Three Rivers Pulled


From Rob Owen:

Pittsburgh-set medical drama “Three Rivers” is on hiatus; CBS pulled it from the December schedule.

“No final decision on its future has made,” said a CBS spokesperson. The show will complete production on the 13 episodes ordered.

Many critics think this is a sure sign the show is being cancelled even though that hasn’t officially been declared. Starting Dec 6 they will be showing Cold Case (a craptastically boring show BTW) in the 9:00 PM time slot and will be showing a NCIS  LA (which also bores me to tears) re-run at 10:00 PM. CBS knows jack about good drama should be their new slogan.

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  1. Hay all 😀 , hows you all doing .. hope you are all well and having / jhad a good day 🙂 .. was just browsing the net looking up any Alex new when i came across this artical on TR .. and the things that they say about the show and about alex just made me soo cross that i left a comment below it saying a “few” chose words … this is the link to it … read it and at some of the comments others have made .. you’ll see what i meen ..

    1. this is the “few” chose words i left on there web page ..

      Well all i can say to this pice of TRASH WRITING IS THAT ….CINEMA BLEND ….. YOUR SO WRONG ABOUT US MOONLIGHT FANS 🙁 ….. WE ( Alex’s fans ) … were just happy to see Alex back on our screens once more and not as you put it .. “Moonlight fans were excited to see Alex O’Loughlin back on their television sets, but not in this medical transplant series.” .. Alex is a grate actor and for CBS to do this to him again is just ( putting it as nice as i can ) utter ******** .. the show did a lot not only for us Alex fans ( giving us somthing to look forward to watch on telly agen .. cos lord knows that **** that CBS says we like is :S ) but also help people become to realise the importance of Organ Donation and just has helped answer a lot of questions on the whole Transplant world and how just one life can safe so many more just by one person having a organ donor card . so the next time a love one needs a transplant just take a moment to thank the person who has help your love one live by having a card and thank the tv show Three Rivers who’s wonderful teem has help brought awareness to the the screen’s .. SO THANKYOU THREE RIVERS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE 😀 .. and to the 2 blanks of short wood …whoops sorry .. bosses at CBS … what will it take to notice a good show when you have one ????
      from Roberta Echarri

  2. Thanks Roberta, hope you and yours have a Happy New Year, Saw on the Today show
    Monday 28th to write down all your bad things that happened in 2009 and at 12 midnight New Years, put them in a container and burn it. so the New Year will be free of the bad things..
    Thanks again

  3. Sorry i haven’t written in awhile.I just got out of the hospital. Ended up with too much ammonia on my brain and went into coma, all is fine now. Still upset about Three Rivers, I miss having my weekly dose of ALEX. please tell me the remaining episodes?
    I missed my Birthday.being in the Hospital Happy # 60 for me.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


    1. Hay Cozette , how are you fealing ? hope you are better 🙂 and just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and Merry Xmas and may all your wishes and dreams come true for the new year :D.. wishing you all the best from roberta xox

  4. here’s the problem. in the old days, successful shows were rated by overall viewership. these days, unless you are able, as a tv show, to draw in the age18-49 demographic, you are pretty much toast. i believe with all my heart that cbs was wrong to cancel moonlight. it was a well acted, well written show and ahead of the curve with the current vampire craze. however, and i know i’m going to make a lot of people angry, three rivers was a very poorly written show. the acting was fine, but they were given nothing to go with. it was syrupy and absolutely none of the friction of good and bad that makes a successful show. all the characters were so sweet you could make ice cream out of them. think of successful shows like house, the csi’s, the mentalist, etc. there’s a back and forth of good and evil. you need that for a good drama. i adore alex and i wish only the best for him. three rivers was not the best, he deserves more.

  5. Well guys, here it is Sunday and no A L E X !!!!!!!!!!!!, Been watching Moonlight and the Shield
    all week, Just to get my fix. Guess I’ll start THREE RIVERS this week.

    Any word when the last 5 episodes of 3R, are going to air???

    Alex solidarity RAH RAH

  6. I am so sick about Moonlight and now Three Rivers is being taken off the air. They always take the good shows off and leave the junk on. I want to protest it was the only new show that I watched this season. I loved it, good acting!!!

