Alex O’Loughlin – Behind The Scene Pictures

CBS has provided some behind the scenes photos of Alex. He seems to be enjoying the clean Hawaii air and getting a bit of exercise. Enjoy!

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  1. Its sad that some fans are bored with Season 2 stories. Personally I don’t watch a show for the storylines, they’re just a dressing, props. I love 5-0 for the characters, they way they evolve and interact with each other, big family. I love seeing the sights of paradise and learning of Hawaiian customs. I never missed an episode of the original series, I don’t intend missing any of the latest. And yes, Jack Lord was my favourite actor, and now Alex has my full admiration too. I could happily sit and watch him read out the phone directory, with those face and eye expressions. In Aussie or American!! You could drive a bus through some of the holes in the storylines, and yes, I cringe at some of the writings, knowing the characters aren’t that stupid. I really got fed up with Lori taking over from day one too. Why don’t they make Steve ill too, after all he’s been through this season, tortured, hit by a car, maybe he’s being secretly poisoned. Sorry that’s the writer in me!! And yes you can make your feelings known to the production team. Peter’s on Twitter, so is H5-0, CBS (also have feedback on web) etc. Let’s hope that Season 3 is in the pipeline with better scripts, that Alex is back to strength and over his injury. I wish him all the best and know that I will glued to the TV every time H50 is on. Aloha.

    1. Well said Nicola, I couldn’t agree with you more. I too will watch 5-0 no matter if it is a new episode or a rerun. Alex is the main reason I watch the show but like you, I also love seeing the sights and learning of Hawaiian customs. Like Peter once said: “who wouldn’t want to visit Paradise each week?” It would be very easy for the writers to explain the absence of our favorite Aussie. He will be missed but not as much as he would be if he could no longer play McG at all. His health comes first. I admire him for facing the problem and not sweeping it under the rug. That took courage. I wish him all the best. :heart:

      1. Steve could once again be on Seal reserve training. He could be visiting his sister on the mainland. Yes, there are lots of reasons why he might be away for a while. I do miss seeing Alex in new episodes but hope he takes as much time as needed, and then some, just to make sure he’s 100%–both physically and mentally. And it would be nice if CBS gave Alex some time to relax as well. They have a big investment in him; they should look at the big picture and long-term.

        I believe, last year, they only filmed until sometime in April and went back in mid-July. If the same schedule this year, they have, at most, another month to film.

  2. I think its sad they didn’t give Lori and Steve a better chance together. I did an analysis of their astrological charts, and they do have some fantastic chemsitry together! It could’ve been hot, but the producers just shyed away from ever getting them together in any real kind of way. Its too bad really. Unless of course, she comes back.

  3. I have also noticed that Alex seems alot thinner lately. My husband did that a few years back. He dropped several pounds quickly and all thought he was ill. Like Alex, he was preparing for a very difficult physical competition. My guess is when Alex does something he goes all out. I am sure he is fine. Sure do enjoy watching anything he is in.

    1. Alex signed on to do the Tuff Mudder competition with a bunch of other high octane tv stars (inc. Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds) so he has probably been working out for that, which is why he has gotten so thin. It takes a TON outa the person and can cause them to lose weight.

  4. Well i have to say one thing I this is my opinion, I found lind of mean the way some of u are saying that the show is boring and that u may stop watching it just becaue this season is not like last season and also related Alex health. We all agree that Alex looks so thin and gaunted and we dont like it I agree on that, but u wont see a show just for that?? Common.

    I dont like some things of this season either, but if we dont liek soemthign I guess we will ahv to talk direclty to Peter or the writers.- I dont like some things of this season either but I keep watching it, there has been nice parts also, I also agree this season is totally different than the past one but I find that some of u take this very personally. My 2 cents

    1. Emma: I can’t speak for anyone else, but I said the show is boring, not because of the way Alex looks, but because of the terrible writing. I don’t think it’s mean to express your opinion as long as it’s not nasty. Boring does not equal nasty in my mind.

