Three Rivers – Cold Case Swap

Dr. Andy on Three Rivers

From The Live Feed:

As a little experiment, the network is going to swap 9 p.m.’s “Three Rivers” and 10 p.m.’s “Cold Case” to see if either show is improved by the change.

The one-time scheduling switch comes as rumors circulate that CBS is contemplating an additional script order for “Three Rivers” (two) and possibly even ordering additional episodes (five). The network may be waiting for nationals to come in tomorrow for Sunday’s episode (which hit a season high in the preliminary ratings) before making a decision. 

As noted in that ratings post, “Rivers” tends to get blamed for the performance of “Case,” which rose last year when it had a better lead-in from “Without a Trace.” CBS probably figures they’ll give “Case” the stronger “Amazing Race” lead in and push “Rivers” to where there’s less competition at 10 p.m. and see what happens. Worth a shot.

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  1. Just went on Moxi Box, found Three Rivers on 12/6 @ 10:pm couldn’t find MoonLight any where. Thank goodness I have the DVD.

    Thanks Tracy, for the up-date.


    1. Moonlight is on CHILL channel. In my area it’s on 257.

  2. Please do not frett my friends Three Rivers will show on 8pm CT on Dec. 6, 2009. But let us also take the time to take the advantage of the reruns of MoonLight that has being showing for the past three days. Never know with substantial rating, it could also bring MoonLight back, Watch for show times please. Thanks and I love u al! Trace

  3. too bad we have to wait till football is over every sunday to see the best show cbs has on tv no matter what time i stay up to watch three rivers i have already got eight show from itunes xmas just came a little early here thks alex

  4. Well just checked the CBS line up for tonight 11/29, NO THREE RIVERS.I it just for the Holidays, or is it off for GOOD!!!!! I think CBS is really stupid if they took it off before the March sweeps.With all the Football and Holiday programs. Thats what happened to MOONLIGHT.
    Writers Strike didn’t give it a chance. Read an article saying that OUR ALEX was nothig without his F A N G S. I’m sorry, I think ALEX gets better and better. (we don’t need no stinking Fangs). Just our A L E X weekly.

    Hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving.


  5. · Edit

    And Tiffany please forgive me, I pray with all my heart that you feel better, I guess I just got a little excited about the show, Alex is my boy and I will surely walk for him. So with that said, again I will be praying for you, but to the TR lovers Let’s Go, Let’s Go, If you have twitter and followers that will help, or what ever other means you may have. Love you all! Trace

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    Ok all you guys that have a twitter account Let’s Go, Let’s Go you know what we must do. Let’s get the word out. Because I agree we do not want to ever lose TR, and I also agree that anyone that is a true follower will look for the right time without giving up! Love Trace!

  7. Hey you Guys spare a thought for us Brits who still HAVNT seen TR yet. I only hope there is a DVD otherwise we may never get to see it. Even our tv companies here mess about with the pogrames shedules and football(soccer to you) plays havoc with our favourite shows. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American cousins.

  8. In Illinois the Amazing race runs over Three Rivers, if you DVR it you get about 20 min. They don’t cut it, but you have to watch it to see it all. Only about 3 episodes ran as scheduled. I see all the new vampire shows and Moonlight was so much better.

  9. Hi moonlight Lovers, Three Rivers did not come on in south florida until 10:30 on Nov. 22nd ., which meant it would finish at 11:30. Just how many people would stay up when they must go to work ther next morning. CBS is messing with Three Rivers like they did with our Moonlight. signed Hope

  10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone – I just made a comment to CBS Feedback line about the switch. I truly don’t think CBS really cares what we are saying and the plans are already in the works, they’re just waiting for the convenient time to let the rest of us in on it. TR has not been on long enough to be given a fair chance, has been delayed several times due to football, next week not on at all due to a holiday movie. Bet if it were one of the CSI clones, they would not have it delayed, etc. All we can do is wait and hope for the best though it looks like another slap in the face from CBS – one hand is on the rug, they just haven’t decided when to pull it out from under us.