  7. I am so mad that you took off moonlight before it was even over and now you do it to Three Rivers. My whole family really loved both shows and we are all pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so bored with Cold Case and never watch it anymore. Y ou are showing old tired shows and I used to only watch most shows on CBS but thet are getting on a shorter list almost every day for me to watch. Three river was one of the best new shows and even though I started watching it because of Alex o”loughlin , I would have watched it even without him.

  8. Tiffany,
    Just checked schedule again and Three Rivers is off for tomorrow. It was on schedule
    yesterday, and now it’s not. WHATS GOING ON????
    They have 13 episodes and we only got 8, at least with MoonLight we got 16 episodes.
    I thought they would at least show ALL before they yanked it.

    Whats going to happen with the last 5.

    Alex so doesn’t need this. I hope he will be ok, Don’t want him take off on us again.

    Well everyone have a good weekend.
    Tiffany let us know what more we can do.


  9. Alex is a really good actor and I find it hard to believe that CBS would invest so much time and effort in him, and string him along, without finding a great show for him to star in. How can Vampire Diaries be such a huge hit when Moonlight wasn’t? I seriously don’t get that at all. Yea, it changed after the strike, but it was still better than VD. There is already too much crime, medical, and legal stuff on TV. Alex needs a unique vehicle with which to showcase his talent. Hello is anyone out there in TV land reading any of this????

  10. For those that asked about mailing Alex… he is still under contract to CBS and he is still filming TR shows AND has a movie being produced by them so his mailing addresses at CBS are still the best way to contact him.

  11. how dare they take off a good show

  12. this is a link to what Alex wrote when CB*S canned Moonlight …

    and now they have dont the same to him agen 🙁 …. just dont know who they think they are to do that to him … he is such a exerlan person and such a gifted … all i can say is that i hope karma pays cbs back for doing this do him .


    a link to a facebook page called “moonlight fans to cbs … bite me ”

    check it out 😀

  14. That’s really unfair!! CBS always dismisses Alex’s shows!!!! He deserves a second chance, it’s not fear he gets all his shows cancelled, he’s a great actor, and that’s a fact. As I said, really unfair. Let’s hope things come clear and Three Rivers doesn’t get cancelled, after all.

  15. I agree with all the above comments. As a matter of fact, don’t think I will watch CBS at all now. Alex is a great actor. My husband and I both agree on that. Guess I will keep watching reruns of Moonlight over and over with Oyster Farmer thrown in on weekends. Please don’t leave and return to Australia. We in the US need a great actor and some great entertainment, and more than that humanitarians. I am waiting on the edge of my seat for The Backup Plan. Someone please offer him a great script for a great movie after that. We in the South love you, Alex.

  16. I think I will protest and not watch anything that CBS puts out… enough is enough.. Can’t they see that Alex is a very talented actor and deserves better???

  17. I feel very sorry for Alex but I for one am not sad to see the passing of Three Rivers.Alex is a great actor, but that show sucked. I work in the medical field and it annoyed me how things were too easy, to packaged, medical care and life is not like that, but I guess I am biased. Hopefully this will free Alex to move onto something else that is great! I’d love to see the Moonlight movie, but any movie roles work for me, good luck,Alex.

    1. Teri, people don’t want realism. It’s too depressing. If you read any of the threads
      about TR on CBS, people complained about the basic theme of the show, people
      dying so others could live, but they still wanted happy endings. Life through
      rose-coloured glasses. In real life Kuol, as a non-citizen without insurance, would
      not be allowed to live in the hospital, let alone be placed on a transplant list. The
      network was sort of forced to be unrealistic – they weren’t making documentaries.
      Anyway, I feel so bad for Alex, he’s way too good for CBS. Hopefully, after The
      Backup Plan is released, he’ll be hotter than blazes and can pick any film he
      wants to do.

