Recap Three Rivers Episode 8 The Kindness of Strangers

Three rivers Episode 8 The Kindness of Strangers

This is a full recap and review of Three Rivers Episode eight, The Kindness of Strangers, so if you want to avoid spoilers, avert your eyes now.

The episode begins when a middle aged man stops to help a young woman who has a flat tire. As he begins to change the flat for her, a young mans she claims as her boyfriend, comes up behind them and demands the keys and wallet of the good Samaritan. Upon getting both he shoots the older gentleman in cold blood and with an every smile.

Another young man, Nick Geary, arrives at Three Rivers after a fall down his attic stairs. Dr. Andy looks at his x-rays and finds that he has a broken clavicle that has pierced an artery and is causing internal bleeding in the man’s chest.

At a black tie charity party nearby, the wife of a billionaire. Mrs. Warren, collapses in pain and she is rushed to Three Rivers. Dr. Jordan informs the Warrens that Mrs. Warren’s liver has completely failed and she needs a new liver. Knowing that she has hepatitis Mr. Warren always planned on donating part of his liver to his wife, since he is a match. Dr. Jordan informs them that Mrs. Warren’s condition is too bad for a partial liver and she will need to find a match on the UNOS donor list.

The attic stairs guy Nick tells Dr. Foster that he works out of his attic office and that he didn’t fall down the stairs, he passed out. Since he has elevated liver enzymes, Dr. Foster decides to do more tests. Meanwhile the gentleman who was shot after stopping to help a fix a tire is brain dead and on life support in a hospital in Ohio with only a priest to pray for him. The priest prays about how he will go on to help others. His liver is matched to Mrs. Warren. The young couple who shot him are apprehended.

In a physician’s meeting Dr. Andy gets Kuol listed on the donor’s list after an article that appeared in the local paper has spurred web site donations over $150,000 for Koul’s surgery.

Dr. Lee goes to Ohio to harvest the liver for Mrs. Warren but he discovers that the liver is cancerous and not suitable for transplant. Upon hearing the bad news Mr. Warren corners Dr. Jordan and asks her how much he needs to pay to expedite the process. Dr. Jordan informs him that money cannot help him get a liver for his wife faster.

Dr. Andy meets an old friend Michael, for lunch. Apparently Michael loaned him money for medical school (which Andy paid back) and also did time in prison. He wants to be part of Andy’s life again as he says Andy was always like a son to him. Dr. Andy appears apprehensive about the idea and is all too willing to bolt to get back to the hospital.

Mr. Warren signs his wife out of Three Rivers against medical advice. Dr. Andy tells Nick Geary that he wants to try treating him for CMV, hoping that this is what is making him sick.


Mr. Geary is doing much better but expresses concerns to Dr. Foster that things are not going well with his wife. Mrs. Warren is brought in to the ER with an infected abdominal incision that covers most of her lower abdomen. Dr. Jordan demands to know what Mr. Warren has done to his wife. It is revealed that his wife is septic after a liver transplant in Zurich. Upon a scan of the liver Dr. Foster and Dr. Lee find that liver is necrotic (with dead tissue) indicating a delay between death and procurement. They also find a parasite that caused Mrs. Warren’s infection. The parasite is unique to China and Dr. Foster determines that likely this liver was bought by Mr. Warren from a Chinese prison who sells the organs of executed prisoners. Mrs. Warren is not happy when she finds out where her husband got the liver and that someone may have been executed to get it. The new liver begins to fail though and Dr. Foster rushes her to the OR and the surgery is successful but Mr. Warren is unsure how to face his wife.

Mr. Geary’s wife is rushed to the ER with symptoms identical to what he had. Dr. Foster has both of them put in isolation until they can figure out what is making them sick. Dr. Andy figures out that the young married couple were exposed to fumes from the previous home owners who operated an in home meth lab.

Dr. Andy finds out that one single donation of $131,000 was donated to Kuol’s fund and he finds the amount odd. He goes to see Michael at a bar to ask him about the money. It turns out Michael is his Uncle and he expects a favor at some point in exchange for the donation to Kuol. Dr. Andy insists that there will be no favor but Michael insists that Dr. Andy can’t run away from him.

Three rivers Episode 8

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  1. What you think about news – GOPers Hold ‘Prayercast’ to Ask God to Stop Health Reform ?
    Wanna hear your opinion

  2. As usual CBS scews up yet again. They let Moonlight die and look at the popularity of vampire shows like the Twilight series. Who ever is making the calls about which shows stay or go needs to find another line of work. They just don;t get it. My heart goes out to Alex who has worked so hard to make TR a great show. I can’t imagine how he feels. He is in my thoughts and prayers. I too have EMailed CBS about a new time slot and giving the show a fair chance.

