would be cool.

    My guess that we will have several repeats 🙁 from now on until May since there are only 6 episodes left to fill the 24 ordered by CBS and we are just in March but it is understandable that they have to give time and air re runs so those 6 remaining episodes will reach May

    1. Maria,
      You have some very good points. I’m not quite sure what to think of this season. I keep thinking Steve is going to wake up and it was all a bad dream. I fell in love with this show last year and for some reason the writers/producers felt the need to take this show in a new direction this year and it just hasn’t flowed the way it used to. I actually got bored watching last night’s episode.

      I don’t watch H50 in hopes of watching another CSI, but I could do without some of the weak comedy and the over-hyped guess stars. (I guess that’s part of the new direction) and for the record – for those who complain about Alex being eye-candy, I would love to see a shirtless, butt-baring Steve episode.

      I also keep thinking about a tweet from Peter L about Grace Park stating there are some big things that will come out for Kono’s character towards the end of the season. I find myself still wondering if the Lori character was introduced because Grace might be departing. (I hope that is not going to be the case but things have not seemed quite right this season
      I still believe H50 can rebound if they get some better writers and directors.

    2. Southland is the epitome of a procedural, yet It develops its characters and uses the cast well. There are no “guest stars.” This show had to fight to be reinstated on cable, after one of the networks (NBC, I think) dropped it. Nevertheless, Southland has never failed to be entertaining and worthwhile. H50 doesn’t hold a candle to this or other well-written, well-acted shows. The show has become gimicky. Guest stars, sound tracks, and nonsense scenes and dialog seem to take precedence over quality writing. H50 started with such promise; however, I see no way that it can be salvaged. Of course, if CSI Miami can survive all these years, maybe H50 can, too.

      1. Cristy: I agree; Southland is a wonderfully written and acted show. It is continually voted the best show on TV by the critics. It has a much larger cast than H5-0, although it has a core group of about 4-5. I share your thoughts; it’s too bad that H5-0 couldn’t have the level of writing of Southland. Even though a procedural, there are overlapping story arcs of the various characters including story lines concerning their personal lives. Alex has stated numerous times that he likes the arcs more than procedurals.

      2. Cristy, I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t want to bring up another program, but I will say, I love Southland as well. It is simply superb. My point being is that I wait in high anticipation to watch that show and that is how I used to feel about H50. I could barely breath with excitement last season at seeing Alex and H50 every Monday night. I just want that feeling again.

  8. I’m upset cuz Alex or 5-O was not even mentioned in this weeks TV Guide. I hate to admit it but I fear our show is losing its popularity. Think Kono is a famulos actress, and I followed Danno’s career for years, I have loved Alex since the first time I seen him, but I don’t think his acting has been up to his standards last night. I am praying that his GF didn’t get him into drugs. Only my opion, please don’t think I’m trashing our lovely Alex…

    1. I have been away for a spell and am rather surprised to see some of the posts here. WOW. 😮

      And Carrie, why would you think Alex’ girlfriend would have gotten him started on drugs? Perhaps that is the type of thing best kept to yourself instead of putting it online.

      Thank you, Tiffany for the synopsis of the show.

      1. ML – I agree with you that some musings should not appear online; however, Carrie is not the first person who has wondered online if drugs, surfing and seemingly rapid weight loss are connected. There is BTS pic of Scott and Alex surfing in ep 2.19. Alex’ face still looks gaunt, but his body looks muscular. Hopefully, 2.19 will make everyone feel better about Alex’ health.

      2. Let me put everyone’s mind to rest. I asked my husband if he thought that alcohol or drugs might be the cause of Alex’s weight loss. My husband is in that field and said that he doesn’t think so; it looks like extreme training, so that all fits with that he-man thing he’s entered into (I can never, for the life of me, remember what it’s called).

  9. Tiffany, thank you for the latest update about Alex and H5O. I liked last night’s episode, especially James Caan, Scott, and Alex.

