Moonlight Repeats to Air on CW

This is some very welcome news… The CW will air Moonlight after their Vampire Diaries repeats this summer… starting June 3rd. Of course many people are speculating as to why… saying that maybe they want to recast the show and bring it back, or that CBS is trying to keep Alex fans on the hook until H5O airs. I really don’t care why but I am happy to have it back.

I am already a big Vampire Diaries fan but it took me about 6 or so episodes to really get into it.. the first episodes were just boring but the last half has really gotten hot so I will be reviewing the entire season over at Fanpire Diaries, along with True Blood season 3 and now Moonlight. This is going to be one hot summer for vamps!

Will you watch?

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  1. Mmmmm….funny now they will be showing reruns of Moonlight. I’m just pissed how the critics opened there arms to Vampire Diaries but boy did they shoot Moonlight down.

    Oh well, at least I can see Alex this coming fall in Hawaii 50.

  2. Wohoo! Can’t wait to see it.

  3. Tish S, I have not heard of Ozlander but there is a site called Ozlighters, which is an Australian Alex/moonlight fan site. Thankyou for your kind words re-Aussies. Thats not quite how Sharon Osborne described Aussies recently. I think she called us smug and I assume it was an insult lol. Alex does come across as a nice decent down to earth guy. He always acknowledges his fans and is obliging when asked for an autograph or photo. I do wish him every bit of sucess in all that he does, he sure deserves it.

    As for the letter from Barry Meyer, as it was not sent to me I don’t feel I should post it but when next I speak to the member it was sent to I will mention posting it elsewhere. Maybe she has already posted it on other sites, I don’t know. Please feel free to visit our site and read the letter. They are all very friendly and welcoming over there. I have never had a problem with anyone there. We are all there for the same reason….our love of Moonlight and Alex and the rest of the cast. Oh and of course our campaigne for a movie.

    Enjoy the re-runs of Moonlight next month. I have three copies of the DVD and will be purchasing more for gifts.


  4. I believe that the letter, since already made Internet public on WWML, should be shared with us all not on this site… Please, since it is already a public document after being posted (anything posted on the Internet is & ning, the corporation allowing the free site of WWML to exist would confirm), copy and post the letter from Barry Meyer here and on other Alex/ Moonlight fan sites, and do not forget, if you belong to Facebook or MySpace (which Alex personally does for only the latter) post it there as well… Alex/Moonlight fans all over the Internet I am certain would like to read this letter…

    I just hope Meyer, himself, is not passing the buck… Keep after him until he pays mind to this personally… Keep us here abreast of the outcome after the anniversary, Terri… Thanks and have a great day…

    1. Just wanted to pipe up and say that anything you see posted on a web site does not make it “free” for all to use. Web content is copyright protected same as a book. You cannot take anything from my sites and repost it somewhere else without my lawyer doing a tap dance on your head. We should respect the ownership of content and visit the site that hosts this info instead of reposting.. unless they allow it. This is why I rarely repost articles or interviews with the exception of a blurb and a link… it is unethical and illegal in many cases.

  5. Good Morning (well here) Terri,

    Is Ozlander still around, been a long time since I posted there?… They were such a nice group from my recollection… fair, no back stabbing, friendly, just plain honest nice folks, from the impression I gathered… Made me feel that must be how all Aussies are, known a few personally in my life so had some heads up… It is not a wonder why I took to Alex’s screen charm so readily, because it is the real him, not a fake… Unfortunately there are fakes out there, even in the fan world, so just stay the main course, ALEX and the dividend of Moonlight in any form, but especially a movie…please understand the advise and know it is from a friend

  6. Tish S, I’m not a member of ozlander, I’m a member of worldwidemoonlighters. It wasn’t me who got the letter from Barry Meyer but another member who has been working on this campaign for some time now. She posted the letter on the site and yes it was from Barry Meyer himself. He was passing it on to another department to let them know that there is interest out there for a movie. It’s a start they have acknowledged us. We have been writing Alan Horn as well as Jeff Robinov and Dan Fellman, but Barry Meyer is the principle executive we have been targeting. Lets hope we will see Alex, Jason and Sophia on the big screen together soon.

