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  1. LOL.. I love his non-verbal communication.. U can c he’s a “thinker” and observer.. so HOT yet so cute.. classic-combo. i LOVE IT!

  2. ALex said on an interview he didn’t like his nose, “Too beaky” was the words he used. He got rid of his lower armband tats already.
    His teeth in one interview his teeth looked too big for his mouth. We think he had on temporary veneers, so then had permanernt ones. Also at the time his face was a lot thinner, so much more noticable. I agree his smile was worth dying for on Moonlight. So who knows wqhy he had it done.
    SInce Moonlight he’s lot a fair amount of weight. Also the shorter hair makes a difference to his face.

  3. Tiffany: please don’t get too involved in True Blood as opposed to our Alex! I can’t afford HBO so have never seen the show. I am really all for Alex,,,,,not so much the vampire thing. Started watching Vampire Diaries that comes on before Moonlight on the CW and its a good show (Damon is gorgeous…played in “lost” for a while, beautiful eyes> ) BUT no on will ever replace Alex’s version of vampires. I’m sure you will agree. thanks for all you have done for us Alex fans….I will never put him second best to any show. Love for Suzanne His Forever Fan.

    1. Are you serious! True Blood totally sucks! There will never be an awesome Vampire like our Alex but put that to rest. He is going to be the darn-est cop now and we should support him in this new adventure. I can not wait for September to get here!!
      Oh another thing – Vampire Diaries….sucks too!

  4. Alex is just beautiful. I envy the woman who catches his heart.

  5. Tiffany, couldn’t get into True Blood, but when Vampire Diaries I got hooked no MoonLight, and Vamp diaries has two H O T vamps Damon and Stefhan, Damon is my fav after Mick.


    1. I really like Vampire Diaries too… and the new show called The Gates.

      1. for sure tas to he gates .. that one is for sure a wild ride in itself. of as to the vampire diaries go… hey what can I say other than well.. the door was for sure openned of as to like the spider webs and all that stuff that of like kept from view for such a long time and well.. lets just say that of from moonlight and then unto all theses many others… thoses cobwebs are for sure been cleared away… and unto each of viewers we be… that of for sure that of well u could say have raised it unto the moonlight.. sort of speak.. and yes the sun has that of gone off unto the nearest cave to take a lovely nap… or 2.

  6. Thanks Tiffany for the fantastic press pictures . Like everyone else, I am looking forward to Hawaii-five-0. Alex does look very handsome but serious..I do think it was the moment he was answering questions or thinking about what he wanted to say. He must be cautious though, being burnt twice from CBS. But I don’t think he has much to worry about. The show looks fantastic and I’m sure it will be a major success for CBS. Although, it is sad that shows like Three Rivers weren’t given the same press ahead of time. It is shows that are filled with action scenes, crime and sex that are blockbuster hits. Nothing wrong with that but there is a place for all kinds of genres on television. Just wanted to thank you again Tiffany for keeping us posted. Hope your summer is going well.

    1. Yep, good summer. It works out well for me that Alex is on network shows cause my summers are dedicated to True Blood. I am totally obsessed with that show.

  7. Speaking of promoting these shows I can’t remember ever seeing a commercial for Moonlight so I never knew it was on. I am embarrassed to say I didn’t catch it until the reruns were on. And I thought “Oh my God, who is this guy, he is gorgeous” and the show was great. I have to agree about Alex’s smile. It was perfect in Moonlight, shouldn’t have messed with it, although he is still stunning. Hope 5-0 is a big success but am a bit concerned because you never know how these things will go. But the previews look awesome. Good luck Alex. Thank you, Tiffany.

  8. Alex is sooooooo fine and a teriffic actor. I have followed his career starting with Moonlight, Three Rivers and am soooo excited about Hawaii Five-O. CBS better be good to him this time around. I have Moonlight on DVD and am on the list for Amazon to order Three Rivers when available and have pre-ordered “The Backup Plan”. I have to have my Alex fix.!!!!!

    What a gorgeous hunk of a man and a fantastic actor!!!!!!

  9. So Hot ! – wish he had smiled in at least one pic, though. When he smiles, his whole face lights up. As far as what critics may say – does’nt really matter – it’s what WE as fans have to say and we can make our voices loud and clear by watching H5-0 and making it the hit that we all know it can be. I think CBS knows it’s going to be huge because the promos are all over the place, all different times. CBS did not put even a fraction of that type of effort into promoting “Moonlight” or “Three Rivers” – think they finally got the message.

