Favorite Alex O’Loughlin Video Moments- 2016



The last category for the 2016 countdown is favorite Alex video moments. From behind the scenes to celebrating his 40th birthday, we got to join in on some great moments throughout the year thanks to the smartphone and social media.


Here are some of our favorites



This video thanks to BellatorMMA Twitter, is of Alex, Scott, and Egan wishing a friend good luck in a fight they obviously could not make in person. It is always nice to get to peak into the BJJ world Alex loves so much. (Feb 18)




This video thanks to LesterGantan IG, shows Alex congratulating his mentor and friend, Egan Inoue, for his new book release. (Nov 19)




This video thanks to Enson Inoue FB, takes us behind the scenes in the breakroom as Alex explains the timeline of production to some guests on the set that day. He also shows off his goofy self for the camera (Sept 12)




This video thanks to Paolo Cascio FB, shows Alex meeting and greeting the Peal Harbor survivors that were invited on set while in town celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the attack. What a classy moment all around. (Dec 9)




This video thanks to PhotoluluTV, is one of the better ones to remind us of the Sunset on the Beach Premiere which kicked off Season 7. (Sept 23)




This video thanks to Rosesita Guzman IG, allowed us to celebrate Alex’s 40th birthday vicariously as the cast and crew sing happy birthday for the big day. As for the moments in Alex’s life in 2016, this milestone birthday was probably one of his biggest. (Aug 24)




This video thanks to  Mayorkirkhnl IG, shows a glimpse into the season 7 Blessing BTS. As you can see Dusty was able to celebrate with his Dad that day, too. (July  8)




This video, thanks to Hawaii_Isla 808 FB, was one of the first BTS moments we all got to see kicking off season 7. After a long hiatus, it was good to see Alex back at work as that always means more pics and videos for the fans. (July 11)




Now it is your turn. Which video(s) are your favorite of the year? Vote for one or more below.


Favorite Video Moments


Those were some of our favorites but to see others, you can check out our gallery which has them all for the year and so much more. 


That wraps up the 2016 countdown as tomorrow we welcome in 2017.  Hopefully this year has been good for you and those your love. Looking forward to 2017 which is sure to bring us more Alex moments that we will be sure to share with you. 

Happy New Year!!





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