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Three Rivers Episode 6 Dr. Andy

Hi Alex fans. Sorry for being so tardy with my review/recap and THANKS from the bottom of my heart for all the concern when I dropped off the radar. I am well, as is my family, life just got in the way. The love of my life had a birthday AND he is finally letting me convert him to vegetarianism so I have been in the kitchen all week trying to convince him that all is not lost.

As usual this is a full recap and review so if you do not want to see spoilers avert your eyes now.

Where We Lie begins with Lisa Reed responding to the scene of an amusement park accident. A boy named Dylan was crushed under rubble when a ride malfunctions and breaks down. The weight of the metal on top of him is crushing him and his leg is broken. Lisa stays with him until they manage to extract him, all the while looking at his mangled leg and getting emotional.

Dr. Andy sees him upon arrival and does his surgery where they find that his pulmonary artery is shredded and they remove one his lungs in order to save his life. He explains to Dylan’s mom after surgery that they are waiting to assess his condition, as his heart will still want to work hard enough to supply blood for both lungs even though one is gone. It is a wait and see game.

Another case for Three Rivers is that of a gymnast who fell during a competition. She is rushed to the ER only to be told that she overdosed on pain killers and has ruined her liver and needs new one. She inadvertently took too many pain pills trying to compete with fractured ribs from an earlier injury. I squeed with delight when I saw who her mom was being played by (Pam from True Blood!!!!). Sorry, had to shout out… love that show. Anyway both parents get tested to see if they would suitable  candidates to donate part of their liver.

Meanwhile Dr. Andy is saddened to see that Kuol is not doing as well anymore. He needs an L-VAD to keep his heart working until a donor heart can be found but since Kuol has no insurance or citizenship the money for the procedure is not available. Both Dr. Andy and Dr. Lee attempt to see what they can do to work around this. Dr. Lee ends up wining and dining a  rep from one of the companies who makes the L-VAD devices. She agrees to let Kuol have the surgery as a clinical trial if Dr. Lee agrees to endorse their products and attend conferences on their behalf. Dr. Lee is less than thrilled about pimping himself out but he agrees and he and the pretty rep conclude dinner earlier to get to know each other better.

Dr. Andy finds Lisa scrubbing Dylan’s shoes in a frenzy trying to remove the blood from them. Concerned, Dr, Andy tries to talk to her about it but Dr. Reed becomes angry and storms off.

Three Rivers Episode 6 with Dr. Andy and Dr. Reed

Dr. Foster and Dr. Jordan tell the gymnast’s parents that neither of them is a match. What they don’t say right away is that the test revealed that the father is not the girls biological father. They hoped that one of the parents will come to them and help clear things up. The mother does come and explain that she was unaware of the paternity issue but that an affair she had while separated from her husband would explain it. She agrees to come clean and asks Dr. Jordon to help her track he former lover.

In a moment of guilt Dr. Jordan tells Miranda that she had an affair with her father and that they were in love. Miranda is angry about the deceit and leaves Dr. Jordan’s office in a huff.

The gymnast’s biological father is found but he does not want to donate his liver due to the risks and time away from work since he has his own family to support. He cannot bring himself to leave though and when the man who raised his daughter asks for his help he consents and donates.

Dylan wakes up and is doing well, much to Dr. Reed and Dr. Andy’s delight. Later on they meet up outside and Lisa shares that seeing Dylan’s bloody shoes triggered an emotional response in her. Her own sister died when she was 12 in an accident and Lisa remembered the bloody shoes.

This was poignant for me because I too was in a bad accident when I was 10ish I think. The most memorable thing for me is a shoe oddly enough. The car I was in flipped 4 times and when it stopped I looked over to the drivers seat where my mom should have been but she was gone. All that was there was her shoe on the gas pedal. Very haunting.. so I understood the shoe thing totally!

Dr. Andy and Dr. Reed share a hug and for a moment they look like they want to kiss. The attraction is there but no doubt Dr. Andy’s married status prevents them from exploring what is there. I hope we get to see more of their relationship soon! I really like Lisa, she is very caring and compassionate just like Andy.

