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  1. i saw alex in the movie, white out, last week and he played a killer. i didnt like seeing him playing that role.

  2. Alex wish you well on this wonderful day and God bless you and protect you happy birthday

  3. Tiffany me informe como posso deixar uma mensagem para o Alex, Tiffany você é super legal, se você ler e poder me responder o meu e-mail nelia.n.camara@hotmail.com, obrigada

  4. Alex desejo tudo de bom nesta data maravilhosa, e que Deus te abençoe e te proteja feliz aniversário,

  5. Thanks Tiffany, again! Those clips are great and I can’t wait until September 20th!. I especially like the second one with Alex in his full dress Navy uniform – is there nothing more sexier than a man in uniform, and even better when that man is Alex!!!!

  6. I have checked out Amazon.com for Alex’s movies. I plan to buy them just as soon as I have some extra money. Things are a little tight right now. By the way, Rosemary, where are you from? I like the way you always comment on my posts. I am in KY and we have had temps in the three digits. 102 the hottest so far. I would love to have a day like 50 right now. But you are right , the a/c needs a/c. Hawaii Five-O is just around the corner. Come on September.

    1. ella, hey glad i could help as to locating dvds.. of as to my neck of the woods.. it as to nh.. and yup u for sure have had it way hotter than we have up here.. .. sorry of if this is short and yet I’ll post soon ok? stay cool ok?

    2. elle, um by chance have you as to while your waiting to buy the oyester farmer.. that of checking w/ u’re local library and seeing of if by chance they might have a copy of i and well just an thought… of as i check w/ the library nearby and well they didn’t have it in their collection.. and um, well now they do… and so I’ll ber possibly watching that tonight.. just a thought.

  7. I checked out that commercial ( Journey Diamond ) , it definitely isn’t Alex. Kinda looks like him, but it’s not him at all. There’ll always be One Alex! But thanks for letting all of us Alex’s fans about it! Counting days once Back Up Plan, the movie dvd comes out, Aug. 24th, so i can buy me a copy. Watching it on Netflix or Online or Redbox is never enough. I gotta have a copy of it for myself. 41 more days counting for HW50!!!! It’s taking way too long : (


  9. I did go to imbd or whatever to research and there was no photo. I have been watching those ads again looking for clues. I am beginning to see that maybe it is not Alex. The part where he is walking back to the bedroom doesn’t look like him much. I think he is a little too chubby there. I also don’t think the nose is the same. Oh well, it was good for awhile. I still get my daily fix on YouTube though. Watch an episode of Moonlight every night. sometimes more. I wish there were someway Feed, Oyster Farmer and Invisible could be seen on YouTube. Project Free Tv has blocked The Invisible in my area. I don’t know why. The other two are not available. Oh well. I still have The Back Up Plan. I have seen it about 20 times. I absolutely love it.

    1. ella, um, by chance hace u check out amazon.com of as to the dvd of “oyster farmer”? r/ its there…

      the price listed $29.49(thats what it reads). hope this helps.

      um, and if I’ve got it right by chance.. 44 days to go …HW5-0.. for sure can not wait.. and especially as like today.. its gone from so hot , steamy hot to even the a/c’s need an a/c.. to this morning 40’s to low, low 50’s w/ a bit of breeze that w/ thoses temps feels like a chill instead. yet hey don’t get me wrong.. i love the fall.. its just that well.. the snow will come soon enough w/ its buddy ice, and yet the ice won’t be the kind to chill one’s drink w/ .. yet be walking and oops…

  10. I have googled, binged and whatever and I can’t find anything on this Stephen Peace. I found one video on YouTube and he was in a car race. Looked nothing like the guy in the commercial. Bing said he is from Long Island, NY, married with a 2-year-old son. I can find no photos of him anywhere. Bing gave me a website to go to see his picture, but the pctures had red Xs and I could not access them. I don’t know what this means, so if anyone else can go there and see the photos let us know. I know this is crazy, but now it is more like a mission to really find out who this is and do they really look that much alike?
    Thanks everyone for any help!

