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  1. hi i to voted to keep three rivers on give us a break they took moonlight now three rivers alex works hard every week to give a good show you can see his heart goes out to it i am very mad tthat cbs would do this again to him last night show was so good i found very heart filled when all those people where out side the er waiting to say thank you to him my tears went out to all the people who lifes where going to be saved by one man i say three rivers is a great show it shows the real life

  2. last night’s episode… of to say hit home for me as to my Dad… of who may not ofhad ALS.. and yet even with his cancer.. and all that he’d gone thu… and um, too.. that of this gentleman’s daughter… .. for sure um, for me of in my own way understand.. and of that of my Dad’s wishes ..happened.

  3. Last nites show was great, but I hope they have a little more upbeat stuff soon. I hate to keep feelig depressed after a show is over

  4. Yes, yes great show tonight. What a tear jerker! I cried through the show and now my tear ducts are very dry. That man did a great deed to save all those lives. That was a very generous gift all right! Again, awesome, awesome. Alex handsome as ever.

  5. oh my god i just watch three river night i always watch it every night but to night i cry so hard it was a very good show to night it was so very sad but that man he gave all them family a gift of life and poor alex to see how he want to fight so hard for that man but he saw what that man wanted it was so hard to think that it was right or wrong but that man save lots of people with his gift it was a very very good show thank you alex and the people on the show i will always be your fan

  6. Olivia, I was asking when Whiteout will be released on DVD.Already saw White out at the movies. Just want it for my ALEX collection.

    1. Hello Cozette — Oh, I’m sorry I miss read your question. I heard through the grape vine that White Out will probably get released on DVD sometime in March of 2010. So lets be patients until then. Lets just support our Alex and keep watching Three Rivers.


  7. Encouraging news, Mary Ann – let’s hope we hear something sooner than later. I think if CBS were going to cancel TR, it would not be nominated for any award, especially an award like the “People’s Choice” award. Let’s all continue to do our part – going to CBS Feedback line and comment, especially after tSundays episode – this one look like the best one yet, very intense. TV Guide is listing this episode as one of their “Hot Picks” for the week so that is a plus. Go and cast your votes for TR for “Best New Drama”

  8. Mary Ann,

    Thanks, at least there is hope for season 2 on TR. Each episode just gets better and better.

    Alex is so great in this. He is really growing as an Actor.

    When is the Back Up Plan coming out????
    And when are they releasing WHITEOUT ??

    1. White Out was released at the show last month. The Back Up Plan not until mid January 2010. In White Out our Alex played as a bad guy which he played great; real
      convincing to me. Just keep voting for Three Rivers, please do your part too.

  9. I just read a statement from Kelly Kahl of
    CBS and she said they gave accidentally on Purpose 5 new episodes. They have decided to give some of the new shows time to develop stronger ratings. She said they have no intention of yanking 3Rivers yet. I will feel better when we get official news that they ordered more episodes. But at least it is hopeful.

  10. I agree with JoJo. True Alex fans don’t care what role he plays, we love him not the role he is playing. So move on Moonlight fans and find a new show, maybe Vampire diaries?

  11. DITO JOJO!!!!!!Im with you what does it matter what show Alex is in hes awsome in them all because hes a quality actor besides being the Best LOOKING GUY God EVER created. YOUR TRUE FANS LOVE YOU ALEX NO MATTER WHAT YOU STAR IN.. XXXXXXXXXX

  12. Question – aren’t these shows nominated by the networks they’re on? If this is the case, then TR has been nominated by CBS – I don’t think these shows were just pulled out of the air for a “People’s Choice” Award nomination. As far as disgruntled Moonlight fans hoping for TR to fail – get a life and get back to reality – Moonlight is OVER, has been for 2 yrs now, move on! Your lack of support for Alex and TR is a slap in the face to Alex. If you can’t be supportive of what Alex is doing NOW, please move on and do not try to derail him.

  13. Hi everyone!

    I agree with Olivia. Not TR fans don’t know a great show when they see one. I think most of them are only “Moonlight” fans and they think the show will come back.

    Alex fans have to support him now with TR and his future projects.
    WE HAVE TO VOTE THREE RIVERS for a People’s Choice award for Best New TV Drama. Not only for Alex, also for the show, because it’s a great show and i think it is the best show wich show us how is the reality in a real hospital!!!

    Happy birthday chyanne!!!!!!!!
    Today is my birthday too 🙂

  14. hi it’s my birthday!

  15. At least I know who are true fans of TR. The critics and not fans of TR are simply IDIOTS! They don’t know a great show when they see one. I’m voting and doing my part so TR won’t get the boot! I urge every fan of TR and of Alex to do the same. He needs are help and dedication as Alex done his part.


  16. Tiffany,

    What is the true buzz, Did they cancel TR. Or is it MOONLIGHT fans spreading rumors.
    I am truely a MOONLIGHT junkie. But TR shows Alex has grown as an actor.
    Now I’m hooked on TR. can’t get enough now. I record on DVR so I can watch all week.
    Just need an ALEX fix more than 1 X a week.