  11. hi i watched three rivers on sunday 10pm was ok by me i love the show i will watch it what every time it comes on today is thanks giving and moonlight is on all day i hope that 10pm helped three rivers the show like every shows need time it just started oct 4 it needs more time not just a month i hope more come i love the show well every one have a great thansgiving

  12. Terri….totally agree with you…..but who knows if we will even get the chance to buy the DVD. I haven’t been watching online, so it is my only chance of seeing the series!!
    I do remember reading though at the time ten pulled the plug, that they were considering airing it over the Xmas non rating period. So fingers crossed!!

  13. Hi,reading all your comments it sounds like Australia isn’t the only place where the networks
    chop and change program times and sport runs over time which has an effect on whether or not some shows get aired.At least Three Rivers is getting a go with CBS.Here in Australia the Ten Network showed the first episode and without any explanation didn’t air any more episodes.
    There have been many complaints and Emails to the Network but this seems to have fallen on deaf ears.Repeats of NCIS is what replaced 3R’s…work that one out.
    How Australian TV executives can treat one of it’s hottest exports without a fair go has got me baffled. It’s so unAustralian.
    We won’t take this lying down, we will keep pushing for 3R’s to return.
    In the meantime I will watch it on line and wait for the DVD to come out.

  14. Again thanks Tif for passing along this vital info. Yes, I hope TR does great with this new time change. I just wish they would move Football to another day and time. Have a nice Thanksgiving to you and your family Tif.

  15. Not a bad idea, but don’t move it around too much. (obviously) A bit more in the script would help. Possibly less easy to figure out story lines. However, good idea placing influence on characters backgrounds. Personal note.. Any opportunity to have Alex O smile is a plus!

  16. Fans will never be able to find TR if football keeps shoving the broadcasts later and later. Viewers often give up and go to bed. I’ll be happy when football season is over.

    1. When FOOTBALL is gone It will be too late for Three Rivers

  17. I thought that Alex had removed his lower arm tattoo but unless I am seeing things it looks like his left arm right at the cuff of his jacket is a tattoo. Not that I care, they don’t bother me at all.

    Three Rivers gets better each week. I hope CBS has enough sense to run with this show for at least another season to give it the chance it needs to succeed. Alex is a wonderful actor and the rest of the cast including guests have all been good. I have no idea what the network looks for as so many other programs are just lousy and they should be taken orff.

    I will keep praying for the success of Three Rivers and of course, for Alex. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

  18. Glad your ok Tiffany. Get worried when we don’t get updates. I’m sure all oof us understand the family thing. Have a good TURKEY Day.

    God Bless you and grant you traveling Mercies. Bless you and your family.What else can we do to save THREE RIVERS. It is such a good series.

    Talk soon


  19. Three Rivers and Cold Case had their timeslots switched on Sunday, Cold Case did a bit better than its season average moving to 9pm (2.1 rating vs. 1.93 prior average), Three Rivers did just about as badly as always after moving to 10pm (1.7 vs. 1.77 prior average). A net ratings gain on the two hour block for CBS, which is likely what they were looking for. It doesn’t matter for the prospects of either show. They will both be canceled by the end of the season. Three Rivers may or may not complete its 13 episode order. Cold Case almost certainly will air all 22 episodes ordered this season, but it’s not coming back next year

    1. Forgot to add this was from the Nielsen RATING comment.

      1. Added note: read where the show Three Rivers was canceled in Australia after just one epidsode. It doesn’t look good for the Alex “THREE RIVERS” fans. I just wrote to CBS (again) on how much I enjoy the show. It was stated that on any other network except CBS this show would be considered a hit.

  20. Tiffany, you always take sure good “care” of us and our Alex 411 needs, and we do worry about you!! You and your family and to all the Alex fans out there – Have a great holiday! (No Alex & 3Rs this week anyway, just a holiday movie.)

