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    This is a real eye catcher and teamed with some chunky sixties style boots, the
    hippie chick style will be complete. It is to be mentioned here that even
    today, this pair of eyeglasses have not lost their popularity.
    With no rim at all, just lenses and arms, these glasses will go unnoticed.

  2. Alex:) such a handsome man with a gorgeous smile that could launch a thousand ships! Who wouldn’t want a chance with him? But in the end, I hope, really hope that he is happy:) what I would give to just have coffee with him and just talk:) nothing more:) that would make me the happiest person in the world!!:)

  3. Well, that did not last, did it? Less than one year ago, poor Amber was sobbing her eyes out having to say goodbye to Alex. In less than one year, he has fallen “head over heels” for a Hawaiian woman (NOT REALLY!) one Malia Jones.

    Amber haters might be happy; I am not. I feel sorry for Amber and feel she must be truly heartbroken. Alex must have fallen hard for the twice-divorced Malia who has a two year-old child with her second husband . I think these people are all F’d – up, personally. Alex lost his luster when he dumped that cutie for a woman with a lot of bagagge. Hot or not, it is hard to determine fact from ficton. isn there and with Alex’s lack of committment recor d, I would not send out the invitations just yet!

  4. They look really cute together. 😉 If Alex is happy with her, I’m happy for him. :p

  5. Well, I don’t like Amber very much. That’s a fact :S
    But if she makes him happy, I guess that’s all that matters.
    I don’t know if they’re still together, but I hope so, because they look terribly cute together :love:

    1. Marta……I don’t like eather Amber very much but…….it’s Alex’s choise not ours.
      It’s seams she make’s hem happy….so……it’s all right, we must accept the fact.
      All the best.

  6. It was funny, but when I saw them in Three Rivers. I knew it. There was some kinda chemistry between those two. And that was more then acting. So I was not surprised that Alex and Amber became a couple. I wish them both lots of love and happiness together. :heart: 😀 :love:

  7. I don’t think she makes him happy. To me, it looks like the r elationship is a burden on him right now. She doesn’t seem right for him. But he is too loyal, maybe loyal to a fault.

    1. Rachel. With all due respect I find your comment very sad. Alex is a grown man with a mind of his own if he did not WANT to be with this beautiful sweet girl he would not be!!!If you had ever seen them together in real life you would know better. The warmth and tenderness and FUN between them is so apparent you could cut it with a knife. Amber is very right for Alex. Jealous fans are not.!!!!! If you love Alex be happy for him. He works very very hard for All of us and deserves Happiness in his private life.

      1. Well said Mary.

      2. I agree with Mary E. Rachel is not a true fan. If she would be a true fan she would be happy for Alex. I think Alex and Amber are a great couple and they look like a happy couple. Alex work so hard for all of us, so he deserve to be happy in his private life! :heart:

    2. Ok ladies…This is the first time I have actually been on this site and some of you should be ashamed of your behavior. First of all, removing someone’s post just because you don’t agree is a violation of constitutional rights and you should not have a site with comments permitted if that is how you are going to be. Secondly, did it ever occur that the young lady who posted the one lone comment is just fantasizing and has wishful thinking for her or maybe she is a teenager and that is how the age talks?
      Alex is a fabulous person by nature and a true fan would ignore any comments and not succumb to such childish ways. Enjoy this artist’s work and leave the personal life out of it.


      1. Feral,

        Get a grip. Constitutional rights to free speech do not apply here… this is a privately owned site and it has rules that one must obey in order to post…PERIOD. In fact by posting here you are agreeing to the terms. It amazes me how people think free speech means they can go onto someone else’s property and yes a website is property… and do whatever they want.. that is akin to thinking you can go make a mess in someone else’s house. We have had all out wars brew here and I left all the nasty comments… but I draw the line at saying nasty things about the actor’s significant other, someone who no one here knows personally. Rachel’s comment I left because, while wildly inappropriate, did not cross the line.

        Save your lectures for another fan site please…

  8. Oh, I love these photos. :love: I’m so happy for Alex that he has a girfriend like her. :kiss: She is great. And I wish them a lucky new year. :heart:

  9. I’m so jealous! What luck that girl

  10. I’m impressed that Alex was able to keep his relationship with Amber under the radar these past few years. That’s quite an accomplishment when having to deal with the press. Maybe Amber is who he will end up with. If it’s meant to be, it will be regardless of fame & fortune. I just hope he is happy and is enjoying his life with his family and friends. Because, unlike Mick, he is not immortal! The best to you Alex!