  3. I just finished emailing to CBS and informed them that they show reconsider and put TR back on TV or on another night. I would appreciate if you all do the same. Show our support to this awesome show and to Alex O’Loughlin for his great passion of this show. He needs us true die hard fans for our loyal support.

  4. Fortunately I was able to see all the episodes at YouTube and THREE RIVERS is a excellent vehicle in encouraging people to give life by organ donation. There are quite a good number of excellent performances like Episode 7 (Mandy Patikin as guest). I really feel so disappointed that CBS decided to pull it out …… but hopefully the rest of the episodes still unaired will be shown after a short hiatus. Why is it that TV series relevant to society are not taken seriously but violent and sex-driven TV series get more chance to last, which only contribute to society’s moral decay ???? This is a temporary setback for Alex …. and we all agree that with such talent and passion for his work, plus his humility and wonderful attitude for his fans, Alex’ successful career will not waver. MABUHAY !!!

  5. I am so sorry guys, there is just no words I can say right now! I will have to get back to u all! With Love Trace

  6. Why does CBS think we need more reruns. we would deffintely want to see a new series play out ,and then maybe ,the roadblocks blocking (so they say) the ratings would change. This year CBS has only two series that I felt would make it. The Good Wife and (of course) Three Rivers. Whats up with that?????????

  7. Merci pour cette récapitulation,grace à toi je peux comprendre le déroulement de l’épisode.
    Attends avec impatience celle de l’épisode 9.
    Encore merci

  8. hi what can we do has fans of three rivers and fans of alex how could we help him i cant belive they took off three rivers only after two months to me that is not time for a show they needs a less a year er has a hard time and you now how long that show was on three rivers needs time tell me what you think

  9. Thanks for the recap of that wonderful episode. As happy as I am about all of this season’s episodes of TR, tonite I am so dismayed at the news of TR being pulled. I can only hopethat CBS will reconsider and reschedule it next year, but at a time that will be beneficial and not harmful to TR. Please God, let them see the light.

  10. I just read on another Alex website that CBS has pull 3 Rivers from the Sunday schedule. Tiffany , do you know anything about this? I hope it is not true or at least they are intending to show it on another night. Anybody heard anything?

      1. I can’t believe it! They’ve already pulled TR off the December schedule lineup? Why? I thought they had more episodes in the works. They better not cancel it. I will be one mean son of a bitch!!!

  11. Really good episode. Thanks Tiffany for the recap. Michael seems rather “shady” and Dr. Andy should stay away from him. More of Dr. Andy’s past will probably be revealed through Michael. We’ll see more of him. Michael’s friend is creepy and scary isn’t he, good thing Dr. Andy doesn’t intimidate easily!

  12. Another excellent recap Tiffany. Thanks. Every week, the eppy’s continue to get better and better. Really enjoyed seeing the shady side of Dr. Andy. Alex was sensational. Can’t wait for more!

  13. Hi Tiffany,
    In my previous post I forgot to thank you for giving us these recaps. It’s particularly
    praise-worthy now, considering this busy time of year.

  14. Loved the episode—so good to see a bit of “tougher side” of Alex when he stared down the guy in the bar. He does that so well. I agree Linda–he has AMAZING body language!

  15. First off – Happy Thanksgiving everyone – hope all of you have a wonderfully, blessed day.
    Alex has one of the most expressive faces of any actor today. You can tell just by his expression what he is trying to say. The phrase “silence is golden” definitely applies here – sometimes less is more! TR definitely is definitely a show that needs to be on. Every week, there is a message that we all need, whether it be to lift us up, or make us take a step back and think. TR is also not afraid to touch on subjects that are NEVER talked about, like the sleazy world of the black market and its extremes. I was glad that CBS ran TR in full since there was, once again, a delay because of footbal. I think the new time slot will work. Hope we hear something soon about the extra episodes that were ordered. TR is an excellent show – the true definition of “drama” and there are not enough words to describe Alex!

  16. I thought this was the best episode yet. Alex’s acting was as amazing as usual – Andy’s discomfort and dismay at being reminded of his early bad behaviour was so well
    portrayed by Alex’s body language and facial expressions. Alex is a master at under-
    statement. The final scene of Andy leaving the bar just said it all. The other stories
    about the philanthropist couple and the newlyweds were good also. The details about
    organs taken from executed Chinese prisoners was chilling. Three Rivers touches on
    so many important issues. It must be allowed to continue.

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