  7. PS: Remind WB Execs that Moonlight cannot rise without Alex, so they will need to pull off a big deal to get him away from CBS for a movie, or whatever, even forever…

    Heck, I certainly did not like that CBS allowed Back-Up Plan public relations not to acknowledge Alex as the co-star in the movie…
    I have not liked that they ignored mentioning the name of Jason Dohring as a guest star on CSI-Las Vegas as if he was just a 2 bit extra…
    As far as I am concerned, CBS works their contracted actors like someone herding sheep and gives them no credit for giving CBS their wool…
    Our guys need to blow that popsickle stand as soon as they can…

    In the infamous words of “The Godfather”, “Gonna make you a deal you can’t refuse” and this is something I bet WB can pull off…

    Speaking of Jason (Josef), did you know that he is going to be a Daddy within the next few months, like 3?… A dear friend of mine, also a ML fan, Alex fan, Jason fan, handmade caps and booties for the soon-to-be-born baby and the gifts just arrived at the Dohring home today, not an agent’s office, but Jason’s home in CA….

  8. WOW, wonderful… Alex would be so impressed if he got wind of this…. Someone who knows him personally has told me Alex is just as genuinely sweet off camera, in private, as he portrays to fans and on camera…

    I’ve been in the this since the beginning Save Moonlight Campaign… And many here in the states made it their daily business to work as much as possible on this Moonlight project, even to this day…

    Hope you will tell the Aussie fans the truth about the cancellation… Are you a member of another fansite called Ozlanders, think that was the name? Oh, do you know an Aussie fan called kelcouch? If so, let her know MoonlightMama64 said “Hi”…

    Great news about Meyer contacting you… It is as best a start as can be, but head of WB in CA production is Alan Horn… don’t forget to drop him a few lines, too…

    Exactly how did Mr. Meyer contact all, was it a formal letter or a personal letter from himself… Did it sound as if he was going to get this ML rising again or just merely stating that he will let this one or that one know our feelings (in a nutshell)? So many will want to know, so this is why I am asking….

    Keep me updated and let me know how it goes, especially after the anniversary… Makes me happy to know that so many of us have stuck this out for so very long without faltering… Somehow I get the gut feeling our tenacity is paying off 1 act at a time; hopefully WB is getting the message and not just placating fans… But keep your stand, just as some of us here in the U.S. need to keep doing…

  9. Trish S it’s all done we have been writing,sending banners, postcards, dvd’s and gifts to Barry Meyer CEO of WB entertainment for months asking for a movie. I am from Australia and we are from countries all over the world.On 16th May Mr Meyer will receive thousands of letters, banners and postcards with thousans of signatures as well as a scrapbook with messages and pictures from all of us. We have been planning this aniversary mail in for a while. Mr Meyer has contacted us so he is reading our mail. Fingers crossed that WB does the math and figures out that making a Moonlight movie will be a great business decision. That is what it all boils down to, whether a movie will make money, and to make money it has to be true to the original characters and original cast and writers. This is something we have stressed to Mr Meyer.

  10. You’re welcome Terri… But do let one of those letters from you, from all of you here, enter that WB mail room thanking them for airing ML on CW… And just happen to hint about a desire for a ML movie…. Actually the anniversary of the cancellation is a perfect time to get letters to WB, but to their head honchos… Somewhere on this blog site, think now under an archive I originally began as the Moonlight Movie Crusade, and this administration took a liberty to change that name to Moonlight Resurrection or something like that, are the addresses of all the honchos you need to contact from WB, including Joel Silver… Nothing can hurt now, and it may just hurt too much if one doesn’t…

  11. Some great comments Trish S. A lot of people don’t know what happened re- the reason Moonlight was cancelled. Nina Tassler and Les Moonves were passing the buck instead of taking responsibility for a major stuff up. CBS should have the balls to fess up instead they played games with the many fans and still do by dangling the carrot every now and again.
    I hope the reason for the airing of ML on the CW is to see if they can pull in the Vamp Diaries and Twilight fans. Then maybe the WB will see that Moonlight has the numbers and possibly make a movie. One can only hope, I’m sure WB is aware of the huge fandom ML and it’s cast have. It’s the 2nd anniversary of the cancellation of ML on 16th May and let me just say, I wouldn’t want to be working in the mail room at WB on that day.