  18. Hi Alex , am sorry to hear about Three Rivers , CBS just dont have a clue on whats good tv and how lucky they are to have not only such a great actor as yourself but to also have an actor who not only gives a 100% in every role he dose not only on screen but off screen too ( ie.. research in to his role / promoting the show and still has time to chat / sign pic’s for fan’s ).
    Your an AMAZING actor and an even more FABULOUS person 😀 and us ( your fan’s ) will be behind you no matter what your life brings :D.
    hope you have a good rest off the week and all the best for things to come :D.
    take care and have fun 😀
    roberta x

  19. I can’t beleive this has happened to Alex again, we all supported Alex, and we enjoyed the show, what is the problem with CBS, first they sign to do this great vampire/detective show, they cancel that, then we get Alex in this great heart felt show about transplant patients and their familllies and they cancel that. Can’t they see what a great actor he is, or do they just want to see how far he will go beffore he snaps and leaves them, maybe its easier that way for CBS to negate his contract. I love you Alex and what ever you do I will support . Go Aussie Go

  20. I just cannot believe this is happening again. We all know what CBS did wrong this time – Three Rivers is a fantastic show, and they just threw it on to be pushed as late as 10:30 EST by the football on their own network, it was up against football on NBC, then it was the World Series, the AMAs – and that stupid show Desperate Housewives. They even showed the wrong episode as the premiere. If Three Rivers had been aired properly it would have been the biggest hit of the fall season. I feel SO bad for Alex, and I hope that he gets away from CBS so he can become the true star that he is. I am so pissed!

  21. First CBS pulled, Moonlight. Now they’re pulling, Three Rivers! I’m so sorry, Alex that CBS has done this to you again. And shame on you, CBS for doing this to Alex AGAIN! My thoughts are with you, Alex and I hope for future succes in whatever you do. You have my neverending support.

    Love and Peace,

  22. CBS executives don’t have a clue about what it takes to have a good show be successful! They cancel everything that people like and only count ratings by the 3 people that have diaries. (For instance, I have a friend who recently was asked by Neilsen to participate in there rating system, got the whole set-up and gets paid monthly, etc. – guess what, they don’t even watch regular TV – only reality shows! Anyway!
    It will be a bummer not to see Alex on TV everyweek – in a meaningful show.
    But, he is a good actor and we’ll be seeing him again soon.

  23. I feel so bad for Alex, he puts everything into the roles he plays.
    I love the fact he takes the roles he can make us believe.

    I want to send a card to him but lost his new managers address.
    I have the one for Mr. Freeman but just before his Birthday they switched.
    Does anyone remimber it.

    Tiffany that you so much for caring about us and OUR ALEX, Hope your feeling better
    and have a good Holiday.

    Love and GOD BLESS

  24. It’s really sad to hear about Three Rivers …… but who knows? Maybe this is a blessing in disguise for Alex and I’m sure with his terrific talent and charisma, besides the fact that he is not intoxicated with fame and huge popularity around the world, he is bound to succeed more and more in his career. His sincere humility (he is so grateful to his fans) and his great passion for his work will contribute much to a lasting career. God bless you always, Alex! And many thanks to Tiffany for keeping us all in the loop regarding news on Alex.

  25. how in the **** do you even gave this show a chance when every nt its late do to some dam football game if you pull this show i well never watch an other cbs channel again this show is one of the best thing i ve watch in yrs i can go back all the way to when medical center was on back in the 70 s get with it cbs list to us

  26. I have just voted for Alex ( Mick St John from Moonlight ) as fav vamp …. have your vote now

    1. Yes, please go here and vote, Alex is only #3…we can make his number grow, who knows, maybe it will cheer him up!! Thanks for the info, Roberta.


  28. ARE YOU KIDDING ME… CBS has not even given it a chance … They put it on the most worse time of the week. Sunday? with all the football games! with all the holiday shows. up against long lasting shows on other stations. WHAT THE H LL???

  29. I received a Myspace blog today from Alex and he said he had been told that “Three River” had been pulled. He said he was also starting to detach himself from the show, the same as when “Moonlight” was pulled. He is such a wonderful actor and such a humanitarian, it’s just a shame CBS couldn’t see the talent they have in him. I too hope another network will pick up the show and give it a good time slot, as I think that was the shows biggest downfall . Three Rivers wasn’t just a show about the doctors and nurses as so many others primarily are, it was a show with a message. It told about the crisis so many people face when told they need an organ transplant and how it affects their lives. Hopefully another network will pick it up. I don’t know who makes these decisions for CBS, but they sure have made a BIG mistake with this one.