      Please explain to me how we are going to talk to Peter and the writers and also, even if we had the chance to (and good luck with that), that they would listen? I think some of us need a reality check: we don’t work in the profession, let alone H 5-0. We don’t know Alex and never will. If, as viewers (because that’s all we are), if we don’t like something, we don’t watch it–that’s our choice and ultimately the only leverage with any TV show, film, etc. If the producers don’t make money…well, do the math.

      Someone I correspond with that I met through this site made a very good point to me recently: It almost seems like someone is deliberately sabotaging the show. It certainly appears that way.

      May I please ask again? Please do a spell check before posting. It’s very difficult reading some of these posts. Thanks.

  5. I think Tiffany is getting as bored as me with this show.


    1. Yeah, that about sums it up. The show has gotten boring and Alex looks emaciated. I also lost a lot of thunder when half the fans turned into high school “mean girls” over the Lori character. I have been watching but have not felt like reviewing.

      1. Tiffany: I agree that the show has gotten boring and Alex looks emaciated. Let’s hope that Alex gets over this he-man competition thing soon and gets back to a decent weight and finds a project befitting his talents. He and the rest of the cast are, quite frankly, being wasted. For instance, I remember how good Daniel was as Jin in Lost, and he seems ridiculous with the lines he is forced to say on H 5-0. So sad.

      2. I also agree with you, Tiffany. I can’t believe what has happened to that wonderful show from season 1. I also can’t believe that Peter seems to be blind to the situation…does he honestly believe that the writers are doing a great job?

        Like you, I find the attitudes of some of the contributors to this site, less than desirable. I finally gave up replying to them as I thought it a waste of time. No wonder you are discouraged. I feel it also. We are here to show our support for Alex and H50 and instead it has become a dumping ground for petty comments that belong in the garbage. Please Tiffany, do not take that as a put-down to you. You have done an amazing job of maintaining this site. I applaud you for hanging in there. I hope you won’t decide to shut this site down as I would miss it a lot and I’m sure I’m not alone.

        I can only hope the powers that be will wake up to what’s happening on H50 before they have lost all their fan base. I am also praying for Alex because something is terribly wrong and he NEEDS help to get healthy again.

      3. Tiffany: Ditto to all of what Muffy said. Please don’t shut down this site because of some recent postings. I, too, would miss it a great deal. You do such a wonderful job, and, most of this community that you’ve put together is so much fun to talk with concerning our favorite subject: Alex! Hang in there please.

      4. I was going back reading some of the comments. First off for the record I am a television producer, so my insight comes from the fact that I am a card carrying member of the genre. This is my take on some of the things that have come to light that in my opinion have affected this season:

        Daniel and Scott both worked on other projects while working on 5-0 this season, other projects that were not filmed in Hawaii. You can keep up with what any actor is doing by visiting their online resume at Also we now know that Alex got hurt doing stunts. We also know that 5-0 is a show that embodies guest stars.

        Then there is the whole contract issue of some actors. Yeah people were kinda out of control wirh respect to Lauren German. It is as if you forgot that she had a contract initially for multiple episodes. You do know if CBS breaches a contract that they are liable for it, i.e. money. So in retrospect Lauren was only there temporarily.

        I do think the production team made a number of missteps, but I think that happened because they were in new territory. Let us not forget that the star – Alex – was hurt bad enough that he had to step aside from his show during the filming process of the season. That is major. And as we all know, Alex has been hurt for sometime now. So yes they had to figure out what to do, let alone all the other stuff that was going on.

        That is why I cannot emphasize enough to just have fun and watch what happens every week. Watch the show for entertainment and try not to analyze every episode. Trust me, when I watch TV to relax I most definitely have to turn off my radar to enjoy shows I am fond of, otherwise I would not enjoy the show.

        And yes we producers do read viewer comments, and we do keep up with people who write all the time. Without it we would not be in touch with what our fans feel. No we may not react to every suggestion or complaint, let’s be honest we don’t have the time. But we are aware. So please never think your voice is not heard. However, just like anyone else we don’t like to be threatened, called out of our names, or cursed out; nor do we like you ridiculing another human being. Just state your like or dislike without the name calling, bullying or insults.

        Just trying to give some insight, in peace ….