    1. I am in total agreement with you JoJo. If CBS had put more effort into promoting Moonlight and Three Rivers; these shows would be still on. I am glad they finally opened there eyes into promoting Hawaii 50 big time!

      Yes…yes I would liked to have seen Alex smile in one of the pics too.

  10. Ann: I SO agree with you about his teeth…his smile was so much more natural without them going in and grinding them down or whatever. Booooo! BETTER not change anything else about him…Barbra Streisand wouldn’t let them touch her nose years ago..good for her. We are what we and a perfect Adonis is NOT what we want to our dear Alex. Please let him alone. Love His Forever Fan Suzanne

  11. Thank you so much for these gorgeous photos Tiffany. My God he is stunning! Love his outfit too, he looks absolutely gorgeous! I know he looks quite serious a for most of them, but lets not forget that these are probably consecutive screen prints taken from one short moment in the interview, where he may have just been concentrating on a question. He looks more pensive than worried to me, but either way, without seeing the video footage, it’s too hard to say. Hopefully, he is feeling happy and positive about H5O, and hopefully, it will be a huge success – he sooooo deserves it! Love ya Alex, good luck !!!!

  12. God!!!
    Alex is like Port wine, gets better in time!!!
    He looks awesome, I adore that serious look of his.
    Adore, Adore, Adore.
    Obrigada Tifanny!

  13. I have also asked Amazon to inform me when Three Rivers DVD is available. Back up Plan DVD is due to be released on Alex’s birthday 24th August. What a lovely birthday present for him.
    I have not ordered it from Amazon, due to living in Oz, I am hoping it will be out in the shops here around the same time, save waiting on receiving it in the mail.

  14. Thanks for the pics Tiffany, they are awesome!!
    Alex, the attitude of the media probably sucks sometimes, but your success is guaranteed and your work speaks for itself, you have many people who support you. Good luck with H50. Good on ya, love you.

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    PS excuse the typo. I meant Three Rivers DVD!!!

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    Even tho’ Alex looks so serious and intense, I love love love these photos. I think he is often uncomfortable at these interviews and he is so good at showing just what he is feeling. I’m so excited about H50..really feel it will be a success. Have been watching Scott Caan on Entourage and I think he and Alex have some great chemistry that will really make the show cool. Also, excited to hear That there will be a Three Rivers DVD/111 Thanks for these awesome pix, Tiffany and all this positive feedback.

  17. Guys,
    amazon.com has pre-orders of Three Rivers and will notify you when it is

    Back up Plan is coming to dvd according to amazon


  18. Tiffany-thank you so much. the pics are just catastic.Alex you get better every time i see you.

    1. Thanks Tiffany, these pictures are great.

  19. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Alex you gorgeous man, is it possible you are getting better looking as the days get shorter.
    I think the frowning was because he was listening to serious questions and was thinking of an answer. Now look at the last photo, see he’s smiling, so it couldn’t have been that bad of an interview.
    Thankyou thankyouverymuch Tiffany, these photos are awesome.

  20. thanks tiffany for the photos… of as to that as to say there for sure have been more than a few series that to say the media / critics of well.. not kind to.. and yet even so that in short the aka critics and their viewpoint of how they of well lets just say that we the viewers view won BIG TIME… and for sure will positivly again… right? RIGHT?….


    p/s, if my math is right .. and well, lets just say we’ve got about \possibly that of “53 days” and then…

  21. HUBBA HUBBA. Alex is like fine wine. He gets better with age.
    September seems sooo far away.

    Thanks Tiffany for all your hard work keeping us up to date.


  22. I have heard that some of the questions and media reactions to the showing were not that great, so perhaps Alex was sensing that and was upset by it.

  23. One wonders what the questions were? So many photos of Alex not looking real happy. Smile that beautiful smile that we know you have Alex.

  24. Thxs Tiffany for awesome pics of Alex!!! Ever since i started watching Moonlight ( just recently ), which i bought the 16 episodes dvd, i’m an instant fan of Alex !!! So sad it was cancelled after 16 episodes. I hope we’ll see more of Alex in movies & hopefully Moonlight movie? I’m hopeful. Looking forward to H5O in Sept. 20th!!! LOVE YA ALEX!!!!