  30. Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (crying)

  31. OMG … i cant belive it .. first Moonlight and now Three Rivers …. what the ***** earth are CB*S think they are doing ???? …
    never mind Alex we still love you 😀 x

  32. Tiffany – was catching up on some of the other postings and read where you were not feeling well . . . we seem to take you and the fact that you are always here for granted. We tend to forget that you are a wife, mother, and have other things that occupy your time so we forget to ask about your well-being. I do hope that whatever it is or was that made you not feel so well is gone and that you are doing OK now. We very much appreciate you and this website. Please continue to keep us informed, but do so whenever it feels right to you. You need to put yourself first – we’re not going anywhere, right gang! We look forward to “talking” to each other by this format because of you and how you represent us. We’ll be here! 🙂

  33. Comentario Me da mucha pena por Alex otra vez a pasar por lo mismo pero ya sabes que tus fans estaremos siguiendote en todo lo que hagas. Haber si la proxima vez tiene mas suerte.Animo

  34. um.. just under recent posts….Alex O’Loughlin Confirms Three Rivers Cancellation , and…

  35. Tiffany – please, once again, give us an addess where we can write to Alex and let him know that we’re still here for him. I think he needs to know that right now – we need that right now.

  36. thanks for posting the latest …. and as to CBS… of if u were to check its history… well u can learn a lot from that. YET… as to as saying goes… don’t count your chicken’s before they hatch… trust me on that one as to say i’ve had way too many people of who to say did just that… and well… of to say should of waited just a bit longer… r/ as to anyone who may know of as to well as saying says.. chickens hatch… not all hatch at the same time and too… each of hatches to its own drummer too! yup play on words there oops lol…. and yet well … let’s just not throw that darn towel in just yet as its still got more use in it and its not over yet!

    and well this is far off subject sort of speak and…. yet i have a cousin of who when she was born wasn’t expected to make it b/c she came into this world at 1 pound even and to say she made her mom’s doctor scatch his head alot… and well .. of if a baby be born into this world like she for sure was…and the odds are so out in left field sort of speak… that well… anything can happen… and trust me it can…and always a positive chance always comes w/ it…

    you make look for the bigger things in life to happen and yet this world is for sure made up of so many upon many small…. to even tiny ones too… and either way each for sure does count and for sure 100000000000% w/ interest included.. counts and matters of to is too!

    and with this… that of well… let us remember of as to info we’ve for sure come to know, and still a stong heart beat of a chance yet more to learn from Three Rivers… be…..and a chance is a chance and well that for sure is better than well the other right?

  37. TIffany, any idea when the remainder of eposides will be shown? Thanks for keeping all of us posted whether the news is good or bad – you’ve done a great job!

    1. JoJo, I am thinking maybe they might show them during the holiday season or just after when the new shows are in reruns or maybe they just want to finish them up to package in a DVD and get the fan sales. Unless Alex asksus to buy the DVD (if there is one) I probably would pass on buying the set though. I don’t want to reward CBS for a bad decision.

  38. This is unbelievable – but then again – this is how CBS does things. We hoped it would not happen this time, but apparently, Nina and her clowns are at it again. How sad for Alex – – to put your heart and sould into something that is so important only to have it taken away is hard to take, especially for a second time. CBS wouldn’t know a hit “drama” if it bit them in the ass. The only thing they know how to do is clone onld tired formats, like CSI. They blamed the low ratings for “Cold Case” on the TR lead in, after the switch “Cold Case” still
    didn’t come out ahead. I feel so bad for Alex – he deserves so much more. The cynics who doubted the sincerity of CBS and their new contract for Alex turned out to be right. How sad to use an actor with Alex’s talents that way. TPTB have their own agenda and ideas of what fans want and they will not listen to what fans want unless it is juvenile, gross, disgusting,or just plain stupid, like the majority of their programming. Comedies are not funny, “reality” shows are staged, and the “dramas” are anything but dramatic. I guess “Three Rivers” was too sophisticated for the “Survivor” crowd. So sad and so unnecessary.

  39. CBS has got to be kidding. What a crock. They are so stuck on the numbers game that they can’t see a good drama when it hits them in the head. First Moonlight, which was a show ahead of its time as now vampire movies and shows are all the rage and now Three Rivers. What an assinine bunch of people. If I were Alex I would pull out of any further CBS projects. Did they not say Moonlight was “on hiatus” too and blamed “the numbers” from Nielsen that didn’t count the “regular” viewers. This is unbelievable!!