      5. Well said, Niecie. :heart: :love:

  6. I cant wait to comment on last nite episode. Hope u come back soon Tiffany

  7. Is that really all there is to it because that’d be fablbregasitng.

    1. Why you say that Tawny?

  8. Unfortunately, I have had to revise my opinion from a few days ago after seeing Monday’s episode. Alex looks terrible. He is so gaunt, and he was mumbling a lot and difficult to understand. Could he be fighting a virus and just not feeling well? I’ve heard that TV adds 10 lbs. Can you imagine what he looks like in person if that’s true? I read that he recently entered that he-man thing (I can’t remember what it’s called); it’s a grueling contest. Someone needs to tell him that, if he loses any more weight, he is going to look like a Holocaust survivor. I’m not joking here either.

    Perhaps, and I’m hoping this is the case, he is preparing for a role during hiatus, and the role requires him to look this way, much like others have done in the past : Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Christian Bale. If so, I hope a medical professional is keeping a close watch on him, especially since he does everything 200%.

    1. Does anyoen know if Alex is ill or something? I mean I dont like how he is looking now, too gaunted. He is super skinny. Something must be going on with his health and Idont want to point fingers but he begin to look like that after he started to date Malia, maybe she is not the reason but maybe he is surfing a lot and he is over training and not eating well but something is going definiltey with his health. And yes I also noticed he was mumbling and difficult to understand his lines, he spoke too fast.

      If anyone knows anything about Alex health lately?

      1. You figure that the show we saw Monday was shot a few weeks ago, so we can only hope that Alex has not gotten progressively thinner. I had thought that he might be preparing for some project after H50 wraps, but I don’t think that the show would permit him to become unrealistically thin while he’s currently playing a character in top physical condition. I also think that a trainer wouldn’t allow him to lose that much weight. Someone mentioned that Saxon was supposed to be living with Alex but isn’t. Maybe there’s some conflict within the family that is causing Alex stress. Whatever, the weight loss that we’ve witnessed since November just doesn’t seem natural or healthy. Hope he’s okay.

  9. I did liek the episode but some things I did not like so Im not going to comment as my theory is what most fans have said already regarding Lori and also regarding the whole episode itself. The only thing I will say is that the Governor is a lame character, Governor Jamieson was so much better. I will also say that I dont know why the writers had to wait 16 episodes to make the story that fianlly Lori realized that she was not doing the job she was assigned for when she was hred to work for 5-0 and the story just had to come when she was leaving and how come the Governor until now realized that as well. What kidn of story is that writers!!!

    Once again the writers keep writing storylines that are several storylines rolled into one episode so at the end things are jumpy and all confusing as I dont know where to follow.

    It is better to have just one or 2 plots stories in one episode that will develop smoothly than to have many plots in one episode so it all gets mixed up. Last nite episode was not the first time this happen this season, so my guess is the writers or Peter likes this kind of stories done that way, but if u ask me I dont like them. I want the Ohana back, the bromance and the carguements something that this season there has not been that much and we are just 8 episodes left to the end of this season. I hope they change that so we have our old H50 back in motion once again

    And on anotehr note. ALEX O LOUGHLIN IS VERY VERY SKINNY!!! Yesterday was amazing how skeleitcal he looks, sunken cheeks, tired face (as one mentioned here) His face really looked tired, not glowing.. His face was so terrible beacues of his weight. pliz give this man something to eat ASAP. That is not a healthy look that is alook of a person who is ill.. Too much, stress, Alex?, Love is making u sick? Working extra hours? Over training? Alex is super handsome and so good looking guy, but that gaunted look is not doing anything good on him 🙁 . I wonder what is going on. His sunken cheeks looks of a guy who is doing drugs. I know he is not but his cheeks look like that

  10. Once in awhile I listen to Dennis Miller’s radio show and he talked about being on an H5O episode. He said he talked with the “Aussie” guy—???? xD Didn’t even know his name!!! I’m sending him an email with a few choice words!!

    1. Dennis Miller is an a$$. LOL–kind of, not really. He has always come across as self-involved and here you go–the proof’s right here. He can’t remember the name, “Alex?” Pretty lame.

