Christmas- Hawaii Five 0 Style


We put together this video of all the Hawaii Five 0 Christmas clips from the past seasons so enjoy.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at AOLO. May there be Peace on Earth.




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  1. The best ep of S7 was cath return she was amazing lynne was really unhappy that Steve was with the love of us life even though it was for a short time

  2. the best ep of season 7 was the one where cath came back i noticed when lynne kissed steve he just stood there with his hands by his side i loved the comment akex made bout michelle he said she his a great girl and they are well prepared when hey work together

  3. Those were excellent. Especially loved the stolen tree!

    1. I think these people that are cath haters don’t grasp the situation that she is aactress playing a part in a tv show it is not real and I love the fact that Alex himself said Michelle is a great girl we work well together and are very prepared so go back to the real world and leave the fantasy on the television where it belongs

    2. So when cath went to Steve’s house to protect Doris from work fat she did it without a thought for herself she could have got killed or shot when Steve used to ask her for help on a few occasions she could have lost her job but she did it stevecthinks only of steve

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