Twilight Versus Moonlight

So have you seen Twilight yet? I introduced the series here for Moonlight fans who were aching for their vampire fix. It is rumored that Moonlight was created with the Twilight books in mind…kind of an adult version of Twilight. There are some similarities and the most striking one is the name….aka Twilight and Moonlight.

Twilight is a love story between two teens…a vampire and human. Moonlight is a love story between a human and vampire and it throws them together in much the same way Bella and Edward are at school with Mick St. John being a detective and Beth being a reporter. They cross paths often when they work on the same cases.

Twilight’s Edward thinks of himself as a monster and he feeds on animals to be able to live with himself. Mick St. John also thinks of himself as a monster and he feeds on donated blood. Bella is inquisitive and discover Edward’s secret through investigation. Beth is an investigative reporter. Both Bella and Beth (see how similar the names are) learn of their friend’s vampirism and instead of being repulsed they are intrigued and it makes them closer.

I could probably list more similarities…but I am sure the screenwriters also tried to make them very different so they wouldn’t get into hot water…legally.


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    Moonlight is where it’s at!!!!!! There is no other better and CBS and JS sure missed the boat there, we could be getting ready for season 3 !!!!! Stupid stupid stupid!!!

  2. Alex O Loughlin is such a great actor!!!!! He’s soooooooooo sexy!!!!! Moonlight is soooooo much better than Twilight!!


  4. Please excuse the typos as I am racing to post as I have to leave for an appointment in a half hour…

    The typos are as follows:

    2nd paragraph should read: Joel lost QUITE a bit with his flop of SPEEDRACER…

    Thank you, Tish

  5. Cheri & Everyone,

    Sorry to correct you, but you have some wrong info here. Whiteout was already filmed and in a can on the shelf awaiting release when Moonlight came on the TV…Alex was already in the film on the shelf, which is still on the shelf with a possible release date coming up…Again all of that may change… Joel already had Alex in film in “Whiteout” & Alex’s part is very minimal as a pilot giving some female law officer a bit of problem. Alex could have played the “Whiteout role and still starred in Moonlight concurrently…

    As for the reasons behind Moonlight’s demise, most can be blamed on CBS, but I have read that Joel lost wuite a bit on his flop of “Sppedracer” that did not go over as it was expected. I also read an article pertaining to one of Joel’s mansions up for sale around the time all of this took place… We can also blame the Writer’s Strike of 2008 for not helping matters with Moonlight, the show lost written scripts and footage of stories filmed and aired thanks to creative minds wanting more money…Many in the entertainment field felt the crunch this put tinsletown under and we will feel that even worse if the Screen Actors Guild ever decides to pull a strike. The whole damn industry will close down, including any project Alex may or may not be working on…He could never be a scab and work if his fellow thespians were on strike, even if he were not a member, of which I could not be certain…

    So Cheri, please re-read that article claimed to be the reason which is incorrect and please copy and paste here for us all…

    Thanks and welcome here, Tish (Pat) Schau

  6. I am also considered about Alex staying with the eye network.

    I have been doing some research about Moonlight’s cancellation. I believe Joel Silver had a much larger part of Moonlight’s demise than any of us thought. At the Con meeting he mentioned that he thought Alex would be perfect in his newest project which was Whiteout! The new project had already had it’s share of problems and delays even before Alex began work on his new project.

    I will post more later…..


    Long legs O’Loughlin is the site I am usually on.

  7. Did you know that the original name for Moonlight was Twilight? Moonlight is basically based on a unpublished novel by it’s creator.

    Interesting isn’t it?

  8. Jackie & All Moonlight Fans here on AOLO,

    With Twilight so hot,is it not time to begin to stampede all concerned with the demise of Moonlight with snailmail letters to resurrect the show and film new episodes… I posed this revitilized campaign push prior to the season’s holidays, now they are behind us, it is time to strike in full force, worldwide, to fight for what was taken from us prematurely due to an actor-phobic CBS President of Entertainment that needs to lose her job… It is definitely her position for not what she is versed in or knows but more than likely who she did sweet things for to climb to the top… Now it is time to overthrow her power by sending certified/return receipt letter to other powers that be who hold major stock holdings in CBS Entertainment, especially Westinghouse chief executives… They are easily found if you google in to search…

    Alex has been under a new contract to CBS since late July, 2008 and no project has been fulfilled yet or has surfaced to his fans. I think he is being scammed, because he seems so trusting, by Queen B…h Nina and that any project, even if being worked on, will fail because she does not want to let his fans be happy…She definitley thought little of any of the Moonlight fans in general…such a person does not need to hold such a mighty position because she is unaware that we, the fan public, is what keeps CBS on the air…And, other than Moonlight, their shows have fallen far beyond what the public clamors for and would not care to watch…

    We are now fans of Alex’s Mick, and we have also become fans of Robert Pattinson’s Edward, this was our only recourse since we all loved the Twilight novels, but also because we lacked the sensual vampire side of our needs…

  9. I read the Twilight series years ago. When they first came out. I loved them. I loved Moonlight even more. Mick was just so hot and had such a sexy way(much like Edward). I loved both of them But Moonlight was my favorite. I was devestated when it was cancelled. I will buy 2 sets of the DVDS and watch SCIFI every single Friday.

  10. Except for the fact that Twilight deals with the love story of two teens, one a very unusual teen but a teen non-the-less, both are equal…Twilight and all of its 3 other novels of the series is where we all would have liked to see Moonlight move forward to, that is if CBS had not been so smugly stupid to cancel said TV series…

    Just as I couldn’t wait to see the next episode of Moonlight, though Writer’s Strike halted it for too many weeks, weekly, I also anxiously anticipated reading the next novel in the Twilight series… and as for both, there will never be enough Moonlight or Twilight for us all…

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