  10. Ah Sacha…take a chill pill. Writing a “book” about your comments is a bore….:ninja: I’d rather talk about Alex’s show with the two Caans…a treat….the sr. Caan is such a good actor and you can tell the affection they have for each other. Too bad Dennis wasn’t on too long..hes a hoot and should have had more “time”. I can understand Jeanne, what was so bad about the show??? Oh, well, to each his own…have a good day all, love and peace. Suzane Alex’s forever fan :love: :heart:

  11. Seriously.


    Was last nights mumble-fest the writers idea of a clever show?

    I want to love this show. I want to look forward to it. Actors (even great actors) can only work with what they are given, and our characters are being given drivel.

    So disappointed.

    I’m afraid my 10pm Monday viewing slot has moved to Lost Girl.

  12. to tiffiney–please check into this sacha person. She comments under different names, answers herself and enjoys arguing with other fans. Two other sites I visited were shut down for abuse. Your site has always been the best for info so please keep and I on her post…thanks

    1. I checked IP addresses and find no evidence of this.

  13. You know what I don’t care who has been watching Alex longer than who I was around when moonlight started also you people seem to think that I’m a mindless idiot newbie well sorry to disappoint but I know a lot about Alex you guys really think your the only ones I love Alex & you guys are the ones who needs glasses I don’t need them I don’t wear them but you guys need them to see that if Alex wasn’t happy with his weight he would do something about it cuz on twitter we asked P Lenkov if Alex is ok or if he is sick or not eating & he said that Alex is eating he is working with a trainer & he is healthy & quite happy so we don’t need to worry & if you don’t think thats the truth & believe that they are hiding something cuz I know that’s the next thing you will say fine I don’t care the rest of us believe it cuz even Alex himself said he is in the best shape of his life & listen I work with facts & I’m giving you the facts straight from the source & as for the part of if he sees these comments it won’t make him depressed it’ll make him happy well honey you seriously need a reality check are you even human you clearly have no idea what negative comments do to a person it upsets them why do you think there are rampant eating disorders it’s cuz of comments like these the negativity gets to the person so it seems to me that you don’t know squat & I know why you got angry it’s cuz I hit the nail when I said you guys don’t think he is hot anymore you honestly think I’m stupid we’ll sorry to disappoint again but I’m not you guys don’t think he is hot anymore wow that’s just selfish to you guys he is just eye candy you don’t care at all the man is happy with himself & with his son & malia & her son & as for the women want something to hold on to in bed your clearly blind cuz malia has a lot to hold onto in bed & while your making comments like these & bashing me he & malia are probably wrapped in each others arms right now you guys make me laugh your constantly going one about his weight like if you guys are his mom & at the same time you wanna jump his bones thats sick makes me wanna puke :sick: & don’t you guys have lives cuz I have one i have fun with my family & friends I have a boyfriend for two years now we’re thinking & I’m 24 & I have my own business I fix & program computers laptops etc so I’m set for life I’m laughing right now at you guys but like I said before this is my two bits you can agree disagree or whatever I didn’t say what I said to change your minds so I don’t care & frankly I don’t like this site cuz its never up to date about Alex & then there are your negative comments which are extremely disgusting :sick: & I know your glad I hate this site you guys are like yay she is leaving well I don’t give a crap cuz i know the facts so keep believing the crap your believing I’m gone.

    1. Sacha — thanks so much for letting us know how well-informed, successful, polite, intelligent and mature you are. No doubt, you’ve changed our minds, and we now totally agree with you. I’m just saying.

    2. What a childish tirade. I certainly hope you feel better now that you have that off your chest. BTW have you ever heard of a period. You use it at the of a sentence. You should try using one every now and then seeing as how you are so smart and have all the answers.

      And if you hate this site so much, then PLEASE give us all a break and don’t visit it again. :heart:

      1. Just so there’s no misunderstanding – my previous comment was a reply to Sacha. It was not aimed at you, Cristy.

    3. Sacha. I gave up reading your comments after a couple of lines as I ran out of breath. Do you not use full stops ever ?

