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With only 23 days left before the Premiere and the release of the DVD and all it’s goodies yesterday, if you are an Alex fan you are probably pretty happy right now.  If you like our fanart posts, this one is sure to make you even happier. Lots of great new pieces to check out so it is time to take a scroll below of the gallery.



This week we will do something a little different and start with Bryna and her movie poster. Her movie posters have been a fan favorite with many commenting on them in the past. This one is a take off of a 2010 movie, The Next Three Days starring Russell Crowe.  A man becomes desperate to save his family and when his wife is wrongly imprisoned, he goes on a mission to break her out. It definitely seems like a movie all Alex fans would love to have seen Alex do. She depicts that imaginative part perfectly below.

Alex O'Loughlin fanart

Credit Becoming_Bryna



Next along the lines of movie posters and creativity, Gaby creates her own movie for Alex’s Steve persona. This one is not too far from the Five-0 fans’ imaginations though, since we all saw at the end of season one and premiere of season 2,  McGarrett actually was the “Most Wanted” on the island.  Adding the fact that most women are crazy for Alex, it could take on an all other different kind of “Most Wanted”.  In that case your imagination could run wild (and probably does) as to what is going on in this movie. 🙂

Alex O'Loughlin fanart

Credit H50Europe



Moving on, we have Monika’s wall and she took a couple of Hawaii-Isla808 photos he took last week at the Hilton lagoon location and made this great piece below. If you have any doubt what Alex was doing in the one pic, he was signing “I love you” with a family that day. It is a sweet pic that just melts your heart. The one she added to it compliments that moment well as he seems slightly reflective and the background concept also fits in nicely bringing it all together.

Alex O'Loughlin fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz utilizing photos taken by Hawaii-Isla808



Continuing on, Sonja highlighted a photoshoot moment not seen that often with Alex and a dog.  Maybe she was inspired by the upcoming season and the release of info regarding McGarrett adding a dog (Eddie) to his life. If you have been a fan of Alex’s for long, you already know it is indisputable how much he loves dogs. This piece highlights that with the background bringing out just how much.

Alex O'Loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)




Silvia was back this week as she is still going strong with her calendars. Here is the wallpaper she did from the one in September.  It seems as if some of the most simplest pieces can have the most depth. By simple we do not mean in time or effort, but the overall look. Here one is in black and white with a small artistic addition. It really focuses on what the subject of the art (Alex) is supposed to be even more so.

Alex O'Loughlin fanart

Credit Silvia



Feeling patriotic this week, we took the Commander side of Steve McGarrett and added this background to emphasize it even more. 

Alex O'Loughlin fanart




That is it for the art wall this week.  As you can see there were some great works from the creators. Thanks for taking time to stop by and check them out and thanks to all the creators for filling the gallery so faithfully every week. 



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  1. Visiting Oahu in a couple weeks and hoping there will be a Sunset on Beach red carpet. We are huge fans and would be thrilled to see the stars in person. Do you know if anything is scheduled yet?? Aloha from your Pennsylvania fans! ????

    1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there will be no sunset on the beach in September this year and it has not been scheduled as of now. And Aloha and thanks for following the site.

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