  12. Don’t ONLY watch Moonlight on CW when it airs… Buy yourselves another copy of the Moonlight DVD set from Amazon… Give them as gifts, get others watching and draw them into this wonderful experience…

  13. Warner Brothers did not cancel the show, CBS did because head honchos got argumentative. Les Monves, who’s only claim to acting fame (so no idea what bought him his position of CEO Entertainment/ CBS Corporation in NYC) was some bits in 1960s TV programming, got into it with Executive Producer of Moonlight among many shows he successfully brought to TV as well as movie in theaters for over 25 year, Joel Silver…. Silver was already preparing us for the comings in ML’s 2nd Season by indicating there was a vampire hunt beginning by showing D.A. Talbot read a list containing all of the vampires in the LA area and by his receiving that call from some mysterious person on the other end of the line… Silver was going to bring us a Vampire War or something of that nature in the next season; a bit more blood and stuff… Monves would not allow it and they went at it for days; Silver left the meeting and Monves pulled the plug on Moonlight… And that is how we lost Moonlight, not a darn thing to do with Ratings as they wanted us to believe to cover Monves foolishness…

  14. Once again, Moonlight doesn’t belong to CBS, never did… It was a contract to air a Silver Production belonging to Warner Brothers…CBS contracted the actors, I believe, but not the Moonlight Rights…

    And, though, CW is half owned by each of the entertainment conglomerates, one can almost bet this is more than CBS’s doing… Perhaps it is Warner Bros. reminding CBS who owns what… Perhaps it is a look, hopefully, in to what Warner Brothers plans for the future through a different means of bringing forth Moonlight to its never ending continued collecting of fans… That would be the best of all…

    Yes, we are all aware that Alex is signed with CBS, but some little slips here and there show Alex may be getting the full picture now… He knows he can pull in movie goers as well as TV watchers alike… He may be feeling his oats, but in a recent interview he again mentioned the fact he’d like to play a vampire again if the right role came along… Come on folks, the right role? For Pete’s sake, he made Mick St. John as real as can be in a most extraordinary way that I have never seen a vampire saga portrayed before… Does he know something already we are being kept in the dark on? I mean, just think like a PI and gather all the clues… Now I’d like to see 5-0 make a splashy comeback as it was one of my favorites in original form. I want to see Alex make it big in both medias, or more, even plays as he did in Sydney. I absolutely do not see this re-airing of ML as a come-on to attract Alex fans to watch, the yet to be seen, pilot of Hawaii 5-O, which still must be picked up as a series… That is a long way off, pilot does not air until the Fall, and may only come in, if picked up, in mid-season at the earliest… Alex can’t twiddle his thumbs until then…

    Perhaps Alex/Moonlight fans may get their wishes finally fulfilled; I mean stranger phenomenons have been known to happen…. But for now, just sit back, let the forces work, and have a wonderful “Vampy Summer”…

    1. tish s… of as to your info .. I checked of to see as to something not that long ago about cbs & warner bros entertainment coming together to come up w/ “CW”. to which CW is.
      um, of as to moonlight rights.. and i am no lawyer . of yet as to say that of like a book or what have you.. and well in short that of cbs asking of use of and too as to thoses legal contracts may of as to well I think they call it an option of as to future and well aka just incase kind of thing. um, and of that might be of as to cw of …um, u get the idea….

      either way.. that of what matters most of all is that yes as to cw and moonlight to shine again (sort speak), and that of Alex of um… of simply of to be and all yet to be for him.

      of as to you mentioning.. as to pilot as to fall or the other.. and for sure of 1st one is the best of all.. and too of go on from there … which for sure be of beyond words as we all know. of yet like as to like that of what can go into the mix of a pilot or to even say of any receipe be… to each it is that of the mix of right amounts to which are mixed and the balance there of….. hey even that of as to say things that of for sure may of not as to sound or taste as to .. “are u sure” to “”what?”, of to the outcome of …” it worked!!!” is what matters the most..w/ as to in this case that of well we all just enjoying of to what of be to come… right?

      p/s.. of as to this may of and that of even before this as to seems rushed and then some.. ypu, and its either the computers &/or so everyone gets a chance sort of speak.. time limits and yes my typing that for sure needs much timing speed speeded up.. yet hope u are able to make sense anyways. take care.