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      I know we’re hoping for that MOONLIGHT movie. H5O will be good I know but nothing nothing compares to MOONLIGHT !!!!

      1. I own the dvd all 16 and wish that there was a three rivers dvd set, id be right there buying that too. I hope for a movie also and you are so right nothing compares to a hot vampire, so id love to see him on screen, id be at the midnight showing.cat

  25. Right on cylb: We all have to be positive and also realize MANY stars out there right now spend years and hard work finally getting to the top in the entertainment world. Its about the most nerve wracking, rejecting job in the world…there are only a small percentage who really make it big and most :”stars” who have been around a lot still get upset they won’t be hired again after their last project. I could’t stand that pressure… SOOOOOO… we have to remain positive about Alex…he’s going to make it no matter what but it is tough work and if we all send our love and prayers he will make it Big
    Time!!! Love Suzanne His Forever Fan

  26. Thanks for these great pictures. The third one is my favorite, that look WOW!

  27. He is soooo adorable!!!!!!!!! I love the next to last and the one above it! I squeal every time I see a Hawaii 5-O commercial, it drives my family wild.

  28. Alex is so handsome, my heart is melting. Can’t wait for H5O to start so I can get my weekly fix of Alex. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  29. All I have to say. Is the network and critics better get Alex a break. He is giving it all his all and they still know him down. These pics of Alex; all I see is CONCERN written all over his face.
    Your fans love you and support you BIG time Alex.

    Love & Always hugs,


  30. Alex seems really intense in these pixs. His eyes tell it all. I LOVE his eyes–they look right thru you. Scott looks pretty intense too so maybe it was just the questions being asked. Is there a video available to hear what’s going on?

  31. Thanks Tiffany for these photos, they are really good. Like the others say, he doesn’t look relaxed, but that may just be because so much is riding on H5-0, probably his entire career in fact! H5-0 is going to be fantastic if the trailers are anything to go by. Can’t wait for it to start in the UK. Thanks again Tiffany.

  32. Oh God! He looks absolutely amazing…oh my GOD ALEX I LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!!

  33. Great!! But he’s just not smiling anymore. Someone needs to tell him, Hawaii 5-O will be great!! He has such a large fanbase. We should all let him know… It’s going to succeed. Think Positive!Alex!

    1. I also noticed he doesn’t smile much. Was thinking he might not be happy with his new teeth. I am so disappointed with them. They have changed the whole shape of his face. I really really like his original smile, always commented his smile was so sexy. It was naturall anad fit his personilty. don’t get me wrong, he is still gorgeous, but I liked the other smile. Wondering if it was his idea or not. He has commited on not liking his nose, I pray they don’t make him change that. The arm tats are gone what other changes will they make on our man?

      1. Ann: how did you find out this information about Alex changing his teeth, wanting to change his nose, and getting rid of the tats?? I didn’t see it on this website. Those people must be crazy who are advising him to change a single thing about his appearance. And he showed the most disarming, totally appealing, megawatt smile on earth in Moonlight!! Why would anyone want him to change the unbelievable appeal he had in that series???

  34. Like Suzanne, I saw these photos on another site and I agree the photos are much better here. I also feel that Alex O”Loughlin is trying to figure out what CBS wants or looks for in a series and is concerned on whether Hawaii Five-O will make it or not. If Hawaii Five-O doesn’t make it than something needs to be done about the “powers that be” at CBS.

    I think Hawaii Five-O will strike gold for Alex O’Loughlin and CBS!

  35. I saw some of these shots on another site but NOT as good as yours…..also a comment about Alex saying if Hawaii Five O doesn’t make it, he doesn’t know what TV wants…he sounded kinda down and doubtful. Made me feel sad….he’s so good he dosn’t know it and it makes me feel bad if that’s how he feels….and he doesn’t look real happy in a lot of these photos….hope its just my imagination. Love You Alex! What do you think Tiffany?
    Suzanne his Forever Fan

  36. thank you so much to this picture ! Alex always beautiful and class !!!

  37. OMG Alex looks so good in these photos – so tanned and healthy!! Love the suit also. He’s frowning quite a lot – someone tell him that causes wrinkles!!

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