  40. I have only caught the first 2 episodes because I have to go to bed early and we are not going to waste money getting a tv service just to be able to have a DVR, so obviously we haven’t been able to keep up with any of our favorite shows. This is the only thing I really hate about HD. I tried to keep up with “3” on the Internet. I agree, I wouldn’t mind if they gave us our handsome, athletic and charming vampire back!

  41. Come on guys…we have to prevent this show from stopping. Everybody!!!! Write/e-mail to CBS and tell them why you want this show on the air.
    We are so many fans – not just fans of Andy but there must be loads of fans of the rest of the cast – if everybode got together it would be visible. COME ON! We can do it!!!
    Write to CBS!

  42. Well guys, I can’t believe they are doing this again to OUR ALEX. CBS stinks when it comes to choices of new shows. The only reason I watch CBS was for MOONLIGHT and now
    I Watch NBC Law and Order SUV, (and Days of our Lives) or the CW.Vampire Diaries.

    I feel so sorry for Alex, he puts his heart and soul into these scripts, for Cbs not to give this series a chance S U C K S. Cbs picked up Medum from NBC and I think that show is garbage.And to add insult put it in the time slot for MOONLIGHT.

    How many of you can just stop watching CBS. See how the ratings drop for CBS(of course after THREE RIVERS stops airing)

    L O L cozette

  43. C’est inadmissible comment peuvent-ils faire ça?
    C’est une série géniale il faut qu’elle continue.

  44. i cant belive it they took off three rivers thats was not right that was a great show now cbs has does thia once again to alex they took moonlight now three rivers now that makes me mad

  45. This is not good news. But now maybe Alex will come home (he has a son here) and try to have an international movie career from Australia instead of being the ho of some huge homogenous tee vee network.
    He should go the way of Eric Bana, Heath Ledger (tho not die of course), Nicole Kidman etc because he has screen presence, charisma and to top it off: acting ability.
    If I were him, I wouldn’t waste my time with networks like CBS, I’d take a risk on the tail of the “Back up Plan” and “Whiteout” and go movies.

  46. Thankyou Sandra for posting Alex’s blog.It is so sad but Alex being so talented I’m sure there is something waiting for him just around the corner,
    CBS needs to pull their heads out of their asses, they don’t deserve him.I hope another network has something for him and it is a huge hit and those idiots can eat Alex’s shorts.

  47. How sad is that statement from Alex. I can’t believe CBS is doing this to him aGAIN. Why not try another night or time instead of just canceling the show. I have had it with CBS . I don’t know who runs that network but they need to get a clue to what people want to see and now just the 18-to 49 crowd. There are other people in this world.

  48. I am saddened by the news today. Three Rivers an intelligent show. It didn’t lower itself to the lowest common denominator. It rose above the fray, as cream rises to the top. The cast and crew should be proud to have been part of such an important show. Alex should be proud of the job he did as Dr. Andy; he portrayed a unique and special character who had compassionate and a heck of a bedside manner. He set out to bring to TV a message about Donate Life, he succeeded, we now know more than ever. Misconceptions are gone, great and purposeful information laid out were heard. It is because someone of Alex O’Loughlin’s caliber that this show was ever possible. Three Rivers wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for Alex, and for that I am grateful to him. Thank you Alex for all your hard work and long hours, it paid off. We now understand and appreciate the issues you were trying to tells us. Be well and enjoy Christmas with your family in Australia. You did good!

  49. Yhis is Alex’s new blog on Myspace posted today. Sorry if in wrong place Tiffany.
    Tuesday, December 01, 2009
    Hey everyone…..

    Well, like usual I have been meaning to write you all and, like usual, not getting around to it. Before Thanksgiving….. during

    Thanksgiving….after Thanksgiving! But today, I thought I better get to it…..

    A lot of you probably already know this, because you guys know what’s happening in my life before I do, but today I was informed that Three Rivers would soon draw to an end.

    To be honest I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

    After Moonlight was canceled I needed to go away and regroup for a while. I was hesitant to engage in another show at all, even when Three Rivers was proposed, but I realized immediately how important this story was and would be. This, the story of so many different people all around the world who’s lives have somehow been affected by organ donation and transplant medicine.