  11. well i think they look great alex looks so happy if he is happy thats all that counts

  12. i think Amber looks sweet, innocent, and down to earth, even when she was Dr Lisa b4 we knew she was involved w Alex. She does not need to be HOT & TRASHEY loving the attention and trying to one up on everyone. Amber has what it takes to get the man we most lust over . I wish i had even a fraction of her good looks. You go girl!!!

  13. Thanks Tiffany for removing that post about Amber not being “right” for Alex. By the looks of those photos taken at LAX, their relationship seems to be making Alex very happy. I would imagine that is what his fans want for him. By the way, is that one of those energy bracelets he is wearing with the hologram that is suppose to bring balance and strength to one’s life. I don’t think he needs a bracelet for that, but I did see on CNN that there is a class action lawsuit on the makers of the bracelet. Now they are wondering if the celebrities like sports’ stars who were wearing them will be joinging the suit.

  14. Sorry folks for the hit and run Amber bashing. That gal either has no life or she either knows or IS the ex! 😆

    1. Thanks Tiffany. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….We don’t choose who we fall in love with. Cliche’s okay ,but, true nonetheless.
      I think a lot of the fans are jealous that Alex has a life outside of the industry and they are not privy to that. That is why he prefers to keep that part of his life PRIVATE.

      1. Yeah, I don’t get that… being jealous of the people in his life. That comment was just nasty and so not welcome here.

    2. Am I missing something here?? I didn’t see any Amber bashing.

      1. I deleted the comment.. essentially it was about how beautiful Holly was/is and how awful Amber is and how they are not a good couple.

  15. oui et moi je pense qu’ on devrait donner la chanc e a sophia myles de jouer sur le spectacle car elle a ete ecartee elle aussi et merite une seconde chance
    c’est une actrice formidable et qui formait un beau couple avec alex ce serait genial de les revoir ensemble
    c’etait ma preferee et j’ose esperer que ses fans ne l’on pas oubliee!!!!!

  16. Thanks Mandy, that article on Claire Van der Boon sounds like the article that I read. I am glad that is straightened out and I will never post something like that again until I have a reliable source to cite.

    1. That’s okay Bellarose. I know it’s very easy to mix up all the different things we read about Alex in our head and without meaning to we can pass on unreliable information. What you said happened to strike a chord with me as I remember the Claire Van der Boom article well because I remember thinking it was cute that Claire said Alex called her ‘Boom’. ^_^

  17. ok, so of post yesterday gone somewhere… and like always.. time limits pre-set as to where i do this from forsure not my favorite thing. so yup i end up rushing .

    anyways.. the article..found on tvguide.com yesterday … that um, mention of .. possible new charactor.. as to male or female.. it doesn’t say which.
    Mega Buzz: Five-0’s New Face, Modern Sexpionage, and a Blue Bloods Shooting

  18. Tiffany, thanks…WOW…that’s Holly – I do remember that epi. Have watched it many times. Thats were Beth taste the crystal/ shower screen w/ Mick. (HOT). Never new who Holly was ..Thx again. Love Alex

  19. I know that new characters will appear in the series Hawaii Five-O, but why Amber? (Because she is the girlfriend of Alex?) it Is not that I don’t like her but I think there are other actresses best known for the series. Jordan Belfi (one of his co-stars on Moonlight) has a role in an episode, why not Sophia Myles (Sophia and Amber, it would be funny! like on Moonlight Sophia and Holly!)

    1. diane, Have the Moonlight CD. Can you please tell me what episode Holly was in ,??don’t remember seeing her. Will look for her. !! Thx

      1. I cannot recall the eppy name but she was the old vamp that Joseph was trying to track down. She had a club where she was selling vampire blood laced with silver as a drug. She was the blond club owner.

      2. Hey Pamela, Holly played Lola in episode 6 “B.C.” (for black crystal).

  20. I truly wish them the best of luck for the new year :love: :love: ..And happy new tear to all of alex’s fans 😀

  21. Did anyone else Amber on CSI:Miami Sunday night? She was GREAT!!!

    1. Yes, I mentioned it yesterday. I think it was pre-empted by whatever…sports because it started late and cut off on my PVR before it was finished. I hadn’t seen that episode before, but not being a fan of David Caruso, I sort of see one every now and then.

