Alex O’Loughlin Interview on Craig Ferguson

Another great interview on Craig’s Ferguson’s show from last night! They get on really well together so it is hilarious to watch the two of them.

And to address the one liner that has gotten some Alex fans in a tizzy…. Alex mentions going to Lake Arrowhead that same day (around 5:35) and it does “sound” as if he said.. “and I took my wife.” I can’t think of many other phrases that sounds similar and makes sense in its place. Kind of a big bomb to drop if he did in fact say that… tell me what YOU think. I think Kelly (below) may be on to what he really said but Craig’s comment a moment later about Alex NOT being married struck some fans as fishy… Comment below…


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  1. I agree. ALEX has great pockets front and back. Can’t believe there is a Female alive
    that doesn’t like him. I myself gave up Jon Bon Jovi for Alex, and Jon has been on my walls
    since 1984. I guess it was time for an up-dated HEART THROB. AKA The OMG Alex O.

    Is this person that doesn’t like ALEX blind ????

  2. Tiffany,

    Although I can’t imagine someone disliking Alex I can accept everyone is entitled to their own opinion… so bring them on and surely time will bring everything into the right place.
    IMO Craig Ferguson isn’t the greatest host ever, I definitely think he is much more a show man than an interviewer and of course that can create misinterpretations…
    Being honest I don’t feel Alex very comfortable in this interview and at some point both of them seemed a little bit lost but there’s always someone to see whether is to enjoy and talk about it or instead to dislike it and talk about, either way the main purpose is achieved = audiences.
    Alex rules and at no point he is rude but definitely he has a great “ASS”… 🙂


  3. Alex has a hater… this is an email I got:

    I do have to say that I just saw the Craig Ferguson interview with Alex, and I was taken aback. I never feel prone to giving my opinion, since I find it rather arrogant and useless. On that note, I have absolutely no idea who Alex is- I assume from the clip it was some daytime soap opera, but he needs to check his attitude at the door. The whole ‘tax’ comment, to embarrass Craig was just vile. You should be happy that you even made it on the show, and you don’t return that favor by an attempt to embarrass the host. He came off way to full of himself, and just generally looked like an ass.

  4. Hes says bike look at his lips and how he holds up his hand as if he is steering. He doesnt have a wedding band on and i’ve heard they’ve split up..he was “quoted” saying they were taking a time out but she’s is supposibly dating a football player or ex bf.

  5. I watched the show too. I am really a huge fan also, but that interview. I got nothing out of it. It seemed to me to be a interview about nothing. Also he said BIKE, I backed up my tivo to listen to that part over again. (LOL) Anyway he deserves to fine happeness like everyone else. goodluck with your career.

  6. Hi all! I have an important question to ask Alex! But I don’t know how to message him directly. It’s been a few years and we’ve lost touch. Now that he’s famous an all, it’s a bit more difficult. Any ideas? Sincerly Linda

  7. Aussie, you hit the nail right on the head! I used to like Craig but he’s become too much like Letterman, always interrupting in an attempt to get a laugh. And even if Alex was considering becoming a US citizen, that’s a personal choice, not something you’d want to discuss with the general public. But I agree with you…too much Aussie pride…that’s one of the things I admire about him!

  8. I’m from Australia & never seen this show before. You don’t know what he was going to say because that idiot cut him off but he definately wasn’t going to say wife. Don’t know what this Craig guy is normally like as a host, but it seems as if he is trying to hard to be funny instead of asking questions, Alex had to initiate the conversation.

    Oh & sorry to disappoint but from what i can tell from this interview , Alex has to much Aussie pride to become an American citizen any time soon.

  9. · Edit

    HI All, Well I watched the interview last night and I played it back several, actually many times and I think it said “bike”, TIme will tell I’m sure. He looked wonderful, a little too thin, sorry to hear he was so sick. I enjoyed the interview and i agree Craig certainly should have
    mentioned Three Rivers. I reminded all my Facebook frieinds to stay tuned, Oct 4th. I can’t wait, so in the meantime I”m watching and rewatching Moonlight and Oyster Farmer. It’ll be great seeing ALex back on TV and looking forwar to “Whiteout”, I bought my ticket today!!

  10. Hi all – After watching Alex on Craig Ferguson’s show, I have to agree with the comments about the interview- No mention of new projects, just chit-chat, though it was entertaining, I wish Alex would have had the chance to really talk. Remember in the beginning of the interview, he told Craig Ferguson that he had so many things to tell him? I liked the banter about the boots and Craig saying he would look like Austin Powers. That made Alex really laugh and brought that twinkle to his eyes that we all love. I also loved the fact that Alex said
    that he was going to begin the process to become an American citizen. Looks like he has big plans. Let’s hope that TR has a long run so Alex will stay here. It was good to see Alex looking happy and excited, just wish the interview was longer.

