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  1. Hey, he was always a beautiful, shining, sparkling, gorgeous, glimmering, (…’burning’…whispers ‘hot’…) STAR in my eyes .sigh. lol.
    by the way if anyone reads this from the maker of this site, and if your in Australia, on ABC1 Oyster farmer with Alex O’ loughlin in it will be on, on Sunday 8:30 AWESOME!!! i couldn’t stop screaming when i saw his face and his smile and the words OYSTER FARMER, i txted my Mum right then and there and she screamed with me, over the text lol. thanks for this website, it’s awesome, you do know he has a Myspace, just telling you! lol.

  2. the man is absolutley gorgeous, he would look good in anything,

  3. Alex looks so handsome , I love this pictures.Thanks .LOVE Alex.

  4. He looks wonderful. Alex takes my breath away. Oh my.

  5. Dr. McPerfect is HOT no matter what he is or is NOT wearing!!!!! LOL! Go Alex!!!!

  6. Tina, totally agree, he takes my breath away as well. Not sure about that choice of outfit though!!!!

    1. I agree with you about the outfit.

      Before I saw these pictures I assumed he had a girlfriend that he was keeping secret — now I know he doesn’t. No woman would EVER let him out of the house dressed like that!!

      Thank goodness he’s so adorable — he can carry it off (sort of…..)

  7. I love that! Dr. McPerfect. It’s perfect, Mary Ann. Yes those pictures do take one’s breath away…he is on super hot guy…beats all the competition and is so sweet about it. Was so happy to see all this new news about Alex…hate those long pauses between coverage. I guess it’s largely due to his avoidance of the “Hollywood clique” as he recently remarked We’re here for you Alex…keep up the good work…Go TR..

  8. I am happy Alex is finally getting some recognition. I also think he is #1. The nickname I have heard for him is Dr. McPerfect. I think it suits him well. He is definitely perfect as far as I am concerned. I wish we would hear something about his show. No news is usually good news but in this case I am not so sure. Keep your fingers crossed.

  9. Thanks, Natalie for the hook-up -we should all go on an post our comments. Grey’s What?
    Alex is in a catagory all by himself – –

  10. Alex O’Loughlin was voted hottest doctor on TV Guide and there is the video of TV Guide’s Hottest http://www.tvguidemagazine.com/videos/tv-guide-magazine-hot-list-2009-(dnj6du6vao).html Alex at 2:30 in the video. I voted at that time. Glad he made it past those docs at Grey’s Anatomy. Alex is the hottest doc on TV period!

  11. Wow!!! Doesn’t he just take your breathe away.

  12. encore merci de m’envoyer des nouvelles d’Alex

  13. As handsome as always! 🙂

  14. Gorgeous, just gorgeous shots!!

  15. wow i love those photos of alex he looks so great

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