    2. Rhonda, CSI:Miami came on twice Sunday night here in Louisiana. First show was a rerun then a new show but really didn’t pay attention. Will have to go back & watch on CBS.com. Thx for the info…

  22. Sweet? Heck I’m jealous as all get out…..I”m like totally green right now!!!!!! LOL…..He is SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. Tiffany, thanks for including the TMZ video of Alex at the airport!

  24. Alex and Amber make an absolutely beautiful couple. They both are very loving and caring people, so very well suited :heart: :heart: :heart: :kiss: :kiss: 😀 😀 :love: :love: :heart: :heart:

  25. I have seen Alex and Amber together also with Audrey D. They are very lovely together and she is a really sweet and beautiful girl. I am glad that they are happy together and that Alex is so proud of being seen with her. If he had not brought her into the public eye I would not comment on his Private life at all but as it is I am thrilled for both of them and I truly believe that this is “The Real Deal” .. Wishing much love and Happiness to them both in the New. Year

  26. Thx Tiffany , Alex is so great !! Happy New Yr to U…

  27. Tiffany, you’re really lucky, like to have access to Alex, to be able to say how much I admire him, he is a charismatic actor and super cute. kisses. :love:

  28. OMG! She’s from Three Rivers. haha. That’s cool. Alex looks better with her than Holly.

  29. Thanks Tiffany for these wonderful pictures! Alex & Amber look so natural together. Alex is such a “special” person, how could anyone not; but “love him”! Alex, is just, the greatest!

  30. Thanks for the wonderful Alex pics!

  31. Love the pictures. Thanks Tiffany. Yes Alex and Amber are a cute couple. I agree that Holly had an attitude and am glad she is in his past. Alex is so sexy, the full package. Amber is a very lucky girl to have Alex. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  32. What GREAT pics!!!!!! He is so gorgeous!!!!!!!! Hope he had a great vacation from H50 and wonderful holidays. I also loved the John Lennon tee. I was a great fan of Johns and am a great fan of Alex, so seeing him in that tee just makes me love him more….. :love:

  33. rhanks for posting theses photos … um, i was just about to post that on TMZ tonight.. they had clip of Alex at the ariport… w/ no sign of Amber…

    and to say they happen to ask Alex a Q/ to which was… something of as to name of the (i think) state fish of Hawaii was… and as to well the answer and if he got it right.. that to say well.. they did help him just a bit…

    and of Alex did and does indeed look very fine w/ beard he was growing… Q/wasn’t on last nite’s episode that of start of that beard… a very nice start of the beard indeed..?

    of when it comes to beards, gotte’s moustaches … yes i do like them and that i thanks to of of well, my Dad’s of um.. his was very handsome indeed.

    thanks again tiffany…

  34. Thank you for these great photos, Tiffany. Alex and Amber look PERFECT together.

  35. I know its not nice to be jealous but………..BOO HOO!! I hope Amber realizes what a prize she has in Alex..she does seem to be a sweet girl. HOlly had an “atttitude” as I recall.by by Holly. :bandit: They look so cute together…wonder if they will put her in the show??? Yeah, they’d been togther since 3 Rivers….I remember them ripping each other’s clothes off at the end of one show yum yum :heart: :love: Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  36. hi thanks great photos they look great happy new year to all

  37. Thank you for the precious photos of Alex and Amber, Tiffany. Happy 2011 to everyone!

  38. Thank you. These are gorgeous. Happy new year.

  39. how wonderfully sweet he is to Amber. I just love him….

  40. They really complement eachother. Nice couple.
    Tiffany, thank you for posting. You are the best!

    Where did everyone send Alex a christmas gift too? What was the address? I think I have an old one. Can someone let me know.

    Also, has Alex posted anything on my space at all? I have not received any notifications. Just checking.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you and have a blessed New Year everyone!

  41. I wonder if Alex and Amber got to Oz for a break this year? I know they didn’t give the cast a long break. I think he didn’t leave Hawaii until the 22nd I think, it was 12 days, not a long time for that big trip to Oz and back. Also I think it is a shorter trip to Oz from Hawaii. Perhaps some of his family came to LA to him.
    Such a teary Amber, but that is the price of fame.