      ALEX O’LOUGHLIN, on the other hand, is a consumate professional and gentleman.

      And I’ve got news for Mr. Miller (as I am no professional nor a gentleman): no one cares about you, you are not and never have been hot, talented, charming, etc., and you will never have the loyal support of millions of fans worldwide. So there! (raspberry)

  11. I made this comment on the other site you sent Tiffany, and I’ll make it again …Alex is TOO thin…on last nights show his cheek bones were sunken and anyone who has followed him through all his shows KNOW that he’ changed and although he’ will alway be handsome and talented, the producers, whoever, are not giving him enought acting..too much rioitous running around and pointing his gun, and not enough romance (about five minutes worth in the whole show) and as I said bye bye Lori….she just wasn’t necessary to the plot and anyone can tell she was getting to be in love with Alex (arent we all) but no where to go after thant. Entertainment Weekly who lists shows in order of viewers didn’t even have 5 0 on the top 25!!! disturbing. :bandit: They for the most part put on a great show but WAY too little quite time, romance, conversation ….oh well, we certainly all will keep following him and hoping they let him eat something!! :woot: :heart:

  12. Hi ladies: Let’s all agree to do a spell and grammar check before we post these comments, ok? It can be a bit difficult to read sometimes. Thanks.

    1. Amen to that, Shirley.

  13. Oh come on Alex….not being on a showw wth REgis and Daniel is going to be on itl;;;;we need to SEE YOU and hear your cute quips and generan lntelligent speaking. (Wonderi if Malia ever read a book) Nasty…sorry…but Alex is very well read and smart….sex only goes on for so long then you have to have someone with something to say about someting besides surfing!!!!! Anyone know how many shows left in this season? No negative that i hear about but not much publicity for our in show biz magslllllllll :ninja: AS I was saying earlier Vampire Diaries with Elena Damon and his brother cover on Entertainment Weekly really blew my mind. Gorgeous;..even three or four shots in the magazine. WHERE IS ALEX AND HIS SEXY SEAL BATHING SUIT!!!! :p Dont get it and what’s with saying on some of the sites that Saxon is supposed to be there but isn’t?? Love from Suzanne Alex’s forever fan

  14. I think Maria is referring to twitter where Peter said that the show didn’t let fans dictate the cast or the storyline. He neither confirmed nor denied Lauren’s leaving.

    1. SO Cristy, So u still believe Lauren is staying? I mean since u said Peter neither confirmed it or denied it Well Lauren wont be in episode 2.17 . Well the tweet said he confirmed and he said that fans reactons had anything to do with write her out, for me those words means she is leaving.

      1. Maria, Christy is quite correct. I saw the actual tweet from Peter and he said although they love their fans, they (the fans) do not dictate the cast or the storyline. In other words, Lauren may not be in episode 2.17 but she is listed as a recurring actor, so are the people who play Chin’s wife/Rachel/Grace/Kamekono and Charlie Fong. Just because they aren’t in every episode does not mean they will not appear in a later one.

  15. I was thrilled to get Entertainment Weekly this week because the three vampires on that show are fantastic and they had three or four photo shots of them together… WHY DIDN’T ALEX EVER GET THAT SORTA RECOGNITION??? AND worst f all, in the listing of the shows for that week Hawai 5 0 wasn’t even menioned in the top 25!! What’s up with that..they have made that list ever since they started the show…anyone know what happened? Alex….we love you …where are you..and they someone else on this site said he wasnt’ going to be in some publicity thing they are doing in Hawaii as its become such a hot spot for TV….MAKE A MOVIE…..MAKE US (AND THE WORLD) REALIZE WHO TALENTED YOU ARE!!:love: 😆 :heart:

  16. That’s interesting Maria,
    I think Peter L’s ego won’t let him admit that he hired a horrible actress for this great show and he most certainly did give into fan disaprroval. I believe he hired Lauren G to become the new female lead and never anticipated the backlash. At least he’s smart enough to know when to cut his losses.