  21. TIffany, glad you’re ok – we worry when we don’t here from you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and everyone who makes it fun logging on to this website to chat about our favorite guy – Alex.

  22. Turns out that $$$$$$$$$ was the main ingredient to last night’s episode, whether for good or bad. Those that have $$$$$$$$ think they can buy their way into and out of many things, like black market livers as was the case in this episode. Turns out that move almost cost someone their life – not such a good move. The other storyline involving $$$$$$$$ is the amount that has been received for Kuol to be able to have his expenses taken care of, turns out that the amount raised is the exact amount in a loan that Andy had paid in full to his “Uncle Mike”. Looks like “Uncle Mikey” has another motive for his generosity. I’m sure this will come to light in a future episode. I was glad to see that CBS chose to show TR despite the almost 1/2 hr. delay to football. I’ll take that as a good sign because CBS could have not shown TR at all. I am wondering how it did in the ratings. Tiffany usually has that info. Hope all is well, Tiffany – hope you’re just having quality family time which is keeping you busy and not something else. We worry when we don’t hear from you!!!!!

    1. JoJo, still here, just no time yet to write up a recap and review yet what with holiday plans and trips. Let me know if any of yall want to write one up…

  23. last night I wasn’t so sure if as to station aka ch.4/wbz/boston was going to show or not.. as to well football games ran over.. and um, of the switch of time slots… that of well… 11 o’clock news was delayed untill Three Rivers aired in full…..

    as to this episode… I had not known before of in this episode… of organs$$$$ for sale sorry to say …. my heart went and does go out to all of they of whoose’s life of and of…and um…of. prayers and thoughts to they and their families…

  24. We have to stay positive about the switch – look at it this way -they’re not giving up on TR because I think if they were, it would have ended by now. Ratings are improving and that’s a good sign. We wanted CBS to do something about the time slot so hopefully this will work in TR’s favor – only thing else in the way would be “Brothers and Sisters” on ABC- don’t know how that show fairs each week. Guess we’ll all find out together after tomorrow night’s ratings.

  25. Can anyone tell me how People magazine put out an issue with 110 sexiest men and Alex did not make the list.? I find that unbelievable.!! Some of those in the magazine are not even in the same league as him. If anyone knows an address for People so I can complain about this please let me know.

  26. JoJo I have seen advertisement for Three Rivers at 10 PM . They are promoting it here.Hope the time swap works, but I am not hopeful

  27. Hi Everyone – just saw a commercial for Cold Case saying it is being shown at a special time, 9:00 p.m., Sunday – looks like the swap is happening, Haven’t seen anything about TR and when it will be on. Tiffany, what are you hearing?

  28. Hi Everyone – got next week’s TV Guide – fun pic of Alex and “Ryan” taken at the “Hot List” party. Anyway – FYI – both TR and Cold Case are being pre-empted Sunday 11/29 for a holiday movie but both will be back on Sunday 12/6 at their regular times so no switches yet.

  29. We have to think positive and hope that this will work out better for Alex and TR. I too will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks Tiffany.

  30. Well at least they are acknowledging that Sunday’s episode bumped TR up in the ratings, so I guess that’s a positive. As far as people trying to find TR- the true fan will find it no matter when it’s on, plus we will make sure to let everyone in their respective time zones know when to look for it. We won’t let TR go without a fight. My concern is if there are delays because of football – the last delay caused CBS not to show “Cold Case” so now TR would be bumped it that were to happen again, and it probably will. There is still a lot of football left. Fingers crossed that this will work to everyone’s advantage, especially for Alex. Thanks, Tiffany for the update. You’re on it!

  31. I read an article that raised the idea that the move could alienate new viewers who watched “The Luckiest Man”. They will probably try to find Three Rivers at its regular time. I’m afraid they’ll think they have the wrong time or think that its been cancelled.

  32. this is postive news which has to be for sure… and yup as to I for sure will be keeping my fingers cross for this to be and it will as to just has to be…

  33. Thanks for the explanation Tiffany—I hope it helps! Fingers crossed!

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