Season 9 And Moving Forward

Season 9 has officially begun and we assume Alex is back from his hiatus and visit abroad to being back to work in Hawaii. Hope he enjoyed his vacation and is relaxed and ready to start all over again. The blessing has occurred and the first day of filming is today so surely activity will start picking up. This season will also bring about the 200th episode and the 50th anniversary of the show itself. That should be one hell of a party!

With that being said, we want to update you on where we stand going forward into Season 9. A couple of us have taken on an entirely different project that has philanthropic value and therefore are backing away from the site some. Although we will not be going away completely, the time consuming posts are a thing of the past, at least for a while, if not permanently. A lot of those posts revolve around the show and therefore there will be a lot less show activity here. We will no longer be doing the recaps, sneak peeks, weekly wrap-ups and similar posts.

What we will be focusing in on is the photos and some BTS activity but with no regular pattern. When we can post we will, but we do not want you to rely on us to provide you the activity and the quick updates we did in the previous years. We will probably check in once a day on the behind the scenes activity and add some of the favorites to the Facebook page. We will be on Twitter less too.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to some more activity this coming year (just not as much from us). Thanks for following us and all the amazing comments of gratitude we have received, as we do truly appreciate it. After all, the fans are the reason we do this.

So now in keeping in tune with that theme and in honor of the beginning of season 9, here is another unpublished photo of Alex.


alex o'loughlin photoshoot gun

Taken by NIno Munoz for CBS Watch 2017



Here’s to a great season for Alex and all that make the show happen!



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  1. I have just come across this page today. I am huge fan of Alex and Hawaii Five-0, sad to note that you’ll not be have anymore sneak previews…

    1. Will still probably add them to our FB page, but not as timely. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Vamos ter as fotos de Alex nas férias em Paris???!!!! Carla Turik from Brasil.

  3. If you are not ther anymore where can we find all these beautiful photos?
    And where can we download them in large format?

    1. We will still be around, just not as much and not for the time consuming stuff. As for the photos the large formats are in our gallery and/or FB page and there is no where else you can find them in advance. We will keep releasing over time.

  4. Sounds wonderful! Thank YOU for always being here for us sharing awesome pics, stories, BTS, clips and special shots like these here from his Watch Magazine shoot. We will miss your posts, but totally understand….you sound like y’all found a worthy case…and Mr Alex would even be extremely happy for you in that regard. Thank you for all that you do! God bless, mahalo nui loa, and Aloha.

    1. Thank you Bryna! Really appreciate you and your kind words. Thank you for all you have submitted and been part of, too! We really love how the site is about collaboration.

  5. · Edit

    Good Luck and I look forward to seeing Alex in season 9

  6. Good luck guys with whatever you are up to x

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