Hawaii Five 0 Season 8 Gag Reel

The Hawaii Five 0 Season 8 DVD is finally here and of course, what everyone has been waiting for,so is the Gag Reel. Every season this is the most anticipated special feature of the new DVD. This season it is not any different and it delivers well even including a scene where Alex is dancing away and starting to rip his shirt off. Check it out below.



Credit CBS 


Along with the gag reel and the funny bloopers, the other special features include the usual Shorelines, a segment to meet the rookies (aka Beulah and Meaghan), the animated cargument that most have already seen,  deleted scenes, and most importantly Directing with Alex O’Loughlin for episode 8.18. 

Hope you enjoyed the fun. We will upload the directing feature a little later. Stay tuned…



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  1. I have to say I have been a huge fan of Hawaii Five O ever since it started…trying so hard to catch up while here in China…
    I am hoping one day to have the opportunity to actually meet the crew…truly love the Danno Steve moments they have when Steve decides to drive….


  2. This gag was beyond the fun. Especially the end ?????. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome and thank you for following.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!! Alex’s dance moves and funny voice are so good! My favorite part was the, “Jerry, at some stage, beep call Adam, and tell him to tell us beep abot her.” Thanks for posting this!

  4. I loved everything about this gag reel from Alex saying maybe we should makeout because there’s nobody else up here to Alex ripping his shirt open and he has great dance moves Magic Mike needs to call him Alex is the greatest ever such a cute goofball.

  5. I probably won’t get the DVD for 8 so I really appreciate your making the gag reel available. A Big Mahalo!

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