  15. Yessssss! I will watch. I’ve seen every episode sooooo many times and i never get tired of it.
    I <333333333333333 moonlight(:!

  16. Will I watch? You bet I will. I agree this is going to be one HOT summer! Vampires rule!!! I think the reason is the CW is well aware of the vampire craze that has not died and continues to flourish. I still believe that after the H5/0 thing Moonlight may get its chance. I know everybody out there says let it be but with the success of the Vampire Diaries and the up coming Twilight sagas Vampires are still very much in demand and just imagine if Moonlight was given a chance to create season 2,3… We would all be right there. For the time being good luck to Alex on the H5/0 thing, I will check that out as well but I will forever wish for more Moonlight.

  17. Not so good news if you do not get that channel. I’m looking forward to H5-0, at least that is on a network that all of us will be able to tune into. Haven’t seen TBUP yet, not doing so hot at the box office but the reviews are mostly trashing J-Lo – I’ll wait for the DVD.

    1. I saw the movie (1st movie at a theater in 9 years) and JLO really carried the show. She did a great job and so did Alex, except there was absolutely no chemistry between them. I will buy the DVD because the story is quite cute. The critics didn’t do the movie juustice. They were looking for things to be wrong.

  18. this is wonderful news indeed.. and yet I may be wrong, yet last nite over on abc. they showed a clip from 1 of their summer shows and the quick peek was what seem to be their hand of trying to cashing in on this. did anyone else happen to see it. the clip aired near the end of dancing w/ the stars last night. I just went to see if any mention at abc site but nothing I could find.
    either way if or not this happens to be the case.. “Moonlight” will be what I’ll be watching. yet too w/ each of theses of well their takes sort of speak is that of a bow to moonlight.. in each its own way of course…

  19. Moonlight was more about a supernatural love story rather than vampires. Or rather, a guy in love with two women. The vampires were gorgeous and t here were no werewolves. It’s bittersweet that CW has chosen to air it now instead of 2 years ago, which would have made a world of difference. 🙁

  20. I like vampire diaries but I loved moonlight and thank you sooo soooo much for bringing it back. I do hope they continue the show. People think they like Vampire diaries, they haven’t seen Moonlight yet 🙂

  21. Can’t wait to see “Mick” again. And about that H5O – you’d have to be pretty long in the tooth (as I am) to even remember the original series – it was over 30 years ago! I agree with Cheri that they should have made the characters a new generation.

  22. Im thinking that maybe CBS is thinking that they made a BIG mistake by taking Moonlight off the air. Look at all the vampire movies and shows out now. They need to bring Moonlight back with the sames actors. It was a great show and I loved watching Alew every week. Hawaii 5 O will be good but I love him in a supernatural character. Good vampire/ Hope they start listening to his fans.

  23. Hoooorrray!! The sexy vamp is back. I was so disappointed when Moonlight was taken off the air. I was hoping some channel would pick it up. My hopes have come true. Vampire Diaries is ok. But Moonlight had it all. Thank ypu CW.

  24. I loved moonlight there has never been a better vampire show . I long for it to come back.! this show had it all. vampire daries is just ok compared to moonlight!

  25. Oh I,m so glad that there are people out there as crazy as me when I say all the lines along with the Moonlight cast my family go mad and tell me to get a life. I love anything with Vampires in but mostly those vampires that FEEL!! True Blood, Vamp Diaries Twilight, but Mick St John is my all time favourite sexy vamp!!! Saw the BCP yesterday sorry but it was a rubbish film but I couldnt take my eyes off THAT man it would have been unwatchable without him. I hope it brings him lots of attention and he gets better recognition and good luck to him with the H5O hope it does well worldwide.
    Love you Alex!!!!!

  26. This is great news, even it a little to late … I have ML DVD’s , but I’ll be watching ! Thank You .



  28. This is really good news, gives people who have not seen this brilliant show a chance to see it
    and gives Alex more air time. I also have this on DVD but it’s starting to wear out, can’t get enough of Alex he deserves much credit for all the shows he has done over the years so CBS
    should be proud, I know I am, love you loads Alex XX
    Thanks Tiffany for posting XX

  29. · Edit

    All I can say is HALLELUJAH. My prayers have been answered. Everything you guys have said ditto. Will watch ML anytime anywhere anyhow….and I too am hoping one day to see Oyster Farmer on one of the movie channels, even tho’ I have the DVD. Love that movie to pieces. Something to tide us over til H50 comes on, eh?