    1. ella, um.. i don’t know of if or not u may of comes across at imdb.com and as to the info .. lets just say not sure. it was under that name u mentioned. ..stephen peace.. yet no photo. just thought I’d let u know.

      besides.. of well when it comes to Alex.. there is only just one.. right?

      and um, well just so u know.. that of I do not mean to upset you or put u down in anyway.. when I say this.. ok? yet well of even the people in our own lives and well to say by chance has it happen to you and you think that u’ve seen someone u know coming towards you or something like that and well the closer u get .. that sorry to say it turns out to not be them?

      and like u say that like the old saying of we’ve all got somewhere a sort of lookalike… yet we each are one of a kind.. both inside and out.. and that of who makes us, us…

  11. hey tiffany… thank you again for theses video for sure.

    both of theses are of like every single of the ones before theses.. all real true gems.

    um, I was wondering of by chance the chances might be.. that is as to the chance of Alex in an episode and he’s hanging 10/ surfing. hey for all we know.. and well who knows w/ our lucky he just might already know how . and yet that for sure would be a worthy one indeed to watch right? and too. of as the saying goes… “the sky is the limit…. ” right?

    o’ and that of the little girl when she asks alex/ McGarrett as to a cop or not .. and well of when he says he’s not… what she says then says it all.

    thanks again..

  12. I just watched the Journey Diamond and DeBeers videos. And Oh My Gosh, it does look like our Alex. When somebody finds out can you let us know. Thanks so much.

    1. I found the commercial on YouTube and I have to agree with Tiffany. I don’t think it is Alex O’Loughlin. The man is pretty close in the looks with Alex though. 🙂

  13. ELLA, ANN, I was able to blow up and print the Journey Diamond comercial and I think yous are onto something. This guy has Alex’s long eye lashes. Could it possible be???? I found an address in London and sent an email to them, hoping someone will answer. If it is our Alex how come he never got credit for it.? He makes me just melt! Can’t find out enough about him.

  14. ELLA—- I think your right about the guy in these videos. I checked them out and it definetly looks like our Alex. Please anyone, can you verfiy this for us. OMG. I can’t belive you found these. Good job sister……..

    1. Ann, until I hear differently, I am going to believe that it is Alex. I know they say everyone has a twin, but I really don’t believe that it is anyone else but Alex. It is just too much like him. And I also wondered why he never got credit for it if it is him? Someone has to know the answer to this and unless we can get Alex himself to answer it, I guess we have to research it ourselves. Thanks for the compliment too! I am going to keep researching this person Stephen Peace and see what happens. Are we crazy, obsessed, or what? It is or what! We just love Alex and everything he does. We are truly his number one fans. Love him and all he does.

      1. I don’t think it looks like him at all, but maybe that’s just me.

  15. “””OMG”””

  16. Great video !!! Thank you Tiffany. Can’t wait until Sept. 20.
    Hawaii Five-O will be a huge sucess. Alex is the BEST. I think it would be great if these co stars of Moonlight (Jason, sophia) are guest-stars . It will be so good.

    1. Yes, Thanks Tiffany. The previews are great of Alex. I also can’t wait for September 20, it will be great. Thank you Deanna

  17. Tiffany, you’re awesome!!! Thanks a Bunch for the 2 clips of the upcoming show, HW50!! I’ve already put in a request off that Monday frm my 2nd job so i can see Alex in action!! Alex looked pretty excited about this show, & so is the rest of the crew actors & actresses.All the Alex’s Fans out there, let’s all pray & hope that this show is a keeper, this time on CBS!!! And no matter what happens, to Alex: Don’t give up, you are a multitalented actor as far as i have seen. Guys, let’s give it up to our Alex!!!! Keep riding high!!! 😎

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    What’s left to say?? Alex rocks in this show and we are all impatient to see it. I too am counting the days and holding my breath. He is just sooooo awesome as are these great promos. Tons of thanks, Tiffany.

  19. I am so excited to see Alex on my Tv again! He looks so happy and I love that he has his tattoos! Come on September 20!

  20. Great videos!! Can’t wait til September when it comes on!

  21. The videos of H5O are really great!! Alex looks good and he is sexy. Can’t wait for Sept. 20. Love ya Alex, you roc!!