    1. Well Shelly I was thinking and this could be real as Muffie said here Peter neither has confirmed or denied Lauren is leaving the show. The anti lori fans got their hopes too high just beauase we did not see her listed in one episode which that does not mean she is out. It could be that like I said in the beginning of all this LG possibe departure that Lori character will be reprehended byt he Governor but she wont be fired at all that is why Lauren is still on the show. Im sure she be fired temporarily but not permanently. As there has not been any official statement that she is leaving or not

  17. I read at another forum that Peter Lenkow tweeted about LG departure from the show and he confirmed it and he denies that , the fan’s reactions has anything to do with their decision to write her out. So, next Monday, 2.16, is the last for Lori.

    1. marie – would you give me the site were you seen that info? thanks…

      1. Well I read that from another fan site so like the original source I dont know where that person got the news from

  18. On another subject, Live with Kelly is doing a week of shows from Hawaii beginning Monday, February 20. Daniel Dae Kim is cohosting on Monday. Alex is not scheduled at all for the week. I am bitterly, bitterly disappointed. I know Alex is probably the most busy filming, but I’m hoping anyone who tweets Peter Lenkov and wants to see Alex, will relay their wishes to Peter. I don’t have a Twitter account.

    1. The co-host choice probably has more to do with name recognition than with busy schedules. Hawaii has become the hot ticket for filming both movies and TV series and is ripe with big-name stars. Alex may be a draw for his fans, but he isn’t a “household name” for most. I doubt that both Kelly and H50 draw the same viewers.

      1. HF-0 is doing well in the ratings, therefore Alex is well known, so I disagree with you. Alex could be a guest on the show – he doesn’t have to be the cohost !!

  19. To Emma,

    I love it when someone spreads good news. I hope she’s really gone and won’t be turning back up at season’s end. Thanks for sharing.

  20. OH MY GOD LADIES!!! 😮 I just read the press release from CBS from episode 2.17 and in the list of the recurring cast the name of Lauren German is not there anymore.

    Could it be that the Lori character really is gone or just temporarily since she is going to pay for her fault in the previous episode?

    What do you say ladies?

  21. has anyone wondered why Chin’s wedding came out of no were, nthing wrote into the script about them even dating. Now so soon afterward not even a mention of the wedding or his wife. I know they have more than one writer but they know what the other is writing? So much is coming out of nowhere and just dropping, just like the run up the steps! What is happening to a story line?

    1. Hi Maree, Did you not watch Season 1? Chin and Malia were in a relationship and had become engaged. He broke the engagement when he was fired for corruption, to spare her the disgrace. Obviously, they still loved each other, and when Chin was cleared of wrong-doing, they got married.

  22. I loved the show about Danny, Rachel and Gracie. Rachael is very beautful although I like her hair darker, I was hoping Alex and her would hook up in real life. Does it seem that Alex has less and less screen time? I love scott, he has been in so many good movie, directed and written.The best I liked was “Mercy” watch it if you can, Holly even had a bit part in it.

    1. Carrie, Do u really think Alex is havign less and less screen time?? I mean that could not happen, he is the lead character on the show. No Alex, no show as simple as that. What made you believe that?

      By the way I love the episode too

  23. WOW–What a great episode last night!! Lots of action and emotion! I’m wondering if Lori really did sprain her ankle on that trek up the mountain with Alex–like when Danny tore his ACL. Maybe they were shooting when it happened. Alex looked so hunky in his muscle shirt and shorts :love:

    1. Cheri I agree wih you about Lori’s ankle. We haven’t seen that much time together for them to be hiking together, and the scene didn’t really have anything to do with the show except to bring in the cruthes. Also did we ever see her face or just her back when climbing the stairs?I thinks your right on…

      1. I’m still trying to figure out what the scene meant. And you’re right, it had nothing to do with what was happening with Danno. I wish they would get rid of Lori. Kono can handle things along with the rest of the team just fine. I wish the writers would get back on track.

