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  1. For Alex’s sake, I hope we are all wrong about the diva perception because now that “Three Rivers” has been formally cancelled by CBS – he needs something positive now more than ever. Still not a fan of J-Lo but will wait and see how things pan out. I’ll wait to see how this is promoted and what the buzz is before I throw down $$$$$ for it. Still don’t like the poster but will refrain from making further negative comments about it. It is what it is –

  2. ps.. jennifers head looks MASSIVE

  3. I dont think this is a good poster. They could do better.. Alex’s face should not be covered. the picture is off center..

  4. Firstly,
    Thank you Tiffany for this great site, it is a lifeline to me here in the United Kingdom, with all the updates and much needed information on the Gorgeous Man Alex.
    You are so lucky that you have Alex on tap, so to speak, with The Three Rivers showing weekly and the Back-up Plan due out in April in the USA, goodness knows how long we will have to wait for these to get to us in the UK.
    I can not tell you how happy I was to have MOONLIGHT on my television every Monday Night, but sadly I watched the last Episode with frustration, as there is no closure and so many things are left up in the air???? I am in the process of getting MOONLIGHT on DVD, so I can at least get a fix of Alex as and when I need it…
    So I say a BIG THANKYOU for the Poster of the very handsome Alex and JLO, indeed it is a shame that her hand is in his face, hope they redo the poster – without the hand.

    Tiffany, you are absolutely the best, hope this site wil always be here xx

  5. I am glad that Alex is still prominently in the poster (unlike Whiteout). He looks happy and relaxed. I think that this shows a little chemistry – that’s a good thing! Can’t wait for the movie out in U.S. theaters April 16, 2010.

  6. i think he looks hott! he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

  7. Hi Tiffany,

    thank you for everything that you do. This is a great site. I look at it everyday and I enjoy reading everyones comments. Good or bad. Have a great weekend.

  8. I think we need to remember that it is not only Alex fans who will be seeing this movie and making it a success or not. JLo has a large number of fans too and I know some have come here and been totally put off by JLo bashing so let’s not do that please. It is thanks to JLo fans that we have so many pics and videos from the shooting cause let’s face it.. only one of these actors has paparazzi and it aint Alex! It was a JLo fan who snapped this picture we are fighting over.

    I admit when I heard Alex was starring opposite JLo I was not thrilled but I have done a 180 now. She has been nothing but awesome during the shoot and promotion and Alex has nothing but great things to say about her. Even if the diva word was thrown around years ago… the woman is a mom now and I know nothing changed me more than motherhood. I will give her the benefit of the doubt. IMO this is just the the shot they liked the best… and by “they” I mean marketing. And yeah, they probably did want JLo to be the more prominent one. If that is the star they are banking on then it makes good business sense.

    As a photographer myself.. I don’t like the shot… it hides his face in a weird way and they photoshopped it too much and made them look waxy and surreal but at least they have a poster out.. I was starting to get worried.

    Now they need to get a us a trailer!

    1. Thanks, Tiffany.

      You are so right. Us J-Lo fans from OnlineJLoFan.com can’t wait for this movie to come out, and we are very excited about seeing Alex with Jennifer as well and seeing how that turns out. Mostly because many of us are not familiar with Alex’s work. Jennifer has had nothing but good things to say about Alex and iddem ditto with Alex on Jennifer.

      About Jennifer being a Diva, let me just point out that this was coming from years ago when she was with Ben Affleck and had a huge posse around her every day. She mentioned in a lot of interviews that it were handlers and managers of her throwing out fits and making demands for things like white rooms only with white lillies and couches.

      In an interview not so long ago, they confronted Jennifer with her being called a diva and she explained how every celebrity has a list of requirements. Hotels and orginazations always ask management of a star what they like, to make them feel comfortable. She said that one of the only things she’d love if there are bottles of water and chips with chease and onion falvor. There was supposedly someone in her camp filling those lists with other outrageous demands she didn’t even need. She fired him years ago.

      Our website recently had the honor of interviewing APlus, two songwriters who worked close with Jennifer for months to write for her upcoming album, which will be out in early 2010. And we asked them about the Diva rumor once again. Here’s what they said.

      Jennifer gets portrayed in the media in a certain way, most often saying that she is hard to work with and has diva behavior, we don’t believe that is true but we could imagine that people who don’t know her might have that image of her before they met her. Did you girls have that and did that have any impact on writing songs for her?

      AT: Jennifer is a complete joy to be around. Not cocky. No ego. Not superficial. She is very real and very fun to work with. No diva antics. AT ALL.
      AS: I mean, she invited us into her home to work. That alone shows how real and down to earth she is.

      I guess we’ll just have to wait for The Back-Up Plan to come out and interviews are going to show you that some of you guys have a totally wrong impression of Jennifer.

      Tiffany, thanks for your website. I’ll continue to visit it to stay updated on what’s Alex is up to. Cause trust me, Alex’s fanbase has already expanded so much due to the fact that they now have J-Lo’s fanbase to back him up. Hopefully we can say the same about Alex’s fanbase =)

      – Imko

  9. no i’m not one of those i only discoverd Alex with Three rivers. But yeah Tiffany complained about one similar post not that long ago, it’s a very negative ‘forum’ so yeah it’s definitly not for me but that’s ok there is plenty of other ‘friendly and positive’ Alex Forum/site – And about Jlo have you heard anything negative from this shoot ? or do you have a quote from anyone who worked with her and said something negative ? i bet not because the press create that and you’ll found out how ridiculous they can be when Alex get more famous.

