What is On Alex’s Playlist?

Alex OLoughlin

Alex shared his playlist on Playlisted.com. There is also a good video on the site. Check it out.

Alex O’Loughlin’s Playlist:

1. The Black Keys

2. Dan Auerbach

3. Kings of Leon

4. TV On the Radio

Alex: I just missed Kings of Leon because I had to work on my new show Three Rivers you should watch it. Antithetically to Gabriel, I have music running all the time in my life [Laughs]. I feel excited by it.

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  1. I enjoy your shows. Three Rivers really struck home with me. I’ve worked at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York for many years. Just really appreciate the compassion for people that need help. And also for the doctors, nurses, etc., donation services that go into procuring an organ or organs for that person. Very well done acting by Alex and his crew. I really enjoyed that show. I really wish they would bring that show back. It just makes people aware of what kind of situations are out there to have to get a donation. I enjoy his other shows also. Very well done. Very hard work to do these shows and movies, etc. Very good acting!!!!


  2. I am excited he put the Black Keys at the top of his list; they are my fav band right now too.

  3. Comment :p Luv the show. Everyone really works well together. They seem to have a really good personal bond and it shows. Hope you all have A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you get time to spend with your families what ever state or country your in.
    take care and be careful.

  4. I Never miss H50, Alex & company are a great “fearsome foursome” :heart:

  5. He is awesome and he also knows about good music!!!!

  6. What a beautiful man, beautiful, sexy and very talented Alex you deserve everything good in your life, I LOVE YOU

  7. Muy buen gusto tienes en musica Alex Kings of Leon me encantan.besos

  8. Love the photo and really liked the video of the Whiteout cast interview. Also play ed some of the music Alex likes and it’s really nice….don’t really know these artists but am willing to give them a try. Counting the hours til Fri 9/11…looks like such a thriller!

  9. Gosh, I’ve never heard of those people…. but thats ok. I still love Alex.

  10. Loving all the Alex we are seeing and hearing! Thanks for the post!

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