      2. Annie and karen. I think that scene was prolly for people to warm up more to Lori and think and tha she can have also a sense of humor, since always she is so stiff and dull. But In next Mondays episode were it seems she is the one resposnible for causing the international incident and the Governor really seems to apprehend her (on the promo, at last the Governor tell Lori that she was assigned to the ask force precisely to prevent things like that from happening) and she said it was her fault and she is sorry . But I believe she be fired temporarily or not fired at all, because the team will back her up and defend her or all take the blame for the incident so at the end the Governor never fires her, I said this because Lauren German is still on episode 2.17, which that means Lori character still on the show. My guess is that Lauren German signed for the whole season, is the reason why she still on the show. The question will be then if Lauren will be return to a 3rd season (in case CBS want a 3rd season of the show), that is the focus I dont think that she be gone for the remaining episodes of the season.

  24. Alex IS TOO THIN. But we love him anyway. I’m just wondering if we will ever see a NEW episode of H50 this year?? I’m really disappointed. I can get reruns on COMCAST any time. And I do!! But I need our HERO in some new adventures!!!

    1. Hey Jibsea today was a new episode and also next week will be a new episode and yes you are correct Alex is way too thin and when u see todays episode u will confirm that, He looks so skinny. Please give something to Eat to this guy.

  25. Lori trains with steve and i guess she beats him to the top (-: :heart:

    1. Yes that is what I was going to say Lori is the chick on those mountains pictures at first I could not tell who he was training with but i see her face clearly in new pictures from that episode. But Im sure Lori will beat Steve, remember she is Wonder Lori and that is a way that Peter L is making fans to like her more, so she be the heroine on that scene and beat Steve to the top.

  26. alex es maravilloso y hermoso ! :heart: tnx 4pik tiffany ^_^

  27. No amount of words can describe how i admire Alex and his work in H50. Keep up the great job he does..just hope more movies for him too! Miss watching him on the big screen 🙂 :heart: :love: :kiss:

  28. Thanks for photo’s Tiffany. Alex is GORGEOUS. Is there not a calendar
    of Alex? :love:

    1. Go to EBay–that’s where I get my Alex calendars.

      1. Thanks Cheri,
        Will look on EBay

  29. He looks great no matter what he in:) Tiffany, may I send a private message to Alex? Please email to let me know….Thanks:)
    Sheri W

  30. I think he looks great! Look how tanned he is!

  31. Here we go again…Alex….stop off somewhere and get a hamburger and a milkshake…you are going to disappear before our eyes!! no no! If any of you avid Alex fans will recall (and I’ve followed him for years) he just looked more healthy and sexy in (yes) here we go again …Moonlight. I like something to grap on to with a man…his constant exercize I know goes along with the tough schedule he has but enough is enough. Younger men than him have crashed an burned with too much physical stuff. Hope a dr. is checking up on him. Love him so much….Suzanne his Forever Fan :p :love:

    1. Sorry Suzanne, I think he looks fantastic. I like his look much better on H50 than Moonlight although it might be the hair. I don’t like the long hair stringing into his face, although I did’t care for his super short hair that he had on his last hiastus–it was almost like he shaved his head and that was just shades of his character in The Invisible. I just think he looks fit, and I usually don’t think super thin guys are attractive; it’s probably because he has all those muscles. He looks very strong and is probably a very good protector.

      1. Suzanne: I forgot to mention: look at those arms!!!!! Wow!

  32. OMG !!!!!!!………….huh…… I think its enough :love: :heart:

  33. Tiffany, thanks for the fabulous photos of Alex! Wow!

  34. hi thanks great photots he looks very hot

  35. OMG! Does he look HOT!! However, is he on his own time or was this filming a scene-because I noticed he’s driving the same vehicle he drives on H50.

    1. I belieeve he is filming there becaue that iis H50 car. ALso I have seen more pictures of this particular scene and in those pictures he is with a lady in exercise gear in the same forest. But you cant tell who is the lady because she ia away. Could be Lori or Catherine.

  36. Thanks Tiffany. Glad Alex is enjoying a lovely day in Hawaii. :love:

  37. Wowww he is so sexy!!!!!!! :heart:

  38. Yummy :heart:

    I like my men a little thicker :p but he’s definitely not as “thin” as people have making it seem lately.

  39. OK, I think “WOW” says it all.

    1. You said”WOW” says it all. ♥♥♥ Thanks Tiffany for both articles. Love all the pictures.

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