  14. Sorry,Sasha, you are in the very much minority on Alex and his weight issues.. As I have said before, I have watched beautiful Alex from day one on Moonlight, and yes HE HAS LOST WEIGHT! Better get a new pair of glasses….this country is so weight consence that it is refreshing to hear that so many are concerned about this issue. :ninja: We love our Alex and the show with the two Caan gentlemen should be a blast (literally) aren’t they always?? Another one of my main complaints…too much violence (yeah, I can hear you bang bang people objecting) but less than five minutes of dialogue over anything but criminals can be a bit much. Love, Suzanne Alex’s forever Fan :love: :heart:

  15. · Edit

    I read that he’s 6 ft. 1 inch and weighs 175. I think that he is slightly underweight. After all, women want something to hold on to in bed. I agree with everyone that we were concerned that he might be sick and that was the reason for his weight loss. Now that we have been educated that this is his desire to train and attain and maintain this weight, of course we all should be happy for him. The entire cast has very long working hours. As the main character, he has more dialogue to memorize than the others. This does not give him much time to just sit ad chill. If Alex had not intentionally told us about his ADD and OCD, I would have not guessed it. Having a slight case of OCD makes you a better worker in my opinion. You are so focused on what you are doing. You are constantly shooting for improvement in your own performance. I think he is a remarkable man to share these very personal things with his fans. All of us want him to be happy. If working with a trainer, restricting his eating, exercising, surfing, guitar playing, motorcycle riding makes him happy, as a devoted fan, I’m happy for him. I do not think that Alex would become depressed if he read all the comments. I believe he would have a smile on his face knowing just how much his fans care about him. He truly is a blessed man for having so many people voice their concerns and care about his welfare.

  16. Ok I’ve been lurking around reading your comments about Alex & I think you ladies are wrong Alex has lost a little weight yes but he doesn’t look skinny he looks just like how he looked in the Men’s Health Mag ALL MUSCLE & EXTREMLY SEXY do you think they would feature him in that mag & ask for fitness tips & health tips if he wasn’t healthy & he himself said that he is in the best shape of his life & he is eating healthy he has a trainer & he wants to look this good even when he is in his seventies & he has a son & would want to get married one day now with all of that do you think that he would jeperdize his health I think not & as for the Tough Mudder thing he knows how tough it is & it’s Allex so he can pull it off & plus haven’t any of you noticed that the life of McGarrett is stressful & Alex is amazing with facial expressions & playing the part so it’s part of his character cuz look at him as McG & look at him in photo shoots & interviews he looks relaxed & as for the GDay red carpet photos he looked more stressed than anything else & I’ve spoken to ppl who have had the very lucky opportunity of meeting him & they said he is a slender person not skinny & even more HOTTER in person in fact they said that he was smaller in The Back Up Plan than how he is now & remember how HOT he looked Alex knows how to take care of himself & he is doing just & that remember he has ADD & he said he has to be a little OCD to balance it out I mean come on its Alex we’re talking about here AN ALL MAN SEXY HUNK your overexagerating about this & I’m suprized that you guys don’t want shirtless Steve anymore & if Alex were to read these negative comments about him he would feel really bad I mean “eat a burger” “drink a milkshake” “your to thin” “you look terrible” put yourselves in his shoes how would you feel if ppl told you guys that things like that crushes your self esteem & Alex is fragile in that area you guys know that & also did you guys ever stop to think that he knows the ideal weight he should be & he likes the way he looks but he has to look stressed when he is McG I mean look at the story line all the things his character went through & is still going through he has to play he part cuz thats what he does & when the camera catches him at different angles he would either look a little smaller or a little bigger but look at him in normal photos & interviews except for the GDay ones & he looks relaxed Alex is taking great care of himself & no offense but I think you guys think that he isn’t hot anymore that why your going on about this topic & that’s not true cuz HE IS SEXY AS HELL & WILL ALWAYS BE!!!! Actors sometimes drop a little weight I’m only using this as an illustration Taylor Lautner was thicker when he was in Twilight but after he lost some weight just like Alex did not because of a flim or anything it was just cuz he wanted to but everyone went nuts with it & Taylor did not even look terrible he looked tired sometimes cuz of filming but he still had his body & still looked hot as ever & if your gonna say I’m a teenager your wrong I’m 24 & I think that Alex is SEXY AS HELL & WILL ALWAYS BE & HE DOESN’T LOOK SKINNY!! That’s my two bits you can agree you can disagree or whatever I’m just saying what I know.