    I often catch myself saying things like “We’re actors! We’re not curing cancer or feeding the hungry.” (Of course referring to the fact I don’t always feel that as an actor my job is that important or relevant.) But I soon realized that Three Rivers would be a source of great comfort to those aforementioned people, providing perhaps for the first time an accurate and cathartic experience directly related to that which they all shared.

    Already in this short time I have received so many beautiful letters of support and gratitude from so many of you who have lost loved ones, and also shared the gift of life with others as a result of those tragedies. And this sudden cancellation has rocked me completely.

    As most of you know, through Three Rivers I was blessed to have been afforded the chance to work with the organization Donate Life America. This potential opportunity was one of the main reasons I agreed to do the show, and having only recently finished my Ambassador training I had become an official spokesperson. We have done a couple of events and some PSA’s and there has been growing excitement about the possibilities of exposure and support we at Three Rivers could provide as the show gained in numbers and strength. Well, though the news of the show is heartbreaking I view it as nothing more than a temporary setback in the work I plan to do with Donate Life America. For me this is just the beginning of what I hope to be a long relationship.

    To be honest I don’t really know what else to say. I am beginning my process of detachment and will be in touch soon.

    All my love,….


    Alex O’Loughlin x

  50. I agree with you Suz….MORE MOONLIGHT PLEEEEEEEEEZE

  51. Well, I sure hope this will bring us a Moonlight movie, but I won’t hold my breath. Wishful thinking–somebody should be doing that at one network or another–thinking about Moonlight, simply the best drama ever to hit the airwaves, being canceled right before the vampire craze went wild? Insane? It seems Moonlight would have made it with a second season and we could have all been spared this anguish. Three Rivers got bad ratings, and even though Alex is a wonderful actor, this show never really took advantage of all he has to offer, giving him boring storylines and ho-hum situations. Even he, with all of his amazing talent and charisma, couldn’t pull that show out of the dumper. I hope he gets a series that will really showcase his wonderful talent as Moonlight did–or, to say how I REALLY feel, More Moonlight, PLEASE!!!

  52. It’s sad to see Three Rivers has been canned.We,here in Australia, only got to see one episode.I don’t understand how good drama gets the flick but re-runs of NCIS etc. and crappy reality TV seems to survive.Can anyone please explain?
    I feel for Alex, he is such a talented young actor who works hard .
    Moonlight should never have been axed it was destined for big things thanks to the cast and
    crew.Maybe someone (perhaps another network)will do something about it and get the original cast together for a moonlight movie or even better a few more seasons.
    Vampires are the thing at the moment and Mick StJohn is second to none.
    Alex keep your chin up,come home to Australia and have a great christmas with your family
    and I’m sure the new year will bring great things for you.Remember when one door closes another opens.
    Your Australian fans are very proud to call you a mate.

  53. Just great. But what should I expect from CBS? I should have learned from the cancellation of Moonlight, among the most engaging and well-written shows of this decade. The CBS PTB must be living in some kind of warped reality; I cannot believe that their choices for continued programming include such crap as Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, etc. with most everything else including a focus on criminals! But I guess they have to aim at the lowest common denominator of their perceived “viewing public” — there can be no other explanation for this ignorant behavior. It’s not just Alex who doesn’t deserve this; it’s also the intelligent viewers who crave great writing, excellent actors, commitment to superior programming … not in great supply on CBS without Three Rivers!

  54. After only seeing Alex in this show and not Moonlight, I am extremely saddened by this. And I also agree with some of the other posters that this is entirely CBS’ fault and that because of poor scheduling by them, this show didn’t succeed the way it started to. And yes, what angers me the most was that we were finally getting to see some of the backstory about Andy and his relationship with his uncle, and the other ladies on the show, as well as the rest of the cast. Because of this, the show may never develop the way it should.

    It seems so unrealistic to put a show on hiatus after only eight episodes. There are worse shows out there that are surviving better than TR!

    CBS should give it another chance and air it at a different time and on a different day (so that The Amazing Race doesn’t cut into Three Rivers’ time) because it’s suffering with football being around.

    CBS, please bring it back!

  55. I am very upset! This is ridiculous. I can’t believe CBS is doing this to Alex again. TR is so much better than Cold Case and NCIS LA. The eppys have been getting better and beter. CBS has not given TR a chance. I’m hoping they will come to their senses and air it in Jan on a better day and time. I wish we knew what’s really going on. Thanks Tiffany.