    But Tiffany you’re doing a great Job !! Keep on

  10. Eloise – J-Lo was given the “diva” name long ago so don’t accuse the people who comment on this website of calling her a “diva” – it is what it is – Alex is a gentleman and even if J-Lo
    pulled the star card, he would never have commented about it. If you don’t like the comments you read, then maybe this forum is not for you. Tiffany is the moderator of this site and I’m sure if she thought that we were “annoying”, she would be the first to say so.
    I bet you’re one of the people still trying to get “Moonlight” back – those are the “annoying” fans.

  11. Wow you guys are never satisfied§ first it was because his name wasn’t on the teaser poster now it’s because she has her hand on his face lol, she doesn’t dictate or choose how a picture is taken or which one they’re gonna use and it’s funny how despite all the positive thing that were said from the people working on the movie, extra, director, co-stars including Alex you guys still think she’s a “Diva”. She had a say on her co-stars so be happy that she chooses Alex.

    And about the poster it’s adorable and from what I heard about the Test screening, they both did a wonderful job and have some crazy chemistry! Can’t wait for the movie.

    And Tiffany I feel for you? you seem to get the most annoying Alex fans, I see this kind of comments only here and I visit many of his board and fansites

  12. Looking at it again, the placement of the hand does not look natural. It would look better if her right hand had come up under his chin with her hand resting on his cheek. The photographer may have been going for a playful looking shot, at least that’s the impression I get. I bet there were probably other takes much better than this. And actors/singers don’t always have as much creative control as you would think.

    I think JLo is a very good commedian, but I don’t care for her diva personality in real life-if in fact she really is that way. Most important, Alex is adorable no matter how he’s photographed!

  13. HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!! This is so adorable!

  14. Alex looks sooo good. Thanks Tiffany.

  15. I know us ALex ladies won/t agree but JLo’s got her own fams outt there, and she is the name unfortunatley. This is Alex’s big thing co-star in a Hollywood movie. We should be very grateful he’s been given the chance. We all know he’s got charm by the bucket load, good looks and most impartantly can act, but we are his fans. He needs others who haven’t discovered him yet, and there are a lot out there unfortunatley to also see our man as we do.

    Yes pity about the hand. I am sure they were guided by the photographer, but less hand more face would have been good. Giving Jlo upper and Alex lower positioning is much more saying something than the hand I think. We would have to know hte storyline in more detail I think to figure that one out.

    But he looks cure as always.

  16. you are right i would have love to see his full face that is the real time that he was on any billing why she did that who nows ha

  17. The diva was as work again – – makes you wonder if her hand placement was intentional. I could care less about J-Lo – would rather have a poster of Alex, but she is the “star” here and I guess she got to choose the final shot. I’ve said this before, not a big fan of J-Lo so I will probably wait until this comes out on DVD though seeing Alex on the big screen might just be the one reason that will get me to throw down $$$$ to see a movie with J-Lo in it.

    1. I agree, why cover that beautiful face. J-Lo is okay but more interested in it because Alex is amazing.

  18. Watch out! When this movie comes out, we won’t be able to even get close to him!!! He’ll be so famous! But, good for him! Maybe we’ll get to see him in more!

  19. I am so looking forward for April to get here than Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to get another fix of Alex until then. Yes, yes I too would like to of seen less of JLO’s hand covering Alex’s gorgeous
    face. It should of been the other way around…shucks!

  20. OK, I was being polite – I really wish that they hadn’t covered the whole darned thing with JLo’s big head. If they had shown more of Alex’s beautiful face, it would draw lots more people. I know Alex said he wouldn’t call this a “romantic comedy”, as he has never been a fan of them, etc – but it is being advertised as such, and most people who are drawn to that type of movie are women; people who would appreciate Alex’s picture much more than hers. OK, I will shut up now… 😉

    1. LOL!!!! HERE, HERE MichaelC2B!!!

  21. BEAUTIFUL! Alex looks fantastic. I do agree with Bonnie, however – wish she hadn’t covered his face – and it won’t be long before Alex gets first billing ALWAYS. Can’t wait to see this movie – I know that if Alex is in it – it has to be great.

  22. It’s a sweet poster. They look happy and in love but the hand should not be covering so much of his face. Just a little would have been better. Thanks Tiffany.

  23. I think the hand thing is to show the character’s easy intimacy and possibly her successful relationship with a guy who’s cool with the woman having someone else’s babies. Jennifer L is a secure professional, don’t read malicious stuff into something that’s not that deep but just a representation of the plot.

  24. Oh…what a great Movie Poster, Alex looks so sweet!!! Thank you Tiffany

  25. OMG !!! Alex is so gorgeous. He just takes your breath away. I wish we didn’t have to wait
    til April for this movie. (Sigh!!)

  26. I wish she wouldn’t have covered his face.. first billing or not.. he is as important to the film as Jo Lo is.. we (as this group) would rather go see him than her (or so I assume).

    1. You assume correctly Bonnie as far as I am concerned. HE is the main reason I am supporting this movie.

  27. I have no doubt he’s a gentleman…I would just rather MORE of him and LESS of her…jmo..

  28. why oh why did they cover his gorgeous face with her hand…

    1. Because she’s the “STAR”. First billing and all that. I like it , I think it’s cute and I think Alex would approve. He thinks she’s great and he’s a gentleman 😉 You can still tell he’s one gorgeous man. 🙂

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