  17. Unfortunately here in Romania I can’t see the video 🙁 Thank Tiff anyway you are keeping us posted. I agrre whit the crowd….Alex don’t look so healty….he must eat a bit more…….or maybe is the ” new love” 👿 Have a great we Tiff…. and all of us Alex’sfan :love:

  18. What is wrong with Alex. I’ve been away from a TV for a while. He is looking so gaunt. I was so shocked when I tuned in to Monday 2/22 show, he really looks sick 🙁

  19. Please, make the video’s watchable for the dutch fans !! :love:

  20. WOW! This will be a great episode! :woot: I hope Dennis Miller has learned who Alex is–he called him the “Aussie guy” on his radio show. I think Alex is too thin as well. When I watch him in earlier episodes he’s more animated, more lively. I hope CBS isn’t working him to death 🙁

  21. I am worried about Alex, he doesnt look healthy. I am hoping that he gets all the help he needs to get back to his old self soon. I love you and hope the best for you in your work and personal life.

  22. hi thanks so much i will watch it right now

  23. Can’t get the preview video in my area but with the two Caans together it should be great!! Love James Caan as a “tough” guy its his speciality!!

  24. Thanks Tiffany for giving us another chance!

  25. ehhhh…. :love: , Alex è sempre il meglio di tutti…. peccato per il video, in Italia non si può vedere, sic! 🙁

  26. Thank you Tiffany for posting this:-) Many hugs to you and to all Alex’s fans from Croatia:-)

  27. Thank you Tiffany for posting the above info. Unfortunately, The video can’t be seen here in Canada either but at least we will be able to watch the show.

    I just hope Alex doesn’t have any chase/duke em out scenes because the way he looks now, I doubt he’d be able to swat a fly. It is such a shame. He is no longer believable as the ex seal, no nonsense, law enforcer.

    At one time, his fans were begging for more shirtless scenes but since he’s become so gaunt, it’s probably better that he keep his shirt on. I am not only concerned about his health but also that his appearance will limit any opportunities for future roles. He looked so healthy when season 2 began, here’s hoping we’ll see him looking that way again. :heart:

  28. I could not agree with you more ladies!! Alex looks way too thin and gaunted, his cheeks sunken, I dont know what is going on. I do have heard he is competing in some tough competition but that will take place until September I doubt he is beginning to train now. But yes he is so so so skinny. I dont know if it is stress, or working so much shooting episodes that involved a lot of action and a lot physical activity or also he is surfing way too much or love is amking him thin, hehe!! but definiltey something is going on with his health,. I cant wait for Next mondays episode with Papa Caan against his son Scott. I hope it is as good as past Mondays episode

  29. NOO I can’t see it because I’m in Australia 🙁 Dammit

  30. Monica, I too have been concerned for quite a while about Alex’s weight. I have noticed for the last several months that although he looks buff body wise, his face looks soooo thin and sometimes kind of frail. I keep yelling at my TV : “Alex, eat something”!!!! But I am so psyched to see this upcoming episode with James Caan and Dennis Miller. Looks like a good one. Thanks for the heads up Tiffany.

  31. in argentina the videois blocked by who ups it. i can t see too………….

  32. Oh My GOSH!!! I honestly didn’t noice how thin Alex is until NOW. Look at his at .22 in that green shirt. What the heck has happened to him? I will always be a fan and I am in no way trying to be rude or degrading, but somehing is not right here.

    ALEX, please, please, please, gain some weight! 😮

    I still love you! :heart:

  33. Cande – You must have an iphone/ipad. I couldn’t see it either at first.

    I’m so excited about this episode, and I’m hoping the ratings continue on their upward trend.

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