  30. Great to see a network channel has finally come to it’s senses and will air the best Vampire show / love story ever made. I have the DVD’s but will give them a rest and watch it on TV.

  31. Thanks, Tiffany for the info on Moonlight. Even though I have the DVD I never miss a chance to watch it on TV. Yes, I wish they would make a movie of Moonlight. If not on TV then on the silver screen. That would be awesome!! Am waiting for H5O this fall. And TBUP was good. Alex is the one that made that movie, not Jennifer.

    1. Yes, a Moonlight movie!! That would answer all the unanswered questions from the TV show–like, who was Lance going to take Coraline to see? How did Coraline escape the fire when Mick tried to kill her? etc, etc. Now that CBS has invested Alex in one big-screen movie maybe they would consider another since they killed his TV series–now that they have regrets. IMHO they are making a mistake with a H5O remake. Taking on an icon like Jack Lord/Steve McGarrett just isn’t good thinking. IMHO they should have made Alex a nephew of Steve McGarrett and built the story around new characters. Remakes are rarely successsful.

  32. I have been hearing a lot from my friends on facebook about Feed, Mary Bryant and the Big Wheel ep airing on tv in diff countries. Oyster Farmer was on here a few months ago – Moonlight is my all time favourite though. Any Alex coverage on tv makes me really happy as I so want everyone to know who he is. Loved the Backup Plan and cant wait for H50. As for recasting Moonlight and bringing it back? doubt that would work as Moonlight without Alex just wouldnt be Moonlight:(

  33. I watch the DVD at least once a month. You bet I’ll tune in to the CW and I thank them profusely for realizing what a gold mine CBS threw away. Perhaps if enough new fans get on board, we can really shame CBS into a new season of Moonlight which was a sleek, stylish, intelligent Vampire series, unlike those so popular with the teen set.

  34. I have the dvd set, but I will still watch it. I love all the vamp stories. They just suck me in. Did I just say that! LOL. Have a great weekend.

  35. I think this is great news for Alex and Moonlight. Even though I have the DVD, I still love watching Moonlight on TV. I still think it is the best show ever and it had such an amazing cast headed by Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles and Jason Dohring. I do believe CBS realizes they made a huge mistake by cancelling it but perhaps they do hope to get more viewers to watch Alex in Hawaii-Five-O. And while I am eagerly awaiting seeing this show in the Fall, I can’t help but wish CBS had poured some of the money being spent for Hawaii-Five-O and it would have still been on TV today. They obviously at least realize what a wonderful actor Alex is and have at least given him other opportunities such as The Back Up Plan and Three Rivers and he was wonderful in both.

  36. The SyFy channel is airing a marathon May 12th starting in the morning. Whatever the reason is for revisiting Mick and company its nice to see Moonlight has not been forgotten.

  37. I will watch Moonlight ANYTIME it is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never tire of it!!!!!!

  38. Wish I could receive it in Holland! But have the DVD and already watched it to much. 😛 I know everyline in the script, too… That’s just sad! xD
    But gosh, what a dream-come-true if someone just said: “Hey! Let’s make another season of Moonlight!”

  39. I have the Moonlight DVDs and I am really glad to see it airing anyway as I cannot get enough of Alex O’Loughlin. Also, I’m waiting on Hawaii Five-O to come on the air hopefully in the Fall. The Scifi Channel has shown the Moonlight episodes but they are very cut up to make room for SciFi Channel’s commercials. The Thriller channel has also shown a marathon of the Moonlight series, too.

    I enjoy The Vampire Diaries and at Amazon you can now pre-order the series.

  40. I have the DVD of Moonlight and have watched it so many times I know practically every line from every script! No, it would not be the same without Jason and Sophia and Gerrmo and the rest of the gang. Would have to have a different spin….just a shame tkey didn’t figure that out in the beginning but life can throw you a curve now and then. ALEX IS IN HAWAII FIVE O AND ITS A GO!!! In my Entertainment Weekly this a.m..Wheeeeeeee! You go Alex…..I don’t care what you do I’m there for you! Anyone who has never seen Moonlight—-you are in for a dont get Golden Globe rewards for nothing.. I’ve also watched Oyster Farmer (and that LOVE scene) till I wish I could crawl through the screen! This is a free country…we can talk about Moonlight if we want!!! Love to Alex Suzanne His Forever fan.