  17. Well I have placed approx. half a dozen votes….feels a bit wierd though as they canned 3 Rivers here in Oz after only one episode. Hope they can’t track me and detect that I am voting for a show I haven’t even got to watch yet!!!! Oh well, such is the life of a true fan.

  18. Everybody, vote for TR. I voted a bunch of times and will continue voting as long as I can. Alex needs our help so please vote lots. Thanks Tiffany

  19. ok.. well i just voted and then I went to check out that of is listed as POLLS… and there i found as to 1 of the polls.. that by someone calling themselves “authored – rehabber” (it read)… and that poll like of worded sorry to say as of if its like already the case .. or are they just trying to cause trouble…. and of as to basicly it says is.. something to the effect of well … as if .. well like …..”3 rivers is going belly up” and then as basicly that of something like cbs of might re-think and well moonlight of come back in its place?

    trust me.. i had to re-read this several times and yes… as to that poll… many of have voted on it.

    I just thought I’d let you know… the authord is someone calling themselves.. “rehabber”

    and so ..
    Q/ of is there any word as of to this.. ,&/or is someone ..just trying to be a real jerk? (putting it nicely that is) rosemary

    1. Rosemary, I think what you are referring to is a Buzz Poll. Those are done by people who visit the site so yes I think rehabber was just being a jerk. Sounds like a bitter Moonlight fan who is angry people are trying to vote up Three Rivers when they want it cancelled. Three Rivers may be cancelled.. such is life… but it is not for certain yet and I highly doubt they would bring Moonlight back.

      1. thank you for getting back on this… and like you say.. such is life …

        other than that… well.. of what will be will be.. and either way… for sure Alex will be still going strong anyways.. for u for sure can not keep an aussie down at all.. for they are know for surprises of surprises.. in short never count them out…
        um, if u are wondering how I um, happen to know this…let’s just say.. I know, and yup in a good way too!…. thanks again.. rosemary

  20. CHERRI F.

    I too have hep c. strain 1-a. got mine from a tattoo. I found out 5/03. started treatmemt 11/03.
    by August 04, the virus was gone. by March 05 it was back. I chose pegysus, 48 wks.
    pills during the week and injection on Fridays so I could recover enough to take care of the kids M-F.
    I was starred and activated in 06. my meld was 19, it is now a 13.I start treatment again 12/1/09.. The Three Rivers episode about the liver transplant was great.
    I live in Reno and all my e-vals are in calif. at CPMC. I have blood type A+. So won’t geat a liver til my meld reaches 31. Good Luck to you and your Spouse.

    I hope CBS gives TR a chance, We need to keep TR and Alex on everybodys minds so everyone will know what his FANS see.

  21. I just totally voted like 20 times. I’m gonna vote way more tomorrow. Long live TR!!!!

  22. Soooo glad you can vote more than once. Being a loyal Alex fan, of course I have to vote for him. But it just so happens that TR is up agains V, and my family is friends with the family of one of the actors on the show. So this way I get to support both great shows 🙂

  23. Well, whatever happens it’s nice to know we have the option to make our wishes known. I voted a whole bunch of times for TR because I REALLY love it. I want it to continue and I desperately hope the powers that be come to their senses.

  24. I had that same thought myself – – -let’s hope that doesn’t happen this time around. But if it does, at least TR will go down fighting.

  25. Well .. let’s see what happens this time —
    Moonlight won the People Choice Award and it got cancelled … Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  26. A bit about me: I found out that I had “Non A Non B” virus in the mid 80’s. No one really need knew anything about the Hepatitis C virus. I have a rare blood type, so I gave blood many times. Those days they didn’t test blood for this deadly virus. I don’t know many people got the Hepatitis C virus from the blood I donated before the blood test became routine. Both my ex husband and I had the strain (Genotype 1A) The most difficult strain to get rid of. The doctor’s don’t call it a cure, instead it is called a Sustained Viral response. Many people do relapse after the treatment. I had Hepatitis C and my ex husband had the same strain(genotype) A few years ago his brother and his mother were all diagnosed with Hepatitis C. (Different strains) My ex mother-in-law ended up with liver cancer,which was most likely from the virus. She had surgery for liver cancer land died last year.of Hepatitis related complications.

    . This was a family with four people diagnosed with this virus. I still have post treatment side effects from the treatment. The treatment was so hard on me, I looked like a walking corpse, gray pallor. I know I would have died if I would have continued the treatment. I am disabled now with neurological and other side effects from the treatment. That is my personal story of living with a deadly virus. I was disabled by the treatment. My treatment lasted 8 months, but usually the doctor’s recommend a one year treatment program. I still have joint pain, severe chronic fatigue and other residual symptoms.

    I was a High-Risk Ultrasound technologist for at least 25 before I began the treatment October 4th, 2003. I hope we can work together to get a better “cure” rate and help people who have been recently diagnosed with this virus.

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