  22. I am counting the micro seconds till 9/20/2010!!!!

  23. Yeehh! I found some videos on youtube.

  24. Videos are not available in Peru, booooo!!

  25. Ohhhhh no fair >.< once again a video i cant see here in Australia, soooooooo frustrating, the show looks great its my kinda show, Alex is the man perfect for this sort of role, although i just adore him in Moonlight and all his other roles, he puts his all into it and thats just the kind of salt hes made of, great guy all round and so i hope this takes off for his sake and im gonna hassle channel 10 here in melbourne as to when we will get to see the show 😉 my fav scene already is Alex sliding acroos the bonet of that car, woohoo cannot wait,, cheers 😀

  26. obrigada Tiffany, por você nos manter informados, pena que CBS bloqueou o conteúdo no Brasil,por não ter direitos autorais.Até mais.chau…

  27. Thanks Tiffany, unfortunately the videos are blocked by CBS for mexican viewers too, someone already knows if they are available on youtube??

  28. Gutted! CBS have blocked the videos for viewers in the UK. Will they work on you tube?

  29. Wow, if Alex were any hotter, he’d burst into flames! This show looks awesome! I am so glad CBS is FINALLY pulling out all the stops to promote a show for Alex! ( If only they had done so for Moonlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  30. This just keeps getting better and better. I would like to be a fly on the wall of all those critics who have their negative views of the show….boy, are they gonna have to eat their words!! A terrific show for a great cast and our wonderful Alex…..Love him, Love him…. Sending him nice letter and card for his birthday. Love from Suzanne his Forever Fan And as always, a BIG thank you to Tiffany….

  31. Thanks Tiffany! I am so glad you keep us updated on what our Alex is up to. Keep up the good work!

  32. Can’t wait. So excited I can hardly stand it. I have a question I hope someone can ansswer.
    On YouTube the other day I happened across a Journey Diamond commercial. I really don’t know why I watched it, but I am glad I did. The man in the bed that lays the necklace on his wife’s neck while she is sleeping looks exactly like our Alex! I have researched this and no where does it say it is him. The person is Stephen Peace. The only Stephen Peace I can find is like eighty-something. This person even has the same small mole on the side of his face in the same area. Has anyone else seen this and if not check it out and let me know what you think? Just curious. It is driving me crazy. It also appears under a DeBeers jewelry ad too.
    Thanks for any help anyone has.

  33. I have the same problem, CBS has blocked Canada for some reason, I mean we watch CBS here, so I don’t know what the problem is with the Internet.
    But thanks Tiffany for letting us know about them. XXOO

  34. Surprise, surprise for me anyway CBS blcoked videos for my country due to copyright restrictions. Oh, well try and catch it on youtube.

  35. These are great videos! Thanks so much, Tiffany! This show is gonna rock! I love it already!

  36. These clips are great! It looks like it is going to be a BIG WINNER. All the characters seem fantastic – especially our Alex! Third time’s a charm Alex. I can’t wait!!!

  37. I love these two videos. Alex was made for this part. He also has that blue steel stare that Jack Lord made famous. It just looks better on Alex. I can’t wait until Sept. 20th. Thanks for the videos Tiffany. I love to start my day with Alex

  38. Thanks for the videos. Looking forward to September and the new H 5O. Never did watch the old one, but this looks like something not to be missed. Alex looks better than he has in a while. Hope this works for him.

  39. Thanks for the clips; just have to get my daily Alex ‘fix ‘. can’t wait for the show.

  40. Thank you Tiffany. These clips are awesome. The show is gonna rock. Alex looks great, especially holding a big gun. And so cute – are you guys cops? Can’t wait until September.

  41. Awesome Video!!! I can not wait for September to get here. When I am watching Alex…no one better be bugging, calling me because that time I only have time for Alex!

  42. Boy! I wish it was September and it was Monday night!!!!
    I want to see t his show so badly right now.

  43. hi thanks videos where great cant wait to it comes on alex looked to good and o loved the shirt that was a cute one

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