    1. Hey Suzanne! I have the DVDs as well and know almost every line. I watch my DVDs while I’m on the treadmill. The rule is I can’t watch Moonlight until I get on the treadmill–so I walk a lot! LOL!

  41. Ive never seen them but if Alex is in it I will be there and looking forward to it. Please update me on these “vampire diaries”.. Wasnt it Moonlight? I mean the name of his show? Thanx !!

    1. Yoli, Alex was in Moonlight and Moonlight will be showing after another vampire show called Vampire Diaries. Alex isn’t in the Vampire Diaries though.


  43. · Edit

    Acho que o Alex não precisa de subterfúgios para segurar seus fãs, pois o quais ele conseguiU foi com seu carisma talento, deixando sempre aquele gostinho de quero mais, não apenas por ser um homen sexy, é resultado de muito esforço e dedicação, pois ninguém melhor que ele pre saber quantas coisas deve ter feito para chegar onde está, talvez até mesmo fez cenas ou passou por situações constrangedoras, acho que a mídia no geral é cruel e especuladora, e desdenha a capacidade e valor do ser humano, afinal de contas você não vê a mídia perseguir um lixeiro, um profissional de Rh ou qualquer outro tipo de trabalho, não sou de endeusar as pessoas e acho que o trabalho do Alex é um trabalho como outro qualqer, com o diferêncial que ele se expôem na mídia e acaba atingindo o mundo inteiro, entrando nas casas das pessoas atravéz da televisão, nos proporcionando sensações e sentimentos, levando-nos a refletir, fazendo com que nos indentifiquemos com ele, assim como outros atores, acho que devemos apreciar apenas o que é belo, pois o que é mal não merece ibope (comentários), esses dias atráz li uma reportagem, uma crítica sobre o Alex, que ele é velho demais para fazer o James Bond, eu achei ridículo e inflamatório o comentário pois Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, que são gatíssimos e homens bem mais maduros que Alex, fizeram e muito bem, alendo mais
    eles trabalhão com cinema, interpretações histórias reais ou mesmo inventadas, e em todas as hipóteses, sempre terá a nescessidade de atores dos mais variados talentos e idades para realizar estes trabalhos!

  44. There really shouldn’t be any speculation as to why; its too late to bring it back and they missed their chance, so they’re just getting on the bandwagon a little late! Yay for any new fans it garners, but too little too late…

  45. hi thanks for leting me now about moonlight i have missed it a lot my kids went out and got me the dvds for a gift so i have been watching it a lot

  46. I will definitely be watching. I love Vampire Diaries but hate True Blood. Alex was one very hot vampire,

  47. Whatever happened to the “we will delete all Moonlight statements”?

    1. Heather that statement was made in reference to people who would take a post about totally unrelated topics.. say H5O or a specific episode of Three Rivers and turn it into a rant about Moonlight. If the subject is Moonlight then by all means talk.. just don’t turn EVERY SINGLE DISCUSSION ON THIS SITE into a Moonlight debate. Clear as mud?

  48. this is really great news. um, I had heard that the episodes were being re-aired on the sci-fi channel which left me out. yet with this news… for sure I will be watching and enjoying every single bit-e. ok sorry about that..just couldn’t let that one go.. yet hey its friday and well.. thats my story and I’m stick’en to it!

    thanks again for this taste news…

    1. um.. just to see of any info and well came across this from this other site.(

      in short this had that according to that site…
      moonlight according to them of be on thursdays, of to start June 3, @ 9pm.

  49. It is indeed great news I will be watching . I am also a fan of Vampire diariesso I will be checking your other web. Thank you

  50. That is great news. I will be watching. Miss my Mick – Er, Moonlight. Even though I have the DVD. I also like the Vampire Diaries but it took a while to get into it, now it is good. Do you mean bring back Moonlight with a different cast? Would not be the same. Thanks for the email Tiffany.

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