  11. i cant see the video can i have the direct link please

  12. Thank you Tiffany for the video – I missed the show – now we know why Alex is so thin – now that he is better, he should put some of the weight back on that he lost. I sure hope the new show suceeds, at least to CBS expectations. I wish Alex and the other cast members and the crew all the best and lots of success. Alex can hold his own with Craig, who is a fast talker but loads of fun. I saw the Moonlight interview several times!

  13. Thank you for posting this vid, I truly appreciate it!

    Now and because there is a very lucky woman called “nana”, please the link below, as she describes last’ night’s performance of Alex at The Craig Fergunson Show step by step BECAUSE SHE WAS AT THE AUDIENCE!!!!

    I already asked her about the (mis) interpretation of Alex’s words WIFE versus BIKE but til this moment no word about it.

    I hope you enjoy her moment – do not get TOO jealous!!!


  14. Is bike… or something else, but not wife… there’s no W or F.

  15. Ok, I’ll throw in my two cents. Really don’t think he said ‘wife’. If he said ‘bike’, he may have been referring to his new custom motorcycle. I’ve heard he loves to ride. He did seem a little nervous, shaking his leg, not remembering what he wanted to talk about. Like many of you, I am also surprised he didn’t mention Three Rivers. He did seem to relax after the interview was over as they were going to break. I try not to over-analyze. He’s a talented actor with a lot to offer and I wish him only the best.

  16. I just loved the banter between Alex and Craig. Craig is hilarious and Alex is so cute and charming. Thanx for the vid.

  17. I don’t think he said wife…it’s much more likely he said bike. The word was very muffled. He seemed to indicate in the past he loved biking. I had an invitation to go to the taping..but I live on the east coast so it was out of the question. Imagine going all that way for a mere 7 and a half minutes of dear Alex. I’d rather watch the tape over and over and really enjoy the interview..I was surprised too that Whiteout which opens Fri was never mentioned. And I really think Alex was relaxed and his usual adorable self, not tense. Craig is an accomplished’s hard to get a word in when he’s in charge! I have a feeling after the bout with botulism he may have spent a lot of time back home recuperating, hence the stories about depression. Just my take on the whole thing. And surely IF Alex did get married we should all be happy for him to find his mate.

  18. Hi Tiffany, The interview was very lighthearted and Actually had me feeling the same.I truly believe he said bike, it was such a casual remark, not seeming at all personal.Of course he deserves to be happy and if he is married I’m sure he would tell his fans.

    A true Alex fan REGARDLESS ! Georgetta

  19. i think he said bike. loko at the hand gesture he made with it, it was kinda like driving/

  20. Great interview. Loved the chit chat. They really play well off of each other. Now we know why Alex was so thin. He really looked good last night. Sounds like “wife” to me, but really don’t care.He needs a life too. Thanks so much for the video.

  21. He said “wife”, and then quickly shut his mouth.. Why do you think you never hear about him dating anyone? It’s being kept quiet to keep his fan base.
    Botulism in Mexico? I thought in was depression in New South Wales?
    I love Alex- he’s attractive, bright and hard-working. BUT we fans are not being told the whole story. CBS has so much control over everything ; his marriage is kept quiet and his depression is now a botulism.Alex, unfortunately, has to go along with all of it.

  22. It does sound like he says “wife” but lets hope he said bike. He’s not wearing a wedding ring here and would be if he were married. We all love Alex and want him to be happy and successful but at the same time we all like the ideal of him being SINGLE too even if we all know none of us have a snowballs chance in H*** of ever getting him. It’s just the ideal that he’s single and available. But, I think if he were married he’d tell us in his blog letters to his fans and be sporting a wedding ring. Funny that Craig didn’t pick up on it either way and comment on it. But they were both kind of talking over each other throughout the interview.

  23. thanks a lot the show was great and alex looked good

  24. Just LOVED the big smile just before he sat down when he realized the applause was for HIM specifically! Such a humble guy!

  25. I too watched Alex on show. It is kind of weird that they did not say anything about Three Rivers or Whiteout ! I don’t ever remember hearing about Alex getting Botulism in Mexico? I too hope that he said BIKE!!! Can’t wait for Three Rivers to begin here in Canada! Love Alex’s biggest fan in Red Deer, Alberta,Canada

  26. As always, love to see Alex; however, I was truly disappointed that he was scheduled with Juliette Lewis. And even more disappointed that Alex was the second guest. I don’t understand why she was given the premium spot. In my view Alex is the much hotter personality. He deserves the longer segment.
    Just my thoughts.