  42. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends on AOL Online and thank you Tiffany for these amazing photographs.
    Audrey XXOO

  43. I think Amber and Alex make a great couple. :love: They seem to be really into each other.

    When I met Alex in LA last Sept., he was there for an interview and waswith Amber . When Alex came over to say hi, she stayed in the background, which was very nice of her, because it was his fans and I think she didn’t want to interfere.

    Amber was in CSI Miami on Sunday night, but for whatever reason the show was cut (I was recording it) and I didn’t see the ending. It was nice to see her back working for CBS.

    I remember Holly saying something to the fact that Alex’s fans were crazy, because we were going to such great lengths to try to keep Moonlight on the air for a second season.

  44. OMG!! Waht GORGEOUS pics of our Alex :heart: :heart: :love:
    So Amber lives in LA; I thought she lived in HI with Alex.. 😉
    They are so cute together and seem so happy, :kiss: :kiss: except when having to say goodbye.. ;-( I just couldn’t:( I would have to go with him.. To hard saying bye to that perfect man :heart:
    Thanks Tiffany for posting these.. 😀 🙂

  45. In the two pictures where you can see Amber’s face she looks so sad……and who wouldn’t be, having to say goodbye to Alex? He is truly the whole package…. sweet, kind, generous, sense of humor, gorgeous, sexy beyond words…… Does anyone know where Amber lives? I was hoping maybe she lived with Alex in Hawaii, but I guess not. These pictures really show a lot of emotion and how much they care for each other. I hope it all works out for them. I, like all of my fellow Alex lovers, wish Alex much success and happiness.

    Tiffany, where did you get they pictures from? They are great! Thank-you so much.

  46. Thanks for the pics! I love Alex! I hope he has a wonderful 2011 with his career, Amber, and life in general. He’s such a great guy! Happy New Year everyone!

  47. Great pics Tiffany!! What I wouldn’t give to be the girl hanging onto that man and getting a kiss on the forehead! :love:

  48. Sweet pic`s *real love* :love: and Alex Style look`s fantastic * it`s cool Man* :p

    thx Tiffany for posting

  49. She is from Australia too so it’s possible they were home together for Christmas. It’s sad that they have to leave each other. It would be nice to hear that Amber has a job in Hawaii so they won’t be separated so much. I think that is what happened with him and Holly. They just couldn’t get it together. I really hope this relationship with Amber works out. She looks like his type and she is so cute with him. I’d love to hear that things are working well with them. I believe they’ve been together since they met on 3Rivers but not sure. Here’s hoping they will make it work.

    1. I believe that I read Amber will be a regular on Hawaii 5-0. That would be really great for both of them. Having Saxon with them would make it perfect.

      Thanks Tiffany for the great photos.

      1. This is how rumors get started. Please cite your source.

      2. Wow, I certainly didn’t mean to start any rumors about Amber joining the Hawaii 5-0 cast. I can’t find where I read it but it was an interview with one of the producers, Lentov, I believe. He was saying that Michaela McManus will take on the role of the DA and Reiko Aylesworth from Lost would play Malia, Chin’s ex fiancee and Joel david Moore will be a nerdy sort who helps when Tsunami waves hit the island. Then they mentioned Amber and she said she thought Alex put in a good word for her, but he was surprised to find out she would be on the show. Maybe it is only for one episode, things change quickly on the show. I thought Taryn was going to be around for awhile, but not to be. A lot of these actors and actresses are contracted to CBS, so they have to give them work. Amber did an excellent job on CSI Miami. You can see the episode you you have Time Warner Cable Primetime on Demand.

        I will make sure I will check my sources before I mention anything again.
        Congrats to Hawaii 5-0. The people spoke and the best show won !!!

      3. Regarding Amber being in Hawaii Five-0 and her thinking that Alex put in a good word for her – I think you are getting mixed up with Claire Van der Boom who played Danny’s ex-wife on an episode recently. I read an article where she said, because she’d known Alex for ten years or so, she thought he’d put in a good word for her but he was surprised when she turned up on the set. There’s been no mention of Amber joining the cast so far as I know.

  50. Love him! Love him!!
    Glad he’s with Amber, and glad he’s happy!! :love:
    An amazing actor, kind, considerate, and generous without fault!
    Happy New Year to all you Alex Lovers! :heart:

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