  56. OMG I can’t believe that CBS would do this to Alex again. I feel so sorry for Alex. He puts his heart and soul into every thing he does for this to happen to him again. He stuck with CBS after they canceled Moonlight and now if they end up canceling TR I can’t imagine how Alex will feel. If they do cancel it and Alex gets a chance for a third tv show I do hope he goes with a different channel and tells CBS to take a flying leap. I agree with the comments above that the show was just starting to pick up by getting into the personal lives of the staff members. And to see some of the other shows stay on year after year that aren’t worth watching makes me mad. There are far too many reality shows on and some of the sit coms are so stupid.

  57. I hope that Three Rivers doesn’t get cancelled, it is a great show and the cast is wonderful. Wait before you give this show the heave ho i love it and would really miss it if it were to be taken out of the cbs line-up. Please don’t give up on the show just yet i believe the show will just get better every week.

  58. I agree with everything you wrote. If CBS cancels this show Alex should make it a point never to work with CBS again. All they do is jack him over. Makes me damn mad.

  59. This is certainly terrible news. I have been reading the reports on entertainment sites and sending comments to CBS, as they have nothing on their own web site. On top of everything else they are cowards, releasing the news the way they did. The best we can do for now is to continue to show support for the show by writing to CBS about moving 3Rs to a different day and time, not just giving up on it altogether. I don’t understand the continuing to shoot the rest of the episodes if they don’t plan on showing them. The show’s timeslot was always a problem with the football run overs, but from the beginning I felt it was the wrong night, it just didn’t feel like a Sunday show to me. As sad and angry as I am, as we all are, I can’t imagine the anguish that Alex is feeling…he has put so much into this show. So for his sake, let’s still think positively!! Let’s not give up, Alex needs our support and the best way to do that is to still show support for the SHOW.

  60. I hope they will reschedule the show on a new day and time, or at least after football season so it has a chance to get a stable audience.

    Surely CBS can see they haven’t given Three Rivers a chance since it has been up against sports and specials since day one.

  61. This is so WRONG. What in God’s name is wrong with CBS?? They cannot be serious. Cancelling this show makes no sense whatsoever. The comments above attest to that. In my current TVGuide mag it is scheduled for Sun Dec 6th.. I was so looking forward to it after yesterday with NO TR. Time to write more letters to the powers that be.

  62. I hope CBS regains it’s senses before they cancel another good show. The last episode was the best yet . It’s just starting to cook. Backstory is getting juicy and you can see relationships coming together. Guess I’ll have to watch a DVD, and follow Alex in films and on another channel.

  63. I can’t believe this. First Moonlight now Three Rivers. I admire Alex and his zeal for his acting. Yet there is a problem with CBS. NBC has Trama and Mercy which I watch and CW has Vampire Diaries which is a HIT. If CBS does cancel this Three Rivers maybe one of the other networks will pick it up or maybe just maybe Moonlight will come back since the Vampires are in..

    1. I like Three Rivers, but I wouldn’t miss it if we could have Moonlight back. Come on CBS, with Twilight being so big, vampires are bigger than ever. Do the American thing and bring back the best vampire series ever so you can milk this whole vamp thing for as long as it lasts.

  64. I am so sorry because I really enjoyed this informative show. The cast was great because they had chemistry. On any other channel, except CBS, Three Rivers would be considered a hit. I have been watching Stargate University and it’s a total boring-flop yet SYFY are keeping it for the full 20 epidsodes in fact I have stopped watching after seeing the first 9. There are other shows that have less viewers and going season after season. Yet we have Three Rivers, a show of value, yet CBS keeps CSI, NCSI-NY, NCSI-Miami, Cold Case, all representing the value of the criminal. I really don’t understand.

    1. All I have to say is SCREW CBS – If they cannot see how important a show like this is then this network does not deserve to have such talented actors like Alex. Hopefully, with his growing status as a wondeful actor and person overall ABC or NBC will acknowledge how incredible he is and give him the shot he 1000% deserves. CBS has never been my favorite network and to be honest I hardly ever turned it to that station unless it was to watch Three Rivers – NOW, CBS can go suck wind…

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