    1. Juliette Lewis is a Hollywood icon. It is like asking why Alex did not get top billing over Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt. Alex is still NEW in comparison.

  27. Well I watched it last night or should i say this morning 12:35am Pacific. To me it sounded like he took a mate to Lake ArrowHead. Listened to video, couldn’t understand . anyone figures it out let me know

  28. He wasn’t wearing a wedding ring on Craig’s show. I think he must have said bike. I really didn’t hear a w as the first vowel.

  29. Listened to it again really loud. Now I thought he said “bike.” Still love Alex no matter what but hope it’s bike!

  30. I am new to leaving comments as well, but an just so impressed and OBSESSED with Alex that I am going to dive in! First, thanks for the great site, I check it multiple times a day! I truely appreciate all the wonder Alex updates and pictures! I read earlier today from someone that was at the taping that some of Alex’s best comments were cut—references to the TR tight scrubs, his touch of gray, and an exchange on if he was still a vampire. 🙁 It was a little weird that there were not more references to his current projects. No matter–I will take watching him anytime! 🙂

    Thank you to Jeanne on the comment “wife” clarification! Bike makes perfect sense–not that I would ever be upset if he found someone he wanted marry!

    1. ITA Kale, if Alex got married I would be nothing but happy for him.

  31. I called his agent at ICM to ask if Alex is married or single. His agent said he “couldn’t comment” on that. What’s the big secret? If Alex got married and didn’t mention it to his fans, I would be very disappointed in him. Perhaps we heard wrong, but it sounds like “wife” to me. Anyway, whatever it is, I wish him well.

  32. I agree to all, Now that Alex is getting well known as a star. Nothing will get past the reporters.
    If Alex got married (WE) the fans would know! The reporters are too good! We will find out as the Alex world will unfold to us fans. Love that man! But if he is going to work and live here. It may be a good idea to become a citazen. Don’t you agree?

  33. I agree with kelly. It sounded like bike, at least I hope so. Actually, the word was not said completely. What i do find strange is in his my space , status stills remains “in a relationship.” This has not changed since Holly & Alex broke off.
    I don’t understand Craig’s interviewing style, I think he should have eleborated on the show. But that is Craig., always making people laugh.

  34. I love his boots,..LOL!!

  35. that was sooo funny i love alex soooo much

  36. Wow! i didn’t even catch that last
    But even though it was quite funny the interview i did find it a bit weird..Craig is a strange
    What i mean by that is that they didn’t even speak about Three Rivers which i found odd.

  37. Hi … I too have been following this site for a long time, and like “Kellymrtx”, decided to join in the coments for the first time. Last night, I too was shocked when I thought he said “wife”! But after reading “Keymmrtx’s” comment and rewatching the video several times today…I agree with Kelly ….I definitely hear him saying “bike”. Thank God! I absolutely love Alex and all his work….but I’m kinda jealous……I only want him with “Beth”….

    1. AMEN AMEN AMEN to that, I only want him to be with Beth Too !!!!!

  38. He says bike.

    And we now know why he looked so thin a while back.

  39. My observation and objective opinion of the interview:
    I saw it last night and was dissappointed on how the interview transpired. It was mostly chit-chat about nothing. I’m good at reading body language and Alex was not relaxed. He seemed tensed, uneasy. At no given moment did he bring up his ucoming TV series 3 Rivers or the Movie Whiteout! When the topic of Moonlight’s cancellation came up, that would have been the perfect time to bring up his current work. Instead, he made no comment…stood stone face looking down. Hey that was his baby! There so much he could have said. He worked so hard and long hours to make the show as successful as it was, only to have it cancelled due to the Writers Strike. That was an emotional blow for him. Moonlight had a large fan base popularity. There were a few funny moments in the interview, but Alex most of the time reacted with silence…I felt uncomfortable for him…something was going on there…I could read it in his eyes and body language. He’s a beautiful man inside and out…he should not have felt uncomfortable about himself…which is what his body language was saying…Again its my observation. I pray all is well for him.

  40. Holy Crow!!!!!!! I heard what he said “and I took my wife” I hope we need our hearing checked. There are a couple of photos of him from Three Rivers, he is wearing a wedding band, I am hoping that it is for the Dr. Andy role and not for real. Who did he marry??? I thought he and Holly were broken up. He is a good man and we LOVE him, he deserves all the happiness that this world can bring him.

  41. Hello all. I’ve been following for some time now and finally decided to start participating by adding my two cents. I stayed up last night to watch Alex on Craig Ferguson but didn’t remembering hearing the comment in question. I watched it again and think he says “I took my bike”. Seems to make sense too.

    1. I agree with Kelly. He said he took his bike. There’s no way he got married. I sure hope not anyway!

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