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Three Rivers Episode 6 Savings a boy's life

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  1. Neither Three Rivers nor Cold Case will be back next season. They will both be canceled by the end of the year, but while Cold Case will likely air a full 22 episode season, the most Three Rivers will get will be the 13 episodes already ordered. (per TV NUMBERS)

  2. Welcome back Tiffany. Glad that you and your family are ok. You did another wonderful recap. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

  3. Hey everybody, Chiller TV channel begins a Moonlight marathon Nov 17th. It looks as if they will all programs within two or three days!

  4. It’s funny how one moment in a program can have such an effect on people, like those of you who shared your thoughts on the “shoe” – this is why TR is the best. Every week there has been a message of some kind. TR is so much more than a television program. It really has effected people in so many ways. This is the sign of a successful program – hope TPTB at CBS get the message and keep TR going. Programs like TR change the way we think, putting things in perspective. That’s powerful stuff.

  5. I thought this episode was really good and am loving Andy Yablonski more and more. I’m
    always happy to see the adorable Kuol in an episode. And next Sunday’s episode with
    Mandy Patinkin looks riveting. I hope many people tune in and it lives up to its potential.

  6. I love this show! Best ep yet! When I saw the kid’s leg it made me want to cry. Especially when he said my chest hurts. I totally thought Andy and Lisa were gonna kiss, but it’s too soon to tell. He’s still married and she was pretty upset in this ep. Maybe they’ll get together. And maybe David and Miranda will get together. Who knows? 🙂

  7. I loved this episode and the shoe thing really was memorable for me too. My husband was in a horrible accident many yrs ago and when I went to get things from his wrecked car I saw his left shoe wedged in the hole in sthe front of the car which hit the other car. He almost lost his foot and leg, but the doctor did fantastic surgery. Glad to hear from you, and glad to know all is well with your family. Happy belated b’day to your husband.

  8. Big question – the ratings – still shaky? Happy Belated B-day to your Hubby and a fellow Scorpio!

    1. JoJo, personally I think the ratings aren’t that bad considering. They went up a little this week and at the very least the show is holding its own. The numbers aren’t going down, they stay consistent or they go up. IMO it can only go up if things hold the way they are now and 7.5-8 million is not a bad starting place if you ask me. If CBS gave it the time and a second season we could see good things. But networks are not known for giving shows a chance and I don’t blame them. Dollhouse is a classic example of a show that should have been cancelled getting a second chance only to show early on that it did not have what it takes. I am biased about TR but I see it being every bit as good as ER if given a better time slot and if it gets better PR.

  9. Glad you’re back – when was hubby’s b-day? I turned 53 on the 6th – gotta love a Scorpio!
    Episode #6 was not one of my favorites – not enought intensity/drama, WAY TOO little of Alex, and WAY TOO much of “Lisa” – I did like the confrontation between Dr .Jordan and Miranda – that’s going to be a huge story line. Liking Dr. Lee more each time – man has a soft side which is beginning to show more and more.

    1. JoJo, he turned the big 3-0 on the 8th.

      This was not a favorite TR episode for me either.. it was good but not GREAT.

  10. Hi Tiffany:-) thanks for your recaps, even though I watch it on You Tube it’s nice ot read your recap every week. I’m so happy that you guys in US have embraced our gorgeous aussie and that this website exists, thanks again:-) I became vegetarian three weeks ago and absolutely love it!

  11. Hi Tiffany! Glad you are back and all is well! 🙂 Thank you for the recap and all the posts! I loved this episode! I liked that the issue of living donation was addressed. Alex is so comfortable in this role–I admire his dedication SO much! I have voted, voted often, and will continue to vote for TR! I want to send Alex and the entire show lots of love and support!

  12. hi thanks i had the vote i did it a lot and i am going back later to vote more